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The CTY Shuffle refers to a dance that originated at CTY. The CTY Shuffle has been around since the early 2000s. It is danced to the song "Icecream" by Lou Bega. The dance moves are as follows:

The Dance

After the initial dialog/instrumental section ends, begin.

  • Run forward (2 beats)
  • Run backward (2 beats)
  • Right, left, right, left (1 beat each; turn and lean to the side, don't move feet)
  • Slide right (2 beats)
  • Slide left (2 beats)
  • (To the right) Step, step, step, step (1 beat each; don't move, just step)
  • (To the left) Step, step, step, step (1 beat each; again, don't move, just step)
  • Freestyle (4 beats; turn 90 degrees to the left by the end)
  • Step back, back, back, back (1 beat each)

Then repeat. The sixth, seventh, and ninth steps have fallen out of practice for LAN.1. Dancers skip from the slides to the freestyle turn.

During the CTY Shuffle, a lot of beatless people step up to dance, and are stepped on during the running section. Nobody gets hurt at all, but it is fun to watch the confused looking squirrels (sorry, confused looking squirrels).


I am the ice-cream man known as mellow
Now would you like to say hello to my fellow
Me and my amigos sittin' all on a bench
Somewhere down in Puerto Rico
Two cocoa-honeys step by -
They lookin' magnifico so I
Step to 'em yeah how you doin'
I took a close second 'cause I knew that I knew 'em
Bingo let me drop all my lingo
I make her understand that I am still single
So honey don't you worry no way
I got a truck full of plastics here to stay

Whoop whoop just slide a little
Whoop whoop just ride a little
Whoop whoop baby baby get down
Little in the middle surrounded by a big round

Chocolate banana vanilla flavor
You can try any damn thing I do you that favor
But later on you got to be here by my side
Waitin' for a saddle to ride
We gonna do a thing that's mega
I am havin' way more sex than kiddies playin' sega
And like Noriega I am dictatin' the game
And I don't stop until you scream out my name
So honey don't you worry no way
I got a truck full of plastics here to stay