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I really don't think that the photo was taking in '05... more like '98 is my suspicion. It's got Adam in the front and that's Rose in the back and there are lots of other people I recognise. And so help me, if none of them have aged in seven years, there is something severely wrong with the world.

Just saying. :D

A few quick thoughts

First off, the whole no shoe thing is cute, and it might have been a definition we used, but we definitely were allowed to be barefoot at CTY (Lancaster) in the mid 90s. In '96 Kim Wallmark almost never wore shoes, she actually kept a pair of flip flops hidden in the bush next to the entrance to the cafeteria as it was one of the few places she needed to wear something on her feet.

Second, I don't think they originated at Carlisle in '94. They were very common among Digi/LLRT '95 at Lancaster first session, and I don't know how they would have cross-polinated. I suppose it is possible Andromeda brought them over in 94.2, but I was at Carlisle first session '94 and I don't recall them there. Realistically the number of students who were at Carlisle '94 (either session) and then were at Lancaster 94.2 or 95.1 to cross polinate is vanishingly small, and I think I know (knew) most of them.

Of course, I suppose it could have been transfer via the shuttle (if I am remembering correctly, there used to be a shuttle between the two sites once a session for people to go and visit for a day. Admittedly, it has been 15 years, so I am not totally sure about that, if someone else would like to chime in they should) - Louis G., 10/7/2009

CTY Is Famous

If you type Grass Orgy into Google, this page is the second link. We're famous!