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The Hott Wall

In 2005.1, the Hott Wall 1 was created by Audrey Kohler and Rachel Dentinger in their room, as a bonding experience after buying corny magazines at CVS during first town trip.

In 2006.1, they were conveniently roommates again, by coincidence, and they decided to create the Hott Wall 2.

In 2007.1, the girls were not roommates, so they decided to create the Hott Wall 3 in the hallway. Their superawesome RA Erika, AKA E, did not exactly get permission from the evil Tim, but she looked the other way when her entire hall and some of Jae's girls built it. Pictures from the Hott Wall made it into that session's slide show, and the Howe girls were familiar with them.

In 2008.1, Miryam Coppersmith had the idea to construct Hott Wall 4 in RA Shira's hall. It was large and epic, but a certain hall-that-shall-not-be-named started their own, much smaller Hott Wall, and stole a few pictures from the original wall. These pictures were eventually returned. Unfortunately, 2008.1's Hott Wall was not as well publicized as its predecessor. 2009.1: Shall the Hott Wall continue?

In 2009.1, RA Shira's Hall made an epic Hott Wall yet again, using magazines tacky CVS magazines like Tiger Beat and J-14 that were purchased by hall members. This Hott Wall was filled with pictures and posters of hot guys such as Taylor Lautner and Lucas Till.

In 2010.1, sadly, the members of Shira's Hall failed her and had a terrible Hott Wall compared to last year's. There were pictures of Sue Sylvester from Glee and cats.

I think the Hott Wall is an awesome tradition and it will be kept alive, if I can help it. For Nevermores, the hot doesn't end at CTY. My sister's college dorm has a kick-ass hot wall, so I encourage you to spread the Hot! Respect the wall, love the wall- Miryam



The site director (Bill) started the session using "synergy" numerous times in his welcome speech, hence inspiring synergy everywhere. May the synergy live on. This is why "Synergy" is sung during the Canon song "Let it be." More on synergy


KЯYP's story

During the talent show, KЯYP, a.k.a. Dave, along with some other Nevermores, was introducing the acts. For one act's introduction, KЯYP was alloted some "creative liberty," so he decided to tell a story. He told a (mostly true) tale about waking up one morning and finding a "crap the size of Danny Devito", which clogged the toilet and caused a pretty big dilemma for Wilmarth hall. This hysterical anecdote went on for about 15 minutes until one of the fed-up RAs turned off Dave's mic from the control booth. But this didn't faze Dave. He put that one down and picked up the other one. A Nevermore named Edison, a fellow MC, came onstage and mimed blowdarting him, telling him to get off. In response, KЯYP asked the audience if they wanted him to keep going. Their cheers drove Edison offstage. He kept going until an R.A. came onstage and forcibly told him to get off. Despite the other Nevermore's "shame", (KЯYP went so overtime that they weren't able to perform any other funny introductions) KЯYP's story is sure to be remembered for years to come. Although Tim (a.k.a Mr. Rogers), the site director, had a complete meltdown because of the massive overuse of the word "crap" and a subtle sexual reference, he never punished KRYP. Alas, for the enraptured CTYers, they never found out how the story ended....

KЯYP: Feel free to post a continuation anytime now.


Hott Wall Part 2

In 2008.2, Shira, an RA on Howe 2, decided that she would label a section of her hall's wall "the Hott Wall." It was meant for people to post pictures of attractive celebrities, things they liked, etc. As a result of this, three girls from Kate's hall (also on Howe 2) decided to steal Mike Armstrong's (interpol TA) photo off of the staff wall, because everyone knew he was the hottest. The photo was placed on the Hott Wall after the three girls wrote on it. After a day or two, his photo was replaced on the staff wall and immediately stolen by one of the three girls. The photo was once again replaced, only to be stolen again. DRL Chris Hazard called both Shira's and Kate's halls down to the main office and gave them a stern talking to about the inappropriate things written on the first photo. The final photo of Mike Armstrong was never replaced.

In 2009.2, the office staff decided it was in their best interests not to post a photo of Mike Armstrong on the staff wall.

Vermonster Group Records

Vermonster Group Records are seen as a amazing feat, but even more incredible are the solo records, therefore it is not deemed as a Hall of Fame achievement. However, you can always find them in the memories section.

Group (Overall, Octoplet) - Julian Wambach, Wesley Lo, et. al. (2016.1)*

  • Time: 2 minutes and 16 seconds
  • Average time per person: 17 seconds

Group (Duo) - Byron Sun and Andrew Huang (2016.1)

  • Time: 9 minutes and 40 seconds (previous record was 21 minutes 35 seconds set by David Lustig and Tyler Jaeger in SAR 15.2)
  • Average time per person: 4 minutes and 50 seconds

Group (Quartet) - Duncan Freeman, Zach "Avi" Madsen, Adam Garrity and Quin Koether (2016.1)

  • Time: 6 minutes and 35 seconds
  • Average time per person: 1 minute and 39 seconds

Group (Quintet) - Evelyn Mesler, Avital Rabinovitch, Athena Chu, Eloise Bellingham, and Simona Innocenti (2015.2)

  • Time: 4 minutes and 34 seconds
  • Average time per person: 54.8 seconds

* This record is under contention. Not only were all eight competitors (most of who's names are lost to time) eating simultaneously, but as a team formed from lactose intolerant competitors, they conducted a Sorbet Attempt--technically legal under the Any% ruleset, but considered unsportsmanlike on grounds of fair play.


Pickle Surprise

Around the middle of the first session, during dinnertime, an epic discovery was made. Lying in the middle of a table in the dining hall was what looked like a piece of human excrement. Upon further investigation, CTYers concluded that it was a well-constructed copy made from brownies that were served at the dining hall. Realizing this, the students that discovered the surprise brought it back to the table where they were eating to discuss what to do with it. While at the table, the brownie was christened "pickle surprise". Near the end of dinnertime, these CTYers decided what was to be done with it. One student took the "pickle surprise" and put it into his pocket. Then, he went to his night session of class. However, before going into the classroom, this student snuck into the girls' bathroom, which was conveniently located in front of his classroom, and deposited the surprise into the sink. He then went back to class as usual. At about 8:50, the instructor told the class to go to the bathroom and wash their hands. When the two girls in the class walked into the bathroom, one immediately walked out, shaking her head, but not saying anything. The other girl walked in and started spazzing out about it. She was, as she put it, "scarred for life". Both girls had not realized that the "pickle surprise" was a copy of the real thing. The instructor became involved, and the "pickle surprise" was removed from the sink. The identities of the plotters were not made known to the instructor. However, after the night session, the whole class knew who had done it. Long live the legendary TY, who was, sadly, a Nevermore.

The author of this section claims only half involvement in the plot, although it was he who came up with the idea of putting the "pickle surprise" into the girls' bathroom sink.


Town Trip is a privilege that God took away from us

The second town trip of the session got canceled due to rain. Many Nevermores (and a few others) were driven to tears and all were angered, since that was the trip on which they were planning to break the Vermonster record. In place of the town trip, campers were given other options (i.e. watching Night at the Museum, playing board games, or chilling out in their respective halls). This tragedy was made up for in the third week when all of the Nevermores were taken to a secret place and given all the Vermonsters that were necessary to break the record during quad time.


In the beginning of the session, Onemore Shannon K. introduced the character of Bearmom to her Philosophy class. Bearmom has simultaneously most of the characteristics of a mother and those of a bear. Bearmom is portrayed by retracting the elbows, bending one's fingers to look like claws, and alternately moving one's forearms up and down while talking how one would imagine a bear might. Some of Bearmom's favorite phrases are: "I MADE YOU A DIXIE PLATE FOR DINNER," "I TRIED TO MAKE YOU DINNER BUT I CAN'T WORK THE OVEN," "DON'T DO YOUR HAIR LIKE THAT, IT GIVES YOU BOYFACE," "I WISH YOU WOULD TELL ME ABOUT YOUR HOBBIES; I NEVER KNOW WHAT TO GET YOU FOR CHRISTMAS," "I JUST WANT TO BE HIP!", "DISTANCE YOURSELF FROM YOUR FRIEND WITH THE NOSE RING" and "I AM DISAPPOINT." This also spread to other classes and halls, mostly to Rounds 3, Interpol, and Logic B.



"In the event of a BP oil spill, (drowned by applause and cheering) how long does it take to get to the top of Jonsson Tower?"- Young Guang

"Well I can tell you that if it does get up here, you're gonna need Noah's Ark"- security guy

The Gens Game

The Gens Game was introduced to Saratoga by Emperor Maxwell Thomas Hengeveld. The objective of the game is to make a person flinch by saying "gens" and making a movement towards the target's crotch. Minus one point if you gens swipe, where you hit the other person's genitals. Also if you say "don't" while making a gun motion at the same time a person gens you, it's considered a point for yourself. Keep in mind, you must always be honest about when you've been gensed, man up, and take it to the crotch. Also, when gensing girls, you may also say "vagines". We strongly encourage the gensing of T.A.'s, R.A's, and any random kid you like or dislike. One of the most coveted moments is a genocide, where someone gets 4 or more people to flinch in a row. This has only been achieved 3 times, once by Max himself during a half naked half hour where he waited at the end of the hall for them to come by and gensed all of them. Reuben Matthews managed the same feat at the same time on the same people. However those two were not as legitimate as the one performed by Emperor Young Guang, who, while on the way to the slideshow, managed to gens 6 people, all of whom were aware of the game.

The Squirrel Outside Tisch

Those lucky people who had classes in Tisch were caught up in the reign of terror that The Squirrel unleashed on them. The Squirrel was an ordinary looking squirrel, but he had the mind and the heart of the devil. The squirrel would lurk by the entrance, ready to leap out at anyone who came near. It was theorized that he was rabid, and the refrain of "Don't go near the fucking squirrel' became a common one within the first week. However, this theory was eventually disproved through careful observation and research. Instead, we found that The Squirrel was "protecting" the trash can, which he was eating out of. At first he would run in and out of the trash can, taking what he needed. But after a while he would go into the trash can and stay there. This meant that if an unsuspecting trash-holder tried to open the can to throw something away, The Squirrel would leap out at them like a friggin' demon. CogPsych Dave tried to throw away a candy wrapper, and the thing came out like a chestburster and tried to attack his face. The new refrain that could be heard was "'Don't go near the fucking trashcan.'"

Shaggy Parties

Mr. Boombastic

It Wasn't Me

Hot Shot (add more)

Before and after every dance, it happened, and it was beautiful.

Nuclear Barrel Roll

On July 7th, Harry Brennan blasted "Do A Barrel Roll" through the vents on Wilmarth Two, and successfully barrel rolled Wilmarth floors three and one for twenty minutes. After that, he blasted "The Count Song: Censored" through the vents, not once, not twice, but FIVE times.

Wavin' Flag

The gentlemen on the first floor tore off their shirts and ran all around Wilmarth singing Wavin' Flag after the second dance, continuing the tradition of half-naked half-hour while twirling their shirts above their heads. This tradition was revived at SAR.13.2's dances. This also made an appearance during 15.2's last dance thanks to David Lustig.

The Bleached Wall

During one fine evening, Emperor-to-be Aaron Wan was tapping his pen on the wall of his hall on the 2nd floor, when it spontaneously exploded. The spot became saturated with blue ink in at least two locations near the normal papers hung up in a hall. In a hurry, he and some hallmates tried to remove the mess with soap, water, and white-out, but eventually resorted to covering up the marks with two hastily-made posters proclaiming "Dave Grimes is awesome". The next morning, two hallmates tried to sneak into the bookstore for more white-out, only to find that the store was closed at free times. Out of frustration, they headed to the Atrium store, where one spotted bleach available for purchase. That night, at 4:00AM, the hallmates removed most of the ink using the surprisingly effective bleach. However, the white-out prevented one face of the wall from being cleaned by the bleach. The group of 5 went into a frenzy to remove the white-out, using some odd combination of fork/knife scraping, bug spray, nail polish remover, and rubbing alcohol. To everyone's surprise, the results of were spectacular; there is now no trace of the explosion. So the next time you blow up a pen, try bleach. If you blemish a wall with white-out, use bug spray, nail polish remover, and rubbing alcohol.


At the last dance of the session, the song TiK ToK by Ke$ha started to play when all of a sudden, the bass line cut out. It seemed that the DJ had blown the speakers up that night. The entire camp looked around in confusion, and it seemed that the dance would end with disappointment. But due to the fact that this song had been played at each of the other two dances, everyone knew the words. The entire camp started belting the lyrics at the top of their lungs to compensate for the lack of speaker music, keeping the dance going until the speakers were fixed again. This potential crisis situation was averted by the combined effort of all the CTYers' beautiful singing voices.

Young and Orren

During the course of the session it was revealed to International Politics that their TA Orren was supposedly a former emperor from Skidmore 2004 Session 2 (however, he was not). It also became known that he knew how to rave freehand. So he was armed with two glowsticks, and during Sandstorm of the final dance, he and emperor Young had an exchange of freehand combos, surrounded by the legion of glowstringers.


Chen was a famous nomore (went to JHU 2011 for nevermore year! I missed SAR :( ) who honored the camp with his presence during Session 1 2010. He was constantly seen with his flute case, offering musical and logistical assistance to anyone who seemed to be in need of it. He made his debut during Session 1 2009 when he played The Pink Panther theme song for the Talent Show, with Adom and Jeshipio running around pretending to be detectives. During the Talent Show weekly Chen unleashed the full fury of his musical talent, being present in multiple acts. His most memorable act was "Istanbul" on the flute, which he transcribed himself in less than two hours. His other act was "Kids" by MGMT, which he played on keyboard with George on guitar and Zoe singing. Chen's awesome presence was further augmented by MCs Avery and Max consistently making up stories about Chen, making him responsible for many great deeds both musical and improbable. Below are samples of his numerous feats:

  • Mortal humans fear Chuck Norris, and Chuck Norris fears Chen.
  • Mortal humans worship gods, and those gods worship Chen.
  • Chen wrote every single song in the Talent Show (except for "I'll Make a Man Out of You", which was written by MuShu)
  • Chen wrote "Istanbul" specifically for the Talent Show, while writing "Kids" at the exact same time, while giving back massages with all of hands and feet so he had to write with a pen in his mouth. (This was all in response to an alien abduction.)
  • He had one free (left) foot, and he wrote "Sweet is a Melody" with that foot.

Chen was a part of David Short's hall, also know by some as "the best hall ever", mostly due to Chen's presence in it. This hall was responsible for Half-Naked Half-Hour(spending the last half hour before lights out without a shirt on), and they could sometimes be heard chanting "Who you gonna call?" "Dave's Hall!", most notably when they were walking to the dances, but it also happened in other occasions, such as after the Talent Show. Other members of the hall who were generally considered to contribute to its awesomeness (not as significantly as Chen) were Conner "Red Balls" Davis and Mauricio "Harmonica Man" Mangel.

The Prank Wars

The Prank Wars were a series of pranks between Marc's hall of 3rd floor Wilmarth, on the far side of Wilmarth, and David Grimes's hall, which was located on the 2nd floor directly below Marc's hall.

The Beginning, July 11th

It all began on July 11th, when Marc's hall of Wilmarth 3 started clapping for him non-stop in thanks for the weekend (it said to thank your RAs in the hall meeting sheet). Marc then got the spontaneous idea of doing this to David Grimes, so he led his hall below to the 2nd floor and interrupted his hall meeting. Grimes then chased the Nevermores of Marc's hall (Will, Freddy, and Young) from his hall with a bottle of shaving cream. He then ordered his hall to duct tape low on the fire exit, to bar (and trip) any other people from Marc's hall from entering. Communication lines between some members of Marc's and Grimes' hall and members of Marc's hall sent an unsuspecting Michael Song down to his hall. Unfortunately Michael saw the trap and hurdled over it, and ended up running half-naked with soap on his face screaming throughout Wilmarth 2.

Day Two, July 12th

In retaliation to the above, David Grimes' hall duct taped the doors, hallways, shower heads, and shower door magnets of Marc's Hall while everyone was at dinner. David Grimes's name was plastered in love tape across the top of Marc's announcement wall. Along with this they wrote on everyone's white boards: not just Marc's hall, but also on Jeremy's and Jordan's hall white boards.

Day Three, July 13th

On this particular day there happened to be a thunderstorm outside, so there was no quad time. Instead, everyone was inside, which led to the most epic day in Wilmarth's history. Marc had managed to get his hands on portable iPod speakers for this occasion. Originally, there was only 1 prank planned to take place this day, but because the campers had an extra 45 minutes that would normally be quad time, other new ideas were implemented.

