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International Politics
Humanities Course
Course CodePOLY
Year Opened1985
Sites OfferedCAR, JHU, LOS, SAR
Previously OfferedCLN, GVA, KNE, STM, SUN
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Course Description

International Politics provides a basic overview of many of the problems in the world, such as hunger, genocide, and informational security. The course has been criticized or been given apathetically no consideration by different people considering its pacifist style of conflict resolution.

Class History


At CAR.05.1, many complaints were heard about the many useless geography sheets that students were required to complete after looking up large quantities of useless statistics. The same complaints were made next session, with the addition of a number of necessary poetry assignments.

International Politics was taught in Carlisle in 2007 by Dan Mumford and was TA'd by Taku Chakravarti. Taku inspired his own activity, called Taku appreciation. Dan, meanwhile, was in the Peace Corps in Africa and was an actor in an acclaimed World of Warcraft movie. Dan was frequently called D. Mums so as to differentiate between him and Dan Soltis (Diesel/D. Sol/D. Train/Dan). Dan was the RA for all of the guys in International Politics at Carlisle in 2008.1. D. Mums loves the elder god of chaos known as Cthulhu and you 'will grow to love Cthulhu by the end of the session.

At CAR.08.1, there were no more useless worksheets/poetry. The class was very interesting to those who enjoyed history/politics. A word of warning though, many of the arguments do tend to have many different sides with little difference between them and those at either end of the side were usually considered to be wrong by everyone else. As the TA, Megan, said, "There is no black or white there are only shades of gray." Some highlights included a game called Coalitions, a game about International Relations (2008.1 was the first year in which IP A and B failed the game completely resulting in the destruction of the world, a kid named Nate vetoed the peace agreement resulting in utter destruction), reading/discussing the New York Times for the first 2 hours of the day (then discussing the book/other points the teacher wanted to make for the rest of the time (you read the book/various articles during study hall in the evening)), and just the general awesomeness of the class.

At CAR 08.2, the reading/discussing of various NY Times articles resulted in one CTYer losing some of her faith in humanity, as well as other intense class ethical arguments.

At CAR.09.1, Mumford instructed and Cassie was the TA. The week and a half was highly memorable due to Race's inappropriate moments and Claire's un-PC comments. Most memorable of all was the discussion that sprung from an article in the NY Times about illegal immigration, which lasted over an hour and consisted of yelling and disintegrating friendships. Log rolling also proved to be a learning experience.

At CAR.09.2.POLY.A, Maria Vassilieva instructed and Kehan DeSousa was the TA. This dynamic duo consisted of a Georgetown professor and a very knowledgeable coffee/tea loving TA. With the most amount of information squeezed into the smallest amount of time they successfully kept their class interested in the subject. The day began with current events reading and discussion for an hour in the NYTimes, continued into a lecture, and ended with the afternoon class where projects were worked on and more studying was done. With a day to spare there was an inter-class simulation where both classes broke into groups representing made up states. Within this simulation, a made up terrorist organization called S.W.I.N.E F.L.U was admitted to the security council and proceeded to nuke the world.

At CAR.10.2.POLY.A , Maria Vassilieva instructed and Jose Iriate was the TA. Both teachers were great instructors, and Jose's lecture was fast, fluid, and conveyed hard concepts efficiently. The class read the NY times and analyzed, and played several debates, including an incredibly unrealistic Isreali-palestinian peace talk. The class also watched a horrifying documentary called Ghosts of Rwanda. At the end, the class made another simulation where another terrorist group called L.I.O. B.P. attacked the world. Turn that around and you get BP oil.

At CAR.12.1, Taku Chakravarti return to Carlisle as Dan's TA once more. After telling the class (which happened to contain the current Emperor and Jesus, as well as the next year's Emperor)that his real name was not actually Taku, the mad hunt for Taku's true identity began. The class convinced their RAs to hold a Taku Appreciation activity. On Wednesday, the last activity period of the session, Taku Appreciation was held in which the students all created their own satchels, imitating the satchel Taku always carried around. In addition, at the very end of the activity, Taku revealed his true identity to the students- Atish.

