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D-Day is a tradition conceptualized during 09.1 to commemorate (or perhaps decry?) the closure of CAR.09.1 due to a flu outbreak. It is slated to take place on Second Wednesday for successive first sessions.

The morning of Wednesday, July 8th, the Carlisle site was alerted that a camp-wide meeting in the ATS was replacing morning classes. Upon arrival, students sat down and Bret took the stage. Without a microphone, he loudly and clearly informed us that due to the flu outbreak, CTY was no longer a guaranteed safe atmosphere. As safety is the most important layer of the CTY cake, he told us that the session was ending. Some people started crying and an emergency Passionfruit was called for the next morning. Departure day was set for Second Saturday.

That night, Jesus (then Vivian Feldblyum) gave the usual Last Supper speech and announced the new Jesus, a flu victim (Liam McNamara). A Canon dance was soon organized under Super Quad arch during the last Meet Market, with the help of some loud iPod speakers. Returning to the dorms from the dance, students shouted the CTY Chant, replacing the first lines with "CTY, we had a great time! CTY we love you!" Many traditions were crammed into the next 24 hours; a large group of students went to Massey's, and many were covered in Love Tape. The next morning, a Passionfruit was held, led by Empress Jeanette Kim and Emperor Alex Jacobsen. Everyone attending was required to speak and the new Emperor and Empress (Jonathan Hoh [Who was replaced by Albert Han] and Rosalie Nathans) were crowned. It was very emotional for all the CTYers present. D-Day has gone down in CTY history and will remain a poignant and surreal memory for all those who attended CAR.09.1.

The closing of CTY was publicized in the Carlisle and Harrisburg newspapers and on many local radio stations. These reports indicate final numbers of 47 students sick and at least one confirmed case of swine flu.