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A CTYer is, in short, a person who goes to or went to CTY.

Technically, the word CTYer stands for "Center for Talented Youther," which makes no sense. This is a moot point, as the word CTYer is much more convenient than the phrase "CTY attendee" and not as administrative as the phrase "CTY student."

CTYers have a student hierarchy. The hierarchy of students at CTY is also a hierarchy of age; more importantly, it is determined by the number of years a student has left, and the number of years s/he has been at CTY. Some controversy exists about whether Online sessions count towards hierarchy. The more experienced students, specifically those that are accustomed to tradition, often gain the most esteem and respect; however, newcomers that gain the "CTY spirit" are also beloved. All levels of the hierarchy of students have names.

Names Based on Number of Years of Attendance


A squirrel is someone who is in their first year at CTY. Squirrels often come without any knowledge of tradition. The younger squirrels are usually more accepting of CTY customs, and are often taken under the wing of an older student (see "Squirrel Parent" below). However, some of the older squirrels who are used to non-CTY (and sometimes anti-difference) behaviors at their schools ignore tradition, or even try to ruin it for the returners.

Squirrels who like the site usually return; those who don't either switch sites or fail to come back. Some squirrels only came to CTY to take a single course, like Math Sequence or a science course, for the purpose of excelling in or skipping courses at school.

The term "squirrel" is predominantly used at Lancaster, whereas at Carlisle, the term "sperm" was used with the same meaning. Recently, "squirrel" became the more popular term at Carlise as well, but the term got banned. Because of this, when REAL squirrels (as in the acorn-eating rodents) are seen at Carlisle, people say "check out the first years!"

Pre-1990, the term "rookie" was used as well. At Easton the term "n00b" or "n00bie" is sometimes used for first-years, in addition to "squirrel."

The term "squirrel" originated, supposedly, when a first year was attacked by a squirrel. It has also been said that first-year students are called squirrels because if you try to talk to them on the first day, they scamper squirrels. Ahaha... funny? They also think we're nuts at first...

At LMU, whenever an actual squirrel (the one with long bushy tails, not the CTYers) is sighted by someone on campus, someone screams "SQUIRREL!" and points and everyone scrambles to get a look at it. Whether this is related to the fact that first-years are referred to as squirrels is unknown. Also, a certain RA wore green socks that were patterned with what were initially thought to be squirrels, but were later confirmed to be beavers. This was a disappointment, as the green background with many squirrels would have fit the "traffic light" theme, even though it was a second session.

The CTY administration does not approve of either of these terms. In fact, in LAN.17, CTY administration banned calling someone a squirrel. Unsurprisingly, the ban wasn't very effective.

This term was unheard of at Princeton 17.1.

Squirrel Parent

A squirrel parent is an older student (usually a nomore or a onemore, although twomores are not unheard of) who "adopts" a first year and teaches them the ways of CTY. Squirrel parents obviously have an odd sort of parental relationship with their squirrels. Squirrels can occasionally have more than one parent, if two prospective parents make an agreement of joint custody, or through a CTY marriage.

Flying Squirrel

A flying squirrel is a person who is new to a site, but has done CTY before. Flying squirrels usually have some inkling regarding traditions; however, each site and session varies in their annual activities. Flying squirrels are most vulnerable at Lancaster and Carlisle, two of the most tradition-heavy sites. However, at less tradition-steeped sites like LMU (Los Angeles), squirrels can pass down tradition information. For instance, in 06.2 a student who had attended 05.1 at Lancaster brought Bizarre Love Triangle & Bathrobe Day to LMU.

Site Hopper

A site hopper is someone who rarely stays at the same site more than once and has been to an number of them throught their time.

Session Swinger

A session swinger is one who has changed sessions and as a result, may have squirrel/flying squirrel-like behaviors.

One-Hit Wonder

Someone who is simultaneously a squirrel and a nomore/nevermore is called a One-Hit Wonder. One Hit Wonders who really enjoy their first, and only, CTY experience are highly affected by CTY Withdrawal. The term itself is relatively ironic, as only having one year is very, very sad, not a "Wonder." But no matter, any amount of CTY is a miracle in itself, and we're glad that One-Hits can experience it. One Hit Wonders are also called "One-year Wonders" and "One Shots."