At CAR 13.1, Kevin Santos Flores joined forces with Dan and spent a lot of the time sitting in the corner of the classroom, making wildly inappropriate jokes, and then laughing at his own jokes. Study hall was very hard because the girls would always go on adventures in the library and laugh every time they made eye contact with Kevin. Apparently, according to sources, Kevin used to TA at LOS for some class or another. The simulation was done with Interpol A (B? [the younger kids]) and was really tense, intense, and horrifying. Friendships were tested. Cthulhu continued his reign and his plush body was thrown around quite a bit. Dan's shirt pocket is the greatest invention known to man. Students had a lot of internal turmoil this session so it was totally weird.

At CAR.14.1, Dan Mumford once again taught Poly B. Considered by some as the best year yet, Poly B had multiple 'important' students: Two Poetry Goddesses, one Jesus Non-Denominational Spiritual Figure, the Oldest Kid on Campus, the BAE, and the first two Imperators (although the latter is not always recognized.) Dan impressed the students with multiple simulations, modeling after the real-life events of the Russia-Ukraine conflict and the Gaza-Palestine conflict. Queen Pegi, the TA, was exceptional and offered valuable insight to the class. During the last Study Hall, Dan brought in his Scorpion lightsaber, wowing most of the class. Again, Cthulhu reigned supreme and the Talking Cthulhu solved many of the personal conflicts with a simple, "Hey! Who's got Cthulhu?!" With some brilliant blends with Poly A, 14.1 was a great class and was found to be important and relevant for many students.

At CAR 18.2, Interpol was again taught by Dan Mumford and TA'd by Tim, who has possibly finished his dissertation.

At CAR.19.1, Dan Mumford was again the instructor, along with Meg Frankenberger, the best TA.

Saratoga Springs

At SAR.05.2, Donald Rumsfeld was put on mock trial for war crimes. He was found not guilty.

At SAR.08.1, one student (also the biggest(both literally and metaphorically) douchebag of the class) discovered that Quake 3 is on the computer he's using, while at Wiecking computer lab(he fell into a destructive obsession over it. He sat on me for taking that computer once, I'm serious). The said student was also nicknamed "Doo-than the Han from Azerbaijan", as a response to his constant racism and calling a fellow classmate a Han. The rest of the class retort by downloading Combat Arms, a free online FPS that his roommate(and one of his many enemies) pulled from an ad in a gaming magazine(its site URL was kept secret). Also, the class was awesome. We saw Karl, the instructor, in a BBC documentary about the Azeri Orange Revolution (he was holding a camera, and was "duly" chased by riot police for documenting the revolt(that's what I think) as he ran around a corner).

At SAR.13.2, a paintbrush mysteriously appeared in the classroom, much to the bemusement of the class members. It was taken home by Conor Thompson, who decided to pass it on to a member of next year's Interpol class, in the hope that that student would do the same, and so on. The holder of the paintbrush from 2014-15 is Luke Farrell

The SAR 14.1 Interpol class consisted of some of the most loving and smart people anyone could ever meet.

At SAR 16.1, there was a star wars crisis council. Asajj ventress tried to murder padme by melting her face, but it was unsuccessful.

SAR 16.2 consisted of compassionate, but sometimes disruptive students. During movies, Rupa and Ben would always hand out candy, even if they offered candy 20 times already that day. John wore a hijab made from a scarf during clothing-swap day. He then became the iconic Jihadi John. We also played fun games such as Geoguesser and another game where we got to nuke the entire world. During breaks, much of the class played Egg Inc., which is a game where you spawn chickens by holding down a button. Harambe became William's idol and the rest of the class followed. He must of been a followable guy because Lauren became obsessed with flipping bottles after he did so. Chloe was a strong proponent of Communism. She also represented Russia during the class Syrian Civil War debate, which helped her cause. Radical Islam became the official religion of POLY SAR 16.2.

At SAR 18.1, there was a quote board with Christine as the Quote Board Keeper and Daisy as the Quote Scribe. The Quote Board was a magnificent being, with a new quote added everyday, quotes were voted on by the masses as Rupa (the instrucor) and Esther (the TA) are supporters of democracy. Featuring such hits as, "You can't leave the Catholic Church, the Catholic Church owns you," "Esther is our patron goddess," and "Coffee has enough calories to get me through the day." It also included savage remarks from Rupa, for she is a queen. "Quote offs" were often performed in the girls dorm, where two girls would compete to name all the quotes on the Quote Board. It should be noted that the two main quote contributors were Jackson and Helen.

