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Mattababies were the members of the first ever named student group in CTY/OTID history. The term Mattababy was first used by a group of staff members in 1986, when its members were primarily staff members. The Mattababy contingent grew as more CTY alumni joined the staff. Although they were not as prevalent as some more modern groups are today, they do have their own webpage, and created the original CTY-L.

The name comes from members casually using the word "mattababy" in conversation until an outsider eventually asks "What's a mattababy?", to which the group responds "I dunno, what'sa matta with you, baby?" Similar gags are done with "henway", "snoo", etc. And if a Mattababy talks about "convection currents" during meal time, beware!

Mattababies include:

  • Matthew Belmonte, who founded the online presence.
  • Chi-Bin, Chi-Kai, and Chi-An Chien, the first CTY siblings (taught by Dr Stanley himself).
  • Jamie "Pomm" Pommersheim, the last of the Mattababies still teaching at Lancaster.


The Mattababies were possibly the first CTYers to act out lyrics of American Pie (in a style reminiscent of Rocky Horror), setting the stage for character positions. Nearly every line of the song has an associated pose, motion and/or callback.