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"Get Low" Cut Short Scandal

Session(s):2005.1 - 2006.1

At Dickinson, Session 1, 2005, at the first dance, the RAs began to play Get Low. Only the first few seconds were heard, and then, as everybody was ready to sing along, they cut it. Uproar was everywhere.

This happened also with other 'controversial' songs throughout later dances, including such songs as Electric Six's Gay Bar and System of a Down's B.Y.O.B. What now?

However, at Dickinson, Session 2, 2005, they did play the full rendition of Gay Bar at almost every dance.

This occurred again at Dickinson Session 1, 2006. At the last dance, RAs made a rule that if there were any sit-down protests, the dance would end. However, at the last dance, they didn't stop songs anyway.

Dance-based Sins


It was decided by the administration of Carlisle that Forever Young by Alphaville was no longer Holy Canon and should only be played before Stairway to Heaven at the last dance. The student body complained, but it was not played until the last dance as they had said.

REBUTTAL: Forever Young is actually considered High Holy Canon and has traditionally been only played at the very last dance of the session at Carlisle. The DJs messed up a couple times, playing it at every dance before Stairway to Heaven and American Pie, but for many, many years, Forever Young has traditionally been only played at the last dance of the session.

Is it up to the administration to decide on the students traditions? The answer is yes. Without the administration, there is no CTY, and without CTY, there are no traditions. RA Carlin would like to point out that: "As much as we'd all like to believe, CTY is not a democracy. It is a fascist state. Deal with it. Your parents didn't pay $3000 dollars to let you run around wild. You can do that for free at home."

Also, during most dances, there were lots of technical difficulties, spaces of time when no song was played, and songs cut short.

During the last dance, students were told that there was to be absolutely no grinding or suggestive dancing "because we have 12 year olds here," and that any suggestive dancing would result in the people dancing being sent to time out (penalty box). The further into the dance, the more time you spent in time out. It is unknown as to whether or not this policy was carried out.

Additionally, the RAs decided that should ORGY be yelled after the traditional DieLiveSexMore chant, they would stop the song (though people wrote ORGY on their arms). Some CTYers even wrote ORGY and other phrases, such as quotes from the book 1984 on their shirts, notably from Zach's hall. On Zach's hall, John I., Mark P., Nathan P., and Gosha K. participated. After various plots by students to get around this threat, the RAs issued a flyer stating that words that sounded like sexual words, such as "orange" were forbidden, too. However, many of the guys who wanted to protest chose a word that sounded nothing like Orgy: BLUEJAYS!!

The "penalty box" was all but forgotten until the third dance of session 2 at Carlisle. At both the third and fourth dances, however, several RAs used it as punishment for both grinding and making out, often without issuing any warnings before removing kids from the dance. Some people chose to enjoy the penalty box, joking with the RA supervising them and having intense games of Slackjaw. There was even an instance in which two people were threatened with the penalty box during the beginning of Forever Young at the final dance for making out, but they were luckily able to persuade the misguided RA to give them a second chance. That was a prejudiced RA because at the 3rd dance, he told two other people that he wouldn't bust them for grinding because "I'm not uppity like those other RAs, just enjoy yourselves."

Any sort of sit-down protesting was also outlawed by the administration (due to the sit-down protest at dance #2 or #3).

Edit: I know of at least four people who got sent to the "penalty box": Molly, David, Julia, and Maggie (who ran away and didn't get caught).

Edit: The playing of "Forever Young" was a subject of some contention amongst the staff—the argument in favor of playing it at every dance was that first-years (especially those unfortunate first-year nomores) won't see it as Canon if they only hear it once.