To start the sequence of pranks, Marc's hall, along with other belligerents from those caught in the crossfire of David Grimes' retaliation "prank," went down to David Grimes's hall, blasting Stacey's Mom on Marc's acquired speakers, with everyone chanting along. They managed to chase David Grimes up to the third floor and then back down to the second. David Grimes later came up to the third floor with Emperor Max armed with detergent as his bodyguard for peace negotiations, but the third floor waited in ambush. As soon as they had David surrounded, they started to play I Want it That Way with altered lyrics:

"Tell me why ain't nothing but a David Grimes Tell me why ain't nothing but a David Grimes Tell me why I never wanna hear you say David Grimes is really awesome"

While the whole floor was serenading him, Marc and a certain other individual went down to David Grimes's room. At first Max tried to stop Marc, but he was stopped by fellow Emperor Young. The main prank: Marc went down and "spooned" David Grimes's room. Now some might wonder what "spooning" is. Well, Marc went out and bought a bunch of plastic spoons, and while his hall/floor preoccupied David Grimes, Marc dumped spoons EVERYWHERE in David Grimes' room and put it in everything, such as his socks, his detergent, his shampoo, his laundry, his bags, and much more. To this day, David Grimes is still finding plastic spoons in his possessions.

David Grimes's hall retaliated by putting shampoo in Marc's hair. Marc then went down to settle it one-on-one with David Grimes. They also tried to dump foam peanuts onto him as well, but Marc craftily managed to avoid most of the peanuts.

After showering, Marc led his hall down to David Grimes' hall for a peace offering, and he had some song about being friends? (if anyone knows the name of the song he was playing, that'd be great) David Grimes surveyed his hall, and they all refused to accept the peace offering. Then, David Grimes told his hall do whatever was necessary to get even.

This prompted Yih-Jen, Aaron, and Don to put Vaseline on the doors, but they were caught in the act by Young, who then escorted them back downstairs. As he left, Todd poured a bottle of water on him on the stairs. Young got pissed and threatened to take away the Nevermore books from David Grimes's hall, which would have been unthinkable, but Young's threat effectively ended the participation of all of the Nevermores (which was more than half of the hall).

The Final Morning, July 14th

The final strike was unleashed by David Grimes's hall of numerous Nevermores, including Emperor Maxwell Hengeveld and Emperor-to-be Aaron Wan. At 2:30AM, Aaron, Allen, Neil, and Don snuck up to Marc's door on the 3rd floor and duct-taped it, firmly attaching it to one of the the bathroom doors so that Marc would be trapped inside his room. Behind the other door to the bathroom, they hid a bottle of horrid-smelling detergent, bleach, bug spray, and nail polish remover, uncapped, to spill all over the bathroom floor in Marc's suite as soon as someone opened the door. As they were putting on the finishing touches (writing forms of DAVID GRIMES on flyers and signs throughout the hall, vandalizing signs on doors, etc.) Marc woke up from the racket outside. When he tried to open the door, though, he found it impossible to get out. He had to call one of the members of his hall to cut him out of the duct tape trap when they woke up at 6:30. This was the last act of the prank war mainly because Marc took the prank far too seriously and threatened to have SRAs take away the last quad time from the whole hall. Thankfully, the perpetrators came forward and the rest of the hall avoided this punishment. Fortunately for those who took the blame (first three mentioned above), their sole punishment was the loss of final quad time (sad, but they were Onemores), with DRL Mike giving them a list of "What ifs" (all mostly created by Marc [not confirmed]). The graffiti (made in Sharpie) was left up, untouched for the remainder of the session.

Pottermore Musical Performance

The Pottermore Musical Performance was performed at the Talent Show, and it was beautiful. AJ and Veronica both made appearances and the audience wept. The rendition was titled 'I Gotta Get Back to Skidmore', and Carlisle was used in place of Pigfarts.

Sam Stansell

During the first session of CTY SAR 2010, the name of this prepubescent boy could be heard frequently shouted in a fake southern accent. The story behind this was in 2009 Maxwell Thomas Hengeveld, who became emperor for 2010, was tragically roommates with this boy and was quoted having said (in 2010) "My roommate was Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam STANsel". From here on out, his name would be said whenever he was in eye or earshot of Skylar Carfi (who was the one who started the trend in 2010), or anyone else within Maxwell Thomas Hengeveld's group of friends and spread to the rest of the campus. The a in Sam was stretched outrageously, and the word "Stansell" was pronounced with an aura of exaggerated satisfaction. His name could be heard everywhere, from the quad, to class breaks, and even the nevermore circle. During the slideshow at the end of the year, when there was a picture of only him, more than three quarters of the whole campus yelled out his name.


Security Guard Caught

On the last night of CTY, porn was found on a computer in Howe-Rounds. RA's immediately sought out to find the student that was responsible for this. Eventually, they found that it was a security guard. This was also the reason why SRA Phil had to leave Wilmarth 2, which allowed the record 27 students to continue their ISO in 210.

I had a feeling there was something on that computer. I cracked the passwords for Phil in session one. - Harry Brennan

Raving on the second to last night

On the second to last night, none of the RAs seemed to be around, so all of Howe 1 were involved in ISOs. The most notable result of this was when Peter and Will, having an ISO in a room facing the grass behind Howe-Rounds, popped out their screen and began raving shirtless to the girls, who were watching and signaling them from their windows. In the process of raving Peter broke one of his glowsticks, so when he returned to his dorm and continued raving, glow in the dark liquid was splattered all over the ceiling, floor, and walls. Those in an ISO across the hall (including Peter's roommate) came over to see, and a frisbee was then covered in glowstick stuff as well. Some then crossed the quad to Wilmarth, while the rest continued to not sleep.

The Ramonster

On the last night, the guys in Howe 1 came over to Daniel & Peters room for the start of the night. 9 packets of ramen were made and put into Will's vermonster bucket. It was then passed around the circle, with a dedication made after each hit. Our RA, Dave, came in early in the night and told us we were being way to obvious, but we convinced him to take a spoonful of ramen as well. Eventually Will finished off the ramen and everyone split off between two rooms for the rest of the night.



"If Rebecca Black wanted to get down on Friday, how long would it take to get to the top of Jonsson Tower?" - Emperor AJ

Jonsson Tower Record Demolition

On the last day, Matthew De Santis and Alex Libby scaled the Jonsson Tower (including the penthouse) in 35.1 seconds, with Matt as the primary climber and Alex as the timer. Now should there ever be a zombie apocalypse, BP oil spill, or U.S. debt default we can all rest assured that these legends will survive.



"In the event of a second return of Lord Voldemort, how long would it take to get to the top of Jonsson Tower?" - Empress Haizen Poole

ISO Record Broken

On the last night, word was spread out across Wilmarth that the ISO record would be broken in a room in Wilmarth 3. Over the first couple hours of the night, people gradually poured in, reaching a peak of what is believed to have been 32 people, including one person who participated in the entire CTY program record of 37 people at LMU. At one point during the night Bryce came in to the door with some help carrying a mattress which he successfully snuck down a hall and up a floor to the room. Inevitably, the ISO was busted by RA Josh, who ordered everyone to line up against the wall in the hallway. Because a few stayed in hiding, the total reached 28 people standing there, trying to hold back laughter. A memorable quote from the radio was "Ok, so 28 people have exited the room and are now standing here in the hallway" "How did they fit in one room?" "I...don't know." No punishments were dealt, everyone was sent back to their original rooms, many having to retrieve their fans, food stashes, beddings, and in Bryce's case, mattress. It is believed that it was only because of the SRA Phil that no one was punished in any way.

Forevermore by The Nevermores

The night before the talent show at around 2am (so technically the morning of) Nick Werker, Dylan Lynch, Muki Barkan, and Peter Park were in a routine ISO in Nick's room. They decided to write a song about CTY. With Dylan and Nick on vocals, Peter beat-boxing, Nick on the Guitar, and Muki on the harmonica, they proceeded to write the song. Their writing was interrupted once by insomniac RA Josh who came into Nick's room to tell him to be quieter while Muki, Dylan, and Peter hid. They joked about the fact that RA Josh never suspected that there were other people in the room despite the fact that there were multiple instruments being played and multiple voices singing. At around 3am when they had finally finished the song, they found RA Shaun in Wilmarth who was running the talent show and asked him if they could perform the song in the show. At the show, it was revealed they would be performing as the finale act. When they went up to perform, Nick whispered to Dylan, "Im a bit shaky on the lyrics, but you know the them, right?". Dylan replied, "No, I was hoping you would so I could follow you". The crowd, hearing this exchange through the microphones, laughed. Nevertheless, the performance was fine, and the song became a symbol of the session and CTY as a whole. The song can be listened to and downloaded here [1]

Star Tripping Ban

As night quad time began on the last Wednesday, the students began star tripping as was tradition. However, before all classes were even released, the RA's began spreading the message that Star Tripping had been banned by the administration at JHU. The commotion cumulated in everyone forming a semicircle around SRA Phil and other authorities outside of Howe-Rounds. Many of the well-known students gave effusive and emotional speeches through tears defending star-tripping. During Gwen Hanley's words, her friend Dylan Lynch went up to comfort her with a hug. As more of her friends came up to join the hug, a massive camp-wide group hug was started. This was followed by everyone in the camp holding hands in large circle stretching from one side of the quad to another. In the middle of the circle, Quannah Potts and Nick Werker played the guitar chords to American Pie while everyone else sung along. A few minutes into the singing, most members of the staff asked to join the circle as a sign of resolution.


Phone Number

"In the event that Carly Rae Jepsen gives you her number (cheering from audience) how long would it take to reach the top of Jonsson Tower to call her maybe?" -Emperor James Gan

Note: The royalty had forgotten about this. Someone reminded me an hour prior and I went rushing about to try to figure out what to say. I had come up with the idea of Carly Rae Jepsen, and Libby had come up with the exact wording...Liz caused me to look up how to say her name. --JGlovesyou 03:39, 22 December 2012 (PST)

Naked at 9:45

Having heard about the previous tradition of half-naked half hour, the boys on Wilmarth 2 took it to a new level. Due to a combination of the heat in the building, RA James' reaction to their nudity, and the group's supreme comfort with their sexualities, Alex Eishingdrelo, Emperor Alex Libby, Nevermores Ryan Simshauser and Jeff Naftaly,and Twomore Aidan Terhune would show up to hall meetings in nothing more than their boxers or the occasional towel. Slowly the trend caught on and sometimes kids on the floor would celebrate half-naked half hour by keeping their shirt on and only removing their pants. Then, after the second dance, Ryan Simshauser arrived first, removed his shirt, and held the door for every guy in Wilmarth commanding them to partake in Naked at 9:45 (even though the dance had ended at 10:00). Though a few kids didn't participate in the event, nearly all of the kids in Wilmarth that night ran around without shirts or shorts.

P.S. RA James was not pleased and made the 5 kids in the original group put on clothes before the hall meeting. Suffice to say he was a bitch.

Drunk RA's

Two RA's were supposedly drunk and making out on the turf field on the night of Wednesday, July 11th. It didn't help that one of the suspected RA's was underage, 19 (turning 20). Never want to see that again...


Created in 2011.1, the Bluvuzelas are the soccer teams that faced the staff in 2011.1 (lost 0-1) and 2012.1 (won 1-0). The name was created by Ryan Simshauser during the 2011.1 Frisbee tournament (came in 3rd place) and is a combination of "blue", the team color, and "vuvuzelas". In 2012, Nick Patel brought a blue vuvuzela which would become the team mascot (it was stolen by RA Evan Patel, Nick's brother, and was reportedly used to alert campers to lights out but was later retrieved when Nick, Kai Wang, and Chris Valdes inadvertently found his door unlocked). Three days after the student victory in 2012, Nick, Kai, and Chris passed the vuvuzela down to striker Jesse Godine who promised to carry down the tradition.

Notable members: Saaaam STANsell (2011), 2012 Emperor Alex Libby (2011-12), 2013 Emperor Eric Chen (2011-12), Miriam Pierson (Skidmore Eleven, 2011-12)

Founders (2011-12): Kai Wang (captain) , Nick Patel (center mid), Jeff Naftaly (goalie), Chris Valdes (coach)

add additional info if the team continues

Talent Show

The painfully bad jokes told for Luke And Danny's Super Magical Comedy Funtime!(is that right??). "Why did the plane crash? The pilot was a bagel." "'Tell them the joke about the jump rope.' 'Nah, skip it.'"

Also, the entire audience singing along to the piano rendition of Call Me Maybe.

During the Party Rock Anthem dance, all of the talent show participants were to jump on to the stage to dance with the original three dancers, but all of the participants followed the wrong cue and ran on stage too early. They immediately went back to their seats, until the correct cue came up about 30 seconds later.

Talent Show Glowsticking Ban

To carry on with the 1st Session tradition to try and convince the CTY student body at Skidmore that glowstringing was no longer allowed at the talent show, Emperor James Gan decided to find a way to convince everyone that glowsticking was banned at Skidmore. At the end of the first act, a glowstring ban involving James Gan and SRA Kenny was staged. Other ravers Alex Libby, Khirstine Yu, and Sophie Connor knew before hand that this would take place, and once James Gan convinced SRA Kenny to help out, the entire CTY staff was on board. It did not help that most Nevermores were (pretending to be) outraged, or that some prominent glowstringers were (fake) ranting at Kenny (some with false tears), but soon, most squirrels and some other campers were near tears in this ruse. At the end of the Second Act the appointed Nevermore Daniel Keller ran up to the stage yelling "YOU CAN RAVE NOW! WE LOCKED HIM UP IN A CAGE SOMEWHERE!", then they glowstringed.

Notable staff were the Site Director telling Emperor James Gan that he would talk to SRA Kenny about the issue, and Dean of Academic Life's assistant Josh laughing at upset students.

Many students from Session 2 and from previous years of Session 1 found out about the ban, so by the end of the Talent Show, Emperor James Gan had been swamped with text messages asking about it.

Bulletproof Dance

An attempt by RA Mike Schilling to forever engrave his name in the SAR Canon. He made a Daily in which participating CTYers learned his choreographed robot-style dance to bulletproof. When the song was played at the next dance, the people who participated in the daily performed the dance and many others joined in. Mike and SRA Liz performed the dance at the Talent Show dressed as robots. Mike succeeded in creating an awesome tradition. Suffice to say he was the chillest RA there and a sexy beast.


Unfortunately, with Mike in South Africa for Session 2, the RAs messed up the dance, and the campers followed, Argh!

RAs forgetting the Marriage Booth

For a long time, the Marriage Booth has been a source of polygamy for all Skidmore students. This year however, the RAs replaced Carnival day with "the CTY Olympics" and in doing so, did not hold a Marriage Booth. The RAs replied that they would hold one during the last dance; but this did not happen. While this is not suitable for the Hall of Shame, many nevermores missed out on their last Marriage Booth.


Sidewalk Chalk

This year the R.A.S.K. activity was on the last Tuesday, and though highlights included serenading ADA Josh Keimer with One Direction and hugging random non-CTY people, the most profound R.A.S.K. statement was found the next morning. After the RAs usher everyone towards the direction of their respective dorms, they go to the Main Office, pick up the Hall Meeting notices, and then head back to the dorms. During the time that the RAs were inside the Main Office, 2012 Emperor Ginger and 2013 Emperor Max took out the pink sidewalk chalk smuggled in by Ginger and began writing "Jon Good Loves You." on the steps leading to Murray Dining Hall from Wilmarth. When discovered the next morning, no outrage was taken, though Sidewalk Chalk is forbidden at Skidmore. SRA Kenny even took a picture of the writings and proceeded to put it on Facebook with the caption "R.A.S.K. is one of my favorite activities."

On an unrelated note: they were both in Geoff Balthazar's hall, the best RA of all time, in the history of ever. (I second this. He was our RA 2011.2, and while I was only able to single-session 2012, he was my RA for my nevermore year, which made it that much better. --JGlovesyou 03:43, 22 December 2012 (PST))

The Cardigan Dance

Originality is the most desired asset in a lip-sync. Upon brainstorming innovative and new ideas for it, Nevermores Kevin "Wang-Bang" Wang, Jaymin Chang, and Bryce "B-rice" Bryce McLaughlin came upon the amazing idea of lip-syncing to lyric-less dubstep. Highlights of the dance to "Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites" included: Bryce, already suited up for the "Nothing Suits me Like a Suit" lip-sync, dancing like a wild man, his knees flailing about like a wild man, and Kevin's face during the only line, "Dad's home oh my GOD." The universally agreed best dance went to Jaymin Chang for the Cardigan Dance. Jay was once described by the father of a tiny nomore as "an extremely attractive young Asian male," and this is obviously true. During the breakdown of "Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites" Jay stepped forward and slowly unbuttoned his grey cardigan, sending the crowd crazy. Both genders, obviously. His famous move was later copied during a talent show MC skit and many other times through the session. However, none captured the epicness because no one was as f&%*@$# sexy as Jaymin Chang.

