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Hullo there, I'm Aradhana! Nice to meet you!!


Two-year Tragedy, Just Fiction & Poetry 17.1 and Logic 18.1. Also, (semi-dilligent) Holder of Lanyard Stack.


-chick fil a fries


-when the dining hall has no cones and I have to eat soft serve out of a bowl like some sort of peasant

-being ousside for barely two seconds only to be attacked by Lancaster Mosquitos™

-birkenstock tanlines (it's a real problem)

-not being allowed to pet dogs in the campus (keep trying)

-being reprimanded for wearing my lanyard around my waist (its called fashion look it up)


Ironically, I feel like my biggest connection to CTY happened neither in my life time nor on campus. On a plane to India in 1998, Daler Mehndi (yeah that[1] one) hit on my mom. She got to sit next to this man for a 14 hour flight and claims that his phone number is somewhere in out house. Should I look for it? I don't know if this information should make me proud or very deeply uncomfortable. Probably the latter. Definitely the latter.

Being the proud owner of my dog, Sylvie Wolff

Knowing Sylvie Wolff

Being in the presence of Sylvie Wolff

Living in the same building as Sylvie Wolff

Breathing the same air as Sylvie Wolff

((sylvia i see what u did u aint slick))

didn’t finish to kill a mockingbird u know who


bruh i miss you and ur rasputin dance