One Hit Wonders are also sometimes (albeit rarely) called "One-year Tragedies;" this, however, is less alliterative.

Two-year Tragedy

A second-year student who is a nomore/nevermore receives this title; a tragic title indeed. These students who have only had two years of CTY and then must leave are also affected by CTY Withdrawal. Many Two-year Tragedies have made tearful speeches at Passionfruit.

Three-year Thot

A three-year CTY student. These tend to go through PCTYD at some point over their time, but often reach the "moratorium" by the end of their time. They are sometimes called three/fourths fails, three year turtles, or three year Thaumaturges

Four-year Fulfillment

A Four year fulfillment is someone who has attended the normal amount of CTY years, from post seventh grade at age 13 or 14, through post sophomore year at age 16 or 17. These are considered to have done the average amount of time at CTY. The Four Year Fulfillment has typically spent no years at fetus CTY or baby CTY. People who have four years are usually just referred to as "normal" or "boring" despite them being pretty lucky in terms of year count, as One-hits and Tragedies are becoming more common.

Five-year Freak

A Five-year Freak is someone who receives the glorious rays of Lady Luck and, through a combination of optimal birthdate, grade (sometimes grade skippage), and parents or other CTY informants, is able to attend CTY for five entire years. If they didn't do baby CTY, they would have been able to do CTY from every year since 7th grade.These students are able to enjoy every moment of their CTY experiences. Some notable past cases were B-B Stern and Cat Kruchten, both of whom actually attended each session at LAN between 96.1 and 00.2, and Dan Fu who attended each session at LAN between 12.1 and 16.2. Cat, in actuality, was eligible to attend yet another year, but was unable to do so.

Six-year Psycho

Six-year students, for the most part, have also attended Baby CTY. A Psycho can be created either through a variety of ways with various combinations of years spent in ultra baby CTY, baby CTY and normal CTY

Since normal CTY (an oxymoron?) has changed its eligibility requirements regarding the minimum age for a student, some psychos may not need to do baby CTY to earn there title. The new eligibility requirements require that one's parents talk to JHU to see if their eleven-year-old can go to "normal" CTY. Most eleven-year-olds that have completed seventh grade are allowed in, but Charlotte Murphy and Elan Peng were admitted when they were 11 years old after just completing 6th grade because they r cool

Six-year Psychos are also known as "Six-year Satan Spawn", "Six-year Satans" or "Six-year Saints."

Seven-year Satan

Satans have spent the most time possible at normal CTY and at least one year of baby CTY. Most Satans have a strong grasp on tradition and have site-hopped more than once. The term "Seven-year Satan" has no relation to the position of Satan at Lancaster Session 2.

Some regard Seven-year Satans to be people who entered the 8th grade at age ten. There have been a few possible candidates for this particular distinction, and most satans have just done baby-CTY

Eight-year Archangel

Archangels have usually spent half their years at normal CTY, two in baby, and two in fetus. They could also have a combination of grade-skipping and optimally-placed birthday (i.e. Late July/August birthdays (after session) and one year of grade skipping, which would allow them to enter Baby CTY at age 9, start regular CTY at age 11, and turn 17 right after their last session ends), which would allow them to spend two years in baby and six years at normal CTY.

Nine-year Nightmare

Nine-years, who have attended CTY from the 2nd-4th grade program all the way though the standard nevermore year, for a total of nine years, are quite rare. So rare, in fact, that there may not be an agreed-upon title for them. The title "Nine-year Nightmare" has been used to describe such insanely lucky CTYers before.

A suggested alternative is 'Nine-year Nemo'.

Ten-year Titans

Ten-years are extremely rare. They are generally a result of attending CTY from the 2nd grade program at Hopkins through the final year of normal CTY. At least three Titans are known. There is a good chance this number will increase with age limit reforms in 2022.

Eleven-year Somethings (Enchanters?) (Elephants?)

