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Founders Hall at Haverford
Site Information
CollegeHaverford College
LocationHaverford, Pennsylvania
DatesSession 1: June 28 - July 17 | Session 2: July 19 - August 7
Years of Operation2013-present
Avg. Number of Students260
Courses Offered
HumanitiesBioethics | Foundations of Psychology | Introduction to Logic | Philosophy
WritingCrafting the Essay | The Graphic Novel | Whodunit? Mystery and Suspense in Literature and Film
MathGeometry through Art | The Mathematics of Money | Mathematical Modeling
Computer ScienceFoundations of Programming
ScienceBiotechnology | Chemistry in Society | Principles of Engineering Design | Zoology | Anatomy and Physiology
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The Haverford site is located at Haverford College in Haverford, PA. It opened in 2013, and serves between 230 and 250 students. After the Bethlehem, PA site closed, the younger students were integrated into Easton. Many of the older students who went to Bethlehem or Easton wound up at Haverford, and many of the Haverford staff also came from Easton. The campus is an arboretum, and as such it has a ridiculous amount of trees. (DON'T TOUCH THE TREES!)

Due to its tender age, this site is lacking in traditions, with the exception of American Pie, Forever Young, and Stairway to Heaven being played at every dance. As a new site, there are a few more restrictions or stricter regulations associated with the first year, including earlier lights out (10:30pm) on the final night and no going off campus. Because the site is relatively new, most of the students are first or second years, and most are 12-14.

The college's mascot is a squirrel, so all the trash cans have squirrels on them.

All alumni of CTY Haverford are welcome to join the Facebook group CTY Haverford, which will help new CTYers with pre-CTY preparation and post CTY depression.

Site and Campus Overview

Barclay Hall

The oldest dorms on campus. Houses males. During first session, three of the four floors are used. During second session, two floors are used, with 2 RAs per floor. Some of the rooms are suite-style and some are singles. There are 3 bathrooms per floor. There is no elevator and a laundry room in the basement. It was rumored that the upper floors are haunted. There have been reports that the showers are rusty and bugs are everywhere inside the building.

This is the only dorm with vending machines. The soda always runs out and the only snacks left are peanut-based. Great sense of community.

Jones Hall

The older dorms for females. All four floors are used, both sessions. The floors consist of four separate suites, each with four rooms and one lounge. There is one RA per floor and one bathroom. There's also one smelly dumbwaiter and a laundry room of questionable effectiveness in the basement.

Each room is equipped with one crappy air conditioner with no visible temperature control. It has an approximate 12.5% chance of leaking, creating a huge puddle on the carpet and making the entire suite smell like pond water for the rest of the session. The air conditioner also sounds like a vacuum, so it's hard to sleep for the first few nights.

The window blinds randomly go up in the middle of the night. Do not pull down your window blind all the way, because it will get stuck and rip off of the window. The screens of windows are disgusting. Sleepovers are allowed in the common rooms of each suite.

Kim Hall

Brand new dorm. For males and females first session, but males only second session. All rooms are singles, and sleepovers are not allowed because of potential fire code violations. There are four bathrooms on each floor and two laundry rooms. The laundry costs $1.25 (1.50 for superwash) to wash and $1.00 to dry. There are also two lounges and a study area each with big flat screen TVs that are not allowed to be used. For some reason, there are no indoor stairs leading up to the second floor.

There are 3 RA halls per floor. There are also nooks at each end of the hall for quiet relaxation. There's a small courtyard in the middle where you can hang out. There is also a millipede problem. Do NOT open the side door, the fire alarm WILL go off. Microwaves are available.

Tritton Hall

Brand new dorm for males and females first session, but only females second session. Same layout as Kim. Everyone has their own room, but half the rooms are freezing and half are boiling hot because of an automatic temperature adjuster in the dorm. There are two showers in each of the four bathrooms, which are cleaned every day and two laundry rooms. Each room's window has a sign that says "Do not open window" because it will mess up the air conditioning.

Lloyd Hall

Dorm for females constructed in 1920. There is one laundry room in the corner hall (the building is shaped like the letter "L"). There is one restroom and one common room per floor for each segment of the building (two floors per hall). Microwaves and air conditioning are available. There are mice and bugs in the restrooms and common rooms. Watch out for the mousetraps on the floors of the common rooms.

