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Wherein are collected the traditions, ideas, quirks, and randomness of the Lancaster site of the Center for Talented Youth.


Section 0

0.0 The Nomorenomicon

In the summer of 2005, Polveroj the Plural, then a minus-onemore and rather disappointed not to be attending CTY LAN.2, was worried that the decline in bathrobe-wearing and in general insanity he had witnessed the previous year would continue, to the detriment of everyone (not) involved.

P: Oh noes, whatever shall I do?
Z: Go write a book or something.  Make it insane.
P: That would be too much work.
Z: Then get someone else to write it.

Thus, Polveroj wrote a book, in order that the book would write itself so he wouldn't have to. It worked, somehow.

0.1 The Lorekeeper

The Lorekeeper (aka the Wearer of the Tape Bathrobe and Protector of 42) is a meta-traditional office whose holder's role it is to monitor the randomness (or insanity) level at CTY and generally participate in its increase. The Lorekeeper makes further additions to the Nomorenomicon as he sees fit, either by writing them himself or by accepting submissions from others. The events, thoughts, musings [etc.] recorded should be of interest to future CTYers. The material chosen is up to the Lorekeeper; it may focus only on the present, or it may extend to years before the creation of the Nomorenomicon. The Lorekeeper is also an honorary member of the Order of the Dodecahedral Watermelon, for reasons that may become apparent.

"Yog-Shoggoth is no ordinary rabbit!"

- St. Tim the Enchanter

0.2 Hail Eris All Hail Discordia

  "I find that the Principia Discordia is
  even more gloriously insane the
  harder I look."
  - Polveroj Zorn, Lorekeeper 2005-2004 Zelihar
    (KSC, KSG, ODW)

0.3 This space intentionally not left blank

There is no section 0.3. Go read the Principia instead.

0.FNORD Numerology (Law of Fives)

  • Thursday is the 5th day of the week
  • 42 = 5(23) + 2
23 = 5(22) + 3
  • There are 5 books of the HHGG series
  • The CTY session is divided into 5 sections: 3 weeks and two weekends
  • The CTY day is divided into 5 sections: 3 classes and 2 activities

0.5 Philosophical Musing #0

In the days of yore, CTYers averted cosmic catastrophe by balancing the forces of Bing and Bang through an ingenious phone-flipping campaign. Bing and Bang, of course, were simply other names for the Hodge and the Podge, the universal opposing elements of reality - the Eristic and the Aneristic. The phones themselves, though, had no connection to either element, whether upside-up or rightside-left. It was the act of flipping phones, a random and insane action in a predictable and ordered environment, that restored balance to the Force (or at least to the Franklin and Marshall campus). Though phone-flipping is no more, the subtle acts of subversion and numerous minor reality hacks performed at CTY keep Pennsylvania, and indeed the world, from imploding with Aneristic Overload into a tiny quivering sporkule.

Section 1

1.0 The Game


If you do not know what The Game is, you shall now be enlightened:

  1. Everyone is playing The Game, all the time. You cannot stop playing, nor can you win. If you know what it is, you are playing it, whether you want to or not.
  2. If you think about The Game, you lose. You must say that you lose. Then you cannot lose again for thirty minutes.
  3. If you die within this thirty minute period, you lose FOREVER!!
  4. If you die outside of this thirty minute period, you get a Patch. No one is quite sure what this does. We are working on it; Philip Punn's [sic] family will receive one shortly.
  5. If you lose and someone asks you what you are talking about, you must explain all of this to them, thereby inducting them into The Game.

1.1 Rhythmic Ceremonial Rituals, Part I

1.11 The Afterdance: C is For Cookie (begun by Jeff Sachs, LAN.06.2)

C is for Cookie
That's good enough for me
C is for Cookie
That's good enough for me
C is for Cookie
That's good enough for me
Cookie, cookie, cookie starts with C!

If you take a bite out of a cookie,
It looks like a C
And if you take a bite out of a doughnut,
It looks like a C also,
But it does not taste as good! [sic]
Sometimes, the moon looks like a C,
But you can't eat that!

C is for Cookie
That's good enough for me
C is for Cookie
That's good enough for me
C is for Cookie
That's good enough for me
Cookie, cookie, cookie starts with C!

1.12 American Pie

American Pie has more traditions than everything else on the site combined, many of which vary from year to year with the Alcovians. Only a brief overview of things the campus yells will be recorded here.

After first verse: "LEFT [sic] FOOT FIRST!"

Third verse:

"While Lenin [sic] read a book on Marx [sic]"—yell "Which one? [sic]

Fourth verse:

Yell the last three words of the line, "The marching band REFUSED TO YIELD"

Fifth verse:

Yell the last three words of, "My hands were clenched in FISTS OF RAGE"
"No angel born in Hell"—yell "Not even one!"

Sixth/last verse:

"I went down to the sacred store"—yell "Turkey Hill!"
"And in the streets the children screamed"—scream
"Not a word was spoken"—either "shhh" or yell "Not a word [sic]
"The church bells all were broken"—yell "Clang!"
"The three men I admire most"—yell any three names, usually "Mo [sic], Larry, + Curly"
"They caught [sic] the last train for the coast"—yell "LA sucks!", respond "So does New Jersey", or both

After last verse: "LEFT [sic] FOOT FIRST!"

At the end of all refrains except first and second-to-last: "Die! Die! Die! Die!" Live! Live! Live! Live! Sex! Sex! Sex! Sex! More! More! More! More! ORGIE [sic]!"

1.2 Rhythmic Ceremonial Rituals, Part II

1.23 High Holy Canon (played at every dance)

i. American Pie (always played last)

ii. Stairway to Heaven

Headbanging circle
"And the forest will echo in [sic] laughter—yell, "Does anyone remember laughter?"

iii. Forever Young (always played second-to-last)

Yell the line, "And diamonds are forever!"

iv. In Your Eyes

v. Nightswimming

vi. Bizarre Love Triangle (BLT)

Some people make a human tunnel, and others run through it
Many take off their pants, ONLY if wearing boxers or shorts underneath (this began as a protest in the 80's, when the song was very popular and the DJ failed to play it)

1.24 Low [sic] Canon (1/2 played at every dance)

i. End of the World [sic] - join hands to form a chain and *cough* not run *cough* around the Quad

ii. Time Warp [sic] - Do the Time Warp, silly!

iii. Istanbul (is Constantinople Now) [sic] - conga line

iv. Oh, L'Amour [sic] - sit near the speakers alternately slap thighs and clap to the beat

v. Birdhouse In Your Soul - jump. the entire time. which is way too long.

vi. Blister in the Sun - get in a circle and kick to the beat; when the music gets quiet, crawl into the middle and and stay down until it gets loud again, then jump up and resume kicking

vii. Rock Lobster - get in a circle and kick; during the Key [sic] changes, kneel down and slap the ground

viii. James Brown is Dead - rave song

ix. Tunak Tunak Tun - do the dance from the online video; this song was added to the Canon in LAN.06.2 [sic]

1.25 Time Warp [sic]

On Second Saturday (aka Drag Day), Time Warp [sic] is temporarily added to Canon, and during Time Warp and Sweet Transvestite, selected Alcovians perform corresponding scenes from the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

1.3 Frank Wang

Deep in the darkness of a massive black hole, approximately 1.4916253642 parsecs away from Squornshellous Beta, stirred the most awesome, the most terrifying, the most awesomely terrifying creature ever to plague this part of the galaxy, or any part for that matter. This creature, with a mighty effort, heaved itself free of the intense gravity, using nothing but its strength, its willpower, and its very loud voice. Meandering randomly about the Universe, the creature stumbled upon a tiny, backwards planet called Earth. It landed in a tinier, slightly less backwards place known as the Lancaster CTY site.

"Hmm, this place is tiny and backwards," said the creature. "I should take it over and become lord over all the stupid Earthlings." But because this was CTY, the Earthlings were not quite so stupid. Or at least the students weren't. So they were able to prevent the staff from doing anything dumb like allowing the creature to work in the cafeteria and make the food even less edible. They made him an RA instead.

Soon, however, it became clear that this was a bad move. The creature soon began to instill terror within those innocent young hearts with his shouts of, "GUUUYS!" his wanton frisbee confiscation, and his frequent reprimands of lanyard-swingers. The staff saw that the students were slightly better behaved, so they kept him. The students were not too happy about this, but at least it gave them an endless supply of material for Acting Improv—as long as he wasn't the RA running it.


