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Hi, I'm Eleanor! For CTY Lancaster 2023, I'll be your Son and Stripper session one, and your Fiend and Queen second session! I'm so excited to be the one to bring Rocky Horror back to Lancaster, as well as work with my fellow alcovians to bring back all the others that have been lost over the pandemic. To all my LAN squirrels and friends, feel free to reach out to me on instagram (@eleanorewald72) or discord (eleanor#1158, or find me on Server 42) to talk about CTY traditions or what to expect! I like, love, and CTY all of you so much!


Additionally, if you are in possession or know the whereabouts of any of the Lancaster relics (either session) that were lost during the pandemic, please reach out to me; I’m trying to get ahold of all the relics before the 23.1 session starts.

Positions I'm not in contact with

Position Holders who have been contacted

Relics that have been sent

About Me

Squirrel Parents: Meggie Moran, Ava Bowman, Jess Rhondinella, Erin Gunther

Squirrel Children: Anastasia and Dina (idk their last names am i a bad mother???) (it’s Anastasia Komarow and Dina Black)


Ultrababy CTY

16.2- Sandy Spring Cloudy with a Chance of Science

17.2- Sandy Spring Numbers: Zero to Infinity

18.2- Sandy Spring Big Questions

19.2- Sandy Spring Inductive and Deductive Reasoning

Regular CTY

20.2- got fucked by Covid

21.2- once again, COVID decided to be a little whore

22.2- Lancaster Number Theory (Mo & Ani's Hall, Schnader 1)

23.1- Lancaster Probability and Game Theory

23.2- Lancaster Cognitive Psychology


22.2- Caution Tape Cape Wearer and founding Duckscrollian

23.1- Son and Stripper

23.2- Fiend and Dancing Queen