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caroline vernon; mad monarch CAR 20.1, 21,1 SAR 22.2

instagram: @c4r0l4ne.


cty, you have a nice butt

cty, we love you

give us your souls

give us your souls


we love you.


heroes and villains 17.1

model u.n. and advanced geography 18.1

intro to biomedical science 19.1

exploration of ethics 22.2

the last passionfruit

to milking a panda

to nighttime adventures with mr pibb

to tikkun olam with danny devito

to “oh no! they turned philosophy into a graph!“

to giving frisball

to the donut of life and other philosophy

to mela’s night shivers

to vore

to alarming amounts of axe body spray

to danish and spanish and british exchange students

to smukke 😍

to globalized baby farms

to “here at skidmore, we do not consider coconuts as a tree nut”

to gay prosthetic arm raving

to slam poetry forever young

to “closed and full of styrofoam”

to going stir fry

to elvis’s grippers

to gerkins

to the little guide to bob dylan

to coming out as a radiohead fan

to being locked in a closet

to “they glowstrung too close to the sun”

to the mad spooner

to salt over the left shoulder

to sigmund freud’s instagram

to quinoa bagels

to jon good

to seeing an old RA sim at a concert

to not being able to cry at the last dance

to missing every goddamn orbital at the last dance except 2

to the lost nevermore packet

to the cheese economy by rats

to our claimed tree, julia

to my roommates: ashley, annabelle, and sumitra

to my RA’s: olivia, liz, leah, and katherine

to my honorary RAs: sim, gaynor, sk, camille, elvis, chloe, and matt

to my classes: heroes and villains, model un, anatomy and physiology, electrical engineering, disease modeling, and ethics

to washington college

to ursinus college

to dickinson college

to skidmore college

to all my old cty peers who i am still in contact with: to nate, to naomi, to isaac, to jack, to katie, to asha, to tyler, to jasmine, to barton, to alex, to shreya, to charlotte, to tali, to aidan, to lailey, to charlie, to grace, to mari, to dani, to chris, to arun, to dot, to nate (again)

to all my current cty friends: to lily, to rebecca, to logan, to ella, to mela, to jesse, to dax, to miranda, to jachin, to dinah, to reiner, to eliza, to anna, to (almost) everyone else in my hall

to the cancelled years

to the virtual passionfruits

to raving and weeping on facetime

to the constant rescheduling of 1/3 of the students this year

to the absolute shitshow that the cty higher ups have been

to my parents for dealing with all of my sobbing

to all the lost tradition

to the transition between carlisle and saratoga tradition

to (a.n.: this is meta)

to my groupchat who have gotten me through so much

to most everyone i’ve known at cty for being the best relationships i’ve ever been in

to disappointment

to dickinson (and skidmore), to cty, to nerds, to lifelong friends, to a frankly disappointing summer because it’s not how cty really is, i like you, i love you, i cty you, i love cty and i love the passionfruit

love tape

hey! you! with the rad hair! even though 'rona sucks, there is a silver lining in that i got to meet awesome people like you! thank you for vibing with me at the dance and giving me hair dye tips. you're so kind and so much fun and i'm so glad that we got to chill together online this session. i hope you have an awesome session next year - and keep in touch! i'm always down to dance in vc :)
Planetary lt.png - lauren :))

hi caroline! so glad that I got to know you during online session this year <3 happy love tape day! User:Caitlin Fox

Hey Caroline! I know that we’ve had our ups and downs, but please know I still genuinely love and care about you and I am a very proud mama to the would’ve been 20.1 Rave Queen. Keep your head up, keep on raving, and remember mama loves you - Allison Goel

Hi, Caroline! I don’t know you very well but you have been quite kind to me since I’ve met you and I’ve enjoyed conversations with you on the Discord server. Thank you for the baking advice. I’m glad we met and I hope to become closer with you. I cty you. Happy Love Tape Day! ~ Juliana

Howdy Caroline! I know my sister probably knows you better than me, but I know you're going to be fantastic as mad monarch! Keep raving and you'll be fantastic! It's always been great talking to you. Take some Love (Caution) Tape.
Caution.jpg - Connor