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Site Information
CollegeLafayette College
LocationEaston, Pennsylvania
Years of Operation2003-2018
Avg. Number of Students200
Courses Offered
Humanities Great Cases: American Legal History | Civil War and Reconstruction | Foundations of Psychology | Introduction to Logic | Bioethics | Race and Politics | Big Questions | Model United Nations and Advanced Geography | Philosophy | Etymologies
WritingApproaches to Drama | Writing the Expository Essay | Whodunit? Mystery and Suspense in Literature and Film | The Graphic Novel | Writing and Imagination
MathMathematical Excursions | Algebra and its Applications | Geometry and its Applications | Computer Science: Introduction to Programming | Discrete Math | Chaos and Fractals | Geometry through Art | Inductive and Deductive Reasoning | The Mathematics of Money | Paradoxes and Infinities
ScienceAnimal Science | Chemistry in Society | Principles of Engineering Design | Anatomy and Physiology | Crystals and Polymers | The Physics of Engineering
High Holy Canon(in order) "All My Life" | "Swing, Swing" | "American Pie"
Upper Canon"Piano Man" | "Iris" | "Don't Stop Believin'" | "Mr. Brightside" | "Stairway to Heaven" | "Tunak Tunak Tun" |
Lower Canon"Everytime We Touch" | "The Cha-Cha Slide" | "Cotton-Eyed Joe" | "Hey There Delilah" | "Dragostea Din Tei" | "Here (In Your Arms)" | "Cupid Shuffle" | "Build Me Up Buttercup" | "Stacy's Mom" | "Radioactive" | "Thinking Out Loud" | "Sandstorm" | "Turn Down for What" |
Site Specifics
TraditionsSwashbuckler | Sidewalk Chalk | BLAMMO | The Nevermore Song
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The Easton site was a part of the CAA program.


The first people came to the Easton site at Lafayette College in 2003, after the Frederick, Maryland site said JHU could not come back as they were renovating all the dorms to accommodate male students. Many students and faculty came to this site from Frederick and were called "Hood rats," a reference to the Frederick site being housed at Hood College. Since then, the Easton site has become one of the most tradition-heavy of the CAA sites.

From 2013-2017, Easton also functioned as a Young Students residential site following the close of the Bethlehem site. In December 2017, CTY announced that the YS program would move to Ursinus College in Collegeville, PA. After the 2018 summer, CTY had announced that Easton would become defunct and move the CAA program over to Muhlenberg College in Allentown, PA.


About 1 1/2 hour drive from Newark Liberty Airport. Quite a distance I'd say.


Easton Hall

Former girls dorm. Not used since '12. The layout of each floor is pretty basic. Formatted in a long rectangular hallway, there are rooms lining both sides of the walls. Apparently, the rooms at the end of the halls are bigger than the rest. Bathrooms are positioned in the middle of the hall, on the same wall as the entrance and pretty much across the hall from the lounge. Hall meetings are held in the lounge where there is usually a small TV, three to four single person couches, and a small coffee table. Floors are not carpeted both in the rooms and outside. Bulletins were at both ends of the hallway. Easton consists of three floors, the layout are the same on all three. There were air conditioners in each room, but the hallways are still hot most of the time and if left on for a long time, the rooms can get really cold. Laundry machines are located in the basement, as well as a larger lounge that students aren't allowed to be in. Laundry is free :).

