Caution Tape Cape Wearer

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The Caution Tape Cape Wearer is a Lancaster Session 2 passed-down item.

The Caution Tape Cape is a cape made of Caution Tape. It was made by Ringo in 2004 and was at the time paired with a fedora that had caution tape wrapped around it. Near the end of camp that year, Ringo's friend Kai started bugging her to pass the cape down to her. Since Kai was awesome and lived on Ringo's hall (and also because they had plans) Ringo passed it on. It is generally worn on Halloween and at dances, and is passed down at Passionfruit to a promising twomore, making it unique, since all other positions are passed to onemores (NOTE: 23.2-24.2 the cape was passed down to a threemore, because I'm so amazing and incredible - Eli). In 09.2, some Cuidado Tape was used to augment the cape, officially making it bilingual. In 22.2 and 23.2, the wearer of the cape led the quad time running during “It’s the End of the World as We Know It (and I feel fine).”

The role of the Caution Tape Cape Wearer is to embody the phrase “proceed without caution.” Likewise, the wearer is expected to do a lot of proceeding without a lot of caution.


  • 2004: Ringo
  • 2005: Kai Christian
  • 2006: Michelle Rush
  • 2007: Eli P
  • 2008: Eliz Leimkuhler
  • 2009: Jacob Kelly
  • 2010: Sam Barback
  • 2011: Noah Goldstein
  • 2012: Mindy Cheng
  • 2013: Matias "Mavs" Gonzalez
  • 2014: Matthew McFarlane
  • 2015: Ethan Pan
  • 2016: Emma Johnston (in lieu of Parsa Lotfi)
  • 2017: Quinn Reinhardt
  • 2018: Iriana Pierre
  • 2019: Cyrus and Samir Marwaha
  • 2020: Julie Brose
  • 2022: Eleanor Ewald
  • 2023: Maya Jagsi
  • 2024: Eli(zabeth) Soldatenkov