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Hi. I'm Ariel.
If you went to Lancaster this year, you have probably seen me, maybe in the Unpause (2014) or raving. I'm your Jack Flash for 16.1! I may or may not be responsible for the two-quesadilla limit in KIVO. Known for: having a lot of glowsticks, having elaborate Halloween costumes, confusing staff members with CTY shirts from when they were students, bringing back "I met a girl who sang the blues" as a role, leading Tentacles in the afterdance, getting 7th place in blammo that one time, replacing the missing chain.



08.1 - Math Problem Solving (MPSE)
08.2 - Be A Scientist (BSCI)
09.1 - Inventions (INVT.A)
10.1 - Modern Fantasy (MFAN)
11.1 - Introduction to Robotics (IROB.A)


13.1 - Probability and Game Theory (GAME.A)
14.1 - Philosophy of Mind (MIND.A)
15.1 - Neuroscience (NEUR)
15.2 - Linguistics (LNCS)
16.1 - Number Theory (THEO.A)
16.2 - Logic: Principles of Reasoning (LOGC.B)


13.1 - Tajuana, South Ben 3
14.1 - Patricia, South Ben 4
15.1 - Tymone, Thomas 3
15.2 - Georgi, Thomas 3
16.1 - Vivian, Thomas 4
16.2 - Vivian, Schnader 2


Contact info: find me on Facebook

Ariel-- I read it! <3 <3 -Matisse
Arieell Hello I'm here!!! -Shprinkles
Youre actually one of my favorite humans ever wow -Lily
BLAMMO! -(you know who)