Keefe Hall

Used as girls dorm until they moved in 13.1. Was YS for 13.1 and 13.2, unused in 14.1 and 14.2, and boys in 15.1, 15.2, 16.1 and 16.2. Girls came back to Keefe in 17.1/2. YS dances were held in the Keefe basement lounge during 16.2. The layout of each floor is set in two rectangles, with a bridge-like hallway to separate each hall in between. The elevator is on the right, but students are not permitted to use it without special permission (ex: injuries). Each hall has a large lounge, where hall meetings were held, four bathrooms, and one RA room (for obvious reasons). In the lounge, a TV, a mini-kitchen, a few tables, and multiple couches are arranged, facing the bridge. Students are not permitted to use the kitchen besides the sink and microwaves are sometimes disabled. Rooms and hallways are spacious and carpeted and the entire building has central air conditioning. An emergency stairwell is located in the center of a square layout of the rooms. Two bathrooms can be found on opposite sides of the stairwell, facing rooms, making a short trip to the bathroom without waking anyone up a bit difficult. Two of the bathrooms have two sinks, a stall, and a shower in it. The other two are handicapped bathrooms, and as such have only one sink and no stall (there was still a toilet). Laundry machines are located in the basement, where nobody lives, so students are not allowed to hang out down there. Vending machines can also be found on that floor. Laundry is free :)

South College

South College is not only the whole YS dorm but houses administration offices, including the nurse. On the first floor the East Wing had the main office, the Site Directors's office, the nurses office, and the Deans' offices. On the west wing of South, also called Jesser Hall (although everyone ignores it), has the SRA dorms. CTY students were not allowed to even walk through the hall, even to go to the nurse in 12.1 and 12.2. On the three floors above it had four RA groups per floor. Each floor had two lounges and kitchens on either side of the building. As per new rules, 12.1 and 12.2 were not allowed to use the TVs. OS Boys moved here in 18.1 due to YS moving to Ursinus College.

Watson Hall

Use of the hall began in 13.1 due to the addition of the YS. During 13.2, it was used for the older girls' dorms although many of them complained about the horrible state of the bathrooms (mold, hairballs, etc.). Apparently the janitor staff was lacking. It was STRONGLY recommended to bring your own sheets and do your laundry on time. Girls left this dorm in 2015 due to a mass amount of spiders. It is reported in the Site Information Packet below that this hall has been reopened for 18.1 and 18.2.

McKeen Hall

Due to YS students being moved to South College (Keefe Hall was under renovation), and OS Girls remaining in Watson Hall, the male OS CAAmpers were moved to McKeen in 14.1 and 14.2. McKeen was known for horrible air conditioning in the basement (2-3 students were sick per week down there), no reception, and games of Eunice in the basement. The basement housed all of the laundry machines (6 washers and 5 dryers, all free), which could be heard all the way from the 2nd floor on some nights. The Hall overlooked the college town, on the edge of the campus. One of the advantages was that it was literally 20 feet from the Farinon dining hall, which also housed the dance, so tired feet didn't have to walk too far to rest after each dance. Real lounges only on the third floor and basement so most people would head to the basement to hang out, play eunice, and make ramen using the microwave (16.1- all microwaves were banned from usage, so students used hot water dispensers in the cafeteria.) 4th floor was off limits. In some halls, there are water fountains. Girls were moved there in 15.1, 15.2, 16.1 and 16.2. Boys moved to McKeen in 17.1/2. This hall is being for OS girls in 18.1/2.

Academic Buildings

Acopian Engineering Center

Houses Lafayette's engineering department, Principles of Engineering Design had classes in there in 16.1 and 16.2. The computer lab in Acopian 206 was also used by multiple classes.

Hugel Science Center

Usually Science Courses, as well as engineering courses

Kirby Hall of Civil Rights

Usually Humanities courses, though both Foundations of Psychology were here in 16.1.

Pardee Hall

Computer Labs, as well as other random classes, like English and Mathematics of Money.

Simon Hall

A couple of YS classes, notably INDE and BIGQ. Has a large lecture hall used for Gordon Ramsay Appreciation, Improv and Fractal Night.

