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Hi i'm Fox, the Lancaster 20.1 Jack flash. I don't really know what to put here, but was ordered to make a realcty account.


love tape

"i think god is punishing me for being an atheist" - proof that you hate me. you suck btw.
Planetary lt.png - your worst nightmare
(no but seriously idk what i'd do without you. i love you so much even if you are a relentless asshole. come visit me soon so i can give you a massive hug or i'll kick you out of the study server <3)

-insert love tape- 17.1 is long gone but i'll never forget boneless pizza and all the stupid jokes we had- Josh

Blossom.jpg happy love tape day man I miss you -dani

Fox my magnificent raving friend, happy love tape day! I can't wait for us to meet up again, we really aren't that far. You're too fucking smart for me to understand and such an incredible person!
Caution.jpg - Connor

fox you're such an amazing raver and you're one of the few people who can understand my compsci babble. thanks for being a great friend, and for all of the late night talks on discord. happy love tape day :)
GalaxyDuctTape.png - chris

uhhhh I didn't put anything here for love tape day, but just wanted to say ur the best homie and dad. no one else would laugh at stupid shit with me at 3 in the morning, so ty and go get a sleep schedule <3 - your homie and cool daughter who won the cage match

Hey Fox! Aaron! Whatever! Just dropping in to say I really appreciate what you've done for the CTY community on and off-site. The few times we've spoken over discord have been great and although I don't know you too well, you're definitely worth taping. -Switch Switch tape.png