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I'm Alex Pressman... well this is Alex Pressman's page, this is actually Julie writing it because Alex is too busy to bother. (Julie's going to write this in first person for him)

I've been going to CTY for years, ever since Baby CTY. After a bad experience my first year of BabyCTY, I decided to give it another chance, and have been hooked ever since. After Baby CTY, I went to Lancaster which was amazing. Although I was never too fond of the Alcove, I loved all of the traditions. I was part of another group at Lancaster, the Crew. We have t-shirts, it's pretty sweet. After Lancaster, I decided to go to Princeton, because I just couldn't give up CTY cold turkey. I went with Julie, Allegra, and Johnni from Lancaster. And took HTEC with Julie, because I love her so much. And we had a wonderful time at the Oval Table Mafia with our new Carlisle and other friends. Basically, I love CTY (especially Julie) and I love the Passionfruit.

Oh yeah, after losing Blammo in 2008 to Julie, I won at Princeton! Yay!