Eleven-years e enchanters could theoretically attend CTY from 2nd grade in the Baby CTY program through 12th grade in the new Civic Leadership and/or Global Issues in the 21st Century programs or various Johns Hopkins courses. Or, they could attend 2nd-6th grade, plus be Five-Year Freaks. As they are extremely rare, the title for them varies. There are currently no know Enchanters, although if [User:Switch:1166057|Switch] had done CTY in '19, she would have had the chance to illegitimate an Enchanter in '24.

Twelve-year Tyrant

The introduction of an "older students" CTY allows CTYers to attend CTY through age 18, allowing for the theoretical possibility for a student to have attended a CTY program for twelve straight years. No existing Tyrants are known.

Names Based on Number of Years Remaining


A twomore (or "tumor") is someone with two years remaining before the age limit. Twomores are usually 14/15, though some with poorly placed birthdays are 13. At Lancaster, a twomore (who will return as a onemore) receives the Caution Tape Cape; this was the only item passed down to a twomore until Passionfruit 07.2. Max Wang then hung up his camera and passed the position of "Documentator" on to Daniel Tracht. Coconuts is also passed to a twomore.

There are also threemores and fourmores, but numbers greater than two are rarely used in reference to years remaining.


A onemore is someone with one year remaining before the age limit. Onemores are usually 15/16 and rarely 17. Most positions are handed down to onemores by nomores/nevermores, such as that of the Emperor of Passionfruit. Onemores are the most common age for squirrel parents.


At most sites, a nevermore is someone who has reached the age of 17, and thus is not eligible for another year at CTY. A nomore, on the other hand, is someone who will not return for reasons independent of age, such as parents, vacations, other programs, financial issues, etc. However, the term no more is now rarely used, and only the term nevermore is used at the majority of sites.

At Lancaster, a nevermore is someone who cannot return due to other reasons, whereas a nomore is someone who has reached the age limit.

Some people (usually not the nomores or nevermores) use the terms nomore and nevermore interchangeably. Nevermore seems more sensible, however, because it relates to forevermore.

Nomores and nevermores are usually the most respected in the CTY community. They tend to be the most knowledgeable about tradition, the friendliest, the most well-known, the most satanical, etc. are the ones who tend to hold the important positions. At Lancaster Session 2, where there are the most positions, many nomores have something to make their last year a bit more special.

At Lancaster, nomores and nevermores lead the Time Warp and Tunak Tunak Tun. They also participate in Rocky and make the inner circle of American Pie. They lead the Afterdance.

Specifically at Bristol (RWU) the RAs take the time to recognize the nevermores that they felt were the student leaders in the camp. These two students (one male, one female) are then given their black lanyards ahead of the other nevermores and give a speech similar to one they would give at the Passionfruit. Other privileges include leading the first lines of American Pie, first meal at final dinner and a secret meeting with RAs to discuss traditions about coming back as RAs and what they must do as the student leaders.

At JHU, the title of no more and nevermore carries no significance in the dictation of position-holders and running of traditions. Although it is ideal to have a passionate student on their last year being more active in the community, this title is by no means required for that.


A maybemore is someone who may or may not return to CTY for any number of years, but is not sure. While the most recent term to come into use, it is now firmly in the lexicon.


A neverwas is an individual who never attended CTY as a student, but belatedly learned of the program and fell in love with the culture and traditions. It is recommended that neverwas students become RAs and TAs once they can.


This is the term for the unfortunate CTYers who illegitimated during the CTY covid cancellations in 2020 and 2021 and unknowingly met their nevermore year in 2019. These two years have been the only cancellations of on-site programs in CTY history and unfortunately a time period may CTYers saw through. Many corona-mores are particularly susceptible to PCTYD and quite sensitive about the stripping of their final years. (Who wouldn't be?)


A forevermore is someone who has left CTY. In some people's minds, a forevermore is someone who leaves CTY at 17/18, then comes back as an RA, TA, or even Instructor. This, however, is not required. Everyone who has become ineligible for CTY is a forevermore, because nobody can ever really leave. CTY isn't just a smattering of geniuses or a blissful community; it's the part of life that makes the whole thing worth living. To all the forevermores out there: you still have a place in all of our hearts. You are CTY, and CTY will always be yours.

"Forever young, I want to be forever young..."

Remember: Don't Panic.