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two things: a) Can we consider a course defunct if it doesn't appear in the current CTY catalog? and if it doesn't appear there, how do we know it even existed in the first place? b) Should we make a seperate category for CAA courses? --JW

a) Yes, and we'll have to assume that they did exist.
b) Yes as well.
--Max W. 13:59, 5 September 2006 (MST)

Should be include the YS courses here as well? A lot of CTYers did Baby CTY as well, and I feel like it might be helpful/interesting to add them to the list

But wouldn't it be kind of useless because the courses wouldn't have pages, and so then it would just be a bunch of course names and no links


Uh-oh. I don't think this article is synchronized with the template/box, and I don't think either are fully up-to-date. For example, the 2010 course list no longer offers the Asian-Pacific Rim (while both the article and the template say it is offered), Dissent is listed as defunct in the article (and it is not offered in 2010) but as not defunct in the template (and the same goes for Twentieth Century Art), and such. I'm currently too busy to check everything; does anyone else want to do it? >_> --Lietk12 15:54, 27 December 2009 (PST)

Language courses

There used to be total immersion German in the 80s, which was a two-session class. (I took it, best class I ever took.) There was also total immersion French, but I don't know as much about that.