Veggie Tales

During Casino Night Colin Okasaki lip synced the Veggie Tales theme song.


North Korean Attack

"In the event of a North Korean nuclear attack, what's the fastest way to get to the top of Jonsson Tower?" -Emperor Eric Chen with impeccable timing.

Single Ladies

Six fearless men, Emperor Eric Chen, Emperors-to-be Alex Eishingdrelo and TJ Noel-Sullivan, Aidan Terhune, Nelson Kim, and Derek Simshauser put their manliness to the test and performed "Single Ladies" by Beyonce in the Casino Night Lip-Sync. This great performance included heterosexual grinding, perfectly in time ass-slapping, and sexy booty-shaking, all thrown together in a couple of hours before water day. The song "Single Ladies" was played during the next two dances and the same group would perform their choreographed work of sexiness in the middle of the dance floor.

Talent Show Glowsticking

As per custom, glowsticking this year was not mentioned at the end of program. After the final act, RA Dan Bell got up to announced the end of the talent show, while nevermore Sonya Wang attempted to shush him. Due to RA Dan's height and Sonya's lack of, this proved to be mildly funny before twomore Ryan Guo snuck up behind RA Dan and subsequently 'blammoed' him. RA Dan fell, seemingly unconscious, and the ravers carried him away before taking over the show.

Smashing the ISO Record

On the last night of SAR.13.1, several young men managed to gather an unplanned ISO in a Wilmarth double, with a staggering 42 people at its height. While SRA Kenny asked RAs to bust as many ISOs as possible, most RAs did not put in much effort. RA Geoff, being the boss that he is, caught several kids on the first floor making their way up to the third where the ISO was happening. Geoff told them, "I'll pretend I didn't see that. Try again." and walked away. RA Jeqhari (also known as RA Jaquay-quay) was rumoured to have busted a couple kids while they were hiding in the shower. RA Dan J was confirmed by multiple people to have occasionally walked in unannounced, say, "Guys, Kenny wants me to check if you are having an ISO" before walking out. He was also reported to have walked in unannounced, with a water gun, squirt several people, and walk back out.

  • Pictures were posted on Facebook, which was subsequently picked up on by the girls in Howe-Rounds. Only an hour before, RAs Nikki and Jamie had attempted to bust up a mere five (or six, we're not sure how many) person ISO in a double on Howe 2. However, as there had been a last-minute change to the nevermore pages, Empress Octavia Fitzmaurice, nevermore Christine Lee, twomore Qing Woon, and several onemores (Michelle DeSa and future Empress Charlotte Keeley), needed to commence the frantic restapling six hours before Passionfruit, and they were permitted to stay. The stapling party involved several people coming-and-going to help out. Upon hearing about the 42-man ISO, however, several occupants of the room decided to have a similar one. After rounding up as many people as possible in Howe-Rounds 2 (including the majority of RA Tricia's hall), the ISO was at its peak of 25 people in the aforementioned double. However, by this time, the RAs were suspecting the ISO and attempting to bust it, deliberately parking themselves in the hallways and lounge (RA Jamie had earlier chased nevermore Sonya Wang down the hall with a water gun after she returned some melted ice cream to the freezer). During this time, as many as eight people were stashed under a bed, before several girls were smuggled out into adjacent singles on RA Nikki's hall, as the gravity of cramming 4 people in a single was considerably less than cramming 25 into a double. A few hours before Passionfruit, Empresses Danielle Gutman and Octavia Fitzmaurice went to a room across the hall to finish their speeches. Several girls entered the room a few minutes later, saying they had come from a bathroom down the hall where they'd been hiding out for two hours. When SRA Kenny eventually broke up the main ISO across the hall, girls all over Howe 2 left their hiding places and ran, trying to avoid being caught. Two girls were found in a bathroom stall, too afraid to return to their hall. The half-hour before passionfruit was spent by RA Tricia desperately trying to track down her hall. We apologize for any inconvenience, RA Tricia.

Eric Chen Losing ID Cards at the Dance

As done for every dance, campers whose "lost" ID cards are found by staff during the dance are called up to retrieve their cards at the end of the night. The man with the most famous name at the camp, Emperor Eric Chen, would famously "lose" his ID cards every dance and have his name called out. However, this legendary man with a legendary name did not just lose one card, but lost more and more cards every dance until his name was called out 14 times the final dance. No one knows how Eric managed to get these 14 ID cards, but no matter how he did it, getting the staff to say "erection" 14 times is truly legendary.

Note: One of Eric Chen's ID cards was passed down to 14.1 emperors TJ Noel-Sullivan and Alex Eishingdrelo, who continued the legacy of dropping his card at all of the 14.1 dances.

Broken Token Machine

What it says above. During the second town trip, CTYers spammed the token machine to the carousel so much that it broke down internally sobbing and the carousel people had to accept dollar bills.

Staff Trifecta

In an unfortunate year for student vs staff athletics, the staff, led by SRA Kenny was able to defeat the students in Ultimate Frisbee, Soccer, and Basketball. The students looked promising in the soccer game, but numerous brilliant saves by staff goalkeeper Shawn Lupoli, in addition to some uncalled handballs sealed the students 0-1 defeat.

Broken Speakers

For unknown reasons, speakers used in the dances malfunctioned and would occasionally play softly. The problem was usually resolved within a few minutes and epic CTY music would resume playing at normal volume.


The Never Ending Game

On the Monday of the last week, the CTY Staff vs Students Soccer game took place. The staff had won the Ultimate Frisbee Game the week before, so the students were determined to show the staff that they could win. The game started at 3:30pm, and in the first half, squirrel Ethan Tu scored the first goal. Later, RA Charly (?) scored the goal for the Staff. The score was 1 - 1, and after half an hour of overtime, the score was still tied. Therefore, the game proceeded to shoot-outs. By this time, students who weren't signed up for Soccer Watching were led to South Field to wait for the game to end and go to their weekly activities. However, the game didn't end until it was time for dinner. The shoot-outs started at about 4:45pm, and Tom, the awesome One-Hit Wonder and first cousin of Jon Good, was consistently blocking the Staff's shots. In fact, after about 20 minutes of watching Tom beautifully block the spiteful RA's shots, Julian (Yes, THE Julian) went up to Tom and kissed his forehead. After that, before Tom took his place inside the goal, one of the boys in the crowd either licked his forehead or kissed it with great affection. Tom always wiped his forehead with a big smile on his face.

The shoot-outs continued for about 45 minutes until SRA Kenny announced that they would play over-over time until either side made a goal. 15 minutes after Kenny's announcement, the Staff scored a goal and won the game. After the game ended, the RA's announced that there would be no weekly's, and everyone ran into the field and hugged a sweaty Tom. A few boys picked up him up and carried him on their shoulders. Finally, everyone went to dinner.

Stolen Chair

Traditionally, Nevermores steal white plates from the dining hall and get them signed. However after dinner on the last Thursday of camp, right before the dance, two kids (who would like their identities to remain a secret, at least for now) took a chair from the dining hall atrium that they planned to get signed. As it was End of the World/Towel Day, there was an abundance of towels on campus, so as they were walking toward Wilmarth, one kid expertly hid it by throwing a towel over it. They made it down the first set of steps to Wilmarth with the well-camouflaged chair when an RA spotted them and asked where they got it from. When one of them replied, "the dining hall," he merely told them to put it back. The RA did not care and told the CTYers that he was glad he did not have to bring it back. This was one of the biggest and most impressive almost-thefts yet. It should also be noted that both kids were planning to return the (signed?) chair to the atrium at breakfast the next day.

The Saratoga Communist Party

One lovely day after lunch around the middle of the session, the much-beloved Isaac Wong was ambling about the quad, when suddenly, about fifteen of his classmates began to bow down simultaneously at his feet while chanting "All hail Chairman Wong!", catching the attention of most CTYers on the quad. This led to the worship of Isaac Wong and the creation of the Saratoga Communist Party. Unfortunately, Isaac was unable to return to Skidmore the following year, but he retained an intensely loyal following.

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Session(s):2013.2, 2014.2

On break, one day, the International Politics class started twerking (a dance move that consists of rocking the booty everywhere) - and nevermore Morgan Jackson was singled out as an excellent twerker, and a video was subsequently posted to The Facebook, and went viral over the next couple of days, with entire classes watching the video. Although RA James was vehemently opposed to twerking, meaning that it only could occur at brief intervals on the quad, twerking gained some notoriety at the dances - in the center of major circles, Morgan would run in for a few seconds, twerk, be greeted by wild cheers, and run out again. He was never caught, although the intensity of the twerking increased at every dance. Even if he had been caught, no RA could've ever stopped Morgan from rocking the booty everywhere. At the last dance, when they played Baby Got Back (C'mon, they were asking for it), he twerked it all over the place. And finally, at the end, when "lost" lanyards were handed back, a number of CTYers started a chant asking Morgan to twerk- he duly complied, and thus twerked in front of the entire camp. Reportedly, RAs were not horrified, as expected, but had expressions of being impressed. The position of Spontaneous Twerker was passed on to AV for 2014.2. As of 2015.2, the next Spontaneous Twerker has not been named.


Missing Boeing 777

"In the event of a Boeing 777 disappearing mid-flight over the Indian Ocean, what's the fastest way to get to the top of Jonsson Tower?" -Emperor Alex Eishingdrelo

The Skidmore head security officer then yelled, "You're supposed to say that at the end of the presentation."

(Sorry, quick note from a forevermore: you are supposed to. For some reason it's happened in the middle of the presentation for the past two years.)

Half Naked Heist

Twomore Zibing Zhang gathered a group of CTYers during half naked half hour to raid Byron's room. Since the door was locked when all the campers got there, they started to turn away when, graciously, Byron's roommate Mike opened the door for them. This resulted in over 20 half naked boys running into Byron's room, taking all of his stuff and putting them in various places around Wilmarth. Notable things taken were: iPad, Ramen. Later, some of the boys helped Byron find his things. He was especially surprised to find his iPad in the freezer (Duncan Freeman is a cheeky boy).

Improper Raving Music

It was decided that only two raving songs would be played during the dances, instead of the three that ravers were used to. The songs were Sandstorm and Ravers Fantasy, and as these were the only two, Ravers Fantasy was no longer a nevermore-only song. Confused or indignant, ravers continued right into the next song, even despite the genre contrast. This resulted in raving to We Are Young by Fun. at the first dance, and Wavin Flag by K'NAAN at the second. While these songs weren't made for raving, it was neat and no one seemed to mind. Also, there was a glorious buzzsaw orgy at the end of both songs. Like a grass orgy, but vaguely more uncomfortable with more spinning things and brighter.

Bye Bye My CTY

The RAs who manage Talent Show try to put the best and most tradition-y acts towards the end of the talent show. Generally this includes CTY canon piano medleys, The Most Beautiful Girl in the Room, and the RA acts, but in 14.1, the third to last act was done by a fairly unknown CTYer named Kevin Shen. Looking onto a surprised audience Kevin sat in center stage with a guitar and said, "Hey guys. I took this little-known song that none of you have ever heard of and changed the lyrics to make it about CTY. I hope you guys like it". And he started to sing:

A long long time ago

I can still remember when I used to go to CTY

And I know if I had my chance

I'd go to another dance

and sing a verse of American Pie

Kevin went on with 5 minutes of lyrics filled with everything that makes CTY, CTY as multiple nevermores broke down into tears. It was one of the most moving acts of the talent show, and the recording can be found here:

Thank you, Kevin Shen.

Talent Show Glowsticking

As is tradition, the final glowsticking performance wasn't put on the Talent Show program. So after the last act on the program, SRA Kenny took hold of the stage and began concluding the show. As he was starting to announce nighttime medication, Onemores Ryan Guo and Griffin Badalamente and Nomore Kristin Miciotta snuck up behind him and hit him on the head with their LEDs. They then dragged him off stage and Nevermore Gaynor Norcott ran on stage and yelled "LET'S GET OUR RAVE ON!" and the raving began. Nevermores Aric Zhu and Joseph Chavez also joined in on the epicness. During the song (Technicolor by Madeon), Kristen and Aric did a back-to-back buzzsaw up the stairs while Griffin and Gaynor did the same on the other end. Joe and Ryan held the fort and rocked it onstage. Griffin and Gaynor also managed a back-to-back three-beat, which was incredible. During a choreographed part, Ryan, Joe, and Griffin began performing constant orbitals while Aric, Gaynor, and Kristen did Sam Stansell butterflies behind them which looked like hypnotic circles.

The 61 ID's

On the night of the second dance, people handed John Corley their IDs all through the night. John kept all the ID's stacked in his pocket. As the night went on, the stack grew, last known, John carried 61 ID's on him. When the RA's had to call out each individual's name to get their card, everyone cheered and clapped- even previous emperor Eric Chen's cards found their way into that large stack of ID's. This ID distribution was the longest one in the history of SAR, ending around 11:05 pm.

Talk Dirty

During this year's Lip Sync, Emperors Alex Eishingdrelo and TJ Noel-Sullivan along with Nelson Kim, Derek Simshauser, and trumpet-player (Vuvuzela-edition) Aidan Terhune performed a sexy dance to Talk Dirty by Jason Derulo. Before the dance began, the emperors dedicated this song Kenny, the SRA. During the chorus of the song, Aidan Terhune went on his knees as he performed his trumpet solo.

Staff Trifecta (For the Second Year in a Row)

Like the previous year, the students were trifecta'd by the staff once again in 2014.1. The staff first tied against the students in a 0-0 game of soccer; this was followed by a penalty shootout that went to sudden death, which the staff won. They then secured a dominating victory in basketball, with a final score of 56-8, and defeated the students again in ultimate frisbee, which they won 6-5.


At Dave's Rave, the triumphant trio composed of Jonathan Drougas, Teddy Michaels, and Nick Liao, performed an unexpected choreographed dance to Surfboard by Cody Simpson. Their gorgeously choreographed dance included some hip rotations, mid-chorus thrusts, and some actual surfboarding as Aidan Terhune was the guest star who acted as the surfboard as Jonathan Drougas stood on his back. In his Passionfruit speech, Nick Liao passed on this dance to his fellow one-mores and friends, hoping Surfboard could make it to future sessions.

Mike Chin's Return

On the last Thursday, a threat more powerful than any other returned to Skidmore campus: Mike Chin, a JHU representative. Mike Chin is known for his hatred of anything involving PDA or fun, making him a general enemy of most CTYers and staff who meet him. He is best known at Skidmore as the representative who was sent to formally expel the Skidmore Eleven in 2012.1. When it was discovered that Mike Chin would be attending the final dance, a plan was devised by the older students to hide the Nevermore and Nomore couples in the center of a large group during the slow dance songs in order to give them more privacy away from Mike Chin. However, this plan was not executed correctly and Mike Chin could be seen on the edge of the sea of dancing couples, staring down anyone he felt was getting too close. Mike Chin also managed to ruin Last Thusday Night. Starting at lights out, he scared the RAs in Wilmarth into doing extra patrols, making it impossible to have an ISO. Despite this, one was attempted in Wilmarth 212 by D'Jamuel and Byron. It failed however, due to the fact that Mike Chin himself came to Wilmarth and forced the ISO's participants to scatter. He then wandered around for a while and fell asleep in the Wilmarth 2 lounge to the lullaby of terrified RAs and furious Nevermores and Nomores that he had created.

The Gaynor

On one of the first days of CTY, the Raver Group (consisting of Griffin Badalamente, Joseph Chavez, Kristen Miciotta, Mimi Silverstein, Gaynor Norcott, Eliza Hennebery, Andrew Cheng, Aric Zhu, Max Nobel, Lindsey Houlihan, Jessica Li and Annie Getz) were hanging out under the Raving Trees beside the dining hall entrance. There they discovered a new move: The Gaynor. Named after it's accidental inventor Gaynor Norcott, The Gaynor consists of a three-beat done on the knees while bending back as far as possible. This moves puts a lot of strain on the back, making the real challenge of The Gaynor that of getting as close to the ground as possible without losing your ability to breathe. The Gaynor was used in the weekly Ravers Circles at dances and also made an appearence in the the Glowsticking Talent Show act.