Here are a list of some more of the greatest quotes from the class. More will follow, but the Quote Scribe is far too tired to add them all at this time:

"Ricardo Retardo the Tree" -Jackson

"The classroom is named 'No'"

"Alien Ballet Students" -Rupa

"She is the marker Wizard." -Sebastian

"This marker shows promise." -Ashley

"If this is just listening to Jackson on rewind, I didn't sign up for this." -Helen

"We should ban Ashley form the coffee section."

"I'm an actual squirrel hiding in a human body."-Helen

"Alex the giraffe."

"You forgot the buddy system! That's punishable by DEATH!"

"It's GENERAL Amos. He's in the Classroom Corp and he's starting a micro nation."

"I'm just gonna live on microwave potatoes and see how that turns out."

"Don't you love the dictators you're raising!"

"I'm a UNICORN cause I can be." -Ashley

"I'm a chipmunk."-Christine


"Escargo is tiny sin bombs."

"Five pounds of gummy bears."

"Heads or tails, I pick Syria."

"Nicky Nouse Klubhouse."-Maya

"Their dictators are better at dictating."


"Wasn't that when Satan was, like, a sexy bad boy?"

"You don't become bougie; you are BORN bougie."

"Please pay attention. Hitler is speaking." -Rupa

"Hitler draws his eyebrows on."

"Take it, hoe."

"New theory of International Politics: Selective Racism."

"He's a pedophile! I'm six!" -Ashley

"No more drugs from Columbia."Only from Mexico! "No! American only!"

"You're going to microwave Jackson?" -Rupa

"We put our sacrafices on the desk."

"Iran's a clingy ex-girlfriend."

"Black belt in religion."

"Love youself. Love doughnuts. Love communism."

"...pulled a Belgium." -Alex

"The Nazi Death March." -Everyone about the first town trip

"I'm going to do lady things in the shower." -Helen

"I speak Thornton." -Jackson

"They only murdered them once or twice." -Alex

"Mong! Wong!"

"Really, not really."

"I will turn everyone Texan."

"You came out of the womb with Led Zepplin stapled to your forehead."

"You'll always be a redneck in our hearts."


"BS with nukes."

"Yo, that squirrel be thicc." -Sebastian on an actual squirrel we saw outside, not about an actual human

"Japan used bicycle. It's highly effective!"

"It's like your local middle school drug dealer."

"I know her hand like the back of my hand."

"The Kurds can't have their own country; they can't even have their own chair!" -Rupa

"ISIS would like to forfeit,

     "As long as our troops are given mercy, we will do whatever it takes to make up for our actions." -Sebastian

"Of course I like dark. I am dark."

"I've broken so many bones," -Esther "Doing what? Walking?" -Rupa "Let's not use it as an excuse for inaction; let's use it as an excuse for more action." -Jackson

"All monuments are in France."

"It's old, yellow, and Indian." "LIke me!" -Rupa

"There's no atheist. You're just undecided." -Jackson

"America is just More Violent Canada/ East Russia/ North Mexico."

"This is my bucket, and I'm proud of it!" -Alex about his Vermonster Bucket Hat

"Selective Jesus."

"Don't tell me that a stiletto-wearing Thorton wouldn't be epic."

"I'm 95% gummy, 2% water, and 3% stress." -Esther

"Russia is going through a second puberty and they're not taking it well."

"Fish espionage."

"Oman? O-MAN! Yemen? YEAH-men!"

"CTY stands for Cult for Troubled Youth."

"Open your whatever."

"My goal is a cupcake for everyone."-Ashley

"Ashley, what do you want to be when you grow up?" "A hitman!"

The class also came up with a five step plan to abuse foreign aid, which is as follows:

1. Commit human rights violations. 2. Appeal to rich Western country. ("Fix" it) 3. Don't fix ANYTHING. 4. Go to China. Ask them for roads. 5. Rise and repeat.

There was also a Syria simulation, in which SAR 18.1 scarred Esther by not following her moderating, dissolving into fits of giggles whenever the Syrian Arab Republic made eye contact with the Free Syrian Army. Most notably, the delegate of ISIS had started off the day making incoherent threats about the "golden sword of Allah" and ended the day by surrendering and asking for amnesty. This may have been because of the unanimous decision to bomb ISIS. This was featured on the Quote Board with, "Together we killed ISIS." The delegate of ISIS also scarred Esther by constantly interrupting, but that was technically in character.

