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Hey there! I'm Becca and now a forevermore whose heart resides at Lancaster second session.

You might better know me as Satan/The Fiend of 12.2 or that girl that carried around a unicorn on a stick. It was an amazing, life changing, unforgettable ride, thanks to everyone who was there to share the experience with me. Along with the rest of the four-person (plus Debbie) Pentinity of 12.2, we helped to make the changes to some traditions that we were asked/demanded to alter, such as changing the titles of Jesus and Satan to The Muse and The Fiend(respectively), changing the title of the event formerly known as Last Supper to The Restaurant at the End of the Universe, and adding Science Fiction Double Feature to the RHPS performance on Second Saturday to replace Sweet Transvestite (in which I was Magenta). All of it was a pleasure.

Lan 09.1 Crafting the Essay

Lan 10.2 Utopias and Dystopias

Lan 11.2 The Critical Essay: Popular Culture

Lan 12.2 COGN

Stay sketchy, my friends.