The Plates of Destiny

13.2: When their Howe 2 hall was either fast asleep from ISOs galore or at the Saratoga Springs Farmers Market on the second Saturday of 13.2, threemores Dheivanai "D" Moorthy and roommate Emily Leibiger decided to do something special for their hall; they hung paper plates from the ceiling of their common room. They managed to do this in about forty-five minutes. No one is sure how they managed to do it so quickly and efficiently. Each plate was dedicated to a member of their hall, and each one listed why they loved them, what they admired about them, and what they were going to miss about them. On the back, they scribed "I Like you, I Love you, I CTY you! ♥ SAR 13.2!". Soon after, the hall woke up to the lovely surprise- and after all the hugging, thank yous, and admiration, the feasting brought back from the Farmers Market began just in time. A while after the session ended, this beautiful act of love became known as The Plates of Destiny. It went to show that for the love of CTY and its people, anything can happen.

14.2: Amazed at how the Plates had made the RealCTY page, and how much her hall had loved them, twomore Dheivanai "D" decided to carry on her tradition the following year at 14.2, with the help of twomores Emily Huang and Tal Usavatsky, and onemore Naomi Rafal, who graciously bought the plates on her Nevermore Town Trip at CVS. Naomi suggested they prepare the plates that Sunday night and display them on Monday morning, because they were short on time and lacked supplies, but still wanted to surprise their hall. Dheivanai, Emily, Tal, and Naomi worked until 2 AM to finish the plates for each member of their hall and more. They promptly woke up at 6, and with a whopping 4 hours of sleep, they strung these plates and colorful paper lanterns around the common room. They started off each plate with "You are incredible", and wrote the famous "I Like you, I Love you, I CTY you! SAR 14.2!" on the back. This year, the plates were bigger, brighter, and more colorful then last year's plates had been- and they were dedicated to people outside of their hall as well. Their RA Katie McGunugle tried not to cry at the display of her hall's love for each other. It was a great success. Naomi, Tal, Emily, and Dhevanai hope that their hall tradition will continue in 15.2.

15.2: The Plates of Destiny, as mysteriously dubbed on RealCTY, continued their invaluable legacy in the summer of 2015, session 2. Onemore and future empress Dheivanai Moorthy and future Doctor Celine Khoo, worked on the plates with the other girls in their halls (names???) near midnight and successfully brought them to their each respective floors and neighboring halls, while spreading the joy and sunshine they knew would touch kids hearts. Their hard work resulted in beautiful plates seen the morning after hung from the ceilings with string possibly stolen from the Main Office.

16.2: When Empress Dheivanai Moorthy came into 16.2, she did not plan for not just her hall or her floor to receive plates. She planned for all of Howe-Rounds to have fun creating and sharing plates this session, and went straight to work the day and night immediately after RASK in finding people from each of the 14 halls living in the dorms to make the joyful plates and continue the tradition she had started out of random kindness four years earlier. She knew that with the abundant amount of squirrels this session, with many who were unsure of returning, the tradition must live on to show how the magical tradition of kindness and appreciation of others lives through something as beautiful as CTY. Blammo Goddess Maeve Brammer, D's roommate, tirelessly ran around all day trying to find girls to keep the tradition a surprise, and having girls sign each others' plates with brightly colored sharpies and happy messages along with wraps of twine to hang from the ceilings. Dheivanai, running with only about two hours of sleep, checked at around 2 AM to make sure every hall coordinated and received plates by the next morning. By 7 AM, all of the plates were hung up and the kind messages were seen hanging from every hall, successful once again. The tradition had been given certain twists- for example, Elena Vietri and Enyo Adoboe had all of their hall sit together and sign the plates instead of ISOing; and Doctor Celine Khoo was creative enough to hang her plates from the wall so that others can sign them as they passed by: ideas that might work great in the future! Regardless of how they have changed, the message of kindness, warmth, and acceptance that Dheivanai hoped to foster with magnanimity many years ago lives on through all of Howe-Rounds.

The tradition is yet to be determined how it shall be passed on!

Squirrel Eating a Pizza

One day on their way to the library the International Politics class spotted a squirrel eating a piece of pizza. From that point forward, the class' catchphrase was "squirrel, eating a pizza!" This anoyed some CTYers, but many found it funny.

Locked study room

Directly before the second dance, the students at RA Paul's Hall (Wilmarth 2) were told to meet outside his dorm room. After the students were counted, Paul found that the door of a locked study room directly down the hallway was rattling as if someone was locked in it, despite that the doors are known to only be able to be locked from the inside, and the lights were out in the room as judged from the crack under the door. Paul and the students made several attempts on communicating with whatever was trapped inside (Including one in morse code) but they got no response save for the rattling door. Paul decided to "Let it go," as all the students were present and whatever was in there was not a CTYer (As CTYers, unlike Rinas, are reported to be able to open locked doors from the inside, despite for the frequent lockouts). The rattling was not observed after the dance. Who or what it was is not known, and the door remained locked as of the end of the session, but it was a genuinely unsettling and creepy experience.

Birthday Badasses

In the summer of 2014, two girls, Samantha Worobey and Sidney Sponer, became legendary when they pulled a series of pranks and various badassery for their birthdays. The first of these infamous acts was for Sidney Sponer’s 16th birthday. On the morning of August 6th, the entire Howe-Rounds building woke up to lotion on all the doorknobs, faucets, and even staircase, as well as dicks drawn on every whiteboard. This led to an investigation led by SRA Gina. The following night, the night of the Dave Rave, the entirety of Howe-Rounds was asked to stay at the dance for Dave to lecture them. However, the administration, RAs, and the majority of the camp never got wind of who it was. Only two days later on August 8th, Sam's 17th birthday and the last day of the session, did the girls commit another act of badassery. Due to a rumor of a record-breaking ISO in Sidney Sponer’s and Emma Nance’s room, they were being guarded by an RA and the entryway to their suite was taped off. Sam Worobey, who was over legally, knew they had no other choice then, but to go out the window. At two in the morning on August 8th, the girls jumped out of their two story window into a first floor room. The girls were caught going back up to their room at 4, but since it was time for Passionfruit, the RAs could do nothing but stare in awe as the girls slowly ripped open the tape to get back in their room. The RAs never caught the girls for any of their badassery, but the camp will forever remember Sam Worobey's and Sidney Sponer's badassery and wonder how they pulled this off.

Booth Record Breaking

After getting the idea of fitting 16 people in a booth from the Talent Show performance of Dumb Ways to Die/Dumb Ways to CTY, several CTYers in 2014.2 tried to establish a record, since they already seated a massive amount of people in the booth at each meal to prevent exclusion. They smashed the previous unofficial record by fitting a whopping 21 people into the booth, which included the following:

  • Dheivanai "D." Moorthy
  • Tal Usvyatsky
  • Naomi Rafal
  • Celine Khoo
  • Eva Rothenberg
  • David Lustig
  • Clayton Pope
  • Tripp Carolan
  • Tyler Jager
  • Max Nobel
  • Jake Garso
  • Tess Herdman
  • Emily Huang
  • Jay Coon-Retelle
  • Neil Hooker
  • Katie Phelan
  • Emilia Nobrega
  • Paul Wernicke
  • Ryan Puleo
  • Nathan Doucette

However, the validity of this record is in question as the record was broken in the large booth near the entrance, and the people involved did not eat their meals in the booth.


Failed Jonsson Tower Joke

During the safety assembly on the first night of session 1, the man administering the speech failed to mention Jonsson tower. As a result, Emperor Ryan Guo was forced to ask Site Director Dave to ad lib and mention the tower before he dismissed the student body. When his moment came, Ryan asked, "In the event of Donald Trump becoming president, how long does it take to get to the top of Jonsson tower?" Poor Ryan, due to the awkwardness of the situation, Ryan botched his delivery and brought shame upon his family.

ISO Recordbook, 2015 edition

Prior to 13.1, the record for most people at an ISO (illegal sleepover) was 31. This record was broken on the last night of 2013 session 1 when residents of Wilmarth were able to fit 42 people into Sean Lee's room on Wilmarth 3. This record was broken once again on the last night of 2015 session 1 when 55 people were packed into Wilmarth room 230 (Duncan Freeman and Avi Madsen's room). This record was helped by the fact that the RAs in Wilmarth were especially lenient that night and that there were already 10-15 people that usually were in room 230 on a normal night. At first, no one was even going to attempt to break the record, but as more and more people showed up, a list was made keeping track of the amount of people, and more people kept showing up as they heard that the record was close to being broken. 55 people were in room 230 at the time the record was set.

A list of the 55 people can be found here:

Dan Lost The Game Dot Com

2015 is regarded by many as perhaps the greatest year in the Golden Age of Memes, with the introduction of such icons as "Left Shark," "Netflix and Chill," "Pizza Rat," and "The Dress" (it's definitely blue and black). CTY SAR 15.1 was no different, and one such example was the revival of an intense installment of "The Game." One man, however, was famous for, somewhat impossibly, having somehow escaped ever losing "The Game," a game where one can only lose. Dan Bell was this man, and quickly there arose a following of those who marveled at his inexplicable ability to avoid "The Game." Yet for every admirer he gathered, there were those who desperately desired to cut him down to size, to remind him of his own mortality among his fellow personage. Thus emerged a confederacy, led by a few unnamed individuals, who sought to directly influence Dan's involvement in the game, to MAKE HIM LOSE.

All corporeal direct approaches failed, however, so the consortium was forced to find an alternative approach. Their efforts birthed the website, which celebrated the immense occasion of Dan Losing The Game, with whimsically looped Mario Super Star Power music occasionally interrupted by MLG montage edit sound effects and airhorns. In the foreground was a dancing meme of Dan Bell. In the background played a video of a professional Frisbee Tricking Dog; if one stuck around long enough, the video would freeze and zoom in with some humorous Dan Bell-centric humor. There also was an interactive button, which when pressed would have some text-to-speech announcing that Dan had indeed lost the game.

It was finally revealed at the Talent Show that the website was the brainchild of Julian Wambach and Alexander Velikanov, with Julian active as creative director and Alec bringing the technical know-how. When the site was presented to the rest of the campers, pandemonium broke out, and Dan was forced to admit that he in fact, had lost the game.

While the lease for the domain is long since expired, the site can still be enjoyed via the Wayback Machine Internet Archive:

Staff Trifecta (for the THIRD year in a row)

Like the previous two years, the staff managed to achieve a Trifecta, even without SRA Kenny returning.

The students' frisbee team looked promising and even conducted mandatory practices during certain meals / quad times. However, during the actual game, they fell apart as the staff scored twice in the first two minutes. They would lead by as many as 6 points, and despite a late rally kickstarted by a goal by nevermore Will Vanderbilt-Fried assisted by Griffin Robinson, they could not overcome the staff's early dominance and fell.

Despite the confidence in the Frisbee team (and lack thereof in the basketball team), basketball was closer than Frisbee. The campers got off to a quick 4-0 start off of two floaters by onemore Anshul Barnwal, but despite Barnwal scoring 25 points in the game, the RAs (lead by Dan Bell, who scored more than 30 of his own), came back and outscored the campers 29-41. Captain Michael Zhou/Moo Moo struggled mightily in the contest, missing all but one of his shots. Although he did play good defense on TA Evan and had a memorable fast break block on RA Nick, he took much of the blame for the loss.

Soccer was the closest game in 15.1, with the entire game stretching out without a goal. It eventually went to extra time, in which RA Garret scored a miraculous, clutch goal in the final seconds. As such, the staff completed their Trifecta.

UPDATE: The trifecta streak was finally broken on 16.1 by the Ultimate Frisbee team consisting of, Duncan, Adam, Quin, Andrew, Stanley, Griffin, Didi, Alex, White Ryan, Kieran, Avi, and Bing

The Whip

The popular dance "the whip" was brought to Saratoga Springs and once there took on a life of its own. Most people who wished to learn the legendary dance referred to the amazing nevermore Ashley Nobi as she was known for whipping with the utmost passion and fire. One night while whipping in their room Onemores Duncan Freeman and Avi Madsen came up with the idea of a talent show act of the whip and sprinted through Wilmarth asking various people to join the group which would eventual come to be called "The Boyz". The members of the Boyz on the night of the talent show were Emperors: Ryan Guo and Griffin Badalmente, Nevermores: Moomoo Zhou, Will Vanderbilt-Fried, Will Gao, Onemores: Duncan Freeman, Byron Sun, Hudson Kussie, Avi Madsen, Nick Covelli and of course the amazing Ashley Nobi. The act consisted of "The Hills" by The Weeknd being played while The Boyz would hit the whip in time with the song until the ruthless RAs Dan Bell and JQ turned off the music and said that it wasn't the lip sync and "The Boyz" couldn't dance to a song. The RAs relented and allowed the act to continue only after "The Boyz" agreed to teach them how to whip. This led to some of the worst whipping ever seen performed by Dan Bell. Before Dan's abysmal whipping could continue, the act was then interrupted by a flash mob to "We're All In This Together" from the film High School Musical. Unfortunately, not all of "the Boyz" knew the choreography to the new dance, and thus this interruption generated significant confusion among the members of the group. Additionally, the song "Watch Me Whip/Nae Nae" was played at the next dance, much to the satisfaction to everyone who wished to try to hit that whip as hard as they could.

Glowsticking "Ban"

On the day of the talent show, a squirrel was ostensibly raving on the sidewalk when he / she hit a passerby with his / her glowsticks, giving them a concussion. This person turned out to be a potential student touring the campus, and as such, the Skidmore authorities took the incident seriously and put a ban on all glowsticking anywhere at Skidmore for the summer. This was spread by the ravers by word of mouth to everyone, from squirrels to nevermores alike. The camp was in uproar, and within the day some glowstringers even started to wear their glowsticks around their necks in protest of this new rule. The news was spread like wildfire throughout Facebook, with former Emperor Alex Eishingdrelo telling people that he had reached out to the administration who had confirmed that it was not a joke.

If not everyone at camp had heard about the ban during the day, they surely heard about it at talent show, when SRA Geoff took Emperor Griffin's glowsticks because of the ban and told everyone to go back to their dorms. However, Geoff was valiantly KO'd by some of the ravers [if anyone knows who they were specifically feel free to add them] and the raving commenced, with Emperors Griffin Baladamente and Ryan Guo, Andi Cheng, Zivia Lichtenberg, Duct Tape shield holder Max Nobel, and Duct Tape hat holder Piper Fahey lighting up the stage with their skills.

It was later discovered that this was merely a rumor, perpetrated by the aforementioned ravers to carry on the tradition of "banning" raving at the talent show, with some forevermores and nevermores being in on the ploy. Although everyone was happy that glowsticking was still allowed, many were angry at these ravers and even tackled them to the ground (all in jocularity).