Oeschle Hall

Both Psyc-A and B, as well as Great Cases were placed in this hall in 17.1. Psych, Great Cases, and ILOG were all held here in 17.2. (pronounced ock-slee)

Places for Activities

Farinon College Center

Contains the cafeteria, Marlo Room (used for dances and Swash), book store, and movie theater. This building has three floors and the top contains the dining hall and the Marlo Room in which dances are held. The middle floor (ground floor) is where students are allowed to stay after meals if it happens to be raining. ONLY if it's raining, otherwise students are to stay on the Farinon Quad. In the basement is the book store and where movies are shown during dances.

Marquis Hall

Temporary Dining hall in 08.1 and 2, as the Farinon dining hall was being renovated. Used again in 12.1 and 2 because of construction at Farinon (the quad and the building). dances were still held in the Marlo Room.

Colton Chapel

Location of All-site meetings, Swashbuckler, and Talent Show. In 16.1 and 16.2, Swash and the Talent Show were held in Marlo due to renovation.

Williams Center For The Arts

Location of Swashbuckler in 08.1.

Kirby Sports Center

Swimming and Basketball here. In 17.1, the Staff v. Student soccer game was held there.


Main/Farinon Quad

The largest quad on the Campus. It is located between the Farinon College Center and the Library. Many outdoor sports activities, such as soccer, wiffle ball, and Ultimate Frisbee are played on the quad. The Quad and the steps in front of Farinon are also the main hang out place after meals are finished. In 08.1 and 2, the main quad was not used as much as it had been in the past as the Dining Hall in Farinon was being renovated.

Easton Quad

The smaller quad located outside of Easton Hall. Easton Quad was the hang out place after meals in O8.1 and 2 as Marquis Hall, the dining hall for these sessions, was nearby. The tree at the center of Easton Quad was and continues to be a popular makeout spot. For 12.1 and 12.2 Easton quad was used as the main quad due to construction by the Main Quad.

Anderson Courtyard/Watson Quad

The quad located in from of Watson hall. Quad time was moved here in 13.1 due to the overwhelming amount of people making out under the tree in the center of Easton quad. Quad time continued to be here in 14.1

Town Trip Locations


A convenience store. Get the smoothies and milkshakes. They're REALLY good but REALLY bad for you. We're talking like 50+ grams of sugar.

  • "(Not entirely true, as Keefe has a water fountain on the first floor next to the laundry room.)"
  • Note: as of the beginning of 17.1, Wawa is closed for remodeling. Reopened for 17.2.


  • Blackouts
    • The electrical system at Lafayette College/ Easton goes out very easily, usually by the first lightning strike of a storm. The most famous blackout in CAA Easton history was in 2006, in which storms produced life-threatening hail, a three-day black out, and brown outs at Lafayette, in addition to major flooding in lower Easton.
    • There was a blackout Prior to the the Last Dance 08.1. Thanks to the positive song and the CTY Gods, the afternoon class session that was supposed to take place before the dance was canceled, but the power came on just in time for the dance.
  • Blammo: Each year, two Blammo Gods are assigned by the previous year. Winner will get a box of Double Stuffed Oreos. You have a spoon, and you have a target. Come to Easton to learn the details.
  • Casino Night (first Saturday)
  • Domo: Starting in 13.2, Nevermore Braxton Jones passed down his infamous Domo Backpack to returning camper Sharon Tso. Since then, it has been passed down on the last day of the holder's nevermore year. It's gone from Braxton to Sharon to Robert Rodriguez to Justin Zhao. Hopefully it keeps going! (16.1. Bad news...)
  • Flag Football Tournament- Followed the Olympics on the Second Saturday. Was Run by RA and SRA LJ and RA Keith Bloom, both of whom played on the Lafayette College football team. If it was available, the event would be held on the Lafayette College's Artificial Turf Football Stadium. After LJ left after 07.2, the event was changed to an Ultimate Frisbee Tournament. By 08 this tradition ceased to exist for whatever reason.
  • Knowmore?:A CTY/CAA'er who is in his/her first year, but is aware of all the traditions. They know the traditions better than most firstyears.
  • Olympics (known as "teambuilding" in 09.2) (second Saturday; first Saturday in 12.1) Not in 15.1 or 15.2, present for 16.1, including a chant-off between the two top teams.
  • Swashbuckler (Color Wars)(first Sunday) (Replaced by Quadbuckler in 11.2 because of boredom in 11.1) Not held in 12.1- Returning RAs claim to have completely forgotten to plan it.<RA's (12.2) claimed 12.1 was not interested> Returned in 12.2!
  • Talent Show (second Saturday)
  • The Nevermore Song, which is sung every year since '06 to end the Talent Show. Didn't happen for a year or two. Resumed, last sung by Nevermores in 15.2. Not present for 16.1. Present in 16.2.
  • in 12.2 "synergy" was changed to "believe you me" after the 11.2 site director said it at every speech. This is no longer done.
  • Water Carnival (which was changed to Medieval Carnival in 09.2)(second Sunday; not held in 12.1. Held "survivor teambuidling" instead). Converted into Boardwalk carnival in 16.1, but students were frustrated because of rapid price changes, due to a secret behaviorial economics experiment led by RA Jim, in which line lengths were monitored versus price changes. Ended in RAs Tim, Jim and Rachel getting pied in the face.

