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Ella went to CTY for four years.

Baby CTY

Chestertown, 03.2, LaToya's Hall, Biology of the Senses

Normal CTY

St. Mary's City, 04.2, Elise's Hall, The Ecology of St. Mary's River

Carlisle, 05.2, Sami's Hall, Cognitive Psychology

Carlisle, 06.2, Rachel's Hall, Existentialism

After 2006, she was unable to go to CTY anymore because she moved out of her house and could no longer get the scholarship. Thus, 2006 is her nevermore year.

Family at CTY

Ella has two brothers who have been affiliated with CTY.

Cole Bailey- Cole went to Chestertown for two years. However, starting in 2007, he began to participate in CAA instead of CTY.

Michael Cretella (affectionately known as "Emo Mike")- Now here is an interesting story. Ella and Mike both were at Carlisle in 06.2. They did not know each other very well; in fact, they possibly wouldn't have met if they did not have a mutual friend (Rachel Hall). During the last week of CTY, they were both signing Rachel's Address book when they discovered that they would live next door to each other after arriving home (Mike's mother was doing the moving while he was at CTY). Not only do they now live near each other, they also go to the same high school. About a month after they arrived home, Ella's father began dating Mike's mother. They have been together for over a year now. They are not married, nor do they plan to get married anytime soon, but Ella, Cole, and Mike all consider each other to be siblings.

Ella has had many good experiences at or because of CTY, including, but not limited to making friends, learning interesting and useful information about Science and Philosophy, seeing some seriously amazing movies, reading great books, learning to play a lot of fun games, and gaining an entire new side of the family. She was disappointed to find that she can no longer go to CTY. She plans on Coming back as an RA one day.