The Vomitteer


The Vomitteer (term coined by RA Joli) was an overexuberant camper who became infamous for his bouts of projectile vomit on the dance floor and in other areas throughout ATS during dances. His title was bestowed as a reference to the Three Musketeers, renowned for their trusty, unabashed heroics. His vomit was allegedly induced by the union of his raucous gyrations (he exuberantly interpreted danced in a trench coat, drawing large crowds at times) on the dance floor with his stomach's contents of rich, delectable HUB food (Indian stir fry mixed with exorbitant amounts of Tea Cooler was the verified culprit of Vom #3 [in an ATS water fountain]). His upchucks caused many different areas of ATS to be roped off (much to the chagrin of dancing/socializing campers), including a flight of carpeted stairs, a dance floor exit, and a water fountain/camper hang-out. He was threatened with a loss of dance time for his reckless actions. No one knows what really came of him, but there was no recorded case of vomit at Dance #4.

(Edit: I distinctly remember there being vomit at more then one dance, most likely also dance #2, in the seats of ATS. People near by smelled it and pointed it out to RAs, who had it cleaned up by the end of the dance)

Many RAs also referred to him as a "puking pal".

Dance Warning


In order to prevent the type of dancing exhibited by Carlislians at session one, such as Julia V., Maggie Z., Suhayl C., Ram N., Alyce S., Jessy L., Jane K., John K., Elliott R., Tina G., Kara D., Olivia R., Ali G., Lauren M., Eve R., Rachel H., Jeanette K., Traci D., Courtney K., Sam F., and others, the staff of second session issued the following warning to campers before the first dance:

"Absolutely no:

  • Grinding
  • Dancing in way that mimics sexual acts
  • Dancing in a manner that would induce an ORGASM."

So how was this written before the end of the second session?—Kids from first session are in touch with kids who are currently at second session.

Wow, half those people I hung out with LAN 05.1—DavidJohnny

  • I would just like to say that I am honored to be one of the reasons for the "penalty box", which I miraculously escaped (though my hallmates and fellow STDers Julia, Molly, and Maggie did not). Keep up the fight for sex through our clothes. ORGY FOREVER!—Courtney Koval (Car 06.1)

The Superquad Bathroom Scandal


At Carlisle '06 Session 2, floor 2 of Quad 4 a.k.a. Superquad went wild when an unknown CTYer, presumably of mellow quad, left the hall's inhabitants with a gift. A trail of feces on the floor of the bathroom and a bit on the walls. It is speculated that there was an emergency case in which it could not be held because of the trail leading to a stall, however, that may not be the case...

Staff of the Dickinson library have also accounted of a case of there being a pile of fecal matter in a bathroom, seen right after CTY classes left the library after study hall. Many suspect that this is a serial pooper, though there have been no other reported instances than the Superquad and library incidents.

EDIT: Allegations have been tossed around by various RAs as to the reason for the poo on the floor. A complication to this case stems from an episode of vengeful student hijinx that occurred independently of the "Mad Crapper" in the SAME BATHROOM in Quad 4 on the same afternoon. Supposedly, Camper "X" and Camper "Y" of Quad 4 2nd Floor engaged in some sort of quarrel (this was the afternoon of Big Saturday's dance) that ended with Camper X deciding to strew a great deal of the belongings of his roommate, Camper Y, all over the bathroom while Camper Y was gone (it is believed this occurred right as campers were leaving for the dance), specifically placing Camper Y's possessions inside shower stalls, locking the stall doors, and crawling out under the doors. There was also a report of a soccer ball being left in the toilet. Done with his dirty deed, Camper X proceeded to the dance and was stopped by one RA asking him why he was late. He replied that he had "overslept". As Carlisle CTYers know, Quad 4, part of Superquad, is the location of Mellow Quad during CTY's dances. Because of this fact, traffic was heightened in Quad 4 during the evening hours. Eventually, Camper X and Camper Y's RA discovered the bathroom hijinx. (At this time there was no poo on the floor.) He unlocked the shower stall doors and removed the soccer ball from the toilet since it obstructed the toilet's use. He decided to leave the other belongings in the shower stalls for Camper X (the identity of whom was unknown at the time) to clean up after the dance. THEN, sometime during the night, the Poo-Poo Pirate struck! Was he under the impression that he had entered a parallel universe where dorm rooms were replaced by shower stalls and toilets were replaced by tile floors? ONE MAY NEVER KNOW! But he struck a mighty blow to Quad 4 2nd's bathroom floor and general health, and his identity still remains unknown!!! Let him come forward now to admit to his dirty deeds!