Because people at CTY say very random things.

i. Silent Football

"It's creating a cold rush of air.  It turns all your immune system into flesh-eating viruses
and Twinkies."
"You may not shrug a schrotum [sic] or schrotum [sic] a shrug.  It's the worst
possible thing you could do.  It's dividing the universe by zero.  It's like... stepping on
kittens.  It's like pouring milk on something that doesn't... like... milk..."
"You must address the Dictator as Mr. Dictator, or Madame Dictator, depending on the
Dictator's preferred gender at the moment.

ii. Acting Improv

"Oh Great + Powerful Sphinx, how do I get rid of this rash?
"You" "put" "two" "ants" "within" "your" "...oh my."
  "flash a little, flash a little, pull it up—*gets slapped*  Hey!  I'm your subconscious!"
Party quirks:
  "Anyone with quirks get in the circle!"
  "Assigned quirks, or quirks in general?"
World's Worst Dance:
  "All your dance are belong to us!"
  "In Soviet Russia, the dance dances you!"
  "The no canon [sic] dance!"  "The all canon [sic] dance"  (Not Actually A Bad Idea [sic].)
  "The completely appropriate dance: guys on the Quad, girls in Mayser!"
  "The hit yourself in the crotch dance!"  "The hit other people in the crotch dance!"
Park Bench:
  "Greetings, I am the bench.  How may I make your stay more comfortable?"
World's Worst TA:
  "Welcome to Capitalism 101!  I am your TA, Joseph Stalin!"
World's Worst Pickup Line:
  "The word of the day is legs.  Spread the word!"

iii. Other Random Quotes

"My parents don't even know what happens here.  I'm going to tell them good, wholesome, Amish
"You robbed me of needing my fob!  That's cruel and unusual!"
"This is going to be the longest ten-minute Capitalism game in history."
"And [my non-CTY friends] were like, 'This is not the time for big words!  This is the time for
swear words!" [sic]
"I am not going to procrastinate!  I'll procrastinate later!"
"Are you perspiring?"  "Only at CTY do people use the word 'perspiring'." [sic]
"Imagine a world without hypothetical situations."
"Our RA can beat up your RA!"
"If you look at the morphology of Hallucigenia, you will see that it has no purpose whatsoever
and thus was created by God."

1.5 To Those Who Are Nomore

Let it be decreed that every fifth year, as long as the position of Lorekeeper exists, the new Lorekeeper shall e-mail the current contents of the Nomore-Nomicon to all Alcovians past and present, as well as to all former Lorekeepers, so that those who dedicated their sessions to maintaining the traditions shall always know the current state of affairs at the sacred Lancaster site. Every Lorekeepers should take up the responsibility of keeping the list up to date, so that none are forgotten.

Section 2

2.1 Non- Grass Orgies

In response to the recent ban on "lying on grass on top of one another", several new ideas have emerged to take the place of the grass orgy.

  - Airgies: The practice of standing in a tight group and leaning on one another forming a packed mass of people incapable of moving, is known as an "airgy"
  - Grass Party/ Grass Nongy: A large group of people lying on grass together, without actually touching at all, is known as a "grass party" (often punctuated by the line "we're all on grass, man") or "grass nongy" ("nongy" being a portmantenu of "non-" and "orgy"

2.2 For Squirrels

Because of the practice of referring to first time Lancaster attendees as "squirrels" and the mere existence of the completely unrelated band and self-titled album "For Squirrels," as of 2007, it is becoming traditional for a copy of said album to be presented to the first worthy squirrel to join the alcove, and then to be passed from immediate ex-squirrel to squirrel the following year and each year afterward (mirroring the passing of various other objects/ offices from Nomore to Onemore). the designated day for the passing of the CD is at Passion Fruit.

2.3 Afterdance Songs

Title: (Leader as of 2007.2)

    -Make a Circle (Cedilla aka Satan)
    -Cows are Freaky (Meghan aka the jester)
    -In Heaven There is No Beer (Jeff)
    -Eyelashes (Laney aka Jesus)
    -C is for Cookie (Lowell)
    -Hokey Pokey (Nixxi)

2.4 Monty Python Monk Walk

On the last Wednesday of Session 2, it is common practice for Ctyers to form a line and walk throughout the dining hall using cafeteria trays and chanting to imitate the "Monk Walk" seen from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, (" Die esu domine... *THWACK*... Dona eis requiem... *THWACK*... etc.)

2.41 2008 Revision

As of first session 2008, the Franklin and Marshall dining hall no longer provides trays for your dining pleasure. Thus, during the penultimate supper, students now thwack themselves with plates.

2.5 Real CTY

The website holds a student maintained CTY wiki which is a much more complete and accurate source of information on CTY traditions than the Nomorenomicon itself. However, as only the 2nd nonmous Lorekeeper I don't want to be responsible for killing the position, so if you're reading this it's your decision. But if you do decide a Lorekeeper is no longer necessary, then put the contents of this book on RealCTY, note your decision in here, and pass everything* along as if nothing had happened.

... oh, and in case you hadn't noticed, the first page of this has accidentally been reinforced with double- sided tape. Do something about that.

  • Yes, including the bathrobe. If you keep it, I'll know, and I will find you.

Section 3

3.1 Flaar! - Official Manual

Flaar is a card game. It is a game played with cards. The cards are created by you, yes, you. The rules of Flaar are thus:

 1. Draw a card.
 2. Play a card.
 3. Justify any and all other actions.

The goal of Flaar is to win. How do you do that? By WINNING!!!

3.11 The Cards

The cards are created by the players. A deck should have as many cards as possible, so as to avoid having to revise a card in the same game. Cards should be drawn on 3x5 index cards, preferably white and unlined on both sides. On one side is written "Flaar!" (including exclamation point, excluding quotes), and on the other side is written or drawn ANYTHING. Previous cards have included The Happy Vampire (with illustration), "That's no __________, it's an Imperial Space Station!", Cheese (with illustration), and such random nonsense. Go ahead, make your own Flaar deck. Make it insane.

3.12 The Head Flaar

The head Flaar is the referee and ultimate judge of a game of Flaar. He may participate as a player or not, depending entirely on his discretion. It is the decision of the Head Flaar who the winner of the game is, as well as whether a move is valid, how many cards to deal each player at the beginning of a game, and any other aspect of the game which ends up needing officiating. It is also the responsibility of the Head Flaar that players take their turns in some vague semblance of order. Each previous and future Lorekeeper is hereby a member of the High Cabal of Flaar, and has the authority to be Head Flaar whenever he wishes, without contestation.

"AIDS beats crabs because it's worse! I WIN!"

         -The Late Proffesor Gershwin Tapdance Thorax McThunderman, the Vaudvillean Villain

3.2 Silent Football - Non-Rule Book

A Silent Football universe is the Universe. Nothing outside of the universe exists, except RAs, Instructors, TAs, and administrative staff. Time also exists in the universe. For something not real to become real, it must be worn or eaten, as food and clothing clearly exist in the universe. Everything else is hallucination.

3.21 Hallucinations

Hallucinations must NOT be responded to. If a player is caught responding to a hallucination, he will be assumed to be taking illegal drugs and must be penalized accordingly. The only exception is when Mr. Dictator deems it necessary to call a Jihad and attack a particularly annoying hallucination. However, a jihad should rarely be necessary. Come on guys.

3.22 Pennance

At the end of a game of Silent Football, the player player who has amassed the most pennance points (even if this player is Mr. Dictator) is assigned a pennance which is agreed upon by the rest of the Universe. The pennance should be vaguely CTY-A.

3.3 Thursday

THURSDAY IS THE END OF THE WORLD. Bathrobes must be worn and towels must be carried if you want to give yourself any chance of survival. Of course, the chances that that weird kid in your class is really a hitchhiking alien are pretty slim. He's probably just weird. But bathrobes are fun and towels are useful, so you might as well. ALSO, be aware that during the last week of CTY, Thursday is the 6th day of the week. That is, the order of days is Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Friday, Thursday, Saturday. This is because any day with both class and a dance MUST be a Friday and the last day is the end of the world, and thus a Thursday.

3.41 The Island Coconut Chicken

First hailed in 2006, the Island Coconut Chicken was a sandwich supposedly made by the Sky Ranch Grill represented in poster form on the wall of the new Alcove. At any time while in the Alcove, someone could call out "All hail the Island Coconut Chicken!" and everyone who heard would respond "It died for our sins!" Later, the phrases "And so did they!" and "Because of Her!" They referred to the current Jesus (Rachel) and Chris Burnette (Known as Christ), and 'her' referred to Kai, the current Satan.

