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My name is Siri Maley. I have no nicknames that I know of or wish to share. sorry. However, for those who don't know, my screen name is derived from the theme and title of the LAN.05.2 Alcove t-shirt.

I suppose i shall call myself an alcovian, or, as Yulia put it, "not one of those nomores that no one knows".


Blam(m)o God: LAN.07.2. God of the first ever campus-wide Blam(m)o game (110 people).
Circle-Closer: LAN.06.2 (with Max) and LAN.07.2 (with Kathy). Circle-Closer for slow, High Canon, dances.
Circle-Expander: mostly LAN.07.2, less so in LAN.06.2 due to the rave ban. Circle-expander for Lower Canon, rave, and Rocky Horror, etc, dances.
John Cleese: LAN.07.2. Proprietor (John Cleese) in the "Bookshop" skit, the first Hollywood Bowl skit ever preformed for Monty Python Madness in its three year run. (Customer: Chris.)
Squirrel Leader (official hall title): LAN.07.2. Unintentional integrator of Atlee 2's squirrels (Astro, Greek, RA) into CTY culture.
Brian's Personal PitA: LAN.07.2. Four-time breaker of my own record "how many times one can voluntarily visit the site director within six hours". current record: twelve in six hours, thirteen in one day, four in ten minutes.
Assistant/Secretary [friend] to the First Nonymous Lorekeeper: LAN.06.2. Creator of The List.


MIND.A.LAN.05.2 with notable characters such as Beans (Beans), Marley (Marley), Rachel, Iggy (roommate), Acid, Harriet, Charles, and Max
CHEM.B.LAN.06.2 with not quite as many
ASTR.LAN.07.2 with Meghan (Meghan)(roommate)