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Casey Lu

Westport, Connecticut

one day in the faraway future, middle-aged me will stumble upon my userpage and realize i was once cool. or, i thought i was cool.

Oh gosh, I really need to go to Passionfruit one day.

Nevermore '13

Hopefully going CAR.13.2 to return to my beloved Wesley & FirePenguin! <3


  • Become a non-fascist RA at Carlisle the first possible year and hopefully have a younger CTYer I knew in my hall
  • Become a decent ERS player


CTY High Honors - 2011

Shit Went Down

A long, long time ago, I can still remember...

  • BTH.10.2 - Lizzie's Hall (Bernie, roommate Amrita) - Mathematics of Money (Dave & Jessie)

Becoming "Chocolate Wasted Girl" (Christened by Mammy, Hannah Rutty after the consumption of 7 scoops of pineapple sherbet and the irreversible madness that ensued / narrating the sex columns of Cosmopolitan / dungeon-like dorms / Andrew Burrichter's farmer's tan / Mafia with Dave (I've never played a better game) / Foursquare Culture / the allegedly romantic advances of Stalker Peter / "Remember the Titans" and #48 obsession (only later did I realize he was the one and only Ryan Gosling! <3) / commodities, stock simulators, and the lemonade stand game / "tennis ball fruit" / Supposed bed bugs / the Biotech & Philosophy guys / CTY Mission: Impossible / the hill / the tree grove / the beginnings of weird casino favors / warming up Salvador's pie / the number E / third person talking / Jim-Bob and the wasp sting / Georgi and knuckle-bumping / picnic table keying / nearly killing people in line for ice cream / squirrel attacks / Rum cake drunkenness / the no-sugar challenge / molting cicadas / fence-vaulting, Nuts About Ice Cream, cucumber cumberbunds, jewfro boy / Sit & Spin

Kevin Xie: "Must be that time of the month again." Me: "Nah, that was last week!" Knowrhah Fleurimond: "OH MY GOD CASEY!!"

  • CAR.11.2 - Ellie's Hall (KW, roommate Rena) - International Politics (Dan & whatshisface TA)

Bible-touting Ellie herself / Annarose's hipster wardrobe, 100% Pure obsession / half-Asian love / the original GingerPet (Matan Arad-Neeman) / Massey's Frozen Custard / the ClothesVine / Maotai & atomic bomb recipes / bongs at the gas station mini-mart / "It's whatever" / Conor's bra removal lessons / the beginnings of Double Kline and life story telling / saving Jisoo from rapists / snowcone & cotton candy gorgefest at Big Saturday (x 16 total) / being Bosnia & Herzegovina / my favorite lax Jew / Dan & Meg / Nixon's pants / Harry a.k.a Bush '43 / LSD glasses / the physics class / the two plush Cthulhus / the fancy staircase / Non-showering Darth Vader guy / the beginnings of Drag Day during college visits / awkward Electrical Engineering guy / seeing Amrita / Walmart Great Value brand / the ATS incident / library study halls and the merman statue / Bigelow's Green Tea / Operations Turkish Delight and Latin Salsa (?), Teabaggery, Tea Cooler & Three Mile Island / the bio & Creative Non-Fiction guys / "The rape of China" / drinking marijuana / insane Carlislans / rinas & rhinos

"Now remember, if you destroy the world with a nuke, you get 30 minutes off the last dance." ~ Dan

  • CAR.12.1 - Katina's Hall (Quad 9, roommate Shweta) - Fast-Paced High School Chemistry (Al & Antonia)

"And I just thought Asian, Asian, Asian...all the same!" / first impressions game / Golden Age-style hall / Predators at Meet Market / $80 spent at the Devil's Den / befriending ballerinas / Olivia's caffeine addiction and penalty box (whatever it was called) habit / Skrillex hair everywhere / Mello Yello discovery / the gigantic fan at Kline / cougaring it up / the Game Theory guys / the supposed rules of feminism / Lower Quad chairs / fascist authority / sitting on Walmart shelves / actually liking and bawling during Brave / Rainbow Fish / the secret balcony / GingerPet II (Eitan Raitses) / Michael a.k.a the Tree / Pokemon D&D / Casey's Abstinence Program / Diana <33 / Hurricane Katina / graphite diamonds and dish detergent / Antonia's wedding trip / Madonna & Queen Latifah / "I'll Make a Man Out of You" / seeing Amrita / lab incidents / messing up "Tunak Tunak Tun" with Cole / Fschnargling / hot Supple / the 4-letter F-word (not the one you're thinking of) / body drums / the beaded elephant shirt / violent outbursts / Lube N' Go

"And because diamonds are turning into graphite chemically, they are not forever. Buy your girl a lifetime supply of dishwashing liquid instead!" ~ Mr. Olsen

CTY has a nice butt, CTY, I love you! Take off your clothes, take off your clothes, CTY, I love you!

Shoutouts to These Awesome People

Amrita Ramamurthy, Lucy Lin, Knowrhah Fleurimond, Wanna Chun, Hannah Rutty, Kevin Xie, Mike Livingston, Jack Fox, Saboor Khan, Wiquon Banks, Bhavitha Kotha, Jisoo Song, Michelle Cheng, Rena Zhu, Annarose Klinger, Matan Arad-Neeman, Richard Yang, Zach Ranen, Daniel Vaysburd, Pooneet Thaper, Shaunak Mirani, Conor Millard, Quinn something (sorry!), Arthur Shim, Wesley Wong, Shashank Bhargava, Samuel FirePenguin Bowen, Ted Morandin, Katherine Yang, Luke Paustian, Shweta Modi, Audrey Liu, Jessica Zhang, Olivia King, Amber Song, Cole Casteel, Chris Lee, Justin Lee, Eitan Raitses, Rui Zhang, Kevin Lin, and OMG JANDY! <3

I like you, I love you, I CTY you.