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greetings my fellow ctyers. i'm erica and i'm a forevermore from carlisle session 2.

cty has really changed my life in so many ways and i wouldn't be the person i am today without it. i've met some of the most genuine people i've ever met, and i don't think i've ever been to a more accepting place in my life. plus, i think i've learned more in the three sessions i've been here than in all my years of attending public school. sometimes i get really bad waves of pctyd, which i battle by going on realcty editing sprees or making memes for @ctymemes on instagram. 22.1 ra gang <3

classes & people

for documentation purposes so i don't forget things in 30 years but feel free to enjoy!!

CAR 17.2

class: cryptology b

instructor: isaac

ta: colette

ra: candace

hallmates: jin (roommate), tiffany, zarmina, sanya, audra, alayo, alyssa, ellie, harjas

classmates: jin, tiffany, zarmina, sanya, audra, alayo, connor, sanjit, alan, bryan, will c, will g, neal, david, justin

CAR 18.2

class: fundamentals of computer science b

instructor: mr. gomes

ta: eric

ra: christina

hallmates: amy (roommate), tiffany, zarmina, sanya, audra, annabel, gabby, lily s, lily a, kat, joy, kathy

classmates: zarmina, audra, lily s, paul, zane, elliot, brian, isaac, larry, grant, graham (don't know last initial dsjsdf), karan, charlie, nelson

CAR 19.2

class: electrical engineering b

instructor: ms. papasani

ta: georgia

ra: leah

hallmates: audra (roommate (+3x hallmate/classmate!!)), carly, amber, jin, katy, harkiran, christina, ella, katherine (may have butchered that spelling oops)

classmates: audra, carly, amber, thomas, will s, aidan, graham l, robbie, richik, rohit, michael, ren, daeyong, jack, aron

other cool people i've met (definitely gonna forget some people oop): xander, kate, dhruv, nikh, ingrid, livi, bailey, jeongwoo, michael's brother who goes by like 3 different names, barton, kayla, sarah, reina, annie

memes and memories

more documentation of my good times :)


  • literally not knowing half of the canon songs but still going hard at the dances anyway
  • reading actual cannibal shia labeouf at poetry night with audra, zarmina, sanya, and tiffany
  • "why have one weird chicken thingy when i can have two?"
  • trying to figure out why girls go to the bathroom in groups
  • cash-t winning house wars!!
  • coming up with nicknames for our whole class
  • "is that a california thing?"
  • the whierces
  • mustache
  • "yeah man"
  • pastabilities
  • mary queen of scots
  • brushing teeth at 12am
  • learning that twenty one pilots handshake
  • alan turing's weird run


  • "you have many wheels"
  • extreme ninja during study hall
  • synchronized kicks during stairway to heaven
  • barber seal (his name isn't actually seal)
  • hashtag delusional
  • k-nives, fish soy sauce, shoelaces, and drill presses
  • aaah and legit aaah
  • being splashed by the wet leaves
  • marrying audra at big sat pt. 1
  • my clothing swap day outfit + aviator glasses
  • study hall depression (STD's)
  • zane's weird run
  • zarmina's motivational speeches
  • "we stab a legend"
  • dr. hemsworth sitting with us at lunch
  • the beautiful faces made when heading a ball
  • mart wal
  • lil tay & bhad babie
  • throwing frisbees and soccer balls over the wall
  • singing stone cold nonstop for a full week
  • syn-acks
  • bad day
  • paul's german bops
  • straight boolean
  • zar zar binks
  • woopa woopa <3


  • coming back and realizing that i'm really hecking old
  • figuring out who ran ctymemes on instagram after knowing them for three hours (subtle flex)
  • hub bananas at 7:42
  • getting called "grandma" by some 13 year old, and then by all of my friends
  • ground coffee beans
  • "pass the cake around, everyone take a bite"
  • geography is an important aspect of electrical engineering
  • coming up with nicknames for our whole class pt. 2
  • those two random russian books we found in the library
  • impulsively buying minecraft merch at Walmart
  • learning the whole love shack dance and teaching it to everyone and then it not getting played at the dance
  • going harder to all four of the dances than i ever have
  • winning the amazing race!!
  • the various wire stripping jokes that got out of hand within about 3 minutes
  • marrying audra at big sat pt. 2 (except it's now polygamous)
  • "the god of racism will smile upon you"
  • trying to shoot rubber bands into the broken ceiling panels
  • finally getting a partner for clothing swap day after 2 years
  • papasani's pizzeria, and somehow getting it verified on google maps for a few days
  • trying to build an AND gate from NAND gates and then somehow ending up with an OR gate, then switching stuff up and somehow ending up with a NOR gate
  • the wedding and the birthing
  • always getting third or fifth or seventh wheeled
  • "faradAYY?"
  • my horse prince