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My name is Roshni Saxena. With the exception of Baby CTY, so far I've been a Site Hopper and Session Swinger (but flying squirrels are cool, right?). I was a potential Seven-year Satan, but I am instead a Five-year Freak.

CTY Related Hobbies:: Cards, reading, Strawberry Kiwi Lemonade, snacks, and Raving/Glowsticking, although I'm not very good at it (someone please teach mee).

My Years at CTY

Baby CTY:

  • Mt.Holyoke 12.1 (currently a defunct site)

Class: Inductive and Deductive reasoning

RA: Leah

Roommate: Angela Huang

  • Mt.Holyoke 13.1

Class: Intro to Robotics

RA: Janet

Roommate: Pia

Regular CTY:

Class: Probability and Game Theory

RA: Deb

Roommate: Anjali Gupta

Class: Crafting an Essay

RA: Tara-Rose


Class: Fast-paced High-school Biology

RA: Andrea Gonzalez

Roommate: Diana Baxter

  • Look me up on instagram: roshnisaxenaa

Comments/Kind Words?

ROSHNI! I love you and I miss you soo freaking much. You're my blammmo bae and don't forget the awkward silences + turtles. I LOVE YOU. --Emily Chang

Hey! I saw your comment and I thought it was super nice, but I just wanted to let you know that went to LAN 15.2 not SAR 15.2. I did go to SAR 14.1 though! SAR is the bomb and I miss it so much. Hope you had a great time at SAR! --Emily

Whoa, that's cool! Honestly, Lancaster was an amazing experience but SAR is where the heart is so I gotta go with SAR. What about you? --Emily

So many Emily people. Anyway, I miss you and ilysm. I'M SUPAH FLY YA KNOW CUZ CTY STANDS FOR CENTA FO' THUGZ, YO! (I'm too lazy to create a page for my user). --Catherine Lee