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This page is a document of the activities of various halls at Carlisle.

Cucumber Cult

The Cucumber Cult was started at lunch one day at CAR 06.2 by members of the Game Theory class in which one person had a cucumber on hand and asked if they could throw it and try to get it to stick to someone else's forehead. They missed, but the person it was thrown at decided to stick it on their forehead anyway. This started the Cucumber Cult, in which everyone wore cucumbers on their forehead.

This practice was set aside for the initiation of a member after staff member Ian Hull told them to stop because it was "playing with food." The members of this cult often react badly to salt.

The Cucumber Cult/Game Theory class created many games.

The Straight-Face Game

The Straight-Face Game was developed when is was discovered that CTYer Jeremy Burke would laugh at almost any word or phrase he said out of context. It originally involved trying to get Jeremy to say things like "zebra" and "chocolate pudding" but eventually evolved to repeating inappropriate phrases involving someone's mother and Mexicans.

Another version existed in which someone would call out "Jeremy! Keep a straight face!", after which Jeremy would burst into laughter. This game, however, was ruined when Jeremy learned to keep a straight face, ruining the fun and creating the need for the above version.


"Canasian" was first used to describe a particular member of the Game Theory class (the only Asian member of it, in fact) who was from Canada. Thus Canada + Asian = CANASIAN. This was also a card game created by three girls of the class that was a bit like Spoons except you bid on one of two cards and replaced the card you took with one of your own. The number of chips used has an official set number, but shortages of poker chips oftentimes limits this number in practice.

Human Chicken

"Human Chicken" (not to be confused with the delicious "Hunan Chicken," a Chinese dish) is a game created by a member of the Game Theory class at CAR.2.06. It is much like chicken with cars, except that it involves two people running at one another, rather than driving cars at one another. Many games have been played, the most "famous" being between student Jon Hecht and RA Ian Hull. They both ended up on the floor writhing in pain. Doesn't this sound like a great game?

Nuclear-Sub Chicken

This was a game thought up by a member of the Game Theory class (Jon) when it watched "The Hunt for the Red October," a movie involving a submarine. Said member decided he and his imaginary Russian friend "Boris" would each join their respective nation's navy and take nuclear submarines and drive them at one another, the first one to swerve losing. He realized that subs don't corner well and he'd end up causing nuclear holocaust, but he didn't care.


Agtradok (or A Game That Requires A Deck Of Kards) was created by three members of the Game Theory class at CAR 06.2. You are dealt three cards and put two down, one face up, one face down. You bet one whether your higher card will be the highest of them all (or lowest) or whether your lower card will be the lowest of them all (or highest). No one understood these rules.


Squeegle is a game in which you flip through a dictionary and put your finger down on a random word, and have to make a mother joke (a GOOD one) using that word.

See the Lexicon for the common definition of Squeegle, off of which this game is based.


Some at CAR.06.2 may have been at a meal and asked for someone to pass the salt, only to hear someone scream or discover that salt has been removed from the table. This is for the simple reason that one day at CAR 06.2 people put salt on EVERYTHING as a prank. Cake, napkins (with pepper), in drinks, everywhere. It tasted horrible. One person decided to eat half a spoonful of salt, which was a terrible idea. Don't do it.

Pouring salt on everyone's food also was also taken up by many in CAR 10.1. In addition to salt, cayenne pepper was also commonly poured into food and drink as a prank. One incident involved putting about a fourth of the salt shaker into Ross's soup. After tasting the soup, he remarked, "This is a little too salty." He went back to get more soup and said how weird it was that his new bowl of soup was not so salty. After telling him about the salt, he claimed using sarcasm when commenting on the salty taste. Also taken up by the same group of CTY'ers was food challenges. Stuffing saltines down without drink was most popular. The cinnamon challenge was also undertaken (even though sugar was mixed in with it)and the salt-ice challenge was as well.

At CAR 14.1, a certain table of students poured salt into people's drinks. It escalated into rapid and daring dumps when the target's head was turned. It went awry when they poured salt into their friends unattended drinks, later to discover that those drinks belonged to ballet students. Deemed funnier to watch a staff member down a salted soda than to watch them spit out a mouthful, this table salted a number of staff drinks. They added almost untraceable amounts, provoking a few staff members (notably RA Jared) to look at their glass in mild confusion. Site Director Lisa was also a target, but due to her isolationism at the round tables the 'hit' was never carried out.