Other Buildings

Stokes: Building where a handful of classes are held. More notable is the auditorium where movies are played during dances or movie night. Used by RAs for karaoke. The health office is also located here.

KINSC: Composed of several different buildings, KINSC is the main building for classrooms.

Dining Hall: Self explanatory. CTY is to the left, other camps go to the right. You will get kicked out of the lobby if no RAs are there.

The Coop: The source of more edible food on campus. Accessible to CTYers on weekends. The F'real milkshake machine is notable.

Whitehead Bookstore: A typical college bookstore with food and college apparel. You can visit on weekends.

Gardener Gym: Building with basketball courts where activities and some weekend events take place, such as Mystery Night, Color Wars, etc.

Founders Hall: The building with the ballroom where the dances take place. Some spaces in it were also used by the Krinsky camps, and Krinsky campers would try to sneak into dances or take pictures of the dance. The bathroom is downstairs in a shady place. Oldest building on campus. The porch looks like it will break at any moment, so don't stand on the wood parts.

Sharpless: A building where some classes are held. It has three floors and a few structures combined together. It sits on the south side (relative to the front of Founders) of the quad facing Founders. The main building is filled with biology labs and psychology professors. The front door was always locked for the late session, so the side entrance in the rotunda had to be used. There is also a lecture hall but it is more run-down than Stokes, so many choose not to use it if they can help it. The lounge has different countries' flags, CTYers are allowed to sit there during indoor breaks if no one was already occupying the space. The classrooms are a good size and have wooden desks, ones for lefties and ones for righties.

Open Areas

Barclay Field: Large field adjacent to the duck pond and Barclay Hall where various activities take place.

Founder's Green: Large field with paths in front of Founder's. This is where many outdoor activities take place, as well as free time at night or after meals. Also used for the Passionfruit.


Haverford-Specific Activities

  • Is It A Cat?
  • Wurst Activity Ever
  • Soooooooooooooooooccer! (now w/ more Borja)
  • Arboretum Tour: An activity only possible at Haverford. Created by Jeeves and led by a member of the arboretum staff. If you like trees, it's awesome. If you don't like trees, it's still awesome. Carlisle has a similar tree tour activity, but it's not as awesome.
  • Hunger Games
  • Punny Jokes: An activity where students create puns. By your man, Jeeves.
  • Jellies Jellies
  • Bollywood
  • Survival Skills

Weekend Activities

  • Dance (Past themes include Hollywood, Zombie Prom, Masquerade, Neon Party, Bad Hair Dance (with a hair-styling table and photo booth), Capitol Ball (Hunger Games: RAs and SRAs/DRL were separated into pairs as tributes from each district; there was also a Marriage Booth), Neon, Prom, Wizard of Oz, Cultural Dance, and The Great Gatsby)
  • Casino Night: Took place Saturday night first session (second Saturday during 14.2)
  • Field Day: Took place first Saturday afternoon
  • Quiz Bowl: Took place first Saturday night
  • Movie Night: Took place first Sunday afternoon
  • Color Wars: Took place second Saturday afternoon
  • Mystery Night: Took place second Saturday night
  • Talent Show: Took place second Sunday afternoon
  • House Cup (Harry Potter Field Day)
  • The Amazing Race: Took place second Saturday afternoon



  • NEVER swing your lanyard or Nick will hunt you down
  • NEVER touch the trees or joke about touching or climbing the trees or the RAs will get mad. During session 2, one student was wrongfully accused of poking a hole in a tree with a pencil and a whole group of RAs got mad. One kid once kicked a tree and the RAs made him apologize to the tree, bow, and air-hug it. In sessions 15.1 and 15.2, if you hit a tree in any fashion (Frisbee, soccer ball, etc.) you had to drop everything and apologize to the tree, and often hug it as well.
  • Don't stand next to an RA with a whistle when it's time to go to class or you will go deaf
  • Always remember your lanyard. If you live in Jones or Barclay, you will lock yourself out of your room. If you live in Kim or Tritton, the dining hall is a hike so if you forget your lanyard, no one will be happy. (It's not that far, it's okay.)
  • Never kick a soccer ball or throw a Frisbee inside unless you want to lose all your sleep
  • Don't sign up for Ghostly Encounters.
  • Try not to be in the shower when the fire alarm goes off
  • Don't sit on the grass too often... there are hundreds of bugs EVERYWHERE
  • During Jones sleepovers, pushing the couches together makes a comfortable bed
  • BRING BUG SPRAY! The gnats eat people alive.
  • Never injure yourself. If you do, pretend it doesn't hurt because the RAs will lock you in the nurse's office for five hours.
  • Don't talk to strangers, especially kids from other camps