JQ and the Boiz

In 2014.2, Wilmarth 3 was a legendary floor. Not only did it have the nevermore classes Physics and Chem B, it had the most chill RA combo to ever exist: Mike Tedesco, Jeqhari (JQ) Miles, and Sean Spellman. Furthermore, it had both current emperors and two future emperors. Of the many shenanigans this led to, such as Jeqhari having “nightmares” about large groups of kids running through the halls at night, the most notable was JQ and the Boiz. For the lip sync at Casino Night, Ani Nagesha, Ben Eisenberg, Cary Chai, Christophe Theodore, Henry Middleton, Peter Lu, and Serge Piskun, together forming the first iteration of JQ and the Boiz, performed Derek Shue's (DEREK!!!!) choreography of "Sexyback" by Justin Timberlake. Sadly, JQ was not in fact a part of the lip sync, but in his honor, The Boiz taped pictures of JQ to their backs, making said backs much sexier. JQ and the Boiz returned for the first time at the 14.2 talent show. This time, its members were Ani Nagesha, Ben Eisenberg, Cary Chai, Christophe Theodore, Henry Middleton, and Sasha Alex Kennedy. The group sang and danced to "Fancy" by Iggy Azalea, with Ani, Ben, and Chris rapping the verses. Because of the song's CTYi subject matter, many lyrics had to be altered to appease Talent Show supervisor RA Dan Bell. However, Ben got carried away during the performance, dropping the line "so you want a bad bitch like this" only moments into the song. Then, in the final verse, Chris figured he could get away with a few naughty words, too, only making matters worse. As a side note, the girls’ RAs didn’t know JQ and the Boiz would be returning, and so stole the idea of their name, dubbing their act “JQ and the Lady RAs minus JQ.” The original JQ and the Boiz were disappointed at this copying of their name. To commemorate their times together, on Water Day, Ani Nagesha “liberated” an inflatable crocodile from the slip and slide station, which was signed by the Boiz and given to JQ himself. Because most of The Boiz were nevermores, no one expected them to return in 15.2. Despite this obstacle, JQ and the Boiz did in fact come back. At the Casino Night lip sync, they were comprised of veteran members Christophe Theodore and Henry Middleton and newcomers Duncan Freeman, Jack Schumann, Kunal Sengupta, and Maxim Belyayev. Initially, the Boiz planned to render Nelly Furtado’s timeless classic “Promiscuous,” but even given this song’s relative tameness compared to “Sexyback” and the fact that it had been done as a lip sync at previous Casino Nights, it was classified as CTYi by RA Megan, and so, after much debate, the Boiz settled on Lupe Fiasco’s “The Show Goes On.” For their comeback show, the Boiz invented a new dance move known as the “fast whip,” which entails whipping on every beat of the chorus of a song. Continuing Casino Night tradition, the Boiz once again taped pictures of JQ to their backs. Following Casino Night, the Boiz knew they needed to make their fourth and final appearance count. With this in mind, the song “Low” by Flo Rida was chosen. Similarly to “Fancy,” a good number of lyrics had a degree of artistic interpretation applied on RA Dan Bell’s insistence. For their last performance, JQ and the Boiz consisted of Christophe Theodore, Duncan Freeman, Henry Middleton, Jack Sinclair, Kunal Sengupta, Leila Eshgi, and Maxim Belyayev, and were known as “JQ and THE BOIZ + Leila - Leila + Leila (phor real this time): Part fore (IV) of for (4): The Final Countdown.” Chris, Henry, and Leila rapped, and everyone sang the chorus and pulled off stellar dance moves. After JQ and the Boiz’ triumphant final performance, four-time members and de facto group leaders Christophe Theodore and Henry Middleton MC’d the Lady RAs, who had once again copied the naming style of JQ and the Boiz, and gave a stern but fair reading of the part of the CTY honor code pertaining to plagiarism. On JQ’s final day at SAR 15.2, all those who acknowledged the chillness of JQ were given a chance to sign JQ III, another inflatable crocodile who had once again been “liberated” by Chris and Henry on Water Day, and JQ III was then given to the original JQ, giving solid closure to all involved.


Jonsson Tower

"In the event that the USA exits the EU, how long would it take to get to the top of Jonsson Tower?" -Duncan Freeman

Half Naked Heist Part 2

Nevermores Zibing Zhang and Andrew Huang snuck into Byron's room (during half naked half hour) while he was at quad time and "reorganized" it. It took Byron two full days to clean everything up and find all of his shoes. Although not as glorious as the original half naked heist, Bing Bing and Andrew still suck for doing a part 2.

Flip Flop

Flip Flop

Mark has lots of bowls

Mark would make a point to use as many bowls as possible while eating lunch. His peak was 47 bowls.

Mulan Flash Mob

In the talent show, Emperor Byron came up with the idea to have all the nevermores dance in a flash mob to "I'll Make a Man Out of You". (Byron Sun, Carly James, Duncan Freeman, Viky Filippou, Piper Fahey, Madison Williamson, Quin Koether, Avi Madsen, Ryan Paddock, Megan Lagerquist, Alissa Kong, Jessie Kwong, Catherine Vandermillen, Riley Yuen, Rachel Xiang, Emma Snoddy, Dori Newman, Sachin Mathew, Daphne Li, Leeza Petrov, Andrew Huang, Stanley Liu, Kieran Collinson, Mark Lavyentrev, Elaine Wang, Vicky Chen, Adam Garrity, Zibing Zhang, Isabel Wallgren, Natasha Stange, Kaiya Vicioso, Zoe White, Hailey Horowitz, Polina Whitehouse, Libby Owen, Chris Curtice, Ben Rosenthal, Tiffany Song) He choreographed a dance where the RA's pretended to be the Huns who the nevermores fought off the stage. We ended up doing the choreography when the song played at the end of the last dance. New tradition?

The Four Minute Floss

Also during the talent show, a group of nevermore girls sang along to A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton, using their beautiful voices, beautiful piano, and a bunch of kazoos. (Elaine Wang, Carly James, Leeza Petrov, Libby Owen, Dori Newman, Isabel Wallgren, Polina Whitehouse, Rachel Xiang, Emma Snoddy, Natasha Stange, Madison Williamson, Shelby Coe, Kaiti Filippou, Kaiya Vicioso, Vicky Chen, Alissa Kong, Hailey Horowitz, Riley Yuen, Tiffany Song) Before we started, we called down Randy Wang, professional flosser, to dance for us. He flossed for the entire song. He never slowed down. He was beautiful.

The Frisbee Win

As stated in the 15.1 section above, the staff had trifecta'd the sports games for as long as most of us could remember. Until now. The student Ultimate Frisbee team (Duncan Freeman, Adam Garrity, Quin Koether, Zibing Zhang, Andrew Huang, Griffin Robinson, Alex Sun, Noah Robinson, Stanley Liu, Didi, Ryan Paddock, Kieran Collinson, and Avi Madsen) beat the staff with a whopping 1 point lead. Incredible.

The Birthday ISO

As stated in the SAR Hall of Shame, 16.1 the admin had no chill regarding ISO's. Before Rachel arrived on campus, on the evening of July 5th, Empress Viky Filippou and Polina Whitehouse planned to sneak to Natasha Stange and Isabel Wallgren's room on Howe 3 for twenty minutes to make decorations for Kaiti Filippou's birthday. Viky was caught at 11:20, and Polina, Isabel and Natasha were caught soon thereafter. Eventually, the girls settled on waking up early to make the cards and Kaiti was able to celebrate her birthday that morning with her sister and hall. However, on July 7th, after evening class, DRL Erin showed up to the evening Macroeconomics class to collect Natasha, Isabel, and Polina and the SRA's Adrienne and Geoff escorted Viky from her Biology class. After a twenty minute talk with Erin and writing apology notes to the RA's on Howe 3, the girls were released and the incident was more or less forgotten.

Dan's Hall Best Hall

Dan’s Hall was the best hall in 16.1, and will continue to be the best hall in the history of CTY at Skidmore. Dan Bell’s Hall was a combination of two classes: Chemistry B and the nevermore class of Macroeconomics. The kids from Dan’s hall included: Avi Madsen, Quin Koether, Jason Garrelick, Alex Sun, Noah Robinson, Adam Garrity, Griffin, Zibing Zhang, Bryan, Ethan, Caleb, Cole, Alex, Drew, and The Worst Emperor Ever, Duncan Freeman. A big portion of Dan’s Hall were nevermores and nomores, and thus the hall was able to accomplish much during session one. Dan’s Hall won water day (with some help from Mike’s hall) mainly due to the fact that Duncan and Adam won the scavenger hunt. They were then able to participate in the gauntlet. Due to the fact that six people shared a shower in Wilmarth, there were a couple of group showers in Dan’s Hall after water day. Even after betting on Gus and David for the horse race and losing the bet thanks to Peter (sorry about Iceland), Dan’s Hall was able to win casino night. Dan’s Hall even performed for the lip sync to the songs “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” and “My Boo”. For obvious reasons they choose to read Dan a bedtime story as their prize. Unfortunately Science Notes was never read to Dan, but the frisbee (and Avi’s back) will forever be remembered in honor of Science Notes. Dan’s Hall was not able to win the Olympics, but it was widely agreed amongst the campers that Water Day and Casino Night were the more important competitions. Many kids from Dan’s Hall also helped in the student staff games. Adam and Avi from Dan’s Hall started on all three teams. The student ultimate frisbee team won thanks to a last minute goal from Adam. Zibing, Duncan, Avi, Adam, Quin, Griffin, Noah, and Alex from Dan’s Hall made up much of the ultimate team. Avi, Adam, and Griffin played in the student staff soccer game. Quin, Avi, and Adam from Dan’s Hall also participated in the student staff basketball game with Duncan as the “team manager” (he walked around with a blazer until it got too hot to wear it anymore). Dan's Hall also had the best talent show act. All in all Dan’s Hall was the bestest hall there ever was.

The Egg Crew

Inspired by the wonderful Elaine Wang, In 15.1 and 16.1 a group of girls all changed their Instagram usernames, etc. to something related to eggs. Shout out to Elaine Wang (@egglainegg), Vicky Chen (@vickcheggs), Audrey Devault (@audrey_deveggs) and Aitana Burman (@eggtana), who as of the time of this update still had their usernames egg-themed.

Vermonster Records (Any%)

In a remarkable show of coordination and teamwork, a group of 8 lactose-intolerant nevermores and nomores banded together to beat the Vermonster Group Record, which had stood at 3:14 minutes for several years. They completed their task in just over 2:16 seconds, an astounding figure, but this continues to be a controversial entry in the recordbooks considering the dairy-free nature of their undertaking--in the interest of fair play, many consider the aching stomach pain experienced by even the most lactose-tolerant competitors a key aspect of a proper attempt. However, according to the Any% rules, there is no mention of dairy being an explicitly required element of a valid Vermonster.


Jonsson Tower

"In the event that a legendary Pokémon spawns, how long would it take to get to the top of Jonsson Tower?" -Emily Leibiger

Paul Garrity

Paul Garrity is the legendary man who fathered camper Paul Garrity Jr. (Adam Garrity). Paul Garrity is the ultimate savage and the holy man who deems if a person is worthy enough of being a savage. Paul Garrity never attended CTY but through his son he was able to have a savage impact. It all began on the first day of Session 2 when Paul Garrity would go around introducing himself to his people with not only a tape measure but a fanny pack on his belt. Not to mention that everyone generally referred to him as Paul Garrity and not as Mr. Garrity or Paul (that would be disrespectful) a formality started by Duncan Freeman (the only other person who knew Paul Garrity prior to camp). By the end of week 2 Paul Garrity’s legend on camp was growing, when his son unwisely chose to eat a solo Vermonster and as expected threw up. As soon as Paul Garrity heard of this he texted his son: “I hear you ate a Vervomiter” (referring to how his son threw up). His son replied: “Yes”, Paul Garrity then said: “I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream, hope the pain was worth the gain”. His son replied “Well, I did better than Avi and Duncan so I guess there’s that,” Paul Garrity then replied: “At least it wasn’t tequila shots.” His son unsure how to respond merely said: “There’s that as well”. Later in the week during RASK, Paul Garrity Jr. began to write “Paul Garrity thinks you’re a savage” all over notes and began to hand them out to people. Other notes written about Paul Garrity consisted of: “Paul Garrity would fuck you”, and “At least it wasn’t tequila shots”. Paul Garrity as a legend culminated in the Passionfruit speech written by Paul Garrity Jr. in which he confirmed that Paul Garrity does in fact think you’re a savage no matter who you are. When Paul Garrity appeared on the final day of camp to pick up his son, as expected he was confused by the mass number of CTYers walking up to him and asking him if he thinks they’re a savage. Though there were some initial difficulties Paul Garrity did begin to admit to everyone that he thought that they were all savages. Paul Garrity also became a minor internet sensation among certain CTYers following camp as Snapchat and Facebook posts were made of Paul Garrity doing savage acts, such as drinking from a plastic cup of water with a pinky out to show class or Paul Garrity at the beach with the caption, “Paul Garrity will accept your friend requests”. Paul Garrity will forever be remembered as the master of savages and the legendary man who inspired a generation.

Frisbee Win

At SAR 16.2, the students defeated the staff Frisbee team by an amazing two points, with this victory it meant the first time in SAR history where the staff failed to win at least one of the Frisbee games across the two sessions. The highlight play of the game would have to be Elijah (Harambe) jumping up and ripping the Frisbee out of RA Dan Bell’s hand, RA Dan from that moment on was a shell of his former Frisbee self after having been so utterly crushed by the reincarnation of Harambe. The members of the team were: JR Ereyi, Ethan Lee, Adam Garrity, Peter Borini, Ben Levin, Rishabh Prakash, Avi Madsen, Zach Huang, Elijah (Harambe), David Goldberg, Mike Chen, Duncan Freeman, Mike Xiao, Ethan, Rachel Shao, Cam Clark, Maeve Brammer, and Emily Leibiger.

Soccer Win

At SAR 16.2, the students defeated the staff Soccer team by an outstanding 1-0 score line, this victory meant that the students had won 2 out of 3 Student-Staff sports games nearly completing a historic trifecta (Basketball was lost 24-16). Alejandro Navarro scored the only goal of the match. This happened when Rishabh sent a through ball down the sideline to Owen. Owen then sent in an amazing cross and the ball was tapped in by Alejandro. The staff team nearly equalized later in the match if it weren’t for an outstanding save by goalkeeper Ryan Puelo. As the match was nearing half time RA Peter and Alejandro went up for a header only to hit each other causing head cuts on both players, they were both removed from the game and did not return. Late in the match Adam Garrity nearly scored on a full field shot only for the shot to skim over the crossbar. Ryan Puelo was the unquestionable MOTM as without him it is likely the students would have lost 2-1 or even 3-1. The members of the soccer team were: Avi Madsen, Rishabh Prakash, Mike Chen, Soccer Felix, Adam Garrity, Ryan Puelo, Mike Xiao, Lizzy, Owen, Alex, Julian, Ethan Lee, Peter Borini, Alejandro Navarro, Emily Leibiger, and Eba.


Jonsson Tower

"In the event of a fidget spinner gaining sentience, how long does it take to get to the top of Jonsson Tower?"- Gabriel Ruoff

UPDATE: 30.52 seconds----Eric Ma

ISO Record

After dinner, right before Casino Night on the first weekend, Eric Ma was scrolling through RealCTY and saw the SAR 15.1 Memories, and saw the (previous) ISO record of 55 people in a room. Ethan H. walked into his room and boasted of his participation in the record. Spontaneously, they decided to attempt to break the record. At Casino Night, they slowly spread the word, starting at 7 PM and ending at 10 PM. When they got back to Wilmarth, they spent 30 minutes sprinting up and down the staircases informing as many people that they trusted as they could. Meanwhile, in room 130, Krishna and Ryan's room, those two with the help of hallmates Pratit Kadimdiwan, Oliver Wolff, and Daniel Xu cleared the room of all extra stuff to make space for more people to pack in. They did a pretty good job, and by 10:45, Eric and Ethan had people filing into the stairwells and dropping down to 1st floor. By 10:55, there were a total of 37 people in the room. Finally, at 11:03, they had a final headcount of 65 people. This number consisted of at least one person from all nine RA groups in the building as well as 6 RAs. This was different from the previous record as the record-breaking head count was taken only at 11:03 PM, barely past lights out. While it was technically an ISO, the risk factor was extremely low compared to that of 15.1's record. However, nobody that orchestrated it seemed to care enough to retry it at a later hour, so the record stuck.

66 person list:


  • After only the first week— five days, mind you— more than half the kids in FCPS A were injured. Injuries, one of which landed a kid in a wheelchair after only the second day, were mainly caused by Ultimate Frisbee, but others included running into a pole, painfully clipping a knee by jumping over a railing in an attempt at parkour, breaking a pair of glasses by a Frisbee to the face, and the most notorious being burning a hand by smacking the waffle iron in the dining hall.
  • Ethan H. broke his finger trying to smash a doorknob to pieces on the concrete. He played in both the Frisbee game and basketball game later that same week. Legend.

Frisbee "LOSS"

The members of the student team for ultimate Frisbee were: Eric Ma, Sasha Morledge, Ethan H., Oliver Wolff, Pratit Kadimdiwan, Krishna Mysore, Nelson Lin, Derrick Korponay, Alejandro Toledo, Spencer Wood, Jacob Grimm, Jason Garellick, Ryan Hoang, Gabe Ruoff, Jeremy Brennan, and Tarisai. The events of the game would not be written about until after the previous page was found, as members of the student team will be severely cooked for the events that transpired. No one will be named, but at least one of the students tried to start a chant getting everyone to call out the staff for cheating. Both teams had their fair share of unfair plays, so when the staff was crushing the student team, nobody was to blame except for the students. It was disappointing to see a student try to start a chant when they were being a sore loser. As per the other students who did not engage in the failed chant, they will be remembered for playing valiantly, and even though they lost, not succumbing to the dangers of not being able to take that loss.