SAR 18.1 always met for class at a tree named Ricardo. Ricardo became so awesome that he acquired an instagram account with the help of Daisy, Helen, and other members of the class. He encourages you to follow @ricardothetree and to send in pictures you take with or of him. Ricardo will also follow you back.

SAR 18.1 also decided to assimilate into a cult around their TA, who was way too overqualified to be a TA. This cult was called "Esthercism," there they perform ritual prayers to Esther in the middle of the Dining Hall in front of the TA table. Esther is known for being very funny, very nice, and overall a pretty great person. She inspired students with her stories of her college days, wherein there were many large quantities of caffeine consumed, and made Current Events discussions ten times more deep. She is a legend.

SAR 18.1 has been notified from their great goddess Esther that the quote board has indeed been passed down to SAR 18.2.

SAR 18.2 continued the tradition of the quote board, with Arjun being the unofficial Quote Scribe.

Following is a list of the quotes from the quote board, not in chronological order:

  • "I HATE MORMONS" -Kate
  • "CARE with a Christian twist" -Noah
  • "Motion in the Ocean!" -Levi
  • "I like the way your panda feels" -Ed
  • "Rolling chairs are hype as hell" -Ed
  • "Matrix = Immortality + Happiness"
  • "I don't want to kiss a ginger" -Kate
  • "This tape is honestly Empowering" -Levi
  • "My ass is damp" -Noah
  • "Kill a homeless person, get $30 million" -Ed
  • "Alright, I'll bite. What's ligma?" -David Hogg
  • "I don't want to hold your hand; let's do finger s***"
  • "What's a 'personal intimate'?" -Arthur
  • "ISIS doesn't giggle" -Rupa
  • "I ate so much candy I cannot SEE a goddamn twix bar" -Esther
  • "Of course, with European influence came oppression"
  • "It's debatably stupid" -Ed
  • "Animal magnetism"
  • "Step up to the plate, Batman and Company. giggles You look like an arms dealer, I'm sorry"
  • "Furthermore" -Arthur
  • "Restricting order" -Ari
  • "I'm not from china" -Arthur
  • "Can we do an experiment? I wanna try being waterboarded" -Brooke
  • "Nuclear fusion turned me on"
  • "Sipping on grape juice"
  • "Dun da da daaaa... the slave trade! silence... I shouldn't have said that" -Macon
  • "Europe left the EU"
  • "This is what I copied and pasted" -Kate
  • "Oil is Juicy" -Olivia
  • "Are Noah and Olivia both missing at the same time again?" -Levi
  • "My school is rad and groovy"
  • "Boom boom pt 2: Desert Fox" -Olivia
  • "exudes sex"
  • "They had genocides so I sort of know what was going on" -Esther
  • "There have been many very funny wars" -Rupa
  • "Are you circumcised?" -Brooke
  • "R u just jealousy Levi" -Kate

Breaks in SAR 18.2 often consisted of Frisbee, Spit, or Grass Orgies. In the first few days, Kate hit Arjun in the eye with a frisbee, and he had a black eye for another week. No hard feelings, Kate. Indoor breaks also occasionally included watching videos of political SNL skits, John Oliver, or "Ben Shapiro MELTS Transgenderist Snowflake with PURE LOGIC".

SAR 18.2 renamed Ricardo the Tree to Kanye (She/Her/Hers). As of 2018/08/04, the Instagram has not been changed.

Esther, while not the subject of a cult in SAR 18.2, was still a legend. She gave a list of resources to the students at the end of the session. SAR 18.2 students were graced with her Iconic Domino's Pizza Order on the last Thursday: "Thick crust, barbecue sauce instead of tomato sauce a lot of barbecue sauce 'as much barbecue sauce as you're legally allowed to give me I dare you', every cheese there is with extra cheese, maybe meat on half depending on who's with me but more cheese on the meat, a two liter coke and maybe another two liter coke depending on how I'm feeling" Another big topic of discussion in SAR 18.2 was Esther's band. When she was 13-14, she was keyboardist for a 4 member band of 20 year olds. One time, she dyed her hair red, got a leather jacket stylized for her band (which she still owns and still fits her), left a note for her parents saying she would be out of the country, and went touring with her band across Europe. The name of this band is unknown, the only poster of it is under Esther's control, and the only known recordings were on Tuenti, a Spanish social media site which has since been shut down. If anyone has information on this, please contact a member of SAR 18.2 or edit below.