See the Lexicon for definitions of Nevermores, Nomores, and other terminology.

Dress Up days

Note: dress up days are held on the last week with the exception of Wacky-Dress Friday which is help on the second Friday.
  • Merch Monday/Classy Monday/Pajama Day
  • Twin Tuesday
  • Wardrobe Wednesday. Dress Day is allowed.
  • Half-casual Thursday.
  • Shirt signing Friday. Campers wear the year's CTY shirt and carry around sharpies for friends to sign.
  • Passionfruit
  • American Pie


There are various activities offered throughout the session.

Single period activities

    • Braveheart - You paint your face, get safe weapons, and then go around to the other activities and scare them. Banned before 16.1 due to parent complaints. Brought back along with Meh in 16.2 by RA Dan.
    • Cloud Watching - Offered a good deal of time. Students sit on Farinon quad and oftentimes just play cards…no real "cloud watching" occurs. Activities like "Chillaxing," and "The Art of Chilling" are the same as Cloud watching. RA Tom yelled at people in 12.1 for not watching clouds!!
    • Mystery Activity - Offered once, was canceled due to lack of interest.
    • Balloon Stomping - Offered around two times. Participants tie balloons to each of their feet and must pop the balloons of others while keeping their own alive. It was canceled the first time due to bad weather.
    • Water Balloon Filling - This was offered the week before Water Day. This is often the day they have poor selections for one period activities.
    • Love (Note) Making - Offered by RA's Juliette and Tatianna 04.2-05.2. The period was called Love Note Making, but became known as Love Making. Unfortunately, this activity died after Juliette left. Brought back by student demand in 13.2 ! Resurrected for 16.1
    • Love Letters - Offered around half way through the session after people make a lot of friends. You can write letters to your friends and have them delivered to their RA's. During 09.2 the activity was changed to be called "CTY-Grams".
    • Salsa Dancing - Offered twice during 08.1. During 1 period there were 12 girls and 1 guy.
    • Paranoia Squad- Run on the first Friday of 10.2 by Brandon, Owen, and Spencer. It involved covering Brandon with shaving cream(at which point he accidentally dropped the F-bomb) and screaming "EVERYTHING IS OUT TO GET YOU ALL THE TIME!!!!!". Other things were also coated in shaving cream and beaten with sticks. continued to be offered in 11.2 and 12.2
    • Zumba- Dance and exercise. AT THE SAME TIME! big interest among 12.2 boys due to the RA running the activity
    • SRA Safari- run on the last day of activities by Spencer Knoll. the objective was to hunt down the ”Escaped” SRAs and place a tracking device on them (Basketball stickers). It wasn't easy because they kept running from us. In 16.1 and 16.2, students chased SRA John around and once caught, tied him and dumped a cooler full of ice water on him.
    • Canadian Braveheart- Run by Spencer in 12.2, Students invaded other activities screaming "What do we want? FREEDOM! When do we want it? WHENEVER IS CONVENIENT FOR YOU!" A variation, Canadian Foursquare, in which one apologizes after getting someone out. Offered on Canada Day by Canadian RA Alice for 16.1
    • Quiet Reading- A favorite in 12.2 because students had the option to read, listen to music, or sleep.