Dance Insanity


During Dances 1, 2, and 3, about four boys ran into the middle of the dance floor during the end of American Pie. This was when everyone was still swaying. The boys jumped around, ignoring the cries of, "Stop it!" "You're not cool!" and "Curl up and die!", because most of the people cheered. Eventually they left the circle, high-fiving each other. At the second dance, the boys did the same thing, but were attacked by two Caucasian males wearing caps. The sexy Asian one with the long hair (Phil's and Scott's hall knows who) tackled one of them in retaliation. He was dragged out of the dance and was forced to sit out for the remaining 5 minutes of the dance. They didn't do it during the last dance because a couple of close friends had advised them not to. Also, during Dance 3 (I think), there was an equipment malfunction and the music stopped for a few minutes caused by a melted electrical wire that had overheated from excess strain. The CTYers all began singing "We Will Rock You" and stomping/clapping rhythmically, and went on to sing "Barbie Girl" before the sound was restored. If that wasn't bad enough, someone decided to split the canon between the dances. They only played portions of the canon for each dance, for example, Sandstorm wasn't played during the first dance at all.

The Lice Scandal


During the second week of the second session at Carlisle, students returned from afternoon classes and were told to rush to their dorms. There, their RAs read out a long-winded speech about how they were to remain in the common rooms and have their heads examined by their respective RAs. The first activity period was canceled for the mandatory lice check. This was induced by a certain CTYer who was said to have loudly proclaimed within staff earshot, "THERE ARE BUGS IN MY HEAD!"

It is said that this CTYer, known for many strange and outlandish claims including, but not limited to, chocolate-filled hot dogs, the existence of "Werefags" on full-moon nights, and neo-socialism, had known of his head lice condition for weeks and decided not to let anyone know until the time was right. Also, the clothes he borrowed for Drag Day were ran through the wash, his hall and room fumigated, and the Medical Office room (reportedly #2) were fumigated AND sanitized.

The Quarantine was successful, and at that night's hall meetings, RAs reported that no one else was infected by the feared parasites. Life returned to normal, but when asked about their favorite activities, some students still allude to having their RAs "run their fingers through my hair for ten minutes."

EDIT: Said camper was actually reported by another student after informing that individual of the "bugs in his hair". He then accompanied three other students to the medical office where he described the bugs in great detail. He was apparently fascinated by the bugs "not wanting to make it a big deal" therefore not reporting it. There was also a great deal of distress caused by the fact that he had borrowed several Harry Potter books from different people. ADDITIONAL EDIT: this was revealed to the lisas due to the fact that I was in KW with said camper (having pushed him down some steps) and when asked about how he was doing, responded "alright, except for the green bugs in my hair", causing some consternation among the Lisas

Clay and Beans


During the first week, Clay proposed an activity about tasting baked beans. However, very few people signed up, and the activity was cancelled. The following week, there was another activity offered. This one was entitled "12 Things You Should Eat Before You Die", which Clay also led. Many people signed up for it, but it turned out that the 12 foods were all different varieties of Bush's baked beans. It was a double period, so everyone who had signed up was forced to spend 2 hours eating baked beans. Luckily, there was an activity offered afterwards entitled "Get Revenge on Clay" where we got to dump baked beans on his head. That activity had the biggest turnout of all!

"Epidemic Fail"

Session(s):2009.1, 2009.2

An outbreak of the flu that in one day went from 15 to 47 cases led to the session ending 9 days early and everyone being sent home, due to a lack of room with which to isolate infected students and a lack of staffing. As of July 9th, one of the cases has, in fact, been confirmed as swine flu. The event is set to be remembered through D-Day. The name "Epidemic Fail" was dubbed by then Empress Jeanette Kim.

