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Boyd is one of the full time employees of the JHU CTY program, and he was one of the founders of the Princeton site. He began working for CTY over the summers teaching Crafting the Essay and Pop Cult. He fell in love with the students, and found himself working year-round with the program. He had taught high school and college English, and he says that his favorite group to teach were the CTYers. His love for the program comes across whenever you talk to him. (Which I suggest you do) He loves the traditions and the quirky students. For example, he asked two students to talk about their experience at CTY at closing ceremonies, Alex Pressman and Julie, and he introduced Alex by commenting on the pretty floral sundress he wore on Drag Day, while he introduced Julie as the God of Blammo. Boyd has also said that he promotes the return of CTYers as RAs, TAs, and Instructors, which busts the myths that CTY somehow discourages the return of students as staff.


There were two returning RAs this year, JC and Katrina.

  • JC- There has been a religion created around the awesomeness of JC. He de-mined Cambodia in Middle School. 'Nuff said. He got accepted into both Stanford University and the Juilliard School with full rides. At the age of 16 he visited the Maasai of the Serengeti, and he's climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, among other extremely impressive feats. He is currently taking a year off from school to work at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC. He also writes amazing poetry. He was the SRA for 2010, and he is an inspiration, an amazing man.
  • James- Went to Carlisle as a student. He is 19, but he is going to be a senior at Harvard. Another fabulous RA. He was the DJ for all of the dances, and made sure to play lots of current music, some favorites, and of course, the high holy canon at every dance. He also taught students how to rave, and made sure to play enough techno so that a circle could be formed and ravers could, well rave.
  • Dom- Went to both Lancaster and Carlisle as a student. As an R.A. Dom had quite a devoted following among students, who enjoyed writing songs about him, throwing grass at him, and in other ways violating his personal space. Dom is also one of the only people who knows how to defend himself against bears.
  • J.B. - Probably the most mellow man on the planet, and one of the 5 final Blammo winners. During the school year he is actually a student at Princeton, and graced his hall with his presence in 2010.
  • Josh- popularized the game of ASA among students!
  • ...And of course, SRA Brian "Guys, turn your lights off!" Bishop.

For 2012... Sam was considered the best RA by unanimous consent

For 2013: Shawn, Paul!

For 2015: Shawn was well loved again, as well the RAs who just didn't give a damn, Dylan and Noel. Nicole was unanimously decided as the least chill. All of the RAs were pretty strict about not letting couples make out at the dance, especially Dan, who once resorted to hugging a couple who were locking lips, in an attempt to make it awkward. It was indeed awkward, as they did not stop, and he eventually let them be.

For 2017: Peter and Jeremy! Astha was the smoothest of them all!