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Goucher College Logo
Site Information
CollegeGoucher College
LocationTowson, Maryland
Year of Operation1993-1996, 2000
Avg. Number of Students200
Courses Offered
HumanitiesEtymologies | History of Western Art | Renaissance Art | Twentieth Century Art | Gandhi's India | Newton, Darwin, and Einstein | International Politics | Goodwives and Witches | Geopolitics | Topics In Psychology
WritingCrafting the Essay | Popular Culture
MathMathematical Reasoning | Topics In Precalculus | Math Sequence
ScienceIntroduction to Laboratory Sciences | Astronomy | Fast-Paced High School Biology | The History of Disease | Genetics | Microbiology | Intro to Neuroscience | Fast-Paced High School Chemistry | Investigations in Engineering
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Goucher College was a CTY site for a very limited time in 2000. The reason? It had to replace the namesake university of CTY due to Johns Hopkins' Homewood campus being renovated with completion of it during that summer.