  • Bring plenty of snacks and money to buy snacks because the food has a reputation of being sickening
  • The spinach and carrots are heavenly when fresh, but if they aren't fresh the carrots are soft and hard at the same time. Not a combination you want.
  • Like most sites, peanut-based foods are rare in the dining hall
  • The dining hall is composed of six main food areas (main dishes, pizza/nacho/taco/etc bar, salad/sandwich bar, desserts, and ice cream/cereal nook)
  • Clean up all tables or ice cream will be taken away
  • Cut open your chicken or meat before you bite it because most times it's under-cooked
  • If you go to The Coop and try to get a F'real, the milkshake will melt if you leave it out of the freezer for too long and it will jam the machine.
  • Don't bring your food outside of the cafeteria or squirrels will attack you


  • If you live in Kim or Tritton, don't open your windows. The building has some sort of green design and uses temperature and humidity sensors to monitor and control the internal temperature. If the windows are open, it will make the computer running the air conditioning freak out and do weird things, like raise the temperature of the building by 10 or 15 degrees.
  • Jones is the worst forever. Jones girls, however, are bonded for life because of their shared Jones experiences.
  • Bring Febreeze because the bathrooms smell

Past Campers


  • Annie Gleiberman


  • Peining Yang
  • Willa Zhou
  • Megan Tsao
  • Jenny Li
  • Maiya Mao
  • Megan Chadha
  • Dana Zou
  • Jerica Xu
  • Alison Lee
  • Amanda Zhao
  • Pauline Qin
  • Emma Brownstein
  • Justin Lee
  • Viaggio Chavez
  • Vincent Yao
  • Mary Townsend
  • Regen Fidler
  • Kaleigh Krause
  • Ben Mcnam
  • Kendall Reid
  • Zeus Ruiz
  • Pia Paul
  • Laura Holtheuer
  • Jeff Kim
  • Sophia Nieto
  • Crisleidy Tejada
  • Noah Kim
  • Nicole Giuliano
  • Tatiana Allbritten
  • Irma Ojeda
  • Michelle Friedman
  • Christable Astamoa
  • Malika Senoj
  • Qing Yi Ye
  • Sidsel Stormer
  • Sammie Stershic
  • Jordan Marzo
  • Sandra Cutler
  • Brandon William-Brown
  • Alex Staufer
  • Kevin Wu
  • Devin Leonard
  • Devin Zhang
  • Samuel Brodetsky
  • Jeffrey Tsaw
  • Yue Huang
  • Anne Choi
  • Willis Tsai
  • Ivy Guan
  • Darren Chu
  • Artemis Fotinos
  • Betty Chen
  • Kellie Hon
  • Jamie Ngai
  • Jordan Chan
  • Caitlyn Chan
  • Jung Youngil
  • Luis Rojas
  • Janvi Jethwani
  • Angelos Makras
  • Shine Lee
  • Andreas Louskos
  • Olivis Anagnostis
  • Frederico Fernandez
  • Belle Lim
  • Tiffany Mugget
  • Claire Hsiao
  • Victoria Gianopoulos
  • Joseph Lee
  • Jung Wooyoung
  • Denali Wilson
  • Wes Clark
  • Ike Osuagwu
  • Matthew Trevisani
  • Jung Shin
  • Kalvin Ojeda
  • Astin Lau
  • Antara Chaudhuri
  • Hirak Park
  • Aditya Sampat
  • Leobardo Moreno
  • Alexis Alejandre
  • Stephanie Ramirez
  • Philamon Hemstreet
  • Michell Wang
  • Jonathan Yue
  • Brian Epstein
  • Jacqueline Castañeda
  • David Kim
  • Christine Wang
  • Abby Tsay
  • Aashna Shahdadpuri
  • Susie Qi
  • Jessica Lin
  • Jonathan Choi
  • James Hon
  • Oliver Brown
  • Sophia Wang
  • Astin Lau


  • Henry Jin
  • Josh November
  • Joanne Zhou
  • Shruti Ramanathan

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