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Kate Broekman

Kate Broekman is a Q.

Kat/Kate/Katey/Twinkie/Brickie/Brick House/Ninja chick/Katherine/ Apparatus Maker for the Lightbulb Deity/ Unofficial Duct Tape Queen /Frisbee Girl, etc.

As far as I know, the only current CTYer who can truly say that a parent attended CTY (MATH.CAR, the year before CTY was called CTY, and some computer programming course which may or may not still be offered, the first year of "CTY").


CODE.A.CAR.09.1 (Well... what there was of it. One of the last 6 CTYers to leave. Yay for surviving Swine '09, not knowing any of the Carlizzle traditions, making friends for life in less than two weeks, finally understanding what it means that Jeanette Kim was Empress, and not knowing the lyrics to The General until two years later and the realization of the importance of bearing witness to a tragic event in CTY history. What a wonderful way to be introduced to CTY...)

MIND.CAR.10.2 (Had McKenzie as an RA for two years in a row!)

GENE.A.CAR.11.2 (DIANNA'S HALL, the Bread Swag Walkerz. Bread is good. We like bread.) Follower of Trickeyism and roommate of Emperor, Julia.

NEUR.CAR.12.2 (Aly's hall, PARANORMAL RESEARCH SOCIETY. Made things out of duct tape. Duct tape is the solution. Raved a bit. Roommate of Poetry Goddess, Emily Li, hallmate of Rave King, Renee (Gretchen) Vogt. Read some My Immortal. Sang (or at least, attempted to sing) The General at the last Poetry Night. Played A LOT of ultimate frisbee. Laughed, Loved, Cried, Had the best nevermore year I could ever ask for.)

I like you, I love you, I CTY you. CTY, you have a nice butt. CTY, we love you. Take off your souls/Give us your clothes, CTY, we love you. I love CTY, and I love the passionfruit.