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Boobtag is a game resemblant of tag. Except in the involvement and prefix of "boob."

The rules of the game are fairly simple. One person starts as It. Then, whoever is It has to tag/grope someone's boob (male or female, no difference), and then that person is It. It is not a competitive racing game as normal tag is, but is instead a "we're bored" game. It is a game that was mainly played at Lancaster on the couches in Atlee-Dubbs 2nd lounge (06.2) or in the Alcove. Outside of CTY, this is molestation or sexual harassment. Outside of CTY but with CTYers, this is merely an acceptable form of contact. Obviously this is only the case with those who choose to enter into a game of boobtag.

A similar game is crotchtag, which is played in the same manner, except players are groping the crotches of others.

Players of both games must watch out for RAs.

On the 06.2 Alcove shirts, Christian "Christ" Burnette traced a hand and wrote "Boob tag you're it christ was here" on multiple people's shirts.