Fast-Paced High School Biology

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Fast-Paced High School Biology
Science Course
Course CodeBIOL
Year Opened1982
Sites OfferedLAN, LOS
Previously OfferedCAR, CLA, HKG, JHU, KNE, LOU, NOR, RED, SAR, SRF, STM, UNI
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Course Description

This course covers material ordinarily included in a year-long introductory course in high school biology, typically a prerequisite for AP® or IB Biology. You’ll begin with the smallest unit, the atom, and build toward the final discussions of ecology and the environment. Along the way, you and your classmates will sample biochemistry, genetics and cellular processes, and integrate these concepts into your studies of evolution and systems of living things, such as respiration and reproduction. Through readings, lectures, and lab work, including dissections, you’ll finish the course with a strong foundation in biological concepts. Lab time constitutes at least 20 hours of the course. This course is intended for students who have completed grade 8 or above. If you have just completed grade 7, you are urged to take CTY’s Introduction to the Biomedical Sciences before taking this course.

Class History


BIOL.CAR.07.1 will always remember the sheep brain dissection, and the group presentations, especially the digestive system, by Ben, Janiel, and Bocong. They know that the class was a very exciting experience (except boring lectures).

BIOL.CAR.11.2 was taught by Luke Murphy and TA'ed by Eliza Anderson. Members of the class: David, Ice Tea (Niandong) Xu, Sahil, Connor, Luke Paustin, Fan/Matt Lu, Quinn Robinson , Grace Croley, Sadie Suleiman, MarieRosa Shin (Sora, Mir, Mario - some of her nicknames), Keerthi Kotha, Kirsten Schmitt, Sophia Caldera, Grace Cheung, Katherine Yang, Bo Kim (Bo-Hyun), Yerkezhan, and Madina.

BS at break: "Sahil, what's a gizzard? - Isn't that some type of reptile?" (Sorry, not finished yet)

BIOL.CAR.15.2 was taught by Luke Murphy and TA'd by Amanda DeHaven (more commonly known as Mandy!!). Class: Lauren, Dave, Shreya, Balthazar, Gaby, Sarah, Mat, Asma, Max, Park, Nia, Arianna, Lucia, Sasha, Derrick, Laurel, Jacob, and Tess. We will never forget cloacae (look! an anterior cloaca!), Luke's yoga to keep us awake, Mandy's "SCIIIIENCE!", the awesome chairs, and, of course, "BIO! OUT!"


BIOL.LAN.09.1 will always remember their amazing teacher, Bryan Cardella, who was remembered for his 20-impersonations-in-60 seconds in the talent show, his random Arnold Schwarzenegger voice in class to keep the class awake, and his constant involvement in bio-break activities.

BIOL.LAN.09.2 will always remember Talk Sess during breaks. Talk Sess was where we were all patients and therapists. We'd talk about our feelings, past relationships, life back home, or just crazy random things.

BIOL.LAN.16.2 was taught by Glen and TA'd by Victor. Glen often said interesting things that were recorded in multiple students' notebooks. The class also had an obsession with Pokemon Go (Pokeman) and the High School Musical Bad Lip Reading, specifically Daryl the Pony.

BIOL.B.LAN 17.2 was taught by Shan and TA'd by Alena, who sorely deserves a raise. (two dollars is slave pay!)

Notable members of the class include:

  • Vijay Subramanian, who was quote book holder of the session.
  • Kathie "Kat" Liang, who tried (and failed) to sneak Jeffrey Jehng into the classroom (twice!)
  • Krishna "Bambi" Bhambhani, who was the class pothead.
  • Andrew "Dad" Brose, who was very much a dad.
  • Dominic "Daddy" DeVarti, who flaunted an worryingly low Rice Purity Test score.
  • William Xing, who created The Ten Truths and gave an extremely questionable lecture during the last class.
  • Laura Yee, who was Kat's squirrel daughter and discovered that yes, there are penguins in the Galapagos.
  • Waverly "Wave" Choy, who was extremely graceful at volleyball.

Notable events include:

  • The coining of the term 'grass sex' after multiple two-person "grass orgies" between Andrew and Kat
  • Partner poi practice during break, leading to the intense shipping of Vijay and Kat
  • The creation of The Ten Truths by Will
  • The taping of the electrical compartment by Vijay's flamboyant rainbow duct tape
  • The removal ceremony of said flamboyant rainbow duct tape during the final morning class, in which Vijay, Kat, Andrew, Athena, and Wave all gave speeches before each removing one of the five pieces of tape
  • The anal penetration of a frog by Laura and Kat
  • The breaking of frog spines by Vijay and Kat
  • The combination of two frogs into one by Andrew, Vijay, Kat, and Laura
  • The intense shipping of Dominic and Will (Wominic? Dill?)

BIOL.A.LAN.17.2 was taught by Glenn Ritter and TA Leah. This class had the highest scores of all 18 sessions taught by Glenn Ritter.

