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An orgy, according to a common belief among CTYers, is defined (at least in Pennsylvania, supposedly) as any gathering of five or more people in close physical contact and not wearing shoes. This belief is probably false; regardless, since students must wear shoes at all time, a true orgy at CTY is not possible.

Instead, CTYers opt for what is known as a grass orgy. Abbreviated as "grorgy" and variably called tummy chains or stummy lays (although these terms are used very infrequently), a grass orgy is essentially a pile of CTYers on any grassy area arranging themselves in a particular fashion. Grass orgies are initiated when one person lies on the grass, another lies with his or her head on the first person's stomach, another lies with head on the second person's stomach, and so on until a chain of people is created. Grass orgies often branch out past the straight chain arrangement, usually occurring when two heads are placed on a single stomach. Unlike hydrocarbon chains and other simple organic compounds, however, grass orgies currently have no standardized naming system based on student arrangement.

The grass orgy is a tradition invented in Carlisle during First Session of 1994. The original grass orgies were somewhat innocent ha-ha-game-style piles of CTYers. But, in recent years, grass orgies have grown to include any activity in which several CTYers are in a pile on the grass. Grass orgies are an important part of the student experience at CTY, and many students have agreed that long weekend grass orgies are one of the best ways to bond with and grow closer to CTY friends. However, because grass orgies often result in a great deal of PDA, and also because of the peculiar nomenclature of the act, grass orgies have been universally banned in recent years. Lying on the grass is banned in some sites and not in others; this is sometimes narrowed to lying on the grass after dark. In 2009, Lancaster sported a rule of "no lying adjacent to anyone on the ground," the rationale of which is lost to almost anyone capable of logical reasoning. Overall, rules about grass orgies tend to fluctuate wildly between different sites, years, and sessions.

Grass orgies occasionally occur on floors (where they are called floorgies) or on couches (where they are called corgies or couch orgies). Corgies are discouraged by RAs due to the potential for damage to furniture which was not designed to hold such a large number of people. There has been at least one instance where weight overload has led to couch damage (and subsequent couch replacement); the money to buy F&M a new couch was taken out of the CTY scholarship fund.


20 person couch orgy LAN 06.2 Atlee-Dubbs 2nd Lounge:

In Lancaster '10, the word "Grass Orgy" was "banned", and people were told to refer to them as "Tummy Parties", but very few RA's enforced the rule.

In 13.2, a gigantic grass orgy involving over half the students occurred on the quad between breakfast and first class to protest the unfair expulsion of a student. The orgy is pictured below:

Loudonville (Siena)

At Siena in 2002, a grass orgy meant rolling around in the grass entangled with as many people as possible, making it look like everyone was making out with each other. Most of the time, though, no actually making out actually occurred.

However, in 2006, Siena instituted a "no lying on the grass" rule, thus putting an end to grass orgies.

Example LOU.02.2:

Hawaii (KNE)

Grorgies have also spread to KNE, but in a different style. A grorgy must be created when a "Keystone" (the comfiest person in the immediate area) lies down and spreads themselves out for about 3 or more people to pile on top of them. These people then spread themselves out, and so on and so forth, until they become a massive intertwined amalgamation of limbs and such.

Every once in awhile these gorgies will take a towel or blanket to cover the mass with. This mostly is just to shield the sun, but eventually people mess around. (YES, it is still CTY appropriate) One final note: Try not to be the Keystone, because you will ultimately be smothered by everyone.

KNE '06 Grorgy in full swing -- try to find all 17 people:

Baltimore (JHU)

Unlike most traditions, grass orgies face no restrictions whatsoever at JHU. This may be because the staff are unfamiliar as to why kids occasionally all come together on the gentle slope, the beach and other grassy areas. This was made somewhat difficult, however, in 22.1 when the gentle slope was closed off for most of the session due to maintenance purposes. Regardless, feel free to gorge at al times at JHU… but keep a cap on the PDA. We don't do a lot of that here and admin can get very scared when faced with the unexpected.

Saratoga Springs (Skidmore): Stummy Lays

Started by The Wright Brothers and the Blonde Squad, stummy lays (also known as tummy lies, grass orgies, and, with a slightly different shade of meaning, pregnancy circles), are a Skidmore Session 1 tradition that playfully protests PDA regulations. Its origins are shrouded in myth, but the most commonly told story goes as follows.

A member of the Wright Brothers and two members of the Blonde Squad were engaged in somewhat flirtatious behavior (tickling). Accosted by an RA who demanded that physical contact be kept to a bare minimum, they were told that the girls might get pregnant. The response was that the three of them started sitting on one another. Technically, this comprised the first "pregnancy circle." Eventually, stummy lays, where individuals rest their heads on one anothers' abdomens, evolved from this tradition.

The largest ever stummy lay occurred during the Bex Daily, where the reigning Emperor and sex god David "Bex" Becker ordered the over 100 CTYers present to form a pregnancy circle. Over a dozen RAs present stood by impotently.

Pregnancy circles and stummy lays have since been used to protest administration lunacy, read books, or just have a good time chatting.


Carlisle, the home of grass orgies. In recent years, they have been known to be disbanded by strict RAs, but still attempted. The phrase "Grass Organization of Really Great Youth" was created in an effort to "mask" the true purpose of laying on the grass, but of course its appearance is unmistakable. All in all, grass orgies at Carlisle are restricted but still carried out; as of 10.1 grass orgies are executable, but prone to theatrical RA invasions.

Los Angeles

Grass orgies have only been brought to Los Angeles in very recent years. In 09.1, they were popularized by the Cognitive Psychology class. Also in 09.1, the leg orgy was invented during the first Thursday's social time. A leg orgy entails a large group of people sit in a small circle such that all of their legs have no option but to tangle up. Frequently, a blanket is laid on the resulting spaghetti of legs and most of the remaining conversation of the night has to do with figuring out whose legs are whose.

In 10.2, grass orgies were technically banned. However, this led to the birth of the Knee Orgy, or the Knorgy, by the Awkward Panda Cult. In a knorgy, at least 3 people put their feet on someone else's knees, forming a circle with everyone's legs. When asked, "What are you doing?" the participants responded, "We're having a knorgy," which, when pronounced right, sounds extremely similar to "We're having an orgy."


Grass orgies have also become fairly popular at Easton in the past few years, though they are more of the Hawaiian style than that of Lancaster. Notably, in a floorgy on Second Sunday of 11.2, a large group of people were hand checked but not ordered to separate, flying in the face of the normally strict PDA rules. They were also quite common among the Bioethics class of 11.2, who frequently held them during breaks. It was not allowed by RA's in 15.2 because it was deemed "CTY-I" The ban has remained in place through 15.2 and never had the chance to be lifted under HEATHER.