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CAR 06.1 - Cognitive Psychology
CAR 07.1 - Existentialism
CAR 08.1 - Philosophy of Mind
CAR 09.1 - International Politics ('09 Jesus (Carlisle))

To CTY being my home away from home
To the fleeting sensation of being here, only to have it snatched away
And to loving every minute of it.
I love CTY, and I love the Passionfruit.

Don't be a stranger.


LAN 13.1 - RA Cognitive Psychology A (Pokéhall)
LAN 13.2 - RA Ancient Greek and Logic C (Vivian's Army)
LAN 14.1 - RA History of Disease and Logic C (The Little Noodles)
LAN 14.2 - RA Logic C and Philosophy of Mind B (The Bae Squad)
LAN 15.1 - RA Cognitive Psychology B and Math Logic and Reasoning (Fallopian Tubes)
LAN 15.2 - RA Neuroscience (Lizard Lounge)
LAN 16.1 - RA Number Theory A and Philosophy of Mind (Sweet Peas)
LAN 16.2 - RA Chemistry and Logic B (Cow Merchants)

Henceforth: who knows? Perhaps someday our paths will cross again.

Update Update:

LAN 17.1 - RA [TBD]