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Hi, I'm Anaya. I am a nomore as of 2019 and will no longer return, the PCTYD is hitting hard. I hope to return one day and be an RA or TA. I was a three year no name (although I hear the name is now Thaumaturge so that's cool).


BRI 17.2 Introduction to Astronomy
CAR 18.1 Genetics
LAN 19.1 Neuroscience

Lancaster Passionfruit Speech

CTY has been one of my favorite things to experience these last 3 years and I know it will be the source of some of my favorite memories when I look back later in life.

When I first came to CTY at Bristol in 17.2 to take Intro to Astronomy I was terrified to be without my parents and live by myself for three whole weeks. However, I soon made friends with my terrific hall mates the Fire Breathing Rubber Duckies. I got introduced to the beautiful cult that CTY is and all its traditions. I eventually left feeling like I needed to come back and experienced the full force of PCTYD.

My 2nd year at CTY I went to Carlisle for 18.1 and took Genetics. I made new friends and experienced so many new traditions that I hadn’t experienced before. I left missing all my friends, the activities, and our self named class of Gene ticks where we would breed imaginary dragons for specific genes.

Now I’m on my 3rd year and I keep wishing I had more time and could experience just one more day of CTY. I know I’m going to miss so many things. I’m going to miss the beautiful CTY community. I’m going to miss all the weird culty traditions which I’ve never seemed to fully learn or discover no matter how long I’ve been here. I know I’m going to miss the great feeling that Lancaster has with all its years of tradition and wonderful people.

I’m going to miss coming up with cheesy pickup lines with my friends to use on unsuspecting campers. I’m going to miss our stupid debates that might have gotten too intense like whether French Canadians actually exist. I’m going to miss my class the Neurogang and my hall the Bus Drivers. I’m going to miss the song “Dance with Me” and flashing “gang signs” to its beat every morning during Neurobics. I’m going to miss my classmates yelling out random CTYi stuff during lectures and how we always seem to return to talking about our weird dreams. I’m going to miss fighting over who can squeeze and hold Pumba aka Mohammed the pig during break. I’m going to miss watching Starcrash with my friends and enjoying the wonderful special effects. I’m going to miss freaking out non-CTYers with our rituals and dances. I’m going to miss every random CTYer who has made me laugh or shaped my experience. I’m going to miss everything about this cult but I know that it will continue to be a great place for kids like my little sister to have fun and learn new things just like it was for me.

I like you, I love you, I CTY you. I love CTY and I love the Passionfruit.

Carlisle Passionfruit Speech

To “It’s dead now.” To mousey, to “becoming Korean,” to PCR, to Drake-o Malfoy, to Geniverse, to Eugene, to Leyla’s awesome dance moves, to making a pentagram out of ducks, to skinny pop, to the trump baby balloon, to Tea Cooler, to Lucky Charms, to Speakeasies, to infecting everyone with a cold, to the G.T.C.A. song, to loving Avatar: The Last Airbender but not the movie, to CTY, I love you.