The subject of waterboarding came up a few times in SAR 18.2 after Brooke expressed her curiosity for the act. During morning class of the last Thursday, the class set up Brooke lying back with towels ready to be waterboarded, but then Esther and Rupa turned around, realized what was going on, and put an end to the shenanigans. However, the waterboarding did not end there. After Esther and Rupa were done explaining SPEs procedure during the last Thursday afternoon class, Brooke brought up that we could waterboard her while they were out of the classroom, to which Ed became very mad because she spoiled his plan. Regardless, they waterboarded each other when Esther and Rupa left the room. Brooke put a sweatshirt on, but Ed's wet shirt was obvious. The wet spot on the carpet of the classroom was badly covered up by some desks. Ed describes it as "It's like you try to inhale but pressure just builds in your chest until you start to die". He would do it again. Brooke only commented "7/10 would do again". Warning: RealCTY does not condone waterboarding in or outside of the classroom.

The last morning class of SAR 18.2, everyone was very tired after staying up all night for Passionfruit. Arthur and Arjun fell asleep, Arjun in the middle of the floor, so the class decided to turn off the lights and perform Transcendence around Arjun, and then proceeded to squirt him with silly string when he woke up.

SAR 19.1 continued the absurdity started by the previous classes of the "Esther Era." We would like to express our hope that the Esther Era continues as she is the best TA and we're sorry we broke her for a few days after combining a couple countries (see below).

The session was perhaps best summed up by the utter insanity created when the United States, Israel, and Russia formed one supernational federation, the AIR Federation (also known as the AIR Alliance). In many ways, the problems with the nuclearization simulation began when America, Israel, and Russia formed one country, a fact that shocked even students who had previously taken the class. Esther's immediate reaction to this development was “Would you need a minute to get off of whatever crack you’re on?” Another amusing occurrence happened when Maia played a video from PragerU, a conservative YouTube "university" (note: PragerU is in no way a university, and is better described as conservative propaganda). This nearly made Ben and Isaac explode.

Following in 18.1's footsteps, a quote list was kept and maintained. The following is a list of actual things that were said in International Politics at SAR 19.1. The quotes were collected by Ben. In addition, the chalkboard in the back of the room hosted many doodles and other musings, though it was not a formal quote board, like the previous year. While everyone contributed to the quote list, the most common student contributors were Ben, Jacob, Georgia, Arya, Amelie, and Issac. (Note from the scribe: I would attribute each quote to whoever said it, but I can't remember who said some quotes, and it feels wrong to only attribute some of them.)