3.42 2008 Revision

The first two parts of this entry were written shortly after CTY ended in 2007, when it was believed that the closing of the leftermost dining hall spelled certain doom for the young Game Corner. In fact, we were so certain it was doomed that the Alcove shirts featured dancing angels with sword-fighting devils for shadows with the legend "The Alcove: Ballroom Dancing and Swordfighting in Heaven" and on the back the names were contained in a tombstone. However, as was discovered upon arrival in 2008, the leftermost dining hall had not been demolished, and the Game Corner was untouched. What had previously been the perpetually closed Sky Ranch Grill was now a feature called KIVO (Kosher International Vegan Organic). The loss of the Sky Ranch Grill saddened no one.

3.5 Tradition Creation

DON'T DO IT, unless you have a very good reason. You cannot create a tradition just becuase you made a neat thing out of duct tape. Not everything cool has to be passed down

3.51 Current Legitimate Passed Down Stuff

  • Holder of the DUCK
  • Jesus
  • Jester
  • Unfortunate Holder of the Ages-Old Fruitopia
  • Lorekeeper (of course)
  • Duct Tape Suit

3.52 Satan

A good example of responsible tradition handling is that of the short-lived position of Satan. At the Last Supper in 2008, Vin (the final Satan) discontinued the position on the grounds that Michael Nixon (the first Satan) was the only person ever really meant to be Satan, seeing as he was appointed to the position after the Jesus of 2005 failed to attend CTY that summer.


At the end of the Afterdance, do it! Take'em off! Especially if the current DRL or site director or any random powerful adult is an uptight former missionary *cough Matt cough*. Keep your underwear on, though. Please.

"You really need to get out less!"

-Ben Horkley

Section 4


Love and Acceptance are the oldest and most precious of all the traditions of the Lancaster site of the center for Talented Youth. Carry on this tradition throughout your life <3

Section 5

5.1 Squirrel Meeting

Beginning in 2009, a meeting has been held in the Alcove on the first Wednesday of the session in order to inform the squirrels of the bountiful traditions at CTY Lancaster Session 2. this meeting was first created due to a decrease in a tradition appreciation and a fear that they would be no more. However, seeing that CTY traditions did not cease to exist when 2010 came around, the Squirrel meeting served its purpose and will hopefully continue to educate the naive.

5.2 GLOW

GLOW (Gay Lesbian or Whatever) is an activity that has grown immensely since its humble beginnings during Lancaster Session 1 in 2008. It is a discussion group where CTYers as well as staff can discuss sexuality (usually, though sometimes straying off topic) and find oneself in an open, tolerant environment -- a safe space within a safe space. Of course, the founder of GLOW at CTY is none other than the goddess, Shae Fitzgerald. GLOW has turned into a major activity, competing with Acting Improv and leaving other activities in the dust. It represents everything that makes CTY paradise -- tolerance, acceptance, and of course, LOVE.

5.3 Robot Unicorn Attack

A popular computer game, Robot Unicorn Attack found its way to CTY Lancaster Session 2 during the summer of 2010. From its appearance as an activity to the playment of "Always" by Erasure at every dance during the session, soon the entire site was hooked. Although this movement seemed unforgettable, the future of this phenomenon is uncertain, and whether CTYers will put on their unicorn horns and gallop while singing "in harmony, harmony" in the upcoming years or fade away like so many others is a mystery.

(Update: While perhaps not common yet, Robot Unicorn Attack has made an appearance every session since)(As of 2013)

5.4 Starcrash!

Starcrash is a B-list science fiction movie from 1979 that's genius could only be appreciated by CTYers. Through the repetition of the same scene over and over again, minimally clothed main character, defiance and general disregard for the laws of physics, Starcrash has blown the minds of humans, robots, amazons cavemen and galatic beings everywhere. Quotes

The Wheel... will always... turn.

Stop approaching ship approaching!

Galatic battleship: halt... the flow... of time!

My seatbelt's stuck!

But We're not like other people... are we?

Because then you'd try to change the future: and that's against the law! (says the intergalactic smuggler


It feels so good to be turned on again.

5.5 End of the Shnade!

Shnader dorm, home of the Shnade, great lounges and endless memories, is set for demolition between the summers of 2010 and 2011. This building was an icon of the horrible conditions that make F&M campus so ridiculously memorable. Even if Shnader is to be torn down, it will forever live in the heart of CTY.

Section 6


Year after year, session after session, CTYers all throughout campus are seen with spoons. At the beginning of the session, kids flock to the Blammo gods receive their targets whom they will hopefully kill. So then, the paranoia starts and the stalking begins.

Rules of Blammo

  • Your target must not be carrying a spoon or having more than 50% hidden for him/her to be blammoed.
  • If your spoon breaks, as long as you are holding all of the pieces, you cannot be blammoed.
  • Safe places
    • Bathrooms
    • Class
    • Dorm (room)
    • Dances
    • Activities that require hands
  • Halfway through the game, if you have not killed enough people, you will be god blammoed. (purged)

P.S. Be nice to the Gods... They have the power to kill you.

6.2 Activity Caps

Starting in Session 1 in 2011, the administration started putting caps on certain activities that seemed to be getting a little too crowded. The two activities that the caps were geared for are AI (Acting Improv) and GLOW (Gay, Lesbian, or Whatever). The AI cap was 100 and the GLOW cap was 60 at first and then became 75. The cap was increased because we asked Debbie to check the fire code and indeed we were able to raise the cap by 15. So don't forget to sign up for a second activity if you signed up for a capped one! :D

However, during the last week of activities, both AI and GLOW became uncapped activities.

6.3 Speaking of GLOW... the CHANGES

GLOW is not run by our beloved Shae Fitzgerald, but now by Steven... something... He was the TA of Phil of Mind in LAN.11.2. Now, there must be an academic counselor present at every meeting or else there will be dire consequences. The official meeting spot is the third floor Stetson, different from where it was held last year which was behind North Ben. Discussion topics are suggested by students at previous meetings. Despite all of this, GLOW is still strong and we were able to make two academic counselors cry.

P.S. GLOW changed because some claimed that her son turned gay because of the discussions during GLOW. She proposed a claim... B****

P.P.S. GLOW can be doubled if we agree to split the group into two.

6.5 New Positions and Revivals

Satan - After being killed by Vin in 2009, it was brought back by Sam Fomon, the nth Holder of the Duck, revived it and rewarded the high-heeled shoes, relic of Satan, to Erik Goldberg in 2010. However, in LAN 11.2, the relic was changed from the high-heeled shoes to the unicorn on a stick. And so, Satan has been hereby REVIVED!!! Satan is now traditionally passed down during Last Supper along with Jesus.

Duct Tape Suit - It is now dead because the last wearer is MIA...

Duct Tape Dress - This dress is now officially part of the Pentinity because it is taking the place of the Duct Tape Suit.

The Pentinity consists of:

  • Jester
  • Duck Holder
  • Jesus
  • Satan
  • Duct Tape Dress

King James - He/she of this position is officially the best raver of LAN.11.2. It was started by Sam Fomon. It is passed down during the first rave circle of the last dance. A tunnel is made and the new king passes through the tunnel and is crowned.

6.6 Afterdance...

New Song List:

  • Make a Circle
  • Beer
  • Cows
  • C is for Cookie
  • Michael
  • Eyelashes
  • Hokey-Pokey
  • CTY Chant

6.61 Revision of CTY Chant

Due to a certain incident in LAN.10.2... (Sam Fomon taking off her dress during the chant)... the chant has been changed from "CTY has a nice butt, CTY we love you, take off your clothes, take off your clothes, CTY we love you" to "CTY my one true love, CTY we love you, these words are imposed, these words are imposed, CTY we love you." If someone else is singing/chanting the old chant, DROWN THEM OUT!!! Or the Afterdance will be removed forever.

Section 7

7.1 Banning of Tradition

In mid-June, before CTY,an email from the CTY administrators was sent out discussing LAN traditions. The email focused on The Last Supper, Rocky Horror on Second Saturday, and GLOW. The main complaint was that such traditions were mocking some students uncomfortable. The Last Supper was accused of using too much religious symbolism. The Rocky Horror performance was seen as too sexual by the administrators. GLOW will proceed along last year's guidelines. Many CTYers were angered by this infringement on their beloved traditions, but are now working together to help reach a compromise. Many great suggestions have been made to reform current traditions or start new ones. Only time will tell if an agreement can be reached. As many have said, an agreement can be reached. As many have said, the most important thing to remember is DON'T PANIC.

7.2 The Muse and The Fiend

As a result of the administration's new crackdown on religious symbolism the names of the positions of Satan and Jesus had to be changed. As of 12.2 the position formerly known as Jesus is now known as The Muse and the position formerly known as Satan is now known as The Fiend.

