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Hi! I’m Isaac Uy. I’ve gone to CTY for 9 total sessions, from 2015 to 2019, plus at least 4 years of baby CTY. I was the Rave King for Car 19.2. I was also the Purple Ferret for Car 19.2. Ariel Uy, Jack Flash of Lan 16.1, is my sister. I almost won Blammo during Lan 18.1 with 15 total kills, but I got Blammoed because my pod poi broke. My signature move is the jump rope orbital. I’ve been friends with the position holders at both Lan Session 1 and Car Session 2 every year from 2016 to 2019. I brought forth Waluigi during Car 18.2.

In 19.2 Isaac’s friends began to refer to him as Isaac Akton Uwuy after he was mentioned as such during Starcrash during a scene in which Akton was playing with his powers.


Car 15.1 - Game Theory
Lan 16.1 - Computer Science
Car 16.2 - Cryptology
Lan 17.1 - Advanced Robotics
Car 17.2 - FPHS Chemistry
Lan 18.1 - Theory of Computation
Car 18.2 - Electrical Engineering
Lan 19.1 - Advanced Cryptology
Car 19.2 - Neuroscience


Isaac, you're such an amazing raver, person, friend and Rave King. 2018 and 2019 were some of the best years I had and I'm glad I was able to spend them with you :D -Matthew