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Hey guys, Sam Ngan here. I love all of you, even if I dont know you.
I really love being at Lancaster. It makes me really happy.
I'm not scary, I promise. And, I'm always up for a good game of boobtag ;D
I'll be The Muse for 13.2. Best pentinity ever! :D
Play Blammo guys. It's a lot of fun. And you'll make my life a lot harder.

The Courses I've Taken

Baby CTY:
LOU 08.2: EXAM
CHS 09.2: FLSC

LAN 10.2: CODE.A
LAN 11.2: ASTR
LAN 12.2: TOPI.A
LAN 13.2: HDIS.B

Why I'm (kind of) important

12.2: Blammo Co-god
13.2: The Muse (formerly known as Jesus)
13.2: Blammo Co-god (again)

You might also know me as the makeout bingo vendor of 13.2.

I CTY all of you.

I really don't know how this works, so someone with a lot of patience, please help. Leave a message after the beep? *beep*

fruitpunchsquad forever

SAM IS JUST THE PERFEST PERSON EVER (My friends are all crazy)

You're perf.