    • Whose Line Is It Anyway?- A hilarious activity run by Spencer and Steve in 12.2 with various improv games including many uses of "If You Know What I Mean" and conversations regarding eating Steve (16.1- Renamed to Improv and run by RAs Jim and Ryan)
    • Dance Decorations- Offered twice or so during 12.2 to help RAs out with weekend duties.
    • How to Pick Up Chicks - John's Hall in 13.1 were particularly uncommunicative at the first dance, so John took it upon himself to inform the male population how to pick up chicks. Two things went wrong: first was that 98% of the people who signed up were female. The second was that John was not prepared for this, so it became How To Pick Up Chickens.
    • Male Fashion Advice - Basically Putting down male fashion. Most participants were female.
    • Girl Talk - Self Explanatory, offered during 14.1, with mostly male participants
    • Meh - Similar to Braveheart, offered during 14.1 and 15.2, 16.2 and 17.1. Participants nonchalantly and silently walk into other activities. The leading RA then asks questions like, "What do you think of this activity?" or "What do you think (insert RA name)?" and students respond with, "Meh."
    • How to write a Manifesto, offered during 14.1
    • Taylor Swift Appreciation, offered during 14.1 and 15.1. Participants analyzed her music videos.
    • The Worst Activity Ever - During 15.1, the group was divided into a group of 10 and a group of 20. The group of 20 walked around the campus, and if they talked, Tom assigned them a workout to do (Sigue ruined this activity for Tom, so this was unsuccessful as Sigue kept yelling out. Frankly, it was hilarious). The group of 10 cut cardboard. During 15.2, Louis and Pat made those who signed up form into groups of 5 and search for paperclips and matches thrown around the quad. 10 points meant that the group could go to cloudwatching. Each paperclip was 1 point and each match was 3 points. 16.2, it was renamed Paper Clip Hunting and students hunted for paper clips on the quad.
    • Naptime- self explanatory, offered in 16.1/2.
    • Wawa - YOU DO NOT GO TO WAWA. YOU INTERACT WITH WATER. However, there was an activity in 16.2 for the winning team of Swash in which they actually went to Wawa.
    • Wawa Appreciation- Ran in 17.1 by RA Tommy when Wawa was being renovated. Campers walked to Wawa, cried, walked back to Lafayette, then was given Wawa food that Tommy bought for the activity during his afternoon class break.
    • Your Lanyard and You: A Healthy Relationship, literally the funniest best activity ever. please sign up for this.
    • Body Weight Workout: Offered in 16.1. Involves a heavy workout routine and of course, the Moby Push Up Challenge. Thank god it wasn't done outside.****
    • Lanyard Swinging: Swinging your lanyard. Canceled in 16.1 (due to the infamous Heather) because "CTY rules still apply."
    • Pitch Perfect: One word. Sing a song with the word in it. Done.
    • Brexit: Walk around to other activities and argue until you get what you want. Leave if denied wishes.
    • Yoga with a Twist: 17.1, with RA Chris and Gail. The twist? No one knew how to do yoga.
    • Random Trivia: Random trivia. And yes, it's harder than it sounds.
    • Anime Appreciation: 17.1, RA Imani. Suggest an episode of anime, end up watching Tonari no Seki-kun, The Master of Killing Time.
    • Lituation: 17.1 and 17.2, popularized in Bristol, Eastonified by RA Bobby. Determine if an activity is lit, if not, water gun it up.
    • JIM'S Pictionary of Death: See Tim's Pictionary of Death.

