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The Lorekeeper is a Lancaster position created in 05.2.


The position of Lorekeeper, Wearer of the Tape Bathrobe, and Protector of 42 was created during 05.2 by Polveroj, a minus-one-more who was worried about the general decline in insanity about the Lancaster site. He decided to document and hopefully maintain the general insanity of CTYers at Lancaster. The book he wrote, the Nomorenomicon, along with the Duct Tape bathrobe, a roll of DANGER tape, and a copy of the book known as the Principia Discordia, was left in the middle of Hartman Green before Passionfruit 05.2.

As per instructions on the box, the position was given to the one-more carrying a towel and/or wearing a bathrobe that wished to become the Keeper and won the Rock Paper Scissors Spock Lizard competition. This person was Emily Ehrenberger. She thus become the first non-anonymous (nonymous) Keeper.

She took the box home, read through the book, attempted to read the Rule of Fives and failed, and added her five sections to the book (mostly during Passionfruit the next year). She dutifully wore the bathrobe each Thursday at CTY LAN.06.2 and passed on the box and robe in the same manner as was given unto her.

The position holds the responsibility of recording traditions as they evolve during the sessions at Lancaster.

The Lorekeeper is an honorary member of the Order of the Dodecahedral Watermelon.


  • Before 06.2: "Polveroj"
  • 06.2: Emily Ehrenberger
  • 07.2: Kendal Reed
  • 08.2: Sarah Hackney
  • 09.2: Melissa Icaza (deferred to Ariane Turley, Bee Lockwood, Lena Beckenstein, and Wendy Li)
  • 10.2: Charlene Vance
  • 11.2: Tung-Shu Chu (Timmy Chu/ Pikachu)
  • 12.2: Liz Martin
  • 13.2: Amanda Mingus
  • 14.2: Brian Jeffers
  • 15.2: Elliot Grant (When Sharon Lin could not return).
  • 16.2: Sam Botterbusch
  • 17.2: Tyler Medina-Minerva
  • 18.2: Brian Li
  • 19.2: Benji Rothman (deferred to Brenden Elgarten when Benji could not return)
  • 20.2: Raffae Chowder

Writing the Nomorenomicon

Each successive Keeper adds five sections to the Nomore-Nomicon, starting with section Polveroj's 0.0. For the complete contents of the Nomore-Nomicon, see Nomorenomicon. Most successive Keepers just add amendments and updates, rather than full sections.

As of 18:33GMT on Friday, August 10, 2007, the Pentinity and the Lorekeeper can addendum previous Sections of the Nomore-nomicon to correct inaccurate information while keeping the original text preserved. 08.2's Holder of the Duck (Max) had already added a "Notes" section to the Nomorenomicon on its page here on RealCTY. Thus, Sections written before this law was enacted were already grandfathered in. Those Addenda and all future Addendums will be recorded in actual Nomore-nomicon and copied verbatim onto RealCTY (i.e. the exact opposite of what was done for the first two Sections) by the next Lorekeeper.

This seems difficult to do during session and might be done the opposite of the opposite way. Except then recorded by hand. Or something.

Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock

Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock (RPSLS) is played exactly the same as Rock, Paper, Scissors, except with two more maneuvers. Therefore, instead of saying "Rock, Paper, Scissors, Shoot!" one must say "Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock!"

The Spock sign is made in the traditional Spock sign fashion: index and middle finger together, a gap and then ring and pinkie finger together, with thumb separate.

The lizard sign is made by shaping one's hand into a mouth, with one's thumb below one's four fingers.


  • Rock smashes Scissors and crushes Lizard.
  • Paper covers Rock and disproves Spock.
  • Scissors cuts Paper and disembowels Lizard.
  • Spock disintegrates rock and melts scissors.
  • Lizard eats Paper and poisons Spock.

The Sending

The Sending does not exist. Upon further discourse between the Assistant/Secretary to the First Nonymous Keeper (Siri) and the 08.2 Holder of the Duck (Max) it was deemed unnecessary and inefficient. The five newest Sections of the Nomorenomicon will be posted verbatim here, on RealCTY, every year by the next Lorekeeper. This decision was reached between 07.2 and '08. Thusly, The Sending never came into play and the Assistant/Secretary to the First Nonymous Keeper simply made it never exist.

The following is posted solely as a historical note.

One day in the middle of 06.2, the Assistant/Secretary [friend] to the First Nonymous Keeper suddenly got a brilliant idea (mostly because she wanted to be included in the Lore tradition). Every five years, for The Sending, the current Keeper would email the Book out to all current and previous the Alcovians (and whoever else) so they could observe the goings on and goings wrong at CTY Lancaster. So the Assistant/Secretary and the Lorekeeper, who also agreed, went to the Master of Alcove T-shirts and presented the idea. The T-shirt master agreed and the List was born (though it was not actually delivered until after Passionfruit). It is theirs and various others' fervent hope that this idea does not die by the fifth year and that any Keepers, current and previous contribute to the Book and the List.