^^^ The paragraph, seen above, starting with "The events..." was written by a salty staff member who has chosen to let his/her RealCTY username not reveal their identity. In response to the false claims above, the game began with the threat from the site director, Erin, who had already removed one of the stellar players from the student team-- the legend, Tarisai Watkins. Erin threatened the entire team by saying that "Saratoga was the last site of all CTY to still permit student-staff athletics." In addition to this threat, site director Erin also stated how this student-staff Frisbee game was built off the “unity and friendship between the staff and students in a conjoined CTY community”. In addition, the team was reprimanded for "thinking her speech was funny" and then proceeding to threaten with a possible "cancellation both all future dances (including the one that night), as well as all future sporting events". After these extremely unwarranted threats before the game had begun, the starting staff team lineup consisted of one notable female player. Within the first 10 minutes of the game, she demonstrated her full knowledge-- a lack of knowledge-- of the game of Ultimate Frisbee. This female RA caught the Frisbee and then ran until all members of the student team shouted for her to stop. This was a clear violation of the basic rules of Ultimate Frisbee, and instead of dropping the disc (like we had agreed with SRA Geoff before the game began), the Staff Team decided to play the gender card as a defense for her lack of knowledge of the game Frisbee. Because of this unwarranted, meaningless argument, the RA’s decided to act as the officials in the game (which was contradictory to what we had discussed with both SRA Geoff and RA Dan before the game) resulted in their illegal repossession of the Frisbee and a point soon after in the next play. Soon after this incident, the same RA was still unable to grasp the concept of "not running with the Frisbee" and the staff team closed out the half with three possessions, and scoring on each one. On two out of three of the these scores, the same female RA traveled at least once, leading towards the end zone. One of the TA's playing was caught by half the student team dropping his shoulder on Ethan H., and when Ethan cursed in surprise, the TA yelled "LANGUAGE", fully disregarding his own malicious actions. SRA Geoff had a "conversation" with Ethan during halftime about the cursing, and threatened to throw him out of the game if he cursed again. Meanwhile, after a heated argument with the students, RA Dan agreed to "remove a point" from the staff team's score due to the multiple illegal walks performed by the female RA previously mentioned. So the halftime score was 4-1, and when the second half started, the students were fuming about how rigged the game had been so far while the staff members laughed and mocked their well-placed anger. In the second half, TA Micah blindsided Jeremy when he was going up for a Frisbee and Jeremy hit the ground body first with the TA landing on top of him. At this point, the students were extremely fed up and Eric Ma began rushing the field to ensure the proper foul call while Sasha Morledge held him back. Manifestly, the students uttered some unkind profanities at this happening, and the staff denied the students foul call on this play. When the staff team proceeded to score on the dumbfounded student team, even more curse words were uttered. When Geoff was walking to the end zone to throw off, he stopped by the sideline to threaten once more that the next person caught swearing would be thrown out of the game. On cue, RA Dan Bell pulled the Frisbee unsuccessfully and screamed “SH*T” at the top of his lungs. It was so loud that the stands heard it crystal clear, and everyone began screaming from the stands in uproar. They furiously yelled about the staff cursing, and when the student team questioned Dan’s exclamation, a TA spun around and yelled “WE HAVE THE BLUE LANYARDS SO STOP COMPLAINING”. At this, an uproar of “CHEATERS CHEATERS CHEATERS” came crashing from the stands and lasted until administration members began to turn around and look up, to which point the students hushed in fear. With the game drawing to a close and with the entire student body (and team especially) frustrated and heartbroken, SRA Geoff forced the student team to line up to shake hands with the RA team after a defeat filled with explicit language, roughhousing, and overall dirty play.

All in all, this game has an immense amount of positive and competitive traditions behind it which allow for a safe and engaging test of skill between the staff and the campers at CTY. At the 17.1 Saratoga Student-Staff Frisbee game, the staff played with a lack of regard for the rules and basic sportsmanlike conduct that are typically shown. None of the united, friendly, or positive aspects, as Site Director Erin explicitly mentioned before the game were present. This game was fueled by continued arguments and short tempers provided for an unpleasant experience for both the players and spectators. From the student point of view, this was an unwarranted and unnecessarily aggressive response to their previous weak showing at both the 16.1 and 16.2 student-staff frisbee games. The staff team was clearly in dire need to win the student-staff frisbee game and went to drastic, dirty measures to ensure this win.

This website is a breeding ground for campers' thoughts and opinions which are NOT meant to be tainted by the views of annoyed RAs.

"It's difficult to play a game when you are playing against the referees"

^^ A lot of what was said above is false. Students did not have an "uproar of 'CHEATERS CHEATERS CHEATERS'" as in reality one of the members of the team went up to the stands encouraging the students to chant this, since none of the students on the stand witnessed the said "cheating." On top of that, the slight chanting that emerged died down quickly due to the fact that an insignificant portion of the students joined in, not due to the stares from the administration members. From here out, it seems that the claims made by the person(s) accusing the RA's should not be listened to or taken as fact.

Food Shenanigans

Yogurt Rice

A CTYer whom'st'd've wishes not to be named on July 10, 2017 ate a bowl of yogurt mixed with rice.

Ginger Ale Float with Salt

A different CTYer had a Ginger Ale Float with salt in it. Video: Later, he also had a seltzer and Mountain Dew float, but that wasn't recorded.


Have YOU considered it?


Charlotte Murphy has, to date, eaten the following food with chopsticks:





French Fries (curly, steak and regular)

Frighteningly Large pieces of broccoli

Live Pasta

Chicken-Free Chicken Nuggets

Soccer Win

Students slaughtered: 5-0. It could have been more but for the final part of the game all the subs came on. Also, after 3 goals, the students collectively decided to take their foot off the gas, as they did not want emotions to fly like they did during the frisbee game. They also stopped celebrating after 3 goals.

Special shoutout to Nora Collins for saving Eric Ma's a** every time he messed up, and she played great. Being the only girl on the team, everyone cheered whenever she did anything, which made it seem like she was filling a spot, but she got us out of several tough situations and saved the team's neck multiple times. Crucial member of the team.

Eric Ma and Spencer Wood were a brick wall at CB, with a variety of trustworthy outside backs rotating through including Nora Collins, Imroze Tisto Singh, Derrick Korponay, Jason Garrellick. Pratit, and Krishna Mysore. TA Mika began hostilities towards Eric Ma after a botched tackle in the second half, but Eric did not say anything back and also told Spencer not to say anything. However, Eric did go for a tackle carelessly and miss the ball and trip Mika, but nothing hostile came from the students side.

Gabe Ruoff powered through his back injury to offer several scoring opportunities for the students from his position at center midfield. Rotating between him, Alejandro Toledo, and Nelson Lin, they played a great game by controlling the middle of the field and feeding the strikers the ball as well as taking their own shots. Nelson Lin scored the games first goal in the closing seconds of the half on a wild right footed curving shot from outside the 18-yard box that staff goalkeeper Academic Dean Adam could not get to on time. This is ultimately what lifted the team's spirits going into halftime with a 1-0 lead, and the second half was a spur of emotion from the nevermores as well as a strong desire by the united students to not get trifectaed by the staff.

As the second half started, the student team truly went full tilt. Within the first few minutes of the second half, Nevermore Oliver Wolff received a well placed pass into the 18 yard box from Nelson Lin. He fired a leftie shot into the corner of the net for the second goal. Nevermore Alexander "Sasha" Morledge (who notably wore a man bun throughout the game) scored a perfectly executed shot to the bottom left post. Following this, the students were up 3-0 and were not holding back. From a perfect cross by Emperor Alex Jabor, the ball bobbled into the hands of the goalie's hand; RA Mike at the time. Following the missed catch, Mike dropped the ball allowing for Sasha, the striker, to easily kick the ball into the back of the net for his second goal. Although the beast failed to get a hat trick, he was truly a fan favorite with his aggressive style of play (notably tackling RA Carrie) and killer hairdo.

Eric Ma dropped Andreas (by accident of course) but saved a clear goal from happening.

Also worth mentioning was when Emperor Gabe Ruoff decked site director Erin while regaining possession of the ball. It was funny.

Post Soccer Game: Alex Jabor: Guys, today's game was respectful. I am glad we were able to play the game without disrespecting the staff team. Nelson Lin: I disrespected Geoff twice.


Ajay Ansietti (Mom's Spaghetti), new to CTY SAR was crowd surfed every dance but the first. This is all thanks to Jason who used to pick Ajay up every dance. Ajay was on Wilmarth 1 hated his hall (he had Dan, ‘nuff said). Ajay also hated being crowed surfed but he never had the choice.


Blambo, also known as Ben, was the child whom, after RA Elvis had announced a no-blammo zone, proceded to ask: "Who's Blambo?". To the campers of 17.1, he was regarded as a deity. He offered important commentary such as "A lesbian once told me she would $&#* my wife" on pride day, and "Pls gibe de pizza" every day. When in line for dinner on the last Thursday, he asked the card-swiper, "Where's Jesus?". She replied "Doesn't exist". He was also responsible for the blammo spinoff "Blambo": a pointless game where one may be "blambo'd" at any point with no cost to themself and no benfefit to their "blamboer".


Kaiya Vicioso was "jokingly" dubbed the "Worst Empress Ever" by her fellow nevermores, and the "WEE" chant stuck throughout the entire session.

Purity Test Scores (everyone keep adding to this)

RA Alex: 9

Eric Ma: 36

Daniel Xu: 43

Ethan H: 76

Krishna Mysore: 77

Gabe Ruoff: 69

Sasha Morledge: 52

Kaiya Vicioso: 56

Jeremy Brennan: 50

RA Lihi (@ben): 39

Kazuhiko Okasaki: 20

Spencer Wood: 61

Devon Whalen: anywhere from 44 to 50 depending on how I'm feeling. There are a lot of things I'm not sure whether to count or not.

Jason Garrelick: 34

Charlotte Murphy: 63

Nelson Lin: 80

Kabir Malhotra: 54

Erin Roth: 68

Random Stuff

Kaiya asked her dad to ask her grandpa for $1000 dollars to pay for the nevermore tokens.

Men of the Sea was present at 17.1 [2]

Crowd at Talent Show: "GABE GABE GABE GABE GABE GABE GABE GABE" Gabe Ruoff: "What do you want me to do?"

As many know, Empress Kaiya has a short temper. Using this to his advantage, Sasha Morledge repeatedly facetimes and calls Kaiya leading to her anger and rage. This has led to the coining of the phrase "Stop calling me!"

Bohemian Rhapsody: "I'm just a poor boy" Everyone: *points at Kaiti, who's father is a yogurt billionaire* "She owns a yogurt company!"

Kaiti wore her Rolex during water day.

"Water day might get cancelled due to rain."

"You guys should know better. You guys are tall". -Academic Dean Adam

"I don't need a hot pocket. I need Jesus". -Randy Wang

"A strap-on is just a dildo attached to a belt." -Daniel Xu

64 Plates

Over the course of the second and third weeks of camp, Jeremy Brennan started "borrowing" plates in small (or large) numbers from the dining hall. On the last night of camp, after failed attempts to tape the plates on the ceilings of Wilmarth 3 using masking tape, he, along with other campers including Jason Garrelick, Daniel Xu, and Spencer Wood placed one plate on each stair of the Vinegar staircase (64 plates total) in the Wilmarth dormitories. Was there a reason? No. Did there need to be one? No. Legendary.

Ripped Onesies

On pajama day, Nikita Seth, Kaiti Filippou, and Keena Gao all decided to wear onesies. At lunch, Kabir Malhotra wanted to wear Nikita's so she gave it to him. By the time of the staff vs. student basketball game later in the day, none of the original owners had their onesies and Nelson Lin was wearing Nikita's, Randy Wang was wearing Keena's, and Imroze Singh was wearing Kaiti's. The boys then decided to walk across the court in their onesies and encouraged people to cheer for the players. By the end of the day, both Kaiti's and Nikita's onesies were ripped, and Nikita's was stretched out because everyone who wore her onesie was a foot taller than her. RIP onesies.

The Flaming Hoze

The student team in all of the students vs staff sports games. The name is a play on "Flaming Hoes". The frisbee game was a disputed 6-3 loss for the students (see "Frisbee 'LOSS'" in Memories:SAR). The Flaming Hoze lost to the staff by 10 points in basketball. The soccer game was the students' only win in 2017.1, with a solid 5-0 win over the staff.

The rosters are as follows:


Oliver Wolff

Eric Ma

Ethan H

Krishna Mysore

Pratit Kadimdiwan

Derrick Korponay

Sasha Morledge

Nelson Lin

Alejandro Toledo

Gabe Ruoff

Ryan Hoang

Jason Garrelick

Jeremy Brennan

Spencer Wood

Jacob Grimm

Tarisai Watkins (could not play, FTA)

Managers: Kaiti Filippou, Kaiya Vicioso


Eric Ma

Alejandro Toledo

Ethan H

Spencer Wood

Ryan Hoang

Sasha Morledge

Jacob Grimm

Benjamin Kim

Gabe Ruoff

Mia Toledo

Andrew Guo

Tarisai Watkins

Sambit Sahoo

Derrick Korponay

Jason Garrelick

Manager: Mia Toledo


Nelson Lin

Alex Jabor

Spencer Wood

Oliver Wolff

Eric Ma

Nora Collins

Imroze Singh

Jason Garrelick

Gabe Ruoff

Krishna Mysore

Pratit Kadimdiwan

Sasha Morledge

Alejandro Toledo

Sebastian Mekhaya

Ryan Hoang

Derrick Korponay

Kaiya Vicioso

Jacob Grimm (sick with strep throat, an inside job by the staff)

Managers: Kaiti Filippou, Kaiya Vicioso

Eat Ice

On June 29th, Charlotte Murphy, Aitana Burman, Devon Whalen, Kaiya Vicioso, Quincy Cabot, Henry Thomas and Alexandre Jabor were about to experience a daily activity entitled "Creative License", which was run by RAs Dan (Dad) Bell, The Bergen™, and some others who weren't important. The premise of this activity was to form teams and randomly draw a classic novel's synopsis from a hat and turn it into a hit blockbuster movie. Subsequently, the groups would pitch their ideas to a panel of RAs who would evaluate which movie idea to invest in. While still on the quad for attendance purposes, Dad Bell bestowed the activity's white board sign upon Charlotte Murphy, who proceeded to strategically erase letters on the sign until it merely read "Eat Ice." This activity was to be held in one of the classrooms in Bolton Hall, but the classroom was Snatched by another activity. So, the Ice Gang was expected to wait against a wall in the hallway until Dad found another classroom. Our seven protagonists decided that they would sit down in the hallway and Heptagonal Chat while they waited. Little did they know that the RAs running Eat Ice had found a classroom and that the rest of the activity had left them alone in the hallway. They realized only when The Bergen™ closed the door to the classroom, shutting our heptagonal heroes out. Charlotte and Aitana, remembering the emotive RA skit on the first day of camp that explained that one must attend all activities, feared that they would be skipping an activity, breaking the honor code. So, the Ice Gang devised a plan, in which they would march into the classroom to the song Build Me Up Buttercup. However, they all chickened out and took the awkward silence approach. As A Team. Fortunately, they were met with a warm welcome from Dad Bell, who encouraged them to sit down and get cozy. Moments later, Dad Bell handed the group the synopsis of the book Ironweed. Naturally, they created the only plausible solution: the movie would be a musical/R rated children's animated film done entirely in the animation style of the scrapbooking from The Trolls®. It would be about a cyborg drug dealer named Ironweed, his sidekick Robopot (played by Snoop Dogg), and Ironweed's son Jeef. The tag line was and forever will be "It's 4:20 somewhere." The panel of RAs was impressed by the impressive movie pitch and the ambitious budget of $420 and 4⅕ blünts, except The Bergen™ looked as if she was ready to eat an entire village of trolls. She reprimanded the Ice Gang and ultimately fell prey to Henry's WeLL aCTuaLLy.

Opposable Thumbs

June 26th was a memorable day for the Raver's Table. Charlotte Murphy, Devon Whalen's honorary mom (along with Aitana Burman), decided that Devon needed to eat their veggies, so she picked up a frighteningly large piece of broccoli with chopsticks and began moving it closer to Devon in the attempt to feed them. She announced "HERE COMES..." and hesitated, trying to decide whether to say "the train" or "the plane." However, Charlotte had hesitated for too long, and HERE COMES was all that came out as she stuffed said frighteningly large piece of broccoli into Devon's mouth whole. She was made fun of by her fellow ravers. Shortly after, Henry Thomas arrived with a communal plate of curly fries, announcing "I DON'T HAVE OPPOSABLE THUMBS," blissfully unaware of the broccoli incident that had taken place. The phrases were combined into a chant that would become an important part of the Raver's Table's cult culture: here COMES. here COMES. i DON'T HAVE OPPOSABLE THUMBS.


