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What's up? I'm Emily, I'm a rising onemore, and I love CTY but not the Passionfruit because I'm in denial about me ever having to say those words! :D I am also in denial that there is a strong possibility that I won't be able to return next year, but I didn't just say those words. SAR 16.1, I'm coming for you xx


SAR 14.1: Creative Nonfiction

LAN 15.1: The Critical Essay: Pop Culture (sick, transferred to 15.2)

LAN 15.2: Fiction and Poetry

SAR 16.1: TBD

SAR 17.1: TBD

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I love you, Emily! <3 --Evelyn (talk) 19:38, 25 August 2015 (EDT)

I went to SAR 15.2 also! (EDIT: Oh wait...) I don't know if I know you though. (But nevertheless I CTY you). ~Roshni

Hey, I fixed your tumblr link! --Evelyn

Thank you for the comment! (Woah I know like 10 people named Emily now.) I'm the opposite: I went to LAN 14.1 and SAR 15.2 while you went to SAR 14.1 and LAN 15.2! It's unfortunate that we never got to meet. Which site do you like better? ~Roshni

I also kinda like SAR better cuz nothing beats the town trips and those other canon songs (Istanbul not Constaninople, Bulletproof, Poker Face, etc.) . --Roshni