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Random, but anyone know how that 'Moo' rule was thought up in LMU?

No idea. Like the game in general, though, it isn't unique to CTY. My brother goes to different camp where they play the game, and he uses that rule too. --emmatheduck

I'm very confused as to why Virginia Beach rules are here. What do they have to do with CTY? Charlie 18:18, 10 March 2009 (PDT)

OK, so recently the user HwheatonMLICTY changed all of the "I Lose"s in the article to "I Lost the Game," because it's used more frequently. And I would agree with this in all atmospheres outside of CTY. At CTY though, everyone I have ever met has said "I lose," so I changed it back because I think it would be more corrct, and it was also the original article. So I say that we keep it as it is now unless an admin decides that it should be changed to Hwheaton's version. Daniel Russotto

The user erik3002 mistakenly posted that it was Ryan Cebulko who came up with the "we won" idea. However it was my idea, Ryan was simply very helpful in spreading the word around. Matt