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Hello peoples! This is Avery Lamprecht. I’m really awkward around people and I like to draw and write, among other things. I am also clearly the strongest student at Lancaster. That is, if you exclude basically everyone there. I’m also boring and don’t really have that many hobbies- I can’t play any instruments, don’t do any sports, etc. For a person who loves writing, I have taken a low number of writing courses, but whatever. I plan to double session as much as possible. I am also wonderful at spellling.

Baby CTY

CHS 16.1

Introduction to Forensic Science

Caroline House

RA: Ria

CHS 17.1

United Nations and Advanced Geography

Minta Martin

RA: Stephanie


LAN 18.1

Introduction to Biomedical Science

Instructor: Jacob Stagray

TA: Vivian Louviere

North Ben

RA: Meg

Roommate: Alice Fan

LAN 18.2

Freaks and Geeks in Popular Media

Instructor: Valerie

TA: Tyler

North Ben

RA: Shelby (later adopted by Meg’s hall)

Roommate: Siena

Tiny Section in which I Awkwardly Talk About Myself

I don’t really know what to put here. So hi, I’m Avery. My pronouns are they/them. I like SKL, doggos, actual passion fruit (the food), and other random stuff like that. Some of the information above isn’t complete because I am trash at remembering anything. I love people except for the times I hate people.


  • Everyone in GLOW
  • Charlie, Ian, and Allison, who I met at Baby CTY and then again at CTY
  • Meg, my amazing RA (18.1), and our entire hall (including our adopted member, Jesse)
  • The Gayble (18.2)

Place for Random People to Write Random Things


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