Crab wraps, which are poi leg wraps mixed with scuttling around sideways while squatted like a crab, were first popularized in 14.1 (then called leg wraps) by Eliza Henneberry, were christened as "crab wraps" in 15.1 by Julian Wambach, and then made a dramatic reappearance in 17.1. Charlotte Murphy, Devon Whalen, Aitana Burman, Gabriel Ruoff, Nikita Muromcew, Henry Thomas, Quincy Cabot and Alexandre Jabor were doing leg wraps in a circle and collectively thought of the idea of making a spin-off game (ha. spin) of Duck Duck Goose involving poi and crab wraps. Charlotte was the first to go around the circle, announcing "Crab!" instead of "duck." As she approached Nikita, who she decided would be the "goose," Charlotte's mind went blank, and she could not think of any other crustaceans. She blurted out "NOT A CRAB" and scuttle-sprinted away. This Hit New Game was played at every quad time, and Dad Bell even got in on the action. The Crab Crew, mainly Devon Whalen, decided to rally up all of the crabs to create a staged game for the talent show. The act was to be called 99 crab and to be performed by the crab coalition. However, on the day of the talent show, Alex backed out, and the act was unable to happen, as there were only 98 crab. Nevertheless, the game continued during quad times. More and more people began to pick Quincy as the Not a Crab because he was slow, and less people picked Charlotte because she would partially-accidentally whack the chooser in the face with her porpoise. I meant to write podpoi, but it autocorrected to porpoise 6 times, so I think the universe wants me to leave it as is.

Veggie Tales Part II

This year, to continue the family tradition started in 12.2 by his brother, Colin Okasaki, nevermore Kazuhiko Okasaki lip synced the Veggie Tales theme song with Sam Heyman and Diego Rodriguez at Casino Night.

Lost ID Cards

Even though he was not a nevermore, Ajay Anisetti (Mom's Spaghetti) had his ID forcefully taken from him and thrown into the air at the last dance. Poor Ajay, he just wanted to be left alone. Too bad he was much too enjoyable to mess around with.

One camper regarded by the entire student body as "Tunnel Vision" (that's a good story) did not get the memo throughout the session that nevermores and nomores were to "lose" their ID's at every dance. He finally figured it out at Dave's Rave, but did not understand the whole concept. In an attempt to participate in the tradition, he took off his whole lanyard and chucked it in the air. It landed on Eric Ma, who, upon realizing the hilariousness of what had happened, took the ID off the holder and threw it and then pocketed the lanyard. "This is what he gets for his ignorance to tradition". Eric meant to return the lanyard at the end of the dance, but he could not find Tunnel Vision. It wasn't until the next day that he saw him, but by then he had a new lanyard already, so Eric kept the first one.

The Final Night

During the day on Thursday, several RA's were called into site director Erin's office. It turns out, RA Alex had made a fat joke about Program Manager Rachel in the RA meme group chat. Only cool RAs were included in this chat, however, one of them snitched and sent Erin screenshots of the joke. Nobody knows for sure what the joke was, but it was along the lines of "Rachel looks like Steven ate 12 other Steven's" (for context, Steven was not a small child). All of the other RA's "LOL"ed at the joke, and all of this was caught on screenshot and sent in to Erin. She reprimanded them all, engaging in an intense shouting match with herself. At one point, she made a remark comparing making fat jokes to sexual assault. At this, several RAs stood up and left, signaling their resignation. Throughout the rest of the day, several more quit. And so as one might imagine, on the final night, there was no security anywhere. The absence of security detail was a surprise to the students and RAs, and while all of the RAs were still on site, rounds was cancelled that night as no RAs were doing their job and chilling in their rooms or hanging out with some of their favored kids.


CTYer Brazen VanHorn was known for eating equipment during 17.1 electrical engineering, causing the teacher (Kris) to say, "Brazen, stop electrocuting yourself!" during the middle of class. He was also afflicted by obsessive glowsticking, hitting himself in the crotch on numerous occasions (his hall mates loved this). He also drank 6-12 bottles of Mountain Dew each day.

He is still alive and well.

Great guy.

CTYer Eric and two unnamed RAs (chill ones) roasted Brazen. His nickname among several was "Mt. Dew Kid", and he was famous for calling the dining hall Mt. Dew "weak". The kid tried to fight Ryan Hoang, Eric Ma, and Ethan H every day during break, and would run away whenever one of them began to square up. All in all one of the funniest kids for meme material.


The one with the crazy and amazing dancing skills. His full name is Alexander Jacobson (not Alex!!!) as ali g would put it, Mad Respeck yo


Ajay Anisetti, the God himself, has graced Skidmore with his presence. In Comp Sci B, he was known as the reason behind why the class was 3 days behind on material, because he had an endless amount of questions. He was an epic kid known for being crowdsurfed on multiple occasions. I like you, I love you, I Ajay you.


Devon Whalen created "Balmo," and the Triforce (Devon, Charlotte Murphy, and Aitana Burman) would soon adopt it as the official Triforce-sponsored game to compete with the royalty-sponsored "Blammo" game and most importantly, to confuse squirrels. During Henry Thomas' loud and overly-extensive advertisements for the "Blammo Meeting On The Quad Under The Patio In Front Of The Dining Hall," Devon, Aitana and Charlotte would shout that there was also going to be a "Balmo Meeting On The Quad Under The Patio In Front Of The Dining Hall Next To The Blammo Meeting." The premise of Balmo was simple. One must be actively applying lip balm at all times. If they aren't, they are fair game to be Balmoed, which entails someone else applying lip balm to the arm of the person they want to Balmo. Everyone is everyone else's target. The only Balmo-Free Zone is if you are in someone else's room for an ISO. Your own dorm room is unsafe. If you are the one hosting an ISO, and someone Balmoes you, I am sorry. You are Out. Additionally, every time RAs blow their whistles, there is a Balmo Purge. No one safe from a Balmo Purge unless they have a stick of lip balm up their ass. Subsequently, a new game of Balmo starts after the whistle is blown.

Leg Tag

One night in the Crab Crab Not a Crab group chat, delightful fellows were discussing which activities to sign up for. Charlotte Murphy suggested "Leg Tag" because it seemed like the premise of the game was kicking people and running away. Riley, Aitana Burman, Devon Whalen, Mary Muromcew, Alexandre Jabor, and Gabriel Ruoff excitedly signed up. Unfortunately, the RAs running the activity had different ideas about what the game would entail. RA Elvis explained that it would not be tagging people with your legs, but rather tagging people's legs with your hands. To the Leg Gang, this seemed even more dangerous than they expected, because there was a risk of being kneed in the face. Mary and Charlotte considered switching to the Nap Time activity, which was calling them, but the rest of the Leg Gang encouraged them to stay. After the activity reached the location in which Leg Tag would occur, which was where Water Day happens, the RAs announced that the campers would not be playing leg tag at all, but a different and more complicated game involving an elaborate social class system was to be played. After about five minutes, our proTAGonists became bored of the activity and sat down. Sitting down signified that one was Out, but none of them were out, just tired. Blambo, who minutes before had made his debut announcing WHO'S BLAMBO???? (yes this was the famous activity where it all began) wandered towards the Leg Gang. Out of the blue, Mary tagged his leg, and Blambo was Blamboozled. He began cursing at a nearby tree. RA Alex heard this and acted as if he had never heard a swear word before (mm ok yea Right. 9 on the purity test) and sent Blambo away. Blambo was no longer allowed to participate in the game, and he angrily sat alone on the grass. Sorry Blambo. We love you.


One day at afternoon class break, a squirrel wandered around with his spoon, yelling "WHO the Heck is JADE!! I need to find her and BLAMMO HER" (not a Killer Strat). Devon Whalen, devoted to messing with the squirrels, yelled HERE IS JABE, pointing at EMPEROR (can't forget that) Gabe Ruoff, and subsequently blammoing him. The name stuck.


Jonsson Tower

"In the event that Rick Astley is never gonna give you up, let you down, run around or desert you, how long would it take to get to the top of Jonsson Tower?" - Luke Farrell

Come On Eileen

At the first dance, doublesessioners Kaiti Filippou, Sophia Ma, and Elan Peng were unhappy with second session and were missing the madness of first session. As a result of their salt, during Come on Eileen the three started skipping around the crowd to resemble the skip lines in first session while screaming "First session best session!". Many squirrels who assumed it was tradition joined the three in skipping around the crowd and thus, the tradition was born. In the next two dances squirrels and returners alike joined the skipping circle around the crowd.

Murder Mystery

Because of the multiple years of Olympics, the RAs decided to shake things up by doing a Murder Mystery weekend activity. Spearheaded by RAs Dan and Mike, this weekend activity kicked off by watching "Scooby Doo, Where Are You!" before the festivities. After that, RA Dan said there had been a "murderer" on the lose. To be able to figure out who did the deed, halls had to get clues by obtaining tokens through the various activities. Favorites such as the "Cave of Knowledge" and Sack Races were played. In the end, the two halls to guess correctly were RA Mike's and Travis' hall. In order to be deemed the ultimate champion, the halls had to compete in a course by

  • Crabwalking across the quad
  • Throwing a ball in a bucket
  • Answering the country of a city given by SRA Geoff
  • Going by a "hurdle" (two cardboard boxes and a noodle) without touching the "hurdle"
  • Balancing a Frisbee on top of your head
  • Beating RA Dan in a game of rock, paper, scissors
  • And building a makeshift bridge to safety

Every member had to do every step correctly, or they were sent back to the beginning

The battle was fierce, but as the teams were about to cross their bridge for the win, Luke and Jungwoo stepped in the grass and so it was a sudden death showdown between the two. Jungwoo got off to a fast pace, but RA Mike could be heard telling Luke "take your time". Jungwoo got to the geography question, but his hall mates were giving him the answer, which then prompted another question. Jungwoo then got that question wrong and, at that point, gave up. Luke managed to correctly get Niece, France, crawled under the hurdle and beat RA Dan by way of scissors and safely crossed the bridge for the victory.

RA Mike's hall was rewarded with stickers that gave them a 5 minute early entrance pass to dinner, which was appreciated by the entire hall.

Climbing the Tang

When the Nevermores and Nomores were walking back from the last dance, Hannah Grauer wanted to climb up the Tang Museum. Seeing as it was her last night and no RAs were in sight, she turned and started to spring up the stairs. Ella Potee, Jimmmy Goranov, Chris Goranov, and Will Henry Harmon decided to follow her, and so everyone began running up the Tang. However, RAs soon appeared and yelled for everyone to keep it moving. So Ella, Chris, and Will turned back around without reaching the top. But Hannah and Jimmy kept running. They reached the top, touched the back wall, and ran back down.

Royalty Selection

Traditionally, all positions for next year (royalty, blammo god, and trap lord) are announced at Passionfruit. However, due to some missed alarms, both newly selected empresses, Amy Hidalgo and Ella Parker, as well as current Trap Lord Kaiti Filippou, did not get up for passionfruit in time. Because of this, after passionfruit speeches were given at the traditional location at the Duck Pond, everyone walked back to the quad and positions were announced there. Additionally, Franz O'hanna, first emperor, had to leave in the middle of passionfruit to catch his flight. First emperor was instead announced by first empress, Enyo Adoboe.

Climbing Jonsson Tower

On the last day, Friday, Hannah Grauer's flight was cancelled. So, she got to stay one more night with Carrie as her RA. Seeing as she was only one of two campers still there, she asked SRA Geoff to climb Jonsson Tower. Geoff said yes, so later that night Hannah, Carrie, and RA Dayna snuck into Jonsson Tower (the building was locked so they followed someone inside). Dayna waited at the top of the twelfth floor while Carrie went to the bottom floor with Hannah. Hannah then ran up all 12 flights in 57 seconds, which is not the record. Carrie also ran up the tower with Hannah but took longer. After reaching the top, Dayna, who was a student there, showed them the penthouse. The penthouse had glass walls and offered a gorgeous view of the Skidmore campus. So anyone who makes it to the top of Jonsson Tower should check it out.

Dana Showers

On the last full day of CTY, nevermore Christian Su was fed up with the notoriously long Physics post-test. As it was the End of the World Day, he had a towel with him. Su took advantage of this and took a shower in the Dana Science building's bathroom (which used to be a dorm). He did this twice. When he returned to his class, his peers could not keep a straight face and the teachers immediately found out what happened. Instead of reprimanding Christian, Peter Robinson shook his head and said, "In the five years I have been doing this, this is the first time someone took a shower in the bathroom". It is highly recommended that more do this, although there is no heater for the water.


Jonsson Tower

“In the event that the United States wins the World Cup, how long does it take to get to the top of Jonsson Tower?" - Daniel Xu

First Town Trip

The day of the first Town Trip also happened to be the hottest day of the session, reaching 100 degrees with a 98% humidity. On the route, 3 students fainted and RA Caleb tripped and fell, dislocating his shoulder. One of the students who fainted was also sent to the hospital, where she was diagnosed with heat stroke. The counselors had exacerbated the heat by not allowing those who had reached the campus back into the dorms without having everybody back, which led to campers chanting in protest.

Student Trifecta

Student-Staff Frisbee

  • At the half, the student team was trailing 4-1. By the end of the game, staff had blown their lead, and lost 7-6. The game was fair, and was a good game for both sides.

Student-Staff Soccer

  • The students crushed the staff 4-1, even with one staff member being on the Columbian National Soccer team.

Student-Staff Basketball

  • Once more, the students beat the staff with a score of 45-42. It was a close game, with the staff leading in the first half but the students caught up in the last few minutes. This secured their first trifecta.


Emily Chu became known as "Cousin" by some students, referring to her being the cousin of Rachael Cheung. Her friend, Joanna, became known as "Cousin's Friend" due to her being friends with Cousin.


An agreement was formed between all those who knew orbitals to not teach anyone who was not deemed ready. This lead to the theory that they wanted to be the only ones who knew the trick.

The Cape

This year at Passion Fruit, a similar cape to Kazuhiko Okasaki's cape (a nevermore from 17.1) was passed down from Garrett Gilfoyle to Rose Luttmer. In Kazu's squirrel year, he borrowed his RA's cape. He forgot to return it and in every sequential year, he wore it non-stop. Kazuhiko embodied the importance of CTY and passing down his cape is a way of remembering the mark he made on many of his friends.

Poi Boi

Due to a mix up, Charlotte Murphy, the mentioned to be Rave God, was unable to come back in 18.1. Emperor Nelson Lin was given her place, and in turn passed the role down to Stefan Linden until it was revealed he was a twomore. He was well fit for the role due to his incredible raving skills, and was known around the campus as "Poi Boi" or "that kid that raves".

Update: Mary was not able to come back for 19.1, so Stefan became the official Rave God

Vincent's Ball

A joke within a group of INBS and Creative Nonfiction (WRT3) squirrels which consisted of Sarah Whitney, Emma Xiang, Vincent Zhou, Jeffrey Wang, Shiv Tickoo, Alex Lim, Justin Zhang, James Yae, and the legendary Kunal Patel was known as, "Vincent's Ball". Vincent, who was abnormally short and had a habit of typing XD an average of 20 times a day (this led to a game where every time Vincent sent "XD" on the group chat, everyone had to take a shot (we don't know what)), liked to carry his moonball everywhere. For an unknown reason, everyone had the desire to play with it. One day during break somebody asked, “Can I have your ball?” This prompted Justin to come up with the phrase “Vincent’s Ball”.

One day, Alex recommended that Vincent should buy another moonball so the phrase could turn into a more logical one: “Vincent’s Balls”. It turns out that Vincent had other balls and proceeded to bring them to the INBS class the next day. Unfortunately, they weren’t moonballs; it was pretty depressing.

During the frisbee game, Justin decided to state, "Vincent, everyone only wants you for your balls.”

During the INBS break, Vincent brought his ball per usual and started playing catch. Emma decided to kick the ball, and ended up kicking it into a large area of shrubs. She then tried to find the ball by climbing into the shrubs; this method proved to be unsuccessful. She did find a tennis ball that belonged to Macro (MACR). Emma then attempted to find the ball again the following day and succeeded. However, it had been pouring rain the previous night, so the moonball was wet. Vincent’s ball was wet.


This year, there were many disputes regarding the lyrics of the popular raving song, Ravers In The UK. Some believe the line is "we need more hardcore" while others, correctly, believe the line is "we need more popcorn".

Throwing Spoons

Nikhil Bahal got his Blammo target, Robert Sheng, out by suggesting, “Let’s be risky and see how far we can throw our spoons” and blammoing Robert after he threw it. This was only 2 hours after Blammo had started and this was the 2nd kill of the entire game. This became a commonly attempted tactic with a number of variations.

At Passionfruit, Robert was deemed Blammo God for 19.1. Ironic how that worked out.

