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Hey CTYers! (or poor, innocent mortals who have stumbled onto this page) If you are reading this you probably know who I am, and definitely will be able to tell by the text below I love each and every one of you ❤️

About me:

Yankee Fan
Demigod (Cabin 6)
Most importantly, a CTYer
Formerly known as Lpac2, but forgot password...
You have Stefan (Poi Boi) to thank for my username
She/her pronouns
Yeah ok I wrote those descriptions originally like 2.5 years ago but we're gonna keep them cause I think they perfectly demonstrate my personality

CTY has changed my life. I know it's cliche, but it's true. I spend my months longing for the next time I can see my friends, the next time I can go back, the next time I can listen to canon, the next time I can finally feel like I belong. This camp should not be underestimated. It has grown to be so much more than just a place for gifted kids. I carry the label of CTYer with more pride than anything.

Take me home, country roads, to the place where I belong

SAR 17.1:

Fundamentals of Computer Science A (aka the younger kids) Erika's hall

I was a squirrel, and had no idea what wonderful things CTY would bring to my life. I had an amazing roommate Megan, and was friends with the other two compsci girls, Emma and Emily. For whatever reason, I was shipped with Gary.

SAR 18.1:

Electrical Engineering Maria's hall

Man where do I start with this one. My class was great, but that wasn’t what made this year special. (Don't pull a Howard, everybody) My basically roommates Helen,Daisy, Christine, Ashley, Sophie, and Sydney made me feel like I finally found a place I belonged. As of writing this two weeks (EDIT: 6 months) after the end of camp, I still miss them every day. This also applies to the other cult table members, Dot, Nat, Liet, Sarah, and everyone else I can’t remember right now.

I had 7 wives at the last dance (and a husband) That's new! Became friends with so many more people through the discord. They are all like family to me, even though some I haven't even met.

SAR 19.1

Cognitive Psychology Shaina's Hall

I thought nothing could top last year, and while things were very different I still had such an incredible time. Reunited with some of my hall mates from 17.1, continued being in the cult, and made lots of new friends.

Weellll its the week after splash and I'm bored in class so I suppose now is a good time to *finally* update this page.

19.1 was... chaos. But the best kind. The cult seemed to expand exponentially, and we would often take up the entire row of booths in the back right corner. It led to even more confused looks from passerby than last year... whoops. This session was so special because we had spent an entire year keeping in touch with each other, over great distances, making the effort to remain friends. Between that, and ones we forcibly recruited at splash *ahem, Lillian* and ones we grew to know well online (Yona!) we had quite the group coming in. I'll never forget my RA, on the first day, saying, "Wow! You seem to have a lot of friends!" and me laughing at the idea of that being true before realizing - huh, maybe it is... at least at CTY.

My hall was epic, with Nat next door, Yona, Kat, Bev, a great roommate Natalie (much confusion) and my other squirrel children Maya, Reine, and Gia. Dot was also basically our hall mate because she was always next door, same for Georgia. By some awesome twist of fate, our "partner" hall had Logic and CompSci. This meant that I had Lillian, Helen, Galaxy, and Rose right across the hall. There was much running to my RA's room, asking permission, and then running across the break room, and hanging out in their hall. Same goes for Liet's and Cat's hall, whoops... although that involved a lot more stairs and effort. I met Seb, Georgia, and Trey, who were all amazing additions to our group.

While all of Interpol and the Engineer was gone besides me and Helen, we continued our sad boi hours in epic style. I'll miss those many hours we spent over the course of three weeks... a main topic of discussion being me lamenting the fact that I was entirely convinced that Stefan didn't like me back. Well, we saw how that went <3

Yeah, on the topic of Stefan, the last week was one of the most incredible weeks of my life. The Princess Bride and sponges will now forever have a special place in my heart.

This session was a whirlwind. I don't think I ever had a single moment that I was relaxed, but that was a part of what made it so special. We all went through so much together, and because of this came out so much closer. I hope I'll know you all forever, but if distance and time ever drive us apart just know I still love you all :)

I became co-cult leader with Dorothy (love you!!) which is absolutely incredible, although that lab coat is very warm... Also I received Kazu's cape which caused me to basically walk around in circles smiling for the last day.

The Podcast

During a time of intense PCTYD, I had the idea to create a CTY canon radio, which then turned into a podcast. Go listen to our episodes at The Forevermore Times [update, our domain expired, but it may someday come back :) ]


Note - Some of these have been stolen from situations I wasn't actually a part of, but are hilarious nonetheless

18.1 - I'll add later

19.1 -

"My squirrels ran away..." - Liet, about introducing new people to the cult table
"CTY is heterophobic" - Nat
"Have you heard of Pavlov?" - John "It rings a bell" - Yona
"CTY finds people with high test scores and low mental health" - Sebastian
"Losing, stress.... death" - Nina
"The ones that touch... why?" - Bev representing our collective inability to articulate questions correctly
"Dysphoria is just a fancy psychological word for sadness" - John
"Fits enough to fit" - Me, on neurotransmitters
"We don't need sleep, we've got drugs" - Reine and Gia, two children who I'm 100% sure have no experience on this matter
"Is that a communism detector?" - Lillian
"Partner poi is just dangerous cuddling" - Isadora
"How do you feel now that I've tied you to this chair?" "Uh, it sucks I guess" - Lillian & Helen
One of my personal favorites during American Pie -
Lillian - "What do we do during the chorus?"
Me - "Run." (we proceed to get crushed by the mob)


Say hi if you want here (please leave your name so I know who you are):

Don't trust the beavers -Daisy

Hi! It me, Isaac.

Hey! I saw your comment! Erika hated my hall so much because we were mean to her hahah.. Is Dot the friend you're talking about? I love her so much!! - Yaurie

Yes! As a matter of fact it was! She's awesome, isn't she? And we were Erika's first ever hall, so I think she was just kinda overwhelmed by us.. And somebody was ALWAYS in the shower at hall meeting time -Leah

You're a great person, CTYer, and all around humanoid!! -Nastja

Ngl I'm crying rn. I miss you so much and this means more than I could ever explain. I can't wait to see you again 💞 -Lillian

Thank you for being there for the past year and making cty so much better -your secret admirer