Second Sunday

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"Second Sunday", Second Sunday Silliness, Sunday Shenan-again, Second Sunday Shenanigans is (as the title ever so subtly suggests) an event that in past years has been recreated at the Lancaster site during First Session for the purposes of universal amusement and ridiculousness. As per tradition, with the beginning of each Shenanigan, runners go around to all the halls knocking violently on people's doors ordering them to come to the Quad to watch (and maybe participate in) the Shenanigan that will occur the next day. The said shenanigan is usually the reenactment of some sort of video game, but this is not required. The Jester plans Shenanigans with the other nomores.

The Painting is also stolen every year on Second Sunday during shenanigans. The Painting is a fairly large depiction of a forest in bright orange fall foliage in a gold frame which resides in the site director's office. In 2012.1, the Painting was discovered in the Lost and Found. After no one claimed it, it was dubbed "Phillip" and hung in the Alcove. It was given to Debbie at Passionfruit. The following years, it was stolen back during Shenanigans and kept in a nomore's room before being "found" and presented to the site director at Passionfruit (new adminsitration did not attend Passionfruit 15.1, so the Painting was given to Viv and Leo). At 17.1, with Thomas under maintenance, the painting was found in the lobby of North Ben.


On the second Sunday of 09.1, James 'Turtle' Buckland, Sasha Ayvazov, Joe Lodin, and Jesse the Counselor donned a Pacman costume and three ghost costumes, respectively. At ten o'clock, Shoff went around both boys' dorms, kicking in bathroom doors and generally harassing people in an attempt to get them to come to the quad at eleven o'clock. He also handed out cardboard circles, which came with the instructions to be on the quad and have that at the ready. As a result, the quad was well-populated at eleven o'clock, when Turtle stormed out of the North Ben dorm wearing a cardboard-and-tablecloth pacman costume. He went around the quad, collecting pellets. About five minutes after this, Sasha, Joe, and Jesse each exited the other dorms and began chasing Turtle around the quad. He collected cherries and did battle. The spectacle got a following of people who went around the quad with the characters, feeding Pacman pellets, which he used to defeat the ghosts and finally run into the dining hall. It was a success.


Angry Birds

Second Sunday Shenanigans of LAN.11.1 payed homage to the uber-popular, largely successful, iOS game Angry Birds (which reached a peak in popularity that same year). The Golden Egg was made and the characters were set. Two sides faced off: the evil green pigs and the righteous angry birds. The chief master piggie(s) moved the Golden Egg as each of their fortresses of piggies were decimated by the forces of the birds! The fortresses were scattered across the Quad and each was marked for its doom as the Golden Egg was stashed within. The final fortress of the piggies was in front of the dining hall, where the daring piggies formed a green piggie pyramid: their final, and most awesome, defense. They, however, stood no chance as, at this point, the Angry Birds had collected a grand following of Lancastrians that called for the downfall of the Piggie Empire. With the piggie pyramid destroyed, naught was left but for the piggies to surrender the Golden Egg in shame and go back to plotting in the shadows for their triumphant return...

Batman and the Temple Run Idol

Second Sunday Shenanigans of LAN.12.1 payed tribute to Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy and, following on ideas from the Shenanigans of the year before, the iOS game Temple Run. The Golden Egg, now having aged and become worth infinite value, was lost in the Great Temple, now an Idol. The Idol is sought by every avid adventurer, treasure hunter, tomb raider, etc. across the world. Myths surround the Idol. That it is guarded by three demon-monkeys that chase the carrier down... and they have always chased him/her down.


For Second Sunday shenanigans, D-Rock and some other nomores organized a game of Human 2048 on the pavement outside of the dining hall. A 4x4 grid was made with duct tape, and players were given packets of numbers to hang around their necks. People could choose to be a number or to make a move (one person moved at a time). Eventually, the game was won (I LOST THE GAME) due to a 1,024 tile spawning out of nowhere. This version of shenanigans was great fun for all. One notable memory of the event was one number running off the grid to blammo her target.

Painting Robbery

When Second Sunday dawned on 15.1, everyone realized that Shenanigans had not been planned. A decision was made last-minute to, instead of carrying out a half-baked shenanigan, hype the annual stealing of The Painting. The nomores dressed all in black and painted black war paint on their faces before storming Thomas and demanding The Painting while playing the Mission Impossible theme song. After The Painting was successfully stolen, the group paraded it through the dining hall, chanting "WANT IT, EARN IT, OWN IT." The Painting resided in David "Frank" Natanov's dorm room until Passionfruit, when it was "found" as always and returned to RAs Vivian and Leo (in the past, site director Debbie came to collect the painting herself, but new administration did not attend Passionfruit).


Second Sunday of 16.1 was pulled off after extensive planning and preparation by the 16.1 nomores. Numerous boxes were painted to resemble mystery boxes, and 6 large boxes were painted with the colors and emblems of Mario, Luigi, Toad, Yoshi, Peach, and Daisy. In order to conceal their completely not at all obvious scheming, the nomores dubbed their Shenanigans planning "Potassium Appreciation Club" as justification for the KIVO cup filled with banana peels. A course was marked out with cones and chalk, nomores were assigned to act as powerups and shells, and at 11, the games began with six nomores running the course. The RAs played the background music for various Mariokart courses over the speakers, and the first race went off without a hitch. After witnessing this, others were eager to switch out, and the games continued. Due to the fact that several participants did not know how to use powerups (understandably, as the rules were very subjective; for example, if one got the star, they were supposed to run for thirty seconds. If one got Bullet Bill, they were to "run very fast" for thirty seconds.) the races got very chaotic. On the fourth race, nomores managed to secure the six boxes again, and during the second lap, all the nomores (including the powerups) ran into Thomas and located the painting (which had a sign on it saying, "Priceless. Do not steal") and took it, before victoriously marching into the dining hall and parading around with the painting.