Groundbats are flying rodents that can dig in the sky and fly in the ground. Interesting facts about groundbats are that the males nurse their young, and also that they have no limits.

Groundbats also refer to a hall theme invented by some RA back in the day and resurrected by RA Jacob in 2006. The theme was especially embraced by his Session 2 hall, who invented the groundbat signal, chant, and the groundbat shuffle, which consists of alternating phases of "burrow," "fly," "lactate," and "no limits." This joke was subsequently stolen by Joli's hall, 06.2, and was used to relentlessly mock its inventor.

Groundbats! Hoo-hah!

Groundbats also had as their theme song "I'll Make a Man out of You," of Mulan fame.

The Truth of Zapdos

A 40 oz container of pretzels was brought to 10.1 and in a matter of two days was finished off. The next logical step was to fill it with a drink, so the container was filled with water. Lemonade mix was mixed in to make 40 OZ of lemonade. It was so awesome that it could not be called simple Lemonade so it was renamed Zapdos Drank, and the container was later renamed "The Cask of Rolling Thunder". The Cask leaked and was heavy so it was set down and distribution began. It had a stunning resemblance to urine.

The beginning of distribution marked the beginning of the Truth of Zapdos; shortly after the beginning of distribution (fountaining it once or twice between containers) the method of giving small quantities of Zapdos Drank to others was called a "Zaptism" and could only be performed by the Cask-Bearer (and future poetry godess), Jordan. It is was banned due to being unsanitary, but sanitary alternatives are being worked on.

Quad 7

In 09.2 Quad 7 had many memorable quotes, including, "I'm very picky about what happens on my bed," and "PEE, PEE, PEE, WIPE, WIPE, WIPE, FLUSH, FLUSH, FLUSH!."

Nerdy Neurons

In 11.1 Melissa's hall (3rd floor Quad 1) were all in Neuroscience and became the Nerdy Neurons Hall in House Wars. During the dances, when Umbrella by Rihanna would play, we would scream "Under my CEREBELLUM, ELLUM, ELLUM, E, E,E,". During Drag Day, Solana L and Naina R had fun scaring other CTYers by singing "Pants on the Ground" and subsequently pulling off their shorts. Luckily, they had boxers underneath. Nerdy Neurons frequently ran around campus singing "Chingstah" at the top of their lungs. Memorable quotes of the hall included "Lying is a virtue", "I love the smell of formaldehyde in the morning", "There's no appropriate, only inappropriate and DUMB", and LOUTUBE! RA Melissa was famously heard to say "No dancing too close together at the dance. Leave room for Jesus. And if you're not religious, put Ghandi between you or something."

MALCOLM (Specifically Malcolm 3rd)

In 15.1, the POLY B, NEURO, & ETHC B guys came together in worship of all things Malcolm. The Blue Light and its temporary counterpart the Black Light (Jesus, Satan) spread its influence quickly throughout the hall as it inspired the Malcolm trilogy, only at Poetry Night. Eventually, the Black Light turned to the Blue Side, resulting in a small-scale schism, before the original Blue Light died. It was covered in a "Keep Calm & Carry On" sign. Thomas the Dank Engine and "Yeet" were hits. The hall was dominated by Nevermores, including Emperor Anshu & Empress Matt Sims (please don't nuke us). The hall, full of Nevermores including myself and the last RUHI class members (Ashley Simonoff), raised hell at Casino Night, losing 80K, and became Natureologists with the help of Kris Montgomery Archibald Winston ... Montgomery Kusnerik. To Kris, Rahul, Ashley, Marcos, Michael, Anshuman, Matthew, Owen, myself, Brendan, Stephen, Dennis, Justin, Davis, Eric, Jonny, and Alvin, who had to leave early due to a family emergency his Nevermore year ... I CTY YOU GUYS AND HOPE TO SEE Y'ALL ONE DAY AGAIN. Until then ...