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Ok, someone has got to post some example FLAAR moves on here. I hardly understand the game, and I want to. -Jordan

I'm pretty sure that your request would be somewhat like explaining the rules of Mao. Basically, you play a card, and justify why you should be able to play that card. For example, if I played a card with a printer on a card with an elephant, I would have to explain why I was able to do that. --Max W. 07:32, 26 August 2006 (MST)

I wish I could explain FLAAR but it (like most games) is best learned by playing it. It is very difficult to describe. but Max got pretty close.

Yeah, this game is the epitome of randomness. No two games are the slightest bit a like. - Firefly1029 Murph Squad Session II '07

Just so everyone knows, Louis spells his name "Louis", not "Lewis". - Sarah