Double period activities

    • Basketball - Offered everyday. In 12.1 it was rotated with indoor soccer.
    • Dodgeball - Offered throughout most of the session, but was sometimes replaced by volleyball.
    • Swimming - Offered everyday. It is done in the indoor pool in the Sports Center. Not present for 16.1 or 16.2 due to renovations.
    • Volleyball - Occasionally replaced dodgeball, but was less common than dodgeball.
    • Tennis - Offered Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of the second week of session one 2008. Courts are outdoors. Good idea to bring your own tennis balls and racket.
    • Wiffle Ball/Kickball - Occasionally offered. Was played on the main quad. (Single Activity Period and Both Activity Periods)
    • Ultimate Frisbee - Offered twice during 08.1. Very popular during 16.1 and once devolved into friendship bracelets and unnecessarily long "water breaks" in Kirby and South College.
    • Disney Channel Appreciation - Offered once. No, it is not merely watching movies. They ask questions and do games.
    • Ballroom Dancing - This was a fun activity offered twice.
    • Swing dancing-offered twice, but only actually run once. Amazingly fun, and there was swing music played at the dance following the activity(semi-formal, next day). Run by Raughley and Jen, 09.2. Revived by Raughley in10.2 and was run twice. Run again in 17.1.
    • Squirrel Naming - Offered near the end of 08.1 by Owen and Eric. In the beginning it was a chilaxing activity since none of the usual squirrels could be found. However after finding chasing one outside O'Keefe, half the group became inspired. 7 squirrels were named.
    • Awkward Invasion - Using your skills learned from "How To Be Awkward", you would go to other activities and make people feel awkward.
    • Awkward Lyric Reading - 16.1, dramatic readings of your favorite songs. Camper Ryan Lau used this activity to perform 'Body Rolls' by Leslie Hall, thus earning him a hilarious spot in the talent show after nearly murdering SRA John Guido and RAs Alex DeWeese and Allison Mullin with laughter.


    • Morning 'Fun' Run - Offered most mornings. Students would be picked up around 6 a.m. and would be taken to the track. Occasionally a roundabout way of getting to the track would be taken. 08.1 - mostly girls would go. Ceased to exist during 09 due to lazy RAs, but instead had "running" as an activity during the activity periods. Were present in 12.2. 14.1, 15.1, 15.2, 16.1 and 16.2 still included this morning run. Indoor track runs occurred as a single period activity in 17.1.
    • Releasing Your Inner Beast - Offered by Owen and Eric at the end of 08.1, also run by Owen and Millie 10.2. The activity evolved acting like a beast
    • Don't Sign Up for This Activity - Run by Steve in 07.2, The activity was horrible, but those who had signed up had been warned...Run again by Steve and Spencer in 12.1 and 12.2. Kids rebelled and threw things at them.
    • Stepping; Sorority Style - Run by Health Assistant Ify in 07.2, was a stepping activity which was a practice session for a performance in the talent show.
    • Squirrel Stalking/Safari- Possibly the best activity ever. Run by Alex and Stuart in 09.2. CAAmpers and the RAs ran after squirrels to see how close they could get and screamed "Meh" at them to make them come closer. Also run by Brandon 10.2. Run by Tom in 12.1.
    • Boon or Bane- You! Space Whales, Boon or Bane?
    • PandaFest - one hall. one cereal box. one mission.
    • How To Be Awkward - Self explanatory. Just keep everything CTYA.
    • Cloudwatching - RA Liz doesn't like it when you stand up. Just watch the clouds. (OR listen to music and socialize.)
    • The Moby Push Up Challenge: Brings out the superjock in every boy in CTY. This challenge was usually done during quad time, Swashbuckler, anytime where you had a speaker on you or a phone. The Moby Push Up Challenge is when you play the song 'Flower' by Moby, and the lyrics are 'Bring Sally up, Bring Sally down'. You start off planking, and you don't straighten your arms unless the line 'Bring Sally up' has been sung. Cheering is discouraged because all participants must hear the music. The challenge ends when you either fall to the ground, or the 4 minute song ends.