Read More Here: Flu Scare at Dickinson Note: This day is known as Epidemic Fail, Swine ‘09, The Day the Music Died, The End of the World as We Know It, and various other monikers.

During second session, in response to the flu outbreak of last session, the CTY health office decided that they would follow whatever measures were necessary to prevent another outbreak. All students were tested at check-in for fever, and only those with a 'normal temperature' were allowed to check in. Furthermore, each student was required to have his or her temperature taken each day in class. On weekends, mandatory times were assigned for certain halls to have their temperature taken.

Furthermore, those students who did have temperatures above normal were placed in KW-B-1 for Quarantine. Some, but not all, were moved to Malcolm for extended Quarantine. Most often, those marked by the health office were isolated and inquiries about their condition were met with resistance and silence by the health office. They would be kept until their fever broke, and an additional 24 hours at least. At least one instance has been reported where the health officers woke a Quarantined camper up in the middle of the night (1:30AM) to take her temperature.

All this led to the conclusion that the Swine Flu is not real, but merely a hoax made up by the health office, because they felt unappreciated.


The Banana Condom


Condoms were put on the contraband list, leading to many jokes and laughs about this sexual rule. However, some of the students from the Genetics B and Physics class challenged this rule. On a trip to the local movie theater, one female student went to the bathroom and found a vending machine selling banana flavored condoms. They were only 50 cents, so of course, she bought one. The student told her hallmates about this and they began passing it around and joking about it. This coveted condom drew a lot of attention when it suddenly and mysteriously disappeared. Despite its absence, it continued to inspire many jokes, mostly about bananas, due to their phallic shape. It inspired such pranks and dares such as sexually eating bananas while two RAs were on a date, among many others. This infamous condom even has a Facebook page. Nevertheless, to this day the location of said condom is still a mystery.

Lack of Canon and Raving


Many important Canon songs were not played at many of the dances. Its the End of the World as you Know It was only played once, and most people left the dance floor when it was played. Due to the rushed nature of the last dance, most Canon songs were neglected, also due to the fact that Andys hall picked a good half hour of songs for the dance.

Raving, an integral part of the dances and other things at CTY, was banned, much to the dismay of many Carlisle CTYers. Kenny K, Molly S, Yang F and Christine J tried to rave at the first dance and were immediately reprimanded by the RAs. They could only hold their glowstrings/poi/glowsticks in their hands and wave them around in an attempt at glowstringing. They attempted to glowstring at Meet Market as well and were shut down there as well.

Also, the yelling of orgy during american pie was banned.

Sexual Escapades in Upper ATS


It started off with a double Walmart activity period and a girl (who at Meet Market mentioned interests such as "hooking up in hallways") with a mission: losing her virginity. She who shall not be named (let's call her "S") strayed from her group at the superstore and discreetly purchased one condom while the others were probably perusing the candy section or some other innocent, G-rated aisle. The night of the last dance, S and her equally horny CTY boyfriend (let's call him "T") did the deed in an empty ATS hallway (located on both sides of the auditorium). The dirty duo emerged, triumphant and red-faced, halfway through the dance, where S was later spotted grinding with others, much to T's dismay. However, T couldn't have been too bummed because in his accounts given to classmates the next morning, he admitted to bragging to RA, Adrian, about losing his V-Card. The secret was out, but surprisingly, T said the administration was considerably lenient (at the very least, it should be noted that condoms ARE on the list of contrabands), awkwardly admitting that they weren't quite sure how to proceed, except that they would "have to tell your [T's] parents." No lock-in or expulsion was given, despite CTYers' being punished much more severely for much less severe crimes.

The next year (12.1), the RA border patrol at dances was noticeably expanded, with the side hallways no longer empty and welcoming. Some speculate that this was a response to the events of the previous year.

