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Daniel Olevsky

My name is Daniel, but you can call me any time

Blammo God for SAR 20.2 + 21.2

Special Birthday giving me an extra year of CTY :)


  • SAR 18.1 - Fundamentals to Computer Science A
  • SAR 19.1 - Microeconomics
  • SAR 19.2 - Macroeconomics
  • SAR 20.1 - Cancelled
  • SAR 20.2 - Cancelled
  • SAR 21.1 - ?
  • SAR 21.2 - ?


SAR 18.1

  • Isolated class
  • Hid in a bathroom for half an hour to unsuccessfully Blammo Ben Kim
  • Only talked/interacted with twenty people the entire session
  • Basketball trash
  • Broken AC
  • Can't remember anything else

SAR 19.1

  • Went onto the stage during Casino Night and snapped my Blammo spoon in half
  • Respect the Casino Mafia I mean the Godfather and his friends
  • Sideways gang
  • Dropped my Blammo spoon playing Blackjack to catch a card thrown at me
  • Sneaking entire boxes of Peanut Butter from room to room
  • Watching horror movies every night - Didn't get to finish the shining tho :(
  • Got kicked off the field by the RAs during the student staff frisbee game because I made an exceptionally good play
  • Bye Alberto
  • Smash bros with RAs until passionfruit
  • Had an accidental CTY reunion at RSM so we skipped RSM

SAR 19.2

  • Was sick for almost the entire session
  • Couldn't play in any student staff games because I was sick
  • Ducktaped Elvis to a tree
  • Took a week break in Blammo and still won
  • Was part of Transcendence
  • Was part of Piano Man Kazoos
  • Won Blammo
  • Rhinosochris
  • Entire section about me: 2019.2 The True Blammo God
  • Declined Blammo God
  • Was yelled at by half the camp to be Blammo God
  • Changed my mind and became next years Blammo God
  • Got 16 rave sticks and two kickballs stuck in a tree with Eric Yamaguchi and Rave god which make up the Rave Crown
  • Made a Thanos Gauntlet and Crown out of Blammo spoons I got from kills
  • Got a giant metal spoon sitting in my closet for next year Blammo

MIT Splash 2019 Day 1

  • Big CTY reunion
  • Waited 20 min in lunch line just to find out tickets can't be bought at the door and when I got back to the main lobby the last meal ticket was sold to the person in front of me
  • Lunch reunion plans ruined
  • Skipped a few classes to hang out with Kat
  • Previous CTY year comebacks (forevermores)
  • Frisbee Frisbee Frisbee
  • Ripped my nail off
  • Walked two miles away with Chris, Amy, Tina, and Rohan
  • 420 Smootes
  • First boba drink (I know)
  • Starbucks hot chocolate (Rip Amy's hot chocolate)
  • Raving
  • Left right before rave circle

MIT Splash 2019 Day 2

  • CTY again
  • More CTY forevermore comebacks
  • Leaving Campus w forevermores
  • Running around campus w whoever I found
  • rEdSToNinG
  • r o b o t f i g h t c l u b
  • Left early
  • Kinda forgot what else

SAR 20.1(Quarentine)

  • For me CTY isn't worth it online

SAR 20.2(Quarentine)

  • Supposed to be Blammo God
  • Still have the spooooon
  • For me CTY isn't worth it online

Shameless Plug

Instagram - dan.olevsky