Chinese Taipei

A group of girls from Rounds two decided to team up for godfather dares on casino night, and came upon the name “Chinese Taipei.” This led to one member occasionally shouting throughout the night, “Chinese Taipei!” while the rest answered, “Sorry Taiwan”


Mary Muromcew, the most suave, had her family size cheerios box stolen from her grasp multiple times. This resulted in her angrily striding around screaming "WHERE ARE MY CHEERIOS!" Thankfully, her friends felt bad for her and eventually returned that legendary box of cheerios.

This also resulted in the creation of the iconic Instagram page @wherearemycheerios which is a fan account for Mary.

Triforce Tragedy

In a tragic turn of events, all members of Triforce couldn't return to 18.1. Due to this, the only duct tape item from Triforce that returned to CTY was the duct tape cape, which was held by Mary Muromcew. Because this was the sole item, many kids thought that Mary was some fool ass kid running around dances with a duct tape cape. Let us pray that the cape, shield, and hat (oops) will return for 19.1.

Update: Mary was not able to come back for 19.1, and the Triforce died out.

who's beverly

who is she??? Nikhil will never know.

The Cult

Best friends Dorothy Zhou and Daisy Fernandez were session swingers who missed their original lunch group from session 2. To continue the tradition, they recruited many people from their hall, class, and other random locations to sit at the same booth every meal and bond. This group got up to around 16-17 people, and would occasionally get in trouble for being too loud. Daisy passed down the title of cult leader and a white lab coat to Dot, who will lead the cult next year. Another member of Dot and Daisy's cult from session 2 named Rhys continued the cult for session 2. (see more)


let it be known that rachel michaud is not suave.

^ big fac

Api Dhadda

Unfortuately not coming back in 2019, let it be known that Api ALWAYS came in clutch with dresses for any dance. At any given point there could be three girls changing in her room, which contributed to her (usually antisocial) roommate being social and numerous freindships being formed. WE LOVE YOU API!!


During the first week of session, nevermores Jacob Grimm and Spencer Wood, along with nomore Jerry Soong, thought it would be a great idea to purchase a couple of Vuvezelas for the session. Unfortunately, the staff and admin were less than pleased. Throughout the session, the vuvezelas were confiscated, broken, stuffed in people's "areas", and even used to produce beautiful a talent show act. Safe to say the vuvezelas were worth the money.

Mr Drop 20 (He didn't drop 20)

During the first week of session, after a "basketball knockout" activity. Nevermore Jacob Grimm exclaimed he would "drop 20 on any RA" in the student-staff game. Hearing this, RA Josh laughed at him and replied by saying that he would be personally guarding him in the game. For the next few times RA Josh saw Jacob, he'd refer to him as "Mr. Drop 20".

Failed Tang Rush

After the last dance, Royalty and other nevermores arranged to rush the Tang before heading back to the dorms. But to their demise, upon reaching the top of the stairs, they were confronted with a couple making out around the corner. Embarrassed, everyone started running back down the stairs in a hurry, to the confusion of the RA's, and the couple too.

"Failed" Jonsson Tower Attempt

18.1 was a host of a multitude of failed attempts. Some nevermores had to leave early on the last day of session, and were worried that they wouldn't be able to climb Jonsson Tower. So nevermores Spencer Wood and Jacob Grimm, along with Sophia Ma, Jerry Soong and Kaitlyn Ma, planned to leave class for a few minutes to climb the tower. But after Kaitlyn had only left for a couple of minutes, Mr. Bernard started to doubt that she was in the bathroom (Kaitlyn's excuse), and headed to the main office to find out where she was. After he left, nevermore James Hubbard quickly messaged her to come back, but by the time she saw the message and started heading back to class, Mr. Bernard was waiting for her outside the office. Kaitlyn was let off with a warning while the rest of the instructors were warned of what happened, while the rest of the group had finished their climb (when they went back to their respective classes, they were given a talking to as well)


Jonsson Tower

"In the event that Dan Bell returns to CTY, how long will it take to get to the top of Jonsson Tower?" - Ed Rigney

Staff Trifecta

Due to the student's excessive bragging about their student-staff game Trifecta in session 1, the staff decided to not go easy on students this time. The result was a redeeming staff Trifecta with major staff wins over the students in the Basketball, Frisbee, and Soccer games.

My Honor

"My Honor" needs to be said after unfavorable or CTYI language. First said by RA Matt, it quickly became a camper favorite.

Kpop/Kpop Matt

The love of Kpop and a Kpop class was brought to by 7 year satan nevermore and kpop star RA Matt.

Yeet/Mine diamons

The love and yearning for the word yeet and the song mine diamons brought to by Tal and Arya of RA Matts hall.

Glowsticks on the Dining Hall

Onemore Nastia Polina during the last week of CTY accidentally threw a glowstick on the roof of the dining hall. It is still there.

Girls Double Room ISO Record

On the night of Louis, 27 girls had an ISO on Howe 3. Although this did not break the boys' ISO record (which is 65 as of 2018), it set a record for the girls (Girls' RAs tend to be a lot stricter). At midnight, everyone turned on their phone flashlights and screamed "Louis". Later that night, someone knocked over a desk and the shades on the window also broke off. Maya was nearly caught around 1 AM, but she whipped out a tampon and claimed she came up to the hall only to borrow one from her friend. She did not get in trouble. It is still a mystery how no RAs busted the sleepover. Around 2:30 AM, 4 girls from the sleepover snuck into the boys' dorm (Rounds 1) and did more badass things which can be read here. Names of people in the sleepover: Katherine, Dalynn, Chara, Sophie G, Katelyn, Tina, Yaurie, Katya, Aya, Natalie, Olivia, Amari, Emily, Julie, Maya, Kate, Alice, Angie, Joanna, Grace, Sophie C, Helena, Marie, Amy, Ella, Sola, Adrianne

Hot Wall

Unintentionally similar to the the Hott wall from sessions 05.1-10.1, the girls from RA Mim's hall (also known as the cub cubs) made a hot wall in their hallway. They asked their RA to print about pictures of "hot people" (not necessarily hot on the outside, but inside as well!) and tape it to the wall. The first 8 pictures however were of RA Mim herself, which were put up by RA Nick, her boyfriend (#mick forever!). To Katie Matthews' request, there were multiple pictures of Chris Hemsworth. Yet, the main exhibit of the wall was the stick figure drawing of Kevin the god, one of the cub cubs' classmates.


Jonsson Tower

"In the event Kanye becomes president in 2020, how long would it take to get up Johnson Tower" - Noor Singh

Partner Poi

Rave Gods Stefan and Galaxy learned partner 3 beat right before the session and taught it to many. It even spread to .2 thanks to Josh, a double sessioner, who had learned it

Glowstick Record

With 200 glowsticks Stefan broke the record for most glowsticks spun at once. Months later he still has a scar from the string rubbing against his finger.

Student vs. Staff Frisbee

The Student Team (The Flaming Hoze 2.0) beat the staff with a score of 5-4. Points were scored by Robert Sheng, Ben Kim (2), Matthew Ottenbreit and Alexis Robles. With the game tied at 4-4, Matthew O threw a last second hammer to Alexis Robles, who caught the pass and won the students the game

Vermonster Records

  • Robert Sheng, Eric Krieger, Gia Mar Ramos, and Noor Singh (aka the Royalty) attempted and broke the record for the fastest 4 person Vermonster with a whopping 9 minutes and 17 seconds. [Edit, this is a mistaken entry, the 16.1 Quad record attempt was indeed considerably faster, see Vermonster Group Records].
  • With eleven people, Cousin Chu, Galaxy Scheuer, Stefan Linden, Raisin Luttmer, Natalie Jain, Ben Rotko, Jacob Tong, Isadora Polish, Tre Brown, and BAM Maiorella, broke the record for most people doing a Vermonster at once.

Student vs. Staff Soccer

The Flaming Hoze 2.0 achieved another win in soccer with a 2-0 victory. Goals were made by Nathan and Jacob (Someone add last names please)

Student vs. Staff Basketball

The Flaming Hoze 2.0 secured the trifecta by beating the staff 41-36. The game was close with both teams playing hard but the students managed to pull away in the last 3 minutes. Points were scored by Bix von Goeler (4), Ben Kim (15), Alexis Robles(9), Charles Fang(4) and Keitaro(9)

Ridiculous Blammo Kills

  • RA Jacob had Nikhil Bahal at one point and tried every method to get him out including hiding in his shower for 20 minutes before night quad ended and blammo-ing him at 9:50ish, but Nikhil did not drop his spoon. Jacob had eventually given up and gave Nikhil all his spoons. But apparently, he kept one of them, and while Nikhil was sitting in the common room, Ben Kim grabbed the spoon from Nikhil's leg and Jacob was able to blammo him from behind. Blammo God Robert was there to witness it all and said it counts even though many people believed it should not have. (including many RAs)
  • Joy Hu dressed up as a boy to sneak up on RA Anthony. She was in full "bro" clothing, and contoured her face to look manlier. RA Anthony was shocked and didn't realize what happened until after he was blammoed.
  • During a break during evening class one day, Kat Chen went to the second floor vending machines with Beverly Cohen. Upon stumbling into Imroze, her target, and the game theory class, she spotted him without his spoon. She asked him if he had his spoon (which he didn't) and blammoed him right after. It was at this moment Imroze tried to turn away, causing the spoon to break. In an attempt to escape his fate, he ran back to the game theory classroom which happened to be blocked by someone on the inside. He slammed his head into the door and everyone started to laugh hysterically. The blammo kill was contested as the spoon broke, but later on decided by Noor that it counted.
  • During break one day, Neya Kidambi forgot her spoon. She thought her original assassin, Alice Han, was still in blammo, so she went around asking everyone with a spoon to borrow it, since Alice was on break with her. Panicked, she went up to Isabella G. and asked her for her spoon. Isabella, who had gotten Alice out that morning, then blammoed her. Neya remained in shock for the remainder of the day and refused to give Isabella her spoon.
  • Not a kill but someone lost their spoon so they asked Stefan if they could try his poi, he did not know about the blammo motive. The person promptly went inside and Stefan had no idea where they went. It was concerning

Midnight Town Trip

During the second town trip, an old CTYer (if you know, you know), visited. Instead of going home, she stayed at a hotel in Saratoga Springs with her family. On the night after the town trip, Alexis Robles, Benjamin Kim, and Imroze Singh decided to sneak off campus and visit her at her hotel. Remy, another camper, scouted the second floor for Alexis to run out without getting seen by an RA. Ben's dorm was right next to the fire exit, so he quickly ran to it and met Alexis at the bottom of the fire exit. Without lanyards, they walked to the water day field to meet Imroze who had easily snuck out of Howe as he lived next to the exit. They walked further on the path that campers go to go to the city, and then BOOKED it. After a short walk, they arrived at her hotel. Because all the restaurants (except for a few sketch ones) were closed in Saratoga, they were forced to buy food at CVS. After eating their food in congress park, they walked back to the hotel and stayed there until 3:30 am. They then returned back to their dorms successfully much easier than their escape. The entire time, Benjamin Kim was carrying a pillow which he took from the hotel room.

7 Person Cross-Gender Rounds 1 ISO

It all started when nevermore Imroze Singh realized that Rounds 1 was empty and unlocked as it was only used by second session. Imroze (who lived on Howe 1) decided it would be the perfect place for a cross-gender iso, as there was no supervision in that area for the majority of the day and there was also a nice pair of vending machines on the floor. The night of the ISO (last Tuesday night of the session), Ben Kim and Alexis Robles snuck out of Wilmarth at about 11:30, looped all the way around the Dana science hall, and then had Imroze open the door for them as they ran into Howe. The girls: Kayla Lang, Gia Ramos, Katelyn Ma, and Katie Mowry then snuck down from Rounds 2 to join the sleepover. Not a single RA came through Rounds 1 all night. They all woke up at 6:00am and Ben, Alexis, and Imroze went back to Imroze's room in Howe 1 and Katie, Katelyn, Gia and Kayla went back up to their rooms too. They all went to breakfast that morning as usual and nobody suspected a single thing.



"I got stolen"

"Sooooo... TEA?"

"Good morning ma'am, and idn't it a looooovely morning? Up yours"

"Good morning y'all"

“Are you skinny because you couldn’t eat during the hurricane?”

"I got a 1 on AP Physics since the materials for labs never came to PR because of the HURRICANE"

"Can I get an AirPod?"


Jonsson Tower

"In the event we raid the aliens from Area 51, how long will it take to scale Jonsson Tower?"

Dave's Rave Minecraft Parody

During the final week of session 2, a petition was started by nevermore Max Samroengraja to play the minecraft parody "Revenge" by Captain Sparkles at the dance. The requirement was 75 signatures as set by royalty, and was met on the day of Dave's Rave. While creating the playlist for Dave's rave, royalty was unable to find the original version of "Revenge" on spotify and therefore added "Don't Mine at Night" in its place. During Dave's Rave it was not played according to the playlist at first, but after requests from petitioners, royalty requested directly that it be played. It was finally played, to the confusion of many.

Soviet anthem
Around the same time, a secondary petition was being sent around, with the goal to play the Soviet national anthem at the final dance. At the end of Dave's Rave, the staff shot down this idea, saying that it was offensive.


Kevin Zheng's hall was infiltrated with jokes and puns pertaining to toes. This soon spread across the third floor of Wilmarth, eventually being banned in Liam's hall, being known as "the T word". The joke was started on the second day when Eric Zhang proclaimed that he had a foot fetish. Kevin's hall started producing toe relate content, that took heavy inspiration from the Bible, named the "toe"-ly scripture. Other works related to this include "The Ten" Commandments and the holy scripture. When Daniel Olevsky tried to infiltrate Kevin's Hall to Blammo his at the time Blammo target, Nate, he witnessed the start of this tradition had had to endure the toeness at full force and was choking from laughter in the end when he Blammoed Nate. Toe puns were exchanged during break (and a vast amount during class), primarily by the Logic students but not excluding those connected to them. An abundance of Logic-related toe puns could also be heard, including "Modus Toellens" and "Toetaulogy." Future royalty members have been heard making toe puns, mainly due to their connections with the Logic class.

Arnav has six toes

The True Blammo God

The three ways to become Blammo God for session 2 Saratoga are to have it passed down to you by the previous Blammo God, to win that session's Blammo, or to be elected. At the end of Saratoga 19.2, Daniel Olevsky met all the qualifications. He had won Blammo that year through ridiculous methods and even took a break for a week. He was well known for the absurd amount of spoons he had at all times. Because he double-sessioned he stuck with only one spoon in a hand at a time. He never dropped it except to tease his assassins, especially Georgia. By the end, whenever he would drop or snap his spoon, he would have four in each pocket and eight in his backpack ready. Even Daniel thought this was overkill, but he wanted to flex on everyone with his sheer amount of spoons from his kills. Even though he was sick the entire session and was playing "casually" (for him), he intimidated two of his targets so much they gave up their Blammo Spoons and he also received two sacrifices during FFA. When he was originally offered Blammo God by the Blammo God of session two, he declined, but five minutes before the new positions were announced at passion fruit, Max Tanksly convinced him otherwise and Daniel gets to carry around a giant metal spoon now. Daniel claims that because he is double-sessioning again next year, he will be relentless to prove he is the true Blammo God and is aiming to beat the current Blammo kill record.

I did not get "intimidated so much I gave up my Blammo Spoon", I gave it up because I didn't wanna play anymore and secured fifth place already >:( - Eric Yamaguchi

It wasn't u sry also added "sacrifice" part - Dan Olevsky

Ridiculous Blammo Kill That was put in wrong session:

  • During a hall meeting on Wilmarth 3, Daniel Olevsky betrayed Nate "Jesus" Jones-Lang. Earlier that day, Daniel came from the first floor of the dorms to tell Nate that the person targeting him, Catherine Wang, was hot on his tail. On the town trip, Nate even called Daniel a bro as he was under the impression that Daniel was an ally. Daniel later betrayed Nate outside his dorm and left him to die on his own.

I didn't leave him to die^ my RA had bet I wouldn't get two blammo kills in the next 10 min(I did lol) - Dan Olevsky

Daniel actually dropped both of his spoons by accident once and I definitely got him >:/ - Georgia

Hmmmmm... accidentally... yes... but I did get it in time tho as u said to everyone around ¯\_(ツ)_/¯- Dan Olevsky


Elvis: Tree Cocoon

In 22.2, Elvis was taped to a tree during morning quad by Wilmarth 2 who won this prize by getting the most cumulative coins at Casino Night. He stayed taped to the tree until all students were out of sight, where after RA Nate promptly untaped him (but not before Elvis had a moment to himself, snug in his grey tape cocoon).