Over a year later, when asked to comment on the event, T regretted his sexytimes with S. However, when further prompted, he added, "But YOLO!"

Edit: I asked Adrian about this and he told me he read this page and it was wrong. What really happened was the both went to mellow quad and found some kids room that was unlocked. They did the deed there.

Canon and Raving Fix


At 14.1, the third dance was notably the best, with the most Canon and good songs. At the last dance, there were a few ravers, one glowstringing, and a few glowsticking. Glowstringing was re-allowed on Upper-Quad during Meet Market, but is apparently still banned at the dances, despite the one glowstringer.

OpShots/Operation Shots


In the hall of AJ Collins, one of the derpiest RA's at the camp, after a dance, a nameless squirrel/no-more asked our RA why we were allowed to chant Sex! multiple times at dances (during American Pie), but we couldn't sing/play Shots by LMFAO. AJ, knowing that RA's can't interfere with tradition, simply gave him the response "because" (Later we found out that AJ had gone to Lancaster as a student for a year, much to our surprise). The Squirrel used that response, and started singing Shots, but with the word Sex instead. A good amount of the hall joined in. Then, a few days later, he planned a prank with 9/10 people in our hall, and at 10:23, 7 minutes before lights out, the hall started chanting the modified Sex/Shots song and parading around the first floor of KW A Tower. Upon the third round of the hall, AJ came running out of his room and screamed "WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING!!!! GET IN YOUR ROOMS!!!" with shoes in his hands. Everybody in the hall sprinted into their rooms and locked their doors, not sure whether to laugh or to be scared. The next morning, everyone went to class as normal, and AJ walked into the classroom with his signature derpy smile on his face. Luckily, we didn't get sanctioned or punished in any way, as AJ just wanted to scare the **** out of us. This act was filmed and a link will be posted here in a few days. The girls in our class (RA Elizabeth's Hall) found this very entertaining, which may have been part of the reason this was planned and filmed.

Here it is: OpShots/OpSex Note: The video is more to be listened to then to watch, as you can hear AJ going full rage-mode at the end.

This was just one of the Op's of the guys in Genetics 14.1.

OpSurge/Operation Surge/Failure Surge


It started, pre-planned, on the morning of Passionfruit. A few kids had been told to come to KW Lawn at 6:20, just before Passionfruit. The same hall previously mentioned bought two bottles of diet-coke and two packs of mint Mentos. The packs of Mentos had holes poked in them, to initiate a sort of delayed reaction, but when the Mentos were plopped in the coke, nothing apparently happened. Disappointed but amused, the hall went off to Passionfruit. Then, the nevermore from their hall made a speech, calling his hall the best he's ever had, and mentioning how "there may or may not be two bottles of diet coke filled with Mentos on KW Lawn". Once Passionfruit had finished, the hall passed by the lawn and the two bottles, which had been building up pressure due to the closed caps, were gone. A few people suspected Adrian had something to do with this, but nobody knows what happened to the cokes with Mentos.

Grass Orgies Banned

Session(s):2015.1, 2015.2

Unknown if this is a new ban, but grass orgies were contrabanded. Only grass orgies of below the waist (so thighs down) were allowed, but that's not comfortable. So sad.

Sharpie Kid


At the third dance, a kid went around with a black sharpie, drawing lines on the backs of supposedly 70+ campers, and two RAs. He mostly got males, but many were wearing nice clothes due to it being a dance, so people were rightfully mad. Luckily, on the last Friday at the HUB, someone successfully drew a faint Sharpie line on the back of the sweatshirt the Sharpie Kid was known for wearing daily.



Session(s):2022.2, 2023.1, 2023.2

For 3 sessions in a row, the Carlisle site has been cancelled. Being an incredibly popular and culturally rich site, its cancellation has had quite an impact on many CTYers. Hopefully this cancellation doesn't become indefinite; it would result in the loss of many great traditions.