  • “I'm afraid of Doritos."
  • “I didn't drown my hamster, I starved him.”
  • “Nuclear weapons are the military equivalent of a Lego set.”
  • “Can I shoot myself?!?”
  • “You know where murder’s legal?” *points* “Antarctica!”
  • “Best method of population control? Killing spree?”
  • “Boats, bitches!”
  • “Why is Wakanda not a superpower?”
  • “‘Strawberry Fields’ is our national anthem!”
  • “The name of our state is Thoti Aña.”
  • “We kidnapped Rami Malek for the hacking.”
  • “Al Gore is like, 1500 years old, right? That’s why he’s so smart.”
  • “Ah, yes. The lost 11th plague of Egypt, French people.”
  • “I see that you are in a very good mood, so I think it’s a perfect time to talk about communism.”
  • “Please pay attention to Lenin, he’s a very important person.”
  • “Fascism is someone who’s really into fashion.”
  • “Let’s get back to Hitler, he is waiting for our attention.”
  • “Heil Hickenlooper.”
  • “The Takeda cavalry lives again!”
  • “Were there Black Nazis?”
  • “Would you like a human skin handbag? It has patterns on it!”
  • “You can’t indict a meteor!”
  • “Fun fact: Sandra Bullock is not a dog.”
  • “The Great Satan! That’s us! USA! USA! USA! USA!”
  • “I’m pretty sure Catherine the Great had a Minister of Flirtation.”
  • “Moosealini is a moose fascist that rules over the Canadian north.”
  • “Nothing turns me on more than ‘death to all Jews.’”
  • “They’re not bombs, they’re freedom.”
  • “#StanLoona, #StanAfghans.”
  • “We have officially reached peak K-Pop capacity.”
  • “Yes, Obama colonized Mozambique.”
  • “What if every pirate was like the one from SpongeBob?”
  • “Kids. Raving. In. Ontario.”
  • “The terrorist organization of Feel Good Incorporated.”
  • “Whoops! I did a Taliban!”
  • “You stole my cow, give it back.”
  • “Bongo bongo, I don’t want to leave the Congo.”
  • “Isaac, your communism hurts my eyes.”
  • “Are you really a fascist if you haven’t committed genocide?”
  • “Go to sand gulag.”
  • “No one likes the French, those surrender-monkeys.”
  • “Starvation, cannibalism, anarchy, all that stuff.”
  • “Stalin was HOT!”
  • “*gasp* The plants are fascist!”
  • “We’re learning about genocide, by practicing it!”
  • “Are guns weapons of mass destruction?”
  • “By genocide day, you’ll be rolling on the floor.”
  • “Point blank, periodt.”
  • “A timeline of everything going wrong in 2019.”
  • “It’s more fun to bomb people than to like, talk about stuff.”
  • “It’s Trump the strongest person in the US?” “No, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.” “I mean the most powerful.” “Still, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.”
  • “If there’s one fat penguin, they’re all screwed.”
  • “If you could pick one RA to blow up…”
  • “Did Barack Obama colonize Mozambique or free it?”
  • “Dolphins cannot work on land.”
  • “Uncontrolled laughter is not an appropriate response to nuclear war.”
  • “If you bomb or nuke anyone, let [Rupa] know.”
  • “We’re not gonna nuke you, but you need to calm down.”
  • “Please do not throw projectiles in a UN negotiating room.”
  • “I’m getting nuked no matter what! Help!” “You’re getting naked no matter what?”
  • “We can’t keep genocide waiting.”
  • “Please don’t raise taxes, please, not again.”
  • “10 minutes is too short for genocide.”
  • “Pol Pot is a really dumb name.”
  • “Rupa’s 8 stages of genocide, not to be practiced at home.”
  • “Incognito mode doesn’t work for ISIS recruitment videos.”
  • “ISIS is like, 4 people now.”
  • “Esther’s 10 tips on how to become wanted by the Iranian police.”
  • “There’s no escaping Amazon. Surrender!”
  • “That’s! Not! What! The! Deep! State! Is!”
  • “They held a conference underwater.” “So that’s what the deep state is!”
  • “Wingdings is a way of life.”
  • “That’s the difference between RAs and TAs. RAs run away from the bear, TAs run towards the bear.”
  • “Guns and drugs and condoms and tissues, a recipe for a fun night.”
  • “This has a surprisingly few number of dislikes for a CNN video.”
  • “Jolly Ranchers spray makes me feel high as f**k.”
  • “Greece was like, ‘I’m dying,’ and Spain was like, ‘I’m dying,’ and everyone in the world was unemployed, so you’re screwed.”
  • “The world’s imploding, hello children, let’s learn about it.”
  • “Malaria’s like, ‘There’s only room for one cowboy in this town.’”
  • “The WHO’s slogan is ‘Who Cares?’”
  • “How do they bring back Ebola, is it like, seasonal?” “Spring, summer, winter, fall, Ebola!”
  • “Oh god, imagine Neo-Nazis armed with Ebola.”
  • “Theresa May is like, half the Prime Minister, a quarter is this other guy, and the other quarter is mayhem.”
  • “Just press a button and OOP! Anime tiddies mode!”
  • “That’s not even fat Pikachu, it’s just wrong Pikachu.”
  • “Some of them are using Rupa’s 8 steps [of genocide].” “And they’re not even paying me!”
  • “You don’t see many Maori with Ebola.”

And finally, the final quote, that also happens to succinctly summarize this class... “Esther, you look confused by this generation."

19.2 Same old of Rupa being our hero, but here some traditions/fun memories:

  • “Frisbee God” man-spreading in front of the class
  • The “Be Sleepin/ Be Awake” sign
  • Screen Time
  • Taki Taki Rupa
  • Paper Airplanes
  • Mozambique Civil War
  • Shakira Shakira
  • India Defecates Outdoors
  • OverSimplified
  • snaps hair elastics* kinky
  • soviet national anthem
  • sharing airpods

Los Angeles

At LOS.09.1.POLY, David Fields instructed and William Hon was the TA. The former is an international traveler, and the latter was studying International Politics. Days included reading from the New York Times, their main textbook, and other books that had good supporting information. They also spent good amounts of time reading The Clash of Civilizations and playing the game of Diplomacy, which Will Wheaton and Courtni Addison won as Britain. Other activities included debates on international issues, mock Security Councils, and cultural simulations.

