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Who is Julie?

  • I'm Julie (full name: Juliana Leghorn)
  • AIM: Julie59502
  • E-Mail:
  • I am a CTYer


  • Lan.06.2 - MIND A
  • Lan.07.1 - WRT3 C
  • Lan.07.2 - WRT4B
  • Lan.08.1 - Latin
  • Lan.08.2 - ETYM A&B
  • PRN.09 - HTECB


I loved Lancaster, and since I have aged out, I have learned to love other CTYs. As in, CTY is anywhere where CTYers are. And especially in other sites, such as Princeton. I don't really know what to say about myself, except that I love CTY. I go to every reunion I can, and visit CTYers whenever possible. If you're ever around NYC, message me! And we can meet up. I don't go a day without talking to multiple CTYers, especially because my best friends and my boyfriend are CTYers. What else? I dunno. I like being strange, and letting loose. I think that everyone has good within them, even if you have to dig deep for it. Like Frank Wang. He's a wonderful guy, even though he keeps lying to me about not being at the upcoming session. Nerr.

I don't believe that there is a line you can't cross between RA's and students. I think that RA's are just CTYers who are too old to go to class there, but still wonderful friends to be made. I love getting to know as many people at CTY as possible, and I strive to get the life stories of every staff member. It's quite enjoyable. You should try it.

I guess that's it for now.

Positiony Thing-a-ma-jigs


  • Going to the ER 3 times. I think that's a record. Teehee.

1st Session

  • Magenta in 2nd Saturday RHPS
  • Just being "infamous" and single-handedly passing around the schnade, muwahahahaha
  • Starting the cleavage carrying of small stuffed animals

2nd Session

  • Passionfruit run and Empress


  • Member of the Oval Table Mafia
  • One of the two Passionfruit Emperors
  • God of Blammo

Passionfruit Speeches

I'll probably put them up here eventually...

Princeton Passionfruit Speech

Like Rachel, I had spent five sessions at the same site, one of the more tradition-heavy sites, but my friend from Lancaster who had gone to Princeton convinced me to go. At Princeton, I had a great time with the friends I made, like Rachel and the Oval Table Mafia, and the RA's and Staff. The staff was much more willing to work with me than the Lancaster staff was. This was most likely due to the fact that Lancaster was worried about their bosses in Baltimore, while the Princeton site is actually run by one of the original CTY staff, who works full time in Baltimore. The only real problem I had was that I did not get along very well with my hall. Because of this, I worked with the administration to allow interfloor sleepovers for the last weekend. And I think that the one thing that CTYers from Lancaster Carlisle (and other traditional CTY sites) should be aware of is the fact that Princeton is a CAA level site. Meaning that CTYers are in the minority, with a lot of CAAers who aren't necessarily used to the workload of CTY. This was slightly annoying because they did not have the same values in CTY. I got the impression that to them, they were at summer camp and that had to deal with the courses. Whereas CTYers are usually going to CTY for the course, throwing themselves into it, and the people are just the cherry on top. My overall evaluation of Princeton is that it is overall wonderful. But don't expect it to be very similar to CTY. It is a different but still wonderful entity.