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Science Course
Course CodeGENE
Year Opened1989*
Sites OfferedCAR, JHU
Previously OfferedAMH, CLN, HKG, LAN, LOU, NOR, SUN
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Course Description

The first week of Genetics is heavily laden with review, covering things such as Mitosis, Meiosis, Punnet Squares, and the like. Depending on your high school's biology program, you may or may not be bored for the first week. Most (if not all) of the labs deal with Gel Electrophoresis, so by the end of the three weeks you will probably have the steadiest hand imaginable. The long pants/closed toes policy is not enforced for Genetics labs.

At CAR, the class is normally taught by Mr. Pellegrino (however, since he is only one person, in the event of two classes one will not have him as a teacher). He has taught at CTY for 20+ years, and almost always wears an old CTY shirt. In his class there are 3 main projects, one for every week. He also has a miniature trivia competition each day, so if you have him be sure to brush up on Genetics trivia before the camp begins. Mr. P's study hall is normally in the basement of the library, which is quite cold (so bringing a sweater is highly advised). Textbooks are also almost never used (however you still have to buy it).

Class History


JHU 08.1 will always remember schmoos and that gonorrhea is highest in frequency among 15-19 year old females and 20-24 year old males.

JHU 08.1 will always be remembered as the class that had the guy who bought "the inappropriate book," as stated in a staff newsletter.

JHU 08.1 will always remember when a little Taiwan boy pulled painted tampons out of his cup, convinced that they were 'fake teeth' despite contrary belief.

JHU 08.1 will always be remembered as the first genetics class to be given seating assignments, assigned lab partners, strict rules, and have an infamous reputation among the SRAs, RAs, and other staff amongst the CTY campus.

JHU 08.1 will always remember the awkward sight of two girls rolling around laughing on the floor in the middle of study session, the two accused of being high and on drugs.

JHU 10.1 will always remember that death is a phenotype.

JHU 10.1 will always remember study hall break rap sessions.

JHU 10.1 will always remember laser babies and drosophila genocides.


JHU 12.1 will always remember "Jake has a voice?"

JHU 12.1 will always remember Reproduction boy!

JHU 12.1 will always remember What a Bad Throw!

JHU 12.1 will always remember "Don't get a rash"

JHU 12.1 will always remember "Who licks a styrofoam ball?"

JHU 12.1 will always remember the PCR song and Bad Project

JHU 12.1 will always remember Paul's list. That is all.

JHU 12.2 was a nightmare. A class of 12 girls, 6 guys. Taught by Ms. Aghamirza and TA-ed by Jenny Peterson, we were an insane bunch. From Allopolyploidy equating to Banana Shrimps, playing Disc Golf and making cartoons of DNA replication, we were pretty cool! Aaron L Wong, Ally Branman, Amanda Sin, Anant Mishra, Gabrielle Chen, Keerthi Kotha, Kevin Baek, Mallika Patel, Rose Burns, Ryan Teehan, Sophia Pink, Taiway Kyon, Thanita Darakananda, Willa Lin, Caroline Shi, Haroon, Becky and Dana. Google Translate lives on.

JHU 15.1 will always remember Mountain Dew and male sterility. A class of 12 guys and 6 girls. Instructor was Dr. Ty and TA was Lava (accents!!)

JHU 15.2 will always remember the time that Tea had four Starbucks drinks, sea squirrels, Tae-hee's love for the booty. They will remember that "MOTHER NATURE IS ANGRY." There were 11 girls and 5 boys in the class (there were six but Canadian Ben switched to Neuro during the first week. The girls hall was infamous for walking around the hall topless/ bottomless in the halls (this was only a well-known fact because one of the SRA's was only a few doors down) They were also infamous for having a Jess, Jess, and Jessie (one of the Jess's went by Shannon because that was her last name) Some of the kids knew each other from BIOL last year (Tea, Jess (Shannon), Chris, Esther, Jessie, and Canadian Ben.) Tea is going to be 16.2's Empress of the Passionfruit! And no one will ever forget Noah.

In short? Genetics is an insane class.


CAR 09.1 will always remember Julian's afternoon jaunts, his "master key" (aka the brick), the Ego, and the View, among many other fantastic things.

CAR 09.2 will always remember Redbull and marshmallows, Lady Gaga and Julian's Disco Stick, Garret's dream of taking over the world with an army of clones, the View and CBS, and True Blood parties.

CAR 10.2 will always remember that if you eat chicken wings, your children WILL NEVER BE BORN!

CAR 10.2 will always remember DICHOF*TOMY.

CAR 10.2 will always remember jumping out of each other's closets, (creepy alien music in the background ♪♫).

CAR 10.2 will always remember the sad song.

CAR 10.2 will always remember "water bubblers" and "y'all".

CAR 10.2 will always remember putting colors into whiteoredangredeeneredds (supposed to say words).