7.3 Afterdance

During the Bad Acting Appreciation activity, many CTYers watched a clip from the movie Vampire's Kiss in which Nicolas Cage angrily screams the alphabet with accompanying hand gestures. As this clip was seen as especially funny and easy to remember, it was decided that this would become a new afterdance chant.


"It's all alphabetical!"

"ABCD... (etc.)"

"Ugh! That's all you have to do!"


After the 10.2 take-off-your-clothes incident, the CTY was changed. However, it was not seen as permanent and the words have been changed again (hopefully for good).

"CTY has a nice butt, CTY we love you!"

"Forevermore, forevermore, CTY we love you!"

7.4 Rocky Horror Changes

Traditionally, nomores and nevermores have come together at the Second Saturday dance to perform the songs Sweet Transvestite and the Time Warp from the Rocky Horror Picture Show. However, because of the new attitude of the administrators, Sweet Transvestite was not allowed to be performed. Instead, it was agreed that the song Science Fiction Double Feature would be performed with the Time Warp in place of Sweet Transvestite. The traditional roles from the show were given out to those nomores/nevermores who wanted to participate. Costumes also had to be censored for both girls and boys. The song choice may or may not be permanent, however, only time will tell.

7.5 The Restaurant at the End of the Universe

Again following the new censorship rules from the administration, the title of The Last Supper had to be changed. After some debate, the new title of this traditional final meal between CTYers was changed to The Restaurant at the End of the Universe. This new title comes from the Second book of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series. Another change to this ceremony was that french fries and ketchup could no longer be shared at the table as body and blood. Instead, each nomore/nevermore sitting at the table took a drink from the bottles of SKL that were passed around by The Muse and The Fiend. Also, this tradition was moved outside under the arches nearest to the South Ben dorms last year.

Section 8

8.1 The Not Traditional But Important Activity Changes

In 2013, the weekly activity was discontinued. The weekly was a multi day activity (Mon-Tues-Wens). It has been revised so that Monday and Tuesday have A block and B block activities. Wednesday became Hall Bondage.


With certain activities becoming over-populated, strict caps have been set on ALL activities. 35 campers for most activities. 70 campers for the more popular ones (AI, GLOW) (and Cloudwatching).

8.2 Rocky Horror Change

In keeping with the censorship imposed last year, "Sweet Transvestite" was not played after "Time Warp" but was replaced with "Hot Patootie" rather than "Science Fiction/Double Feature".

8.3 Caution Tape Cape (since there is no mention anywhere)

Caution Tape Cape is given to a promising, rising one-more. It is often seen as a precursor to a position (ie: the Jester of 2012 was the Holder of the Caution Tape Cape of 2011). (This position is not new tradition but there was no mention of it here and I felt that needed to be rectified).

8.4 Duct-Tape Love Day! (not new either...)

To show love towards all friends, acquaintances and people you see everyday, Valentine's Day ( ) we all must go around placing duct tape on the aforementioned people.

8.5 Duct Tape

Duct Tape's place in Session 2 Lancaster has always been a special one. A few positions involve Duct Tape (that sounds...sketchy) including the Duct Tape Dress and (obviously) the Lorekeeper. Duct Tape is useful, versatile, and, most importantly has fun designs. Those who can wield the mystical duct tape are revered especially when used to make dresses. Not just the formal position, but people who make a dress for a dance on the same day as that dance.

Section 9


The Year of

"A Year of Changes"

9.2 Positions of LAN 14.2

  • Lorekeeper: Brian Jeffers

  • Jester: Matias Gonzalez
  • Duck: Ashley Wang
  • Muse: Skylar Herzhevsky
  • Fiend: Josalyn Baird

  • Duct Tape Dress: Ethan Henler
  • Squirrel CD: Ethan Pan
  • Caution Tape Cape: Matthew McFarlane
  • Documentator: Ellie Taylor, Annabelle Hutchinson
  • Blammo Goddess: Sharon Lin, Allison Tiel
  • Pedobear: Andrea Tsao
  • Kiwi Backpack: Caroline Allen
  • Head Monk: Skyler Karzhevsky
  • Frutopia: Louis Herman
  • Quotebook: Diana Halikias
  • Baglord?: Matias Gonzalez
  • Emperor: Christian Wolport
  • King James: Dan Fu


9.3.1 Important Changes in 2014

  • The last Afterdance chant, "CTY Has a Nice Butt" has been changed further. Currently, the words are:

CTY, my one true love

CTY, we love you!

Forevermore, forevermore

CTY, we love you!

The change was caused by Debbie's concern over the original words.
  • The Duct Tape Dress was remodeled, with the expertise of Ethan Henley and Matt McFarlane, such that the shape better fits the wearer. Apparently, it was built inside-out.
  • The Schnader dorm was given to a soccer camp, meaning that for the LAN 14.2 session, girls lived in Thomas & S. Ben, while boys resided in N. Ben & Weis. Reportedly, despite the luxurious exterior, Weis is as roughly livable as the Bens, while Thomas supersedes all other 3 dorms. It should be noted that this blocked access to Schnader Patio, Schnader Lounge, & Schnader Basement. Meetings were held in North Ben Patio, while rumors about the Basement escalated beyond measure. AI was not affected besides the occasional jokes and/or waving at the soccer players.
  • The 14.2 Passionfruit Emperor, Christian Wolport, created a Passionfruit Speech Queue. This system issues very effective and time saving. This could be a great consideration for future Emperors.

9.3.2 2014 Important Changes cont.

  • Afterdance chant "Alphabetical" appears to have expanded. With the help of Matias Gonzalez, the chant has been lengthened on either end in accordance with the original movie scene:

"How do you MISFILE something?

You just Put. It. In. The. Right. FILE!

You know, A, B, C, D...etc.

I never misfiled anything!

Not ONCE!"

Actual wording may be slightly different from person to person.
  • A Note for Intersessioners on Lanyards
    • For whatever reason, intersessioning double sessions were not given a second lanyard. The purpose behind this is unknown. This did not seem to apply to doublesessioners who skipped intercession or site hoppers. Because of this, however, legitimately owning two 2014 lanyards from Lan is slightly rarer than usual. It is this Lorekeeper's fervent hope that this does not continue in future years.
  • Change in Lanyards
    • In 2014, lanyards changed from compact, braid able lanyards to thicker, wider, and decidedly more clumsy lanyards. It has been a minor inconvenience to many returners.
  • For the first time in 2014, LAN granted students access to free, campus-wise unsecured WiFi. This revolutionary change was gladly celebrated by the students of LAN.
  • The Franklin Dining Hall now uses compost bins instead of just trash bins. Despite the large attention given to it at the beginning of the session, it has not affected mealtimes at all.

9.4 The Tragedy of Flight 1377 or "Why is stuff missing from the big cardboard box?"

After "inaugurated" at the end of LAN.13.2, the 2014 Lorekeepr flew back to his native homelands of California As the box's contents were too plentiful to be packed into one suitcase, the Lorekeeper was forced to divide the various relics among two suitcases. After checking his bags, the Lorekeeper began his grueling, overnight flight on Flight 1377 of United. Arriving early in LAX, the Lorekeeper became unnerved, frustrated, and then heartbroken as one of his suitcases failed to appear. The priceless artifacts contained within were lost permanently. To add further injury, no inventory existed of the items, meaning that the Lorekeeper did not know even the identity of the lost relics. By some stroke of divine luck, the Nomorenomicon and the Duct Tape Robe were both spared, but the Lorekeeper vowed to prevent the terrible tragedy from ever happening again.

From 2013 on, a running inventory should be kept in the Nomorenomicon.
The 14.2 Lorekeeper wishes you safe travels.

9.5 A Note on the Nomorenomicon

After a grueling trip home (see Tragedy of Flight 1377), the new LAN.14.2 Lorekeerp opened the Nomorenomicon and read it from end to end. At the finish, he was both amazed & disappointed: he was awestruck by the history of the passages in the book, but disappointed that the "CTY Compendium of Lancaster Traditions" was so disorganized. It became this Lorekeeper's goal to organize the information of the Nomorenomicon, and make the data easily accessible to anyone without disturbing the original sacred pages. At first, he thought of creating a website and played with he idea for several months before realizing that RealCTY already existed. Now, the Lorekeeper hopes to work with both future and past Lorekeepers to help make a free mobile application that would display information on traditions easily and informatively. The LAN.14.2 Lorekeeper signs off now and wishes the reader luck in all their future endeavors. ☺

P.S. Writing in third person can be extremely difficult.

