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Lily Dondoshansky was a first session CTYer at Lancaster, the squirrel child of Katrina Howard and Sophie Feldman, and the squirrel mother of Nika Silken, Haley Jeffers, and Jazz Le. She is most known for carrying on some of Katrina Howard's traditions, such as passing out You Are Beautiful stickers throughout the session and slow dancing in the center of End of the World (even after running was outlawed and it was no longer severely ironic). She was also the holder of the Son grail for LAN 16.1. Her Grail quote was "You are the sunshine," because she is incapable of going five minutes without making a bad pun.






LAN 14.1 - Deb, South Ben

LAN 15.1 - Megan L., North Ben

LAN 16.1 - Deb, Schnader

Claims to Fame

Son LAN 16.1


Criminologist Rocky 16.1

Survivor of the Schnades 16.1

First Girl Who Sang the Blues

Hand raved for last three rave circles of 16.1

Led every 16.1 Circle chant but the first

Led the 1st, 5th, and Hartman Green 16.1 Eyelashes chant


Never doubt & much love! -Matisse

I am here and I am reading this! -Shprinkles

Helloooooo Lily!! -Katrina

Hey Lily:) - Jordan

I was in your hall in 14.1 (Deb is awesome)! I Miss you :) ~Roshni

You are forever my sonshine <3 -Mia