Notable Class Members:

  • Anthony Yu (no more) class clown, responsible for many notable events, got a low rice purity score due to "living in a white town. It's boring", brought an annoyingly loud speaker
  • Ronit Malde (no more) brought chicken Tika masala and samosas ever Sunday
  • William Carey T-Rex!
  • Ziyi (Woods) Lin
  • Timothy (Sungkook) Rhee(no more) K-Pop fan, rapped all of Rap God by Eminem, dated Angela Mao
  • Ethan Tam- chopstick god, remember the number 64

Notable Events:

  • Ronit Malde explains what Viagra is with finger motions to a classmate
  • The dolphearmantopus presentation by Anthony Yu
  • Dissection in which surprisingly no one was cut
  • The feminazi poster done by Ethan Tam and Sungkook Rhee
  • Sungkook Rhee was nearly thrown out of labs due to nixing results in a lab
  • Note: Alex Jing was clearly in love with classmate Eva
  • William Carey was woken up by TA Leah for class at 9am
  • Watching so much goddamn Amoeba Sisters and Crash Course Biology


BIOL.SAR.06.1 will always remember "The Shpreet", "Rachel Moments", and the nicknames.

BIOL.SAR.14.2 will always remember the tacos and the nutrient analysis

BIOL.SAR.15.1 was quite possibly the most hilarious class of all time. Brian the TA and Jess our instructor were incredible. They were funny and nice and made us all very happy haha. The class was fun. We had labs about twice a day and the course was indeed fast paced. Of course our class was impossibly fun too with our incredible biology-isms and I really hope that Claudia got her mannequin with real blood because we all know that her glowsticks are drenched in blood.

  • "Crack is delicious?"
  • "What did I do to deserve this seasoning and roasting?"
  • "You can sort of tell, you aren't married are you?
  • "My soul ran out of batteries"
  • "It's not Satan, it's Charles Darwin!"

BIOL.SAR.15.2 was taught by Katherine Joyner and TA Dre. Dre got sick on the second day of class, so TA Stefanie replaced her. Stefanie was awesome. 7 girls (Roshni, Aloha, Aditi, Celia, Diana, Divya, and Uma) and 10 boys. Inside jokes in class:

  • "JUST DO IT!" -Shia LeBeouf, Nike
  • Spontaneous combustion in Arizona
  • Get Lost: (Katherine is notoriously famous for losing students)
  • Edgy (Nick), Hot Topic (Kaito)
  • Cell slavery, Cell jokes

BIOL.SAR.22.1 was taught by Brian (is it the same on as 15.1?) and TA Hannah. There was no TA for like the first week, but it wasn't that chaotic. The class was probably the smallest class in the entire campus, only consisting of 8 people (Paul, Phillip, Alex, Alex, Katherine, Mia, Olivia, Olivia). The boys played a ton of Pokemon Go and frisbree during breaks (until the group of old people came), while the girls usually talked and used Snapchat.


BIOL.JHU.07.2 will always remember the tiny desks and daily labs. They also know that the Pepsi-addicted chemistry teacher who lacked much knowledge of new biology was half-replaced halfway through the course.

BIOL.JHU 16.1 was taught by Darius and Jordan (Mr. Trull). Mr. Trull wanted the class to call him Jordan, but the name Trull is far too amazing for that. Will never forget our chants of "BAH-OLOGY."


BIOL.LOU.07.1 will always remember Steven's biome presentation, Hannah mutilating the cell models, and the caterpillar frass.

Los Angeles

BIOL.LOS.10.2 will always remember "anus" and the breaks where many things were always thrown into the fountain, and we always had to go in and get them. We will also remember Minky's obnoxious antics. Our family will also not be forgotten, for Chubby Asian Baby (Klaus) was the son of two proud parents (Vivian and Sam). There was a constant reminder that evils were among us as Minky the evil godmother would choke mainly one of the household relatives... (Klaus). Their dog hit three girls in the face. Those were dark times, but there were also good times. When CAB was not being choked or when the parents wouldn't mentally abuse CAB, or during breaks when we would play monkey in the middle with another dog......

BIOL.LOS.11.1 was taught by Dr. A. Harjani and TA-ed by Kelly McNamara. Members include Edmund Liu, Yoyo Fu, Aakarsh Rai, Luis Millburn, Danny Park, Albert Zhu, Reishi Mitsudome, Daniel Rodriguez, Angus Lin, Amanda Sin, Shreenu Sivakumar, Dana Nieh, Julie Lee, Nina Lee, Sophia Ly, Jenny Ha, Teresa Lin and Vorada (Tangkwa) Sakulsaengprapha. We were a very close-knit class, playing 8-square at break (Aakarsh was our King) and talking about random stuff. Many jokes were generated during this period, from photosynthetic jesus, the holy duck, and exploding teddy grahams to "I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE!" We learned alot about ourselves during those 3 weeks and we really came together. We cried together when we sang Kelly's Bio Version of Just the Way You Are, we dougied, we laughed, we sang, we dreamed and we enjoyed Asian Hot Sauce. And we'll always remember: "ATP ATP, who are we we're Bio B

ADP, ADP, who are you you're nobody

DNA and chloroplasts, we're going to kick you in the ass"

BIOL.LOS.14.2 was taught by A. Harjani and TA-ed by Kirsten Lutrell. We will always remember accidentally breaking one of the windows with a soccer ball, addie + subtractie, dead baby jokes, and the music on speakers during breaks. Also, Dr. H's bad taste in humor.