Section 10

10.1 The Week of July 16

Although not a conventional entry, this is also not a conventional year. The 15.2 Lorekeeper was passed on from Sharon Lin to Ele Grant the week prior to the arrival day for Session 2. This was due to Sharon's newfound summer plans, therefore making it impossible for her to attend this year's Session 2.

Indeed, quite a lot had been announced over Facebook and other social media. Former 15.2 Jester Lev Krasnovsky was unable to come to Session 2 due to similar issues. As a result, with the help of 14.2 Jester Matias Gonzalez, Isaiah Cole was chosen, with Dan Fu as his sidekick.

Section 11

11.1 15.2

During the session of 14.2, it was rumored–yes, rumored–that we were banned from CVS. As it turns out, the official-nes of that ban rested with a couple of grumpy cashiers. Never went any farther up the ladder, folks. We're OK. Get your Splat hair dye. Dye someone's hair with your hands. Tell people you fisted a surf as an explanation. Live. (The management legitimately thought that we were banned.)

sidenote — yes, Splat works better than Manic panic, and no, you will not burn anything down by bleaching and dying your whole head. Also, salon work isn't worth it.

11.2 The Egg, and its Relationship to CTY Pride

You know how earlier in this book, they said not to make any new traditions? Well, sometimes, exceptions should be made.

At the beginning of 14.2, a kid name Ele Grant (that's me, too) made an egg of duct tape, popsicle sticks, paper, and love. This was solely because he was stuck in a popsicle stick art activity, and physical bad jokes are funny.

However, this egg turned out to have a destiny to fulfill. Holding it up at the first dance, Ele and his friends chanted "Egg is sweg! Egg is sweg!"

That is, they did until someone who will hence forth only be known as Biology Boy came up. Being the obnoxious boy he was, Biology Boy proceeded tons squeeze the as-yet malleable egg very hard. This made Ele, his friends, and onlookers angry. Revenge was easy, however–he wasn't called Biology Boy for nothing. See, Biology Boy was called as such due to a propensity for transphobia. Being trans, Ele decided that Egg now stands for gender, romantic, and sexual equality.

The rest of 14.2 passed quietly, with the egg making a couple more appearances.

Let's now enter 15.2. Preceding and throughout this session, Egg at his side, Ele, with the help of his friends planned a pride parade, to occur on the last Monday. Why the last Monday? As it turns out, Lovetape Day used to be CTY Pride. With a new artifact representing equality and number of guaranteed willing participants, it looked perfectly sensible to bring such a tradition back.

And so they did.

Here's the rundown: the Egg Parent of the session is responsible for organizing its pride parade. Clear it with administration and set a GLOW meeting aside for making flags. Meet in front of Thomas on last Monday's dinner (around 6:20), and parade around the quad–chants on the following page. (ordered 1st-last)

G is for Gender, that's good enough for me! (x3) Oh gender gender sexualityyy (x∞)

CTY has a trans butt!

CTY has a trans butt!

CTY we love you!

Forevermore, forevermore

CTY we love you! (x∞)

She's beauty, she's grace!

She's really really ace! (x∞)

Repeat in order for as long as appropriate, and end back at Thomas. The Passing of the Egg is a quiet affair–simply hand it to the next Egg Parent and feel them why, amid the noise of celebrating a successful parade.


As of 15.2, the CTY Afterdance chant remains:

CTY has a nice butt!

CTY we love you!

Forevermore, forevermore

CTY we love you!

11.4 15.2's Positions

  • Lorekeeper: Ele Grant
  • Jester: Isaiah Louder
  • Duck: Drew Hill
  • Muse: Ellie Taylor*
  • Fiend: Andrew Javens
  • Duct Tape Dress: Jasper Barnett
  • Squirrel CD: Smiles (Muskaan) Garg
  • Caution Tape Cape: Ethan Pan
  • Documentator: Rosemary Wonnell
  • Blammo Goddess: Sam Pancoe
  • Pedobear: Mona Lee
  • Kiwi Backpack: Isaiah Louder
  • Head Monk: Dan Rabinovich
  • Fruitopia: Bryony
  • Quotebook: Sam Mauro
  • Passionfruit Emperor: Hannah Hildebolt
  • King James: Dan Fu
  • The Fricking Dave: Drew Hill

Section 12

12.1 (I guess Ele's section was 11?) Notable Position Changes of Passionfruit 15.2

Mona Lee, the Pedobear of 15.2, announced at Passionfruit before passing to Claire Medina, that this position will now be known as the Rascal. Additionally, Drew Hill, ex-Holder of the Duck, passed the infamous Dave to Jordi Long, a nomore. Therefore, the Dave is gone, it has left with Jordi and will die with him. Smiles lost the CD, and so passed down a stuffed edamame pod.

12.2 LAN 16.2's Positions

Lorekeeper: Sam Botterbusch

Muse: Muskaan "Smiles" Garg
Fiend: Caroline Shea
Holder of the Duck: Sam Pancoe
Jester: Ethan Pan

Duct Tape Dress: Sophia Hager
Squirrel of the Year: Quinn Reinhardt
Caution Tape Cape: Emma Johnston
Documentator: Emily Rabinovich
Blammo Goddess: Ally Voltaggio
Rascal: Sam Pancoe
Kiwi Backpack: Rosemary Wonnell
Head Monk/Bad Idea Book: Dan Fu
Fruitopia: Elaine Zhang
Quotebook: Ashley Wells
Passionfruit Emperor: Via Barr
Sanjay Subramanian
Færie: Lauren Ingram
↳New This Year
Egg of Sweg: Jessica Kuleshav

12.3 Changes at F&M

Upon arrival at 16.2, CTYers noticed some profound changes. Most profound was the entirety of north Ben )including the ever-important patio*) under construction. Dorms were to be South Ben, Weis, Schnader, and Thomas. Furthermore, CTYers were shocked to find their beloved dining hall dishware, a veritable rainbow of yellow, green, and red, with plain white plates. Even more shocked were they to discover these plates were smaller, as if to encourage portion control. Fortunately, one good changes came to LAN: scattered across the Quad were numerous blue chairs, a great relief for those wishing to sit.

  • For this reason, Squirrel Orientation was held beneath the arches.

12.4 On New Positions

Two new positions, forged by Marty and Ele, came into existence in 2016! They are the Færie and Egg of Sweg, respectively. However, the 2016 holders, Lauren and Jessica, recognized that their positions were fairly similar, the Færie spreading (consensual) glitter and answering question about all things LGBT+, and the Egg planning pride. So, the two agreed that the Egg would be absorbed into the responsibilities of the Færie, and renamed the Rainbow.

12.5 Positions and Reassignments

Due to a multitude of reasons, several people with positions were unable to return. We like, love and CTY them all, so here are the assigned position holders and what happened to the positions:

12.5.1 The Caution Tape Cape

Originally intended for Parsa Lotfi. When Parsa could not return, Emma Johnston took the role, despite being a nomore themself. The cape will again be passed to a twomore as is tradition.

12.5.2 The Rascal

As previously noted, the position formerly called the "Pedobear" had been renamed the Rascal. Unfortunately, the intended first Rascal, Claire Medina, was unable to return. Sam Pancoe took on the role in tandem with her Duck job.

12.5.3 The Kiwi Backpack

When Sam Mauro (officially declared by the Great and Mighty Monks of 16.2 to be "the Best Sam") could not return, the Kiwi Backpack was handed off to Rosemary Wonnell.

12.6 The Fiend, the Muse, and the Duck


After afternoon class on Second Friday, Caroline Shea made a grave error: leaving Nighthawk (the fiend's unicorn staff) in the classroom. As such, Nighthawk was not present at dances #4 and 4 of 16.2. Instead, a duct-tape rendition presided over Always and Mr. Brightside. Nighthawk subsequently returned for the final dance.


It was Second Saturday 16.2. Four brave souls, Ashley Wells, Stella Li, Caroline Shea, and, of course, Muskaan Garg decided to renovate the Muse staff. The top ball was to be stripped, rewired, and replaced. According to Ashley, the layers were:


  • Gray duct tape
  • "Some grimy shit"
  • Red, white and blue duct tape



  • a squish, orange ball (NOT a tennis ball?)

With the help of RA Viv (a legend), they (i.e. Viv) "raw Powered" it to remove the sheer adhesive power of age-old duct tape.


R.I.P. the Duck. Sam Pancoe is a good duck, really, and she organized a whole lot of stuff better than ever before with the Dance/Afterdance and other nomore/nevermore activities. BUT sadly she lost the duck and the legend of the Duck. Ashley Wells, at this point decidedly an actual goddess, found the Legend of the Duck wedged behind a dresser pane! A new duck was made (bought?) and passed to Emily Rabinovich, and the 26-year old duck was lost to the ages.

