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Hey! I'm Ari Markov. I've been at CTY since 16.2. I tend to be more of a math nerd than a writing nerd but I do the humanities courses mostly. Probably going to dishonor my family (and cow) by being That One Liberal Arts Nerd. I always bring a crap ton of food so sleepovers tend to be great. I'm generally a boring/chill person?? I stab people for fun though so that's cool. I live just northwest of Philly so if you're in the area hmu.

Baby CTY

EST 16.2 Inductive and Deductive Reasoning B (INDE-B)

Instructor: Alexa Kottlemeyer TA: Bailey Falk

South College

RA: Allison Mullin

Roommate: Natalie Huang


LAN 17.1 Logic: Principles of Reasoning A (LOGC-A)

Instructor: Clinton Castro TA: Jojo Lovejoy


RA: Clarisavel Garcia

Roommate: Joanna Grimsdall

LAN 17.2 Mathematical Logic A (REAS-A)

Instructor: Jake Pichelmeyer TA: Alyssa Liu

North Ben

RA: Sara Merg

Roommate: Joanna Grimsdall

LAN 18.1 Astrophysics A (ASTR-A)

Instructor: Maria Niland TA: Henry Cornel

North Ben

RA: Clayla Carruthers (adopted by Meg's hall so that's also cool)

Roommate: Sneha Anand

LAN 18.2 Creative Nonfiction (WRT3)

Instructor: Derek Gray TA: Mary Kamitaki

South Ben

RA: Emani Terry

Roommate: Eesha Gupta

LAN 19.2 Number Theory A (THEO-A)

Instructors: Pomm and Dimby

North Ben

RA: Lucy Groves

Roommate: Grace Lim

About Me/Stuff

I’m just your average nerdy queer bean. Pronouns they/them or he/him

Squirrel Mom was Laura (17.1)

I always bring wayyy too much food. Stop by my dorm if you want some. Please. I can’t finish it all.

I listen to canon all year because I enjoy crying. You can usually find me with my head in a book or stabbing people (a.k.a. fencing) because I have no life. I am also complete Hamiltrash.


Everyone who made my squirrel year so great: Clarisavel’s hall, Suzy, Anne, Chloe, Sara’s hall, Harrison (tysm for letting us braid your hair), Kannon, Samhita, Sasha, Isabella, and Esha

Everyone from GLOW

SKL for too many sugar highs

My wives: Suzy (#1), Joanna (#2), Sasha (#3)

Clayla’s amazing hall 18.1

Clayla for being amazing

The Gayble™️ 18.2

Wife #3 in the Talent Show being a queer icon (18.2)

Emani’s Hall 18.2 (I CTY every single one of y’all, how tf are we still in touch)

Gayble 19.2, you gave me the best summer

Stuff I Did

- Chugged an entire bottle of SKL (the big one) until I had a sugar rush (but then crashed immediately)

- Brought more pocky than I could fit in my drawers to every session

- Attending every GLOW in 17.1, 17.2, 18.1, 18.2, and 19.2

- Member of the Gayble™️ 18.1, 18.2, 19.2

- Gayving: raving but with pride flags (18.1)

- Adopted Leah Seignourel and Sophia Tsoulakas (19.2)

- I was that one person who was always running around with too many pride flag yelling "I'm straight" or "hubris shall be my downfall" if y'all remember that? Yeah I'm like really queer but CTY is the only place I can be queer so y'know,,

Friends (Which I Don’t Have) Say Stuff Here


hiiii remember how to simplify fractions - your astro table partner ~Yee I can do sqrt(8/9) thanks for asking

Heyyyy childe miss me?-Leah ~hiiii

Look! I wrote something! -Avery ~Wow! I can now fully judge you as well!

Heh. Guess who’s on the internet? -Your fav logical turtle (Nina)

heeyyooo! It's your local sewer gremlin- Felix