  • Be sure to clean up the campus
    • They have been known to take away quad time for leaving messes. Made us clean the entire quad in 12.1!
  • Thank the cafeteria staff
    • And save us all from hearing "Please thank the cafeteria staff" over and over again at hall meetings.
  • clean up dining hall*
    • 08.2- there was shit left all over the walls of the boy's bathroom and garbage all over the girl's bathroom, so when they found out, they took away Quad Time until the 'culprits' were found. For one Quad Time, the boys and girls each had 15 in the quad, separately, while the other gender (boys first, then girls) were taken to the Kirby Hall of Civil Rights and sat through about 10 minutes of a lecture given by the SRAs and some RAs. The last 5 minutes were used for 'confessions'. Each person was given a sheet of paper and a pencil and was asked to write down anything they knew about the 'incident' (that's what everyone called it). Even if the person in question didn't know anything about it, they were forced to write 'I do not know anything about this incident' over and over again for 5 minutes. Quad Time was given back shortly after that, though they might not have found the actual 'culprit'. However, as quad time came back, two students, a boy and a girl, got suspended for the rest of the camp. Rumor has it that they were the ones responsible for these incidents, though both students had already been on unrelated probations. Only several people know the true identity of the culprit.
  • Don't play with the salt in the dining hall
    • In 08.1, The salt and pepper shakers were taken away and not put in the middle of the tables as usual. This was because students, mostly in Eric's hall, intentionally gave themselves salt burns. Students were told not to do this as it could by the administration as it could apparently cause frostbite. The ban on salt continued into 08.2.
    • After the salt was returned in the middle of 08.2, it was again taken away after several students pretended that the salt was drugs, which included a few people actually snorting it.
    • In 09.2 the salt was taken away mid-session due to a certain CAAmper pouring the salt in the napkin holders so whenever someone pulled a napkin out of the holder, their food and the person became covered in salt. Everyone knew who did it, but no one spilled.
    • The salt was taken away at the beginning of 10.2 as well, also due to CAAmpers putting salt in the napkin holders. KEEP THE TRADITION GOING!
    • During 11.1, salt was taken away. This ban continued into 11.2 and was not put back onto tables at all. Except one day at a table when the salt was there.
    • Salt was never taken away in 12.1!!! My RA told me it was the first time in years that it never happened!! Salt also remained all through 12.2!
    • Salt wasn't taken away during 13.2 either!
    • Salt wasn't taken away during 14.1 either!!!
    • Salt WASN'T taken away during 14.2 either too!!!
    • Salt WASN'T taken away during 15.1 either!!! (Even though many people used it to mess with each other and dumped it on their food)
    • Salt WASN'T taken away during 15.2 either!!!
    • Salt WASN'T taken away during 16.1 either!!!(Although friends of mine enjoyed pouring salt Into a spoon then "catapulting it" so that it got everywhere. )
    • Salt WASN'T taken away during 17.1 either!!! (I don't know about 16.2. Sorry.)
    • we're getting weak guys
    • Salt got taken away 3 DAYS into 18.1!!! (Guys, please don't snort salt. Just don't.)
    • Salt WASN'T taken away during 18.2!!! (They knew about the site closing beforehand and decided to pity us.)
  • Use the bathroom appropriately
    • In 11.1 going to the bathroom during mealtimes was forbidden after a week or so because people were caught making out in the bathrooms.
    • In 11.2, guys and girls had to use the bathrooms on separate floors of Farinon because people were caught making out.
  • Students from warmer climates BRING A GOOD JACKET!
    • During passionfruit at 5am, temperatures can get into the low 60s.

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