12.7 This House is Falling Apart — figuratively

Dan Fu—perhaps the name will live in infamy. Maybe. He was the Head Monk. And subsequently, Monty Python Madness died. It is no more. To be fair, admin (new this year!!!) probably would have shot it down as we became increasingly aware of its transphobia among other bad qualities. Maybe it's for the best...? But then Fu was also late for the Monk Walk and didn't even mention the Bad Idea Book in his passing, so... It's possible these traditions are in their dying throes.

12.8 This House is Falling Apart —LITERALLY

CANON NEWS! We voted on Anna Sun to be added to the Canon. Though no announcement was made this Lorekeeper believes it is in fact now canon. Also, Always (aka the Unicorn Song) was made officially canon.

12.9 Squirrelly RA's

The demographics of this session were pretty skewed. Though it at first appeared EVERYONE was a nomore or a squirrel. But the one-/twomores came into their own by the end of session so tradition lives on. However, Lancaster saw many squirrel RA's. They did not know how to end quad time and got upset when we did not leave. Supposedly they nearly played another song after American Pie session 1 on the last night. This year we lose more good RA's so hopefully everyone survives. Now we say goodbye...



John Wolfe

(this is as far as I know, maybe plans will change and some others won't and some will, we don't know now. But these RA's will need to be remembered.)

12.10 Being the Lorekeeper

According to 1.5, the Lorekeeper is to scan int he Nomorenomicon every five years so those who have held this hallowed position may be kept up to date. This is pretty dumb. That's TOO LONG!!! So now just scan and email EVERY YEAR!!!! Because we want to be kept up to date! Also, I guess box/item procedure should be established so... add AT LEAST one object/year—more is okay of course. What I did was place one object in before camp, then by chance another good object came into the picture, so I added that too.

Goodbye now from Sam Botterbusch, your 16.2 Lorekeeper.

May your Thursdays be filled with towels and robes.

May 42 live forever in CTY culture.

May CTY Lancaster stay rich in tradition.

May you share this knowledge with everyone so they too may know of where the traditions they love came from, and of those that are no more.

And may you share new traditions and lore with all of us, the Lorekeepers of your past.

Speaking, for all of us, one last time:

We LIKE you

We LOVE you

We CTY you

Go and live for us, who have no time left.

Section 13

13.1 Positions

Prior to session, a minor position holder crisis occurred, as the holders of the Duct Tape Dress, Caution Tape Cape, Head Monk, and King James were unable to return for 17.2. However, thanks to all position holders' cooperation, missing positions were reassigned, and order and stability were returned to the site. Although the loss of the original position holders was tragic, these who bravely stepped up did an amazing job.

Lest We Forget:

Will Mueller

Joel Paulson

Joshua Medintz

Miles Mikofsky

Position Holders of 17.2

Lorekeeper: Tyler Medina-Minerva

Muse: Hannah Stark

Fiend: Siona Gupta

Holder of the Duck: Emily Rabinovich

Jester: Ky Lynch

Squirrel of the Year: Archer

Caution Tape Cape: Quinn Reinhardt

Documentator: Hazel Allison-Way

Blammo God: Michael Zhang

Rascal: Gloria Herman

Kiwi Backpack: Alex Burnside

(see 13.8) Fanhammer: Jake Landsman

Fruitopia: Tyler Medina-Minerva

Quotebook: Vijay Subramanian

Passionfruit Emperor: Elizabeth Hawk

King James: Jason

Rainbow: Ky Lynch

*The Egg of Sweg was renamed to Rainbow, but the position duties remain the same. The Rainbow still carries the Egg with pride and organizes the Pride Parade.

13.2 F&M Construction

The first thing many noticed upon arriving to 17.2 is that a good portion of the Quad in front of Thomas was under construction. Sadly, we lost Thomas as a dorm, as well as that really nice seating area between the benches and the pavement. This construction area created a frisbee vacuum, and many stray frisbees were lost in this dead space unless the frisbeers were willing to ask construction workers for them back. Nobody really wanted to.

(13.3) 5.5.4 The Temporary Abandonment of the Schnade! 2

Schnader was once again taken by the soccer camp. CTYers are prevented from accessing the patio or even sitting on the steps or lying down on the grass around it. It seems as if possession of the SChnade is going to keep switching from CTY to soccer camp. At least CTYers won't catch any diseases. Or have to sleep next to mold. And cockroaches. Also, the soccer camps do stretches and warmups on the lawn in front of Schnader, which is really funny, especially when it's to High School Musical songs and they're all singing. Feel free to disrupt their sessions and confuse them if you want. Just make sure RAs aren't watching and keep your distance. They tend to be dangerous and unpredictable.

13.4 KIVO Sign Change

About midway through the first week of 17.2, the KIVO sign changed. The new design is modern and sleek and has no personality. For some reason, there was no indication that the sign was being changed and nobody saw any construction happen. Few people even noticed a change. Maybe it's the Mandela effect. Or maybe nobody really cares about the KIVO sign all that much.

13.5 Return of Asher and the Fitness Bootcamp

RA Asher returned to 17.2, despite being rumored to leave after 16.2. His activities to be some of the most popular, most notably Watch Asher Flail Like an Idiot, where 200-something CTYers crowd in an auditorium to watch Asher flail like an idiot for an hour. Asher continued to hold Fitness Bootcamp almost daily for B-block activities. Asher offered a treasure to those who attended every session of Fitness Bootcamp, and many took on the challenge. The treasure was a t-shirt with the words "My Treasure" and abs drawn on it. For the few who came to both Session 1 and 2 and went to every Fitness Bootcamp in both, they were awarded an ultra-rare hat. Fitness Bootcamp is steadily growing in popularity and is becoming a staple activity of the site, especially due to the prize and because a rule was made that the SRA will always allow you to switch your activity to Fitness Bootcamp. In a touching moment, Asher expressed his gratitude when Fitness Bootcamp reached its record attendance of 132 CTYers.

13.6 Police Officer Appreciation

The policemen at F&M are really nice. One in particular, with a grey mustache and bald (maybe?), stands outside and says good morning to every CTYer that passes by. I'm also pretty sure he participated in Love Tape Day. I don't know his name, but I just thought he should be recognized in some way. If the next Lorekeeper could find out who he is, write his name down so he can get the proper credit he deserves for being a nice guy.

13.7 This House is Still Falling Apart

Anna Sun is now canon. It was played at almost if not every dance.

13.8 The Fanhammer

The Fanhammer is a new position. The Fanhammer itself is a duct tape replica of Thor's hammer, Mjolnir. The holder of the Fanhammer has the duty of blessing those he deems worthy by hitting them on the head. The Fanhammer is powerful and is often stolen, especially by the Fiend. However, only the holder of the Fanhammer wields its power. Do not trust anybody else to hit you with the Fanhammer; chances are they just want to hit you. The Fanhammer is passed down at the Passionfruit to a worthy successor. The successor should wield the Fanhammer with caution; it's stronger than you know. The Fanhammer was founded by Jake Landsman, and is forever dedicated to him.

13.9 Cathy

In 12.10 it was declared that the Lorekeeper should add an object to the box every year. Your Lorekeeper of 17.2 decided to dd a wind-up toy he bought at CVS named Cathy (because it sort of sounds like CTY haha lol! XD lmao). Cathy dances and screeches with pride, in an unlimited expression of herself. She covers her face, but when the time is right, she shows herself to the world. She is unapologetically herself, and wears herself with pride. Cathy represents the mentality one should have at CTY. Be proud of the person you are. The greatest gift you can give to the community is to share who you are with us. Be like Cathy; scream and dance, or express yourself in any way you see fit. But whatever you do, make it yours.

13.10 Last Remarks

As your Lorekeeper prepares to depart from CTY for the last time, his mind races with memories, but also with the idea of lost time. A CTY student for six years, he looks back on the precious moments, but lurking behind is the missed opportunities, the friends he never made, the classes he never took, the words he never said. Did he make the most of his time here? What can he do now, knowing he can never go back? Will he be remembered?

Maybe. But he also knows deep down that this does not matter. With the tradition-heaviness of CTY, it's easy to want to be "known". But more than any funny dance, or duct-tape object, or cool catchphrase the best way to be "known" is to be yourself. CTY, and all its glory, is due to the people who were simply who they were. Your Lorekeeper was often unsure of himself, and this got in the way of his experience. But, you know what's more fun than trying to impress people?

Wearing a duct tape robe.

Or carrying around a unicorn on a stick.

Or drinking a decades-old of juice.