CAR 10.2 will always remember very barbaric games of frisbee during break time and random tackle parties.

CAR 10.2 will always remember man pockets, Avril Lavigne, and the Gryffindor Rally Cry.

CAR 10.2 will always remember that we are here today to make a CHOICE.

CAR 10.2 will always remember "He KNOWS, He KNOWS! MY LIFE IS OVER"

CAR 10.2 will always remember POWER THIRST!!!!!!!!!

CAR 11.2 (A) will always remember "DO YOU SEE THIS CHICKEN? THIS IS NOT NATURAL!!"

CAR 11.2 (A) will always remember SWAGG.

CAR 11.2 (A) will always remember the House of Awesome, and the Bread Swag Walkerz.

CAR 15.2 (A) Will always remember "GENETICS!! *points fingers upwards*". A class of 6 girls and 8 guys, TA was Laura Petishnok (the one true queen) and instructor was Mr. Pellegrino. Never forget to eat a hearty HUB meal, with something deep fried and potato-like (Mr. P heard they serve that there). The central dogma is a VERY dramatic place, from Lenny Leading's love tragedy to the mRNA of our dreams. We were good sheep and grazed peacefully in the pastures of knowledge. Hey there Elijah, what's it like in Tennessee? I know you miss us all but really you just miss ole' Mr. P! Rohit, Eddie, Noah, Aidan, Elijah, Mark, Annabelle, Elizabeth, Izzy, Chiara, Taylor, Abby, Jeremy, and Chuck Bass. Never forget the quadruple-boobed Mermaid.

CAR 15.2 (B) Original instructor was Dr. Anton Dormer and TA was the amazing Rachel Goldenberg. Dr. Dormer seemed to be of African descent, his supposed specialty was bioinformatics, misspelled everything, mispronounced words (most notably "emzyne" instead of "enzyme", "alway" instead of "always", "plubish" instead of "publish", and the ever-famous taTA box), and his response to every question was "that's a wonderful question", then he would repeat your question back to you as an answer. Dr. Dormer gave daily quizzes, which he would incorrectly grade, could not identify proteins by sight (ex: mistaking hemoglobin for histones), and would often teach wrong information (ex: amino acids are made of proteins). Admin (including Lisa, site director and program coordinator) observed Genetics B daily, and on the THIRD day of camp, it was announced that Rachel would become a co-instructor with Dr. Dormer. WE LOVE YOU RACHEL. Mid-session, Dr. Dormer was fired (SCORE), and on the second Thursday, Sam Gilbert became our new co-instructor. Sam was knowledgeable, understood that we are smart children (unlike Dr. Idiot), and works at the NIH with dog genetics. Sam and Rachel were a fantastic team; Rachel brought her biology knowledge and superb teaching skills, and Sam brought his highly specialized genetics knowledge.

The girls of Genetics B were the best hall in history. They bonded and everyone felt a sense of belonging. Though we were split between three classes, all eighteen of us loved each other, and we grew so close. The boys of Genetics B, though small in number, were cool. Hamza powerlifts, Francis is love is life (FRANCIS), Sid is BFFs with Ruhi, Akira understands, and William was sent home early because he was quarantined until the end of the session :( William was famous for being a gentleman and always opening doors for everyone. He even got the boys of Genetics B to start opening doors, too!

Jessica's hall (girls of GENE B) did a Shia LaBeouf collab with Eli's hall for the talent show. GENE B's boy hall belonged to Alex Deluca (ALL HAIL).


The girls of Genetics B expressed their love for Rachel using customizable computer screensavers. For example,

Rachel, my favorite nucleic acid is RNA because it has U in it. Rachel, class without you is like a broken pencil. Pointless. Rachel, we only love you.

Fun Facts about Dr. Dormer: He wrote a puzzle book. He wrote and self-published the book Never Cry Hippo, a picture book without pictures. The child gets to draw in the pictures! Dani's dad sent her the book in a care package, but unfortunately, Dr. Dormer was fired before she could ask him to autograph it. Dr. Dormer went to UTESA School of Medicine in the Dominican Republic and is most likely unlicensed to practice in the USA. Dr. Dormer obviously did not understand the point of CTY and assumed that he was teaching a regular HS biology class that could not understand a word he was saying. Dr. Dormer is a FRAUD and HQ in Baltimore were obviously duped/conned when they hired him.

CAR 17.1 will always remember the PCR song and the GTCA song (a better version than YMCA), the genetics memes and puns... so many puns, geniverse (It's drakes not dragons!), fireboobs on Love Tape Day, and Dickie the chubby mermaid. This was a wonderful course.


"Recently, there was a robbery at a warehouse that stored bull semen. Your friend, about to undergo artificial insemination, is worried that there may be a mixup and she will end up giving birth to a minotaur, a half-human, half-bull entity. Explain to your friend why this is impossible."

- Actual problem in genetics textbook (LOU 04.2)