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Hey, I'm Charlie!

  • LOU 05.1 CODE A, Rob's hall (Ryan 4, I believe)

Since it took me so long to find my home in LAN.2, I never rose to the


that some of my friends had, but I did manage to:

  • keep the ten-year-old Fruitopia in my freezer between '08 and '09, and then drink it (unfortunately, not at Passionfruit, because Debbie had it and she wasn't awake then; I managed to pass it down at an impromptu ceremony outside Keiper after final classes)
  • lead the Circle song for all five Afterdances in 2009, along with Declan
  • build and maintain it since 8/27/06! (PCTYD has since spawned things like Project Future, a sporadic webzine called "Forevermore", and a forum community with 300ish members and some 60,000 visits per year)

I love


and I love the Passionfruit. But I love CTY a lot more. Partly because my Passionfruit juice was actually an energy drink called "Venom", and I had been really looking forward to drinking BAWLS.