Or singing dancing to songs about nothing, or maybe about everything.

Or going to CTY.

Your Lorekeeper departs in peace, knowing that for years to come, the quirky of individuality of CTY will inspire and warm the hearts of teen like himself for years to come. The existence of the Nomore-Nomicon is important. The Lorekeeper should always remember that tradition at CTY is not about exclusivity, or about being important. It is about inspiring CTYers to be themselves.

♡ Goodbye, from your 17.2 Lorekeeper:

I like you,

I love you,

I CTY you!

"Roses are red,

Grass is green,

I'm an incompetent human being~"

—Unnamed boy with ukulele, 17.2 Talent Show''


Section 14

14.1 18.2 Position Holders

Lorekeeper: Brian Li aka Bubbles

Holder of the Duck: Hazel Allison-Way

Muse: Sadie Matz

Fiend: Isa Miranda

Jester: Isak Sharfstein

King James: Vijay Subramanian

Blammo God: Caroline Zhao

Documentator: Rene Itah and Iriana Pierre

Rascal: Rene Itah

Quotebook: Lauren Raziano

Caution Tape Cape Wearer: Iriana Pierre

Fruitopia: Quinn Reinhardt (defered to from Madeline Lee & Simran Sharma)

Duct Tape Dress Wearer: Benji Rothman (deferred to from Logan Clark)

Kiwi Backpack: Claire Davis

Egg Parent: Archer Goodwyn

Fanhammer: Jamie Landsman

Anglerfish: Clara Robertson

Squirrel of the Year: Simran Sharma (dferred to from Simar Arora)

Passionfruit Emperor: Birdy McDonnell

14.2 Goodbyes and Welcomes and a 10th CTY Anniversary

At the start of session, as with past years, it became apparent that certain position holders would not be able to return. Consequently, the Duct Tape Dress, Fruitopia bottle, and Squirrel of the Year all had to be shuffled about before a suitable holder was found for each. The vacant positions were ultimately filled, and all was well; the position holders who could not return will be missed.

RA Asher Collins was unable to return to 18.2 after he had to tend to commitments outside the realm of CTY. His “Fitness Bootcamp” activity was taken up by new RA (and hype lord) Benedict “Big Ben” Brafi, who led “Big Ben’s Bootcamp.” However, “Big Ben’s Bootcamp” was only offered once. In addition, “Watch Asher Flail Like an Idiot” is no more. CTY will remember Asher’s skilled raving and contagious energy.

Perennial Number Theory instructor Pomm (with 30+ years at CTY as a student and instructor) did not return for 18.2. However, THEO.B was instead led by instructor Rob Sulman, who celebrated his tenth summer at CTY with a rousing rendition of Fermat’s Little Theorem sung by his class to the tune of Doe a Deer.

14.3 Lanyards

Lanyards in 2018 were gold with white lettering and made with the same thick bands as other CTY lanyards from 2014 onwards. The color was identical to the lanyards used in 2016, which were branded as “macaroni and cheese yellow-orange with white lettering.” This marks the first time that the lanyards from two different years have shared the same color scheme.

However, lanyards from 2018 and 2017 differ from the thick lanyards used in other years in that the year is printed in a sans-serif font. In addition, the key ring is directly attached to the lanyard as opposed to through a smaller metal ring and hook.

14.4 Thomas Reopens

After spending the summer of 2017 under construction and eating up poorly thrown frisbees, Thomas finally reopened its doors to CTY. Its first floor lounge served as the co-ed lounge during 18.2. Since the construction equipment and fencing were cleared from the quad space in front of Thomas, the Afterdance was moved back from across the quad in front of North Ben.

South Ben became a co-ed dorm, and North Ben served as an all female dorm. Weis continued to house the medical offices, though it became home to a field hockey camp for a good portion of 18.2, followed by a soccer camp for young people. Schnader became the dorm for intersession and a music camp, and your Lorekeeper can only hope that those who pass through Schnader do not fall prey to the plague that is the Schnade.

14.5 The Great Dispensation of Caution Tape

The Great Dispensation of Caution Tape On the evening of Second Wednesday, scores of CTYers were found wearing yellow caution tape. As it turned out, onemore (and Caution Tape Cape Wearer) Benji Rothman and his COGN.A classmates had been handing out strips of caution tape to other CTYers in front of the arches after dinner. Hundreds of CTYers reveled together in the joy of being clad in caution tape. By the start of evening classes, he had almost gone through an entire roll, and nearly everybody on the quad had a strip of caution tape tied to their heads like a bandana or around their chests like a sash.

And it was glorious.

14.6 Bless the Rains

18.2 was known for being a particularly rainy session. Activity blocks were canceled multiple times, and rain clouds seemed to always be hanging around ominously—the grass on the quad was also constantly wet. Trips to the Farmers’ Market on First Saturday were canceled, the fourth dance was delayed by half an hour, and the CTY chant during the second Afterdance was cut short by the RAs (*contemptuously boos*).

14.7 Pride Flags

During 18.2, a great number of CTYers were found wearing pride flags during the session, oftentimes wearing them while on the quad or during breaks. In past sessions, pride flags were usually seen during the pride parade and GLOW, but not nearly to this year’s extent outside of those two activities. Your Lorekeeper is happy to see that so many of his fellow CTYers are celebrating who they are and showing their solidarity.

14.8 The Responsibilities of the Lorekeeper

The Lorekeeper is a position that has existed since 05.2, and over the years, the Lorekeeper’s role has changed and evolved, just as traditions at CTY have. To summarize the changes in responsibilities that the Lorekeeper has undergone, the Lorekeeper is, at present, tasked with completing the following work before and during session:

  • Keeping the Nomorenomicon and the Box of Artifacts: At the close of session, the Lorekeeper is to take the Nomorenomicon and the Box of Artifacts with them, and return with them to CTY the following session. If a Lorekeeper is unable to return, it is important to get in contact with another position holder or a returning student, and defer the position to them.
  • Contributing to the Nomorenomicon: Every session, the Lorekeeper will add new sections to the Nomorenomicon in addition to editing any inaccuracies in past sections. Nomorenomicon sections have ranged from changes in traditions to stray observations to philosophical musings. The Lorekeeper should always write in the third-person.
  • Transcribing the Nomorenomicon: At the end of 17.2, the transcribed edition of the Nomorenomicon on RealCTY had not been updated for some time. In years past, the Nomorenomicon would be scanned and emailed to past Lorekeepers. However, this has only been scantly followed in recent years. Your Lorekeeper has transcribed the Nomorenomicon verbatim on RealCTY up until 18.2 (section 14), and it would be advisable to have each Lorekeeper transcribe their additions to the Nomorenomicon on RealCTY for all to see. Updating RealCTY should not replace writing out a hard copy in the Nomorenomicon binder.
  • Contributing to the Box of Artifacts: In addition to adding to the Nomorenomicon, the Lorekeeper will also add an object of personal meaning to the Box of Artifacts, and create a new inventory of all present objects. As of 18.2, the original copy of Principia Discordia from 05.2 is missing, so a future Lorekeeper is asked to replace it.
  • Wearing and Repairing the 42 Duct Tape Bathrobe: The Lorekeeper should wear the 42 Duct Tape Bathrobe on Thursdays. The Bathrobe is fairly old, so the Lorekeeper is also asked to fix any broken patches so that it can be worn by future Lorekeepers.

14.9 A Few Parting Words

To quote Kermit the Frog, “it’s not easy bein’ green.” Perhaps this is a metaphor, because it’s true that life isn’t always easy. Life can sometimes throw garbage at you, which your Lorekeeper would know plenty about, because he works in waste management. But here at CTY, your Lorekeeper was so lucky to have had, even though only for 12 weeks, a community of people who opened their arms and accepted him for who he was. CTY is a big family full of hugs and tears and laughter with wholesome grandparents and weird uncles, a beautiful place filled with beautiful people who all come together to bask in the glory of being nerds.

And your Lorekeeper assumes that’s why it breaks him to think that he will be heading home and entering what he assumes to be the next part of his life. But deep down, he knows that a person never really can leave CTY. CTY is a part of us, and we are CTY. And, with that, your 18.2 Lorekeeper can only say, “so long, and thanks for all the fish.”