At LOS.13.2 POLY, the legendary infinite-lingual Dr. D (Solomon Dias) and his fearless TA Sam led the class of 15 into three weeks of political chaos. Within the first week, the group had established themselves as a gynecocracy ("if a society led by women is a gynecocracy, what's a society led by men?" "just a cock-racy"). In an activity meant to find solutions to current world crises, a group proposed air-dropping loose condoms onto sub-Saharan Africa to slow the HIV/AIDS epidemic. In addition to morning newspaper readings and discussions of current events, there was also a fair amount of movies: the class watched Tae Guk Gi, Hotel Rwanda, and Under the Same Moon during the session. It is a general consensus that those 15 people were some of the funniest, smartest, most talented and diverse people at the session. In some way or another, they will all change the world.

At LOS.16.2 POLY, Marsha Pacheco instructed and Rachel Davis was the TA. One student, named Matthew, never showed up to class and was quietly forgotten. For most of the first week, the other 14 weren't sure what to call their instructor, leading to an awkward avoidance of names that finally gave way to the moniker Dr. Marsha. (Incidentally, by the third week, Dr. Marsha became convinced nobody knew her full name.) Most days in class fell into a regular schedule of reading the New York Times, listening to lectures, and debating current issues in the world. Originally, debates were fairly informal; when a competition debater tried to add crossfire to the rounds, Interpol first grumbled and later rebelled. Crossfire was subsequently removed with little protest. During one debate on whether China was the aggressor in the South China Sea, a boy arguing negative pointed out that the Philippines had paid for the judges that voted against China before immediately adding that China could have helped pay, but "they didn't want to." This statement was met with groans from his own team and laughter from everyone else. The makeup of the class was fairly diverse, with CTYers hailing from various parts of the U.S., China, Canada, and Thailand. The Canadian student's unabashed national pride frequently made its way into class, where he drew a trapezoidal Saskatchewan on the board and loudly argued that Canada had tied with the U.S. in the War of 1812. The Thailand (sometimes incorrectly said The Taiwan) became a mascot of sorts for 16.2 Interpol after one girl asserted, "Let's talk about The Thailand!" prior to a group presentation. Her whiteboard drawing of The Thailand remained on the board until it was heartlessly erased on the final Thursday, and it made it onto Interpol's Closing Ceremony poster.

This class wants to remind everyone to not be afraid of participating in the Spirit Days in class. While Dr. Marsha was confused and made some comments about days such as Drag Day, Goth Day, and Love Tape Day, the class was happy to explain the meaning and history behind the days to her, and was sure to cover her and her name tag in Love Tape.


At JHU.16.2 , International Politics was taught by Dr. Jason Xidias who had an unidentifiable accent. It was TA'd by Harrison Lee, a wasian 21 year old from the University of Maryland who always wore the same three sweatshirts and loved hockey. Harrison also has seen a lot of movies and has some sort of criticism to offer about most everything. He was pretty chill and created a lot of fun simulations during study hall, including Fireside Chats, Nuclear Baseball, chaotic resolution writing, and more. A student named Eshan offered comic relief by giving ridiculous statements in order to uphold his side of liberalism, or realism ("Is communism an issue? No").The only times of conflict concerning Harrison were when he let some cuss words slip, as well as when he became angry due to the ceaseless Borat jokes the boys in the class would make (Borat is an R-rated movie that boys in JB's hall kept trying to watch, to the point where JB was going through their search history). CTYers in Interpol dreaded reading twenty page articles almost everyday that took, on average, 1.5 hours each, due to Harrison's verbal summaries and mini discussions of each paragraph, and one student (Noah) and his ceaseless questions. On the last day, the movie Bridge of Spies was viewed.

All in all, the TA and professor were very knowledgable and friendly, but if one is considering this class, you really need to be interested in the subject. If you're about to take it or are taking it now and are not interested, you're in for a rough 3 weeks. That is, unless you get a phenomenal teacher.