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Hello! I’m Nina. LAN 17.1, 18.1, 19.1. I like you, I love you, I CTY you.

Squirrel mum: Amy Germer


  • LAN 17.1: Logic A (RA Clarisavel, Weis)

The science boys always wear blazers

  • LAN 18.1: INBS C (RA Amelia, North Ben)

This was us. Sorry

  • LAN 19.1: Topology! (RA Kaitlin, North Ben)

How do you understand graduate-level math and not how rain works?

Accomplishments (somewhat noteworthy, maybe)

  • Came in 11th place in Blammo 18.1
  • Creator of Logical Turtle 17.1 (HE WILL BE MISSED NINA - Ari)
  • Was the kid with tissues at Passionfruit 17.1 and 18.1
  • Removed a fetal pig brain intact 18.1 (lol, INBS)
  • First ever topology class 19.1
  • Possible the worst SKL Pong player 19.1