I like you, I love you, I CTY you! ∎



  • This section is not part of the Nomorenomicon
  • The Nomorenomicon has been copied verbatim. Previous additions should not be edited, and any corrections should be put in the "Notes" section.
  • The cover page reads "NOMORE-NOMICON", with the word "NOMICON" on a separate line, because the letters were too big. However, Nomorenomicon is, in fact, spelled "Nomorenomicon".
  • Even though each person is theoretically supposed to contribute 5 new articles, so far the Lorekeepers have been making 6.
  • All paragraphs are actually supposed to be indented. However, MediaWiki does not have this function.
  • All in-text bullets are actually dashes, as opposed to bluish squares.
  • The actual Nomorenomicon does not have a Table of Contents.
  • The Section headings (i.e., {Section X}) do not appear in the Nomorenomicon. They were added here to make the Table of Contents look pretty.
  • Individual sections are written on the separate pages unless otherwise noted.
  • The Nomorenomicon was transcribed in its entirety to Section 1 by Max W. Notes up to there are of the same author.

Section 0

  • The [etc.] in Section 0.1 was an illegible scribble that looked vaguely like etc.
  • The rabbit-oriented quote at the end of section 0.1 was on the back of the piece of paper which, on its front side, contained 0.0 and 0.1. It is the only text on the back of said page.
  • The two equations in section 0.FNORD should be aligned. There is only one bullet, however.

Section 1

  • There should be a half-page-sized space between "YOU LOSE" and the rules of the game.
  • The Game rules are wrong. See The Game for the real rules.
  • Philip Gunn's name is spelled incorrectly. See Phil Gunn for more information on Phil Gunn, including the correct spelling of his name. Rest in Peace, Phil.
  • Similarly, the sentence about Phil was written in small letters in the left-hand margin of the page, and an arrow was drawn to the word "one" in the phrase "No one is quite sure..."
  • Technically speaking, Section 1.11 should be 1.1.0; following sections have similar errors.
  • The C is for Cookie song has several errors. See the Afterdance page for more accurate lyrics.
  • In American Pie, there are a great number of errors and very little of the great amount of tradition. See American Pie for more and more accurate info.
  • Assorted errors in Section 1.2, especially in that High Holy Canon should be Upper Canon (High Holy can refer to the whole Upper Canon or just the three untouchable songs), and Low Canon should be Lower Canon.
    • Also, the protest may or may not have been about playing the song; it may have been because somebody didn't want the song played. However, BLT has been on the tentative Canon since the 80's.
    • Also, Tunak was added to the Canon in 05.2, not 06.2.
    • Second Saturday is almost never referred to as Drag Day. That's only in Carlisle. At Lancaster, it's Cross-dress Day. Or, most commonly, just Second Saturday. In fact, I don't know any Lancasterian who has called it anything but Second Saturday.
    • Sweet Transvestite is temporarily added to the Canon, not Time Warp. Time Warp is always on the Canon.
  • Actually, everybody loves Frank Wang, and it's fun to make AI jokes involving him while he is running AI.
  • Between sections 1.4 and 1.5, there is a blank page containing "There is no information on this page".
  • In section 1.4, for World's Worst Dance, the phrase that starts with "Not actually a..." is off to the right margin with an arrow drawn to the words "all canon dance."
  • In section 1.5, beneath the text are written the year, name, and e-mail of Lorekeepers past.
    • Information of Lorekeepers of 16.2 onwards is on the following page.
  • Over the heading of section 1.5, the author of section 12 included "*see 12.10 for IMPOTRANT new standard stuff to do", reflecting changes in the work of the Lorekeeper.

Section 2

  • Section 2.2 appears to have been written over some older text which was erased.
  • In section 2.5, the paragraph "...Oh, and in case..." is spaced several lines down from the main body.`
  • In section 2.5, the final bullet point is located at the bottom of the page.

Section 3

  • Section 3.4 "The Game Corner (RIP)" is omitted, as it has been overwritten with "FALSE."
  • Other subsections of 3.4 (3.41, 3.42) have not been omitted.
  • The quote from section 3.6 has is located on the back side of the same page.

Section 4

  • Section 4 consists solely of section 4.1.
  • Section 4.1 is written in large, double-spaced blue ink.
  • Section 4 marks the only entry that was worked on by multiple Lorekeepers.

Section 5

  • Section 5.1 and 5.2 are written on the same page.
  • The update of section 5.3 is written right indent at the bottom of the main body and was not written by the 10.2 Lorekeeper.
  • Section 5.5 has been omitted, as it has been overwritten with "FALSE."
    • "The Schnade" is spelled "The Shnade".
    • Subsections 5.51, 5.52, and 5.53 all have different handwritings, so it may have been added to by multiple Lorekeepers.

Section 6

  • In section 6.1, bullet points are dashes but bullet points under others are dots.
  • In section 6.1, "ENJOY!!" is written using the lower fourth of the page, with the letters "J.S." written inside the O.
  • Section 6.2 and 6.3 are written on the same page.

Section 8

  • Sections 8.1, 8.2, and 8.3 are all found on the same page
  • The same applies for sections 8.4 and 8.5.
  • In section 8.1, "hall bondage" is actually written as "hall bonding" in pencil, with "bondage" written over in pink pen.
  • Section 8.4 has a blank set of parentheses. The words inside have been erased, but looks like either "Love Tape Day" or "Last Tuesdays".

Section 9

  • Section 9.1 is written in large type on the entire first half of the page. "The Year of" is written in cursive.
  • There is no section 9.3. Rather, subsections 9.3.1 and 9.3.2 describe changes in 2014 over two pages.
    • Subsection 9.3.2 is a continuation of 9.3.1.
  • The subtitle of section 9.4, "or 'Why is stuff missing from the big cardboard box?" is written smaller type on the line under "The Tragedy of 1377"
  • The Lorekeeper's email was omitted from section 9.5.

Section 10

  • Section 10 contains only section 10.1.

Section 11

  • Section 11 contains the actual record of 15.2. Section 10 was written by the original Lorekeeper before handing the Nomorenomicon to the author of section 11.
  • Sections under section 11 are not numbered but separated by lines running across the page.
  • "The Egg, and its Relation to CTY Pride" is underlined.
  • The section is written in all-caps.

Section 12

  • The bullet point in section 12.3 is written at the far bottom of the page.
  • Sections 12.4 and 12.5 are written on the same page.
  • Sections 12.7 and 12.8 are written on the same page.
  • The departing RAs listed in section 12.9 are written in larger type.
    • RA Asher returned in 17.2.
  • Section 12.10 describes some changes in the work of the Lorekeeper pertaining to the Nomorenomicon and the Lorekeeper's box.

Section 13

  • Position holders of 17.2 are not in a separately numbered section but is separated from the rest of 13.1 by a line running across the page.
  • The note for the bullet point in section 13.1 is put in a box on the side of the page.
  • Section 13.3 is labeled 5.5.4 with "13.3" written in parentheses in the margin.
    • This serves as a reference to the omitted section 5.5.
  • Sections 13.2, 13.3, and 13.4 are written on the same page.
  • Section 13.5 and 13.6 are written on the same page.
  • Section 13.5 contains an illustration of the t-shirt and hat awarded by RA Asher to CTYers who did every session of Fitness Bootcamp.
  • Section 13.7, 13.8 and 13.9 are written on the same page.
  • The quote at the end of section 13.10 is located on the back side of the same page.
  • The quote was, in fact, sung by a CTYer named Andy. He returned in 18.2 and performed another act in the talent show on ukulele.

Section 14

  • Each section was written on separate pages, with the exception of section 14.9, which was written across two pages.
  • Section 14.5 has a piece of caution tape from the Great Dispensation taped to the bottom of the page.
  • To clarify section 14.5, The Great Dispensation of Duct Tape was carried out Benji and his classmates, with Stella-Grace Ford in particular.
    • A 30 yard roll of caution was used.
  • Section 14.9 has dashes instead of bullet points for the list of responsibilities.
  • Section 14.10 ends with a symbol known as a "tombstone," a sign used at the end of mathematical proofs.


  1. Section 0 = Polveroj the Plural (before 06.2)
  2. Section 1 = Emily Ehrenberger (06.2)
  3. Section 2 = Kendal Reed (07.2)
  4. Section 3 = Sarah Hackney (08.2)
  5. Section 4 = Ariane Turley, Bee Lockwood, Lena Beckenstein, and Wendy Li (09.2)
  6. Section 5 = Charlene Vance (10.2)
  7. Section 6 = Tung-Shu Chu (11.2)
  8. Section 7 = Liz Martin (12.2)
  9. Section 8 = Amanda Mingus (13.2)
  10. Section 9 = Brian Jeffers (14.2)
  11. Section 10 = Sharon Lin (14.2-15.2)?
  12. Section 11 = Ele Grant (15.2)
  13. Section 12 = Sam Botterbusch (16.2)
  14. Section 13 = Tyler Medina-Minerva (17.